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When One Story Ends, Another One Begins by potterfan310
Chapter 5 : Is This All A Dream
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When I woke up the sun was streaming in through my curtains. I didn't open my eyes since I was having such a nice dream. I was dreaming that I was in America with Al and Scorpius had declered his undying love for me and that I was nearly four months pregnant with not one but two babies who were his.

Is this a dream?, I thought.

I smiled to myself and then I heard a knock on my door. That must be mum waking me up for breakfast...mmmm...breakfast I really hope she does pancakes or waffles. I really fancy pancakes maybe she will make me some if I ask nicely. Pancakes with strawberries and white chocolate. Mmm..

There was another knock and I mumbled "Come in."

I kept my eyes shut, but I could see a rather tall figure. Hang on mum wasn't that tall? so how could it be her, unless it was dad.

"Rose, Rose." I heard them say, "Wake up Rose."

"Hmmm." I said into my pillow.

"Rose Monica Weasley wake up!"

I shot up in bed, since when did mum use my full name apart from when I was in trouble? I looked around my room, only too see a very famililar person with messy black hair and green eyes looking at me with a smug expression.

"I knew your full name would make you move."

Ok so maybe I had beeen dreaming, but I really do fancy pancakes or waffles or both.

"Oh sod off Al, I'm allowed to sleep I'm pregnant and jet lagged."

He laughed "Um Rose it's two pm you've been asleep since nine last night."

Wow had I really slept that long, Imust have been tired.

"Anyway if you care to get your lazy ass out of bed you will see that our cars have been delivered and are in the garage." He informed me before leaving my room.

I grabbed a cardigan and a pair of fluffy socks and put them on before I followed Al through the house and to the garage. My blue land rover looked huge next to Al's Ferrari.

After looking inside them both went back in and he made me my pancakes that I was craving with chocolate sauce and strawberries. It was incredibly yummy, Al really is a good cook.

Since he doesn't start his new job until next Monday, we're supposed to be spending the rest of the week un-packing and sorting things out. I've already chosen the nursery for my babies, it's right across the hall from my room and it's perfect. Once I find out their gender's I'm going to paint the room either pink or blue.

I have a feeling that it's two boys and I don't know why. Even Phoebe said she though that it's going to be two boys when she phoned me at five am the other morning. Well I guess she forgot the time zone thing, but then again this is Phoebe I'm on about. Knowing her she was still awake watching T.v.

I pushed my plate away from me and streched back. "Thanks Al." I said.

"No problem Rosie, Can't have my dear cousin starving now can I."

I laughed just as something kicked me from inside causing me to jump. "Oh my god." I whispered as I placed my hands on my bump.

Al froze, "Ro are you? Ro please say something, blink if you're alive."

I tried and failed to hide my smirk, "Of course I'm alive you idiot, it's just I felt one of the babies kick.

"Thank god, I thought something was wrong." Al said as he picked up my plate and took it over to the sink.

I felt another kick, this time on the right, then another on the left. I smiled to myself as Al rambled on about something.

This deffiantlity isn't a dream, this is my reality.


Myself and Al have been here in America for just over a month and it's Brilliant. Ok so I am a little home sick but this place is amazing. The people are so friendly and nice. It's nice and warm  here and the scenary is beautiful. I'm mainly in the house on my own while Al's at work, he works six til six but I don't really mind. The shopping centre, I mean mall is huge and there are some lovely shops in there.

One day I spent the whole day in the mall as Al was working and I didnt really have anything else to do, I wandered in and out of shops at my own pace, only stopping for food and drink. I bought a few little white vests and sleepsuits for my babies and four new tops, a summery dress, two pairs of jeans and a pair of shorts for me since my clothes are deffinaly getting on the tight side now.

Today is my twenty week scan, Al has got time off from work and is coming with me. I plan on finding out their gender's as I really want to paint their nursery and start buying either pink or blue clothes, bedding e.t.c. I'm so excited I can't wait to see my babies again. It feel like it was ages ago that I saw them for the very first time.

Every other day Mum phone's my mobile, since we haven't got a house phone since A) we probaly wouldn't hear it as the house is so big and B) everyone would be calling us (aunties, uncles, cousins... you get the picture)

I've been keeping my mobile off or on silent lately because the messages, texts and voice mails from Scorpius have been pouring in ever since that day. Pheobe calls twice a week giving me the lastest gossip, our conversations are as mad as ever. I really miss her and everyone else but as I'm keeping busy I don't notice too much. Lily has been e-mailing myself and Al regulary keeping us informed about the family and the latest goings on.

I'm debating whether or not to send scorpius an email with a picture of my twenty week scan. I haven't a clue whether to or not, he might not want anything to do with us but he still has the right to know, I mean they are his children.

Al still doesnt know that his best mate knocked me up. He talks to Scorpius on the phone most weekends and I might have heard their part of their conversation yesterday. My name was mentioned a few times but I know Al wouldn't say anything about me being pregnant, and if he did I think Scorpius may realise they are his unless he thinks I've slept with someone else since then.

Anyway Al has been sworn to secrecy about my ever growing bump so I know he won't have told him, well I hope he hasn't. Oh no how can I be worrying about this now? Putting my worries aside, I got up and dressed and went to wake Al, only to find his room empty. So I went downstairs and found him in the kitchen making waffles. I love my cousin so much.

Since I am now registered with the local doctor, she refered me to the hospital for my scans and check up's. We left the house at eleven and arrived at the hospital just before twelve. If I'm in labour Al had better put his foot down otherwise these babies might be born in my car, I swear he drives like an old person. Al's driving my land rover as I didn't feel like driving since I was still tired.

We arrived at the muggle hospital and I told the receponist I had an appointment, she told me to take a seat until I was called. It was ten minutes later when I heard the words "Miss Weasley to see Doctor Adams in room four."

We went down the corridorto room four and I knocked, Come in." Said a cheery voice from within. I entered followed by Al, the room was painted a white colur and it had a desk, two chairs, a bed and the ultrasound machine.

"Hello there, I'm Doctor Adams and I'm guessing your Miss Weasley" She said looking at me.

I nodded as she turned to Al, "And you must be daddy, Mr Wealsey"

Al's grin faded and I laughed, some things things don't change. No matter what part of the world your in.

"He isn't my husband or the baby daddy, he's my cousin." I said trying to hide my grin but sadly I was failing and it spread across my face and the giggles escaped my mouth.

The doctor looked mortified, "Oh I'm so sorry."

"My doctor back home made the same mistake when I went for my first scan, don't worry it's fine."

She laughed, "I'm so sorry, again."

"Don't worry honestly."

"Right I shall be back in a minute if you could hop up on the bed Miss weasley." She asked as she left the room.

I did as she asked and Al sat next to me on the chair."I swear to god if anyone asks me that one more time or assumes that your either my husband or the father I might kill them. do you know what I'm gonna do?" I hissed.

"Kill them." He replied looking slightly worried.

"No. I'm gonna make you a badge that says in big letters I'M HER COUSIN and I'm going to force you to wear it at every hospital appointment and through out the birth so that they realise you are not the bloody father, he's back in England." I rambled on without thinking what I said.

"So you know who he is then?" He asked looking at me.

Oh fuck! "Um, well yes and no."

Why did I open my big mouth? Will Al kill me if I tell him it's his best mate?

"Who is he? Do I know him." He questioned.

Of course you bloody know him he's your best mate and has been for years. I tried to gather all my courage. (Come on Rose your're Gryffindor for god sake) and said "It's Scorpius."

BOOM, that was Al exploding in my head right before he yell's at me. Except he didnt yell?

"Sc...Sc...Scorpius." He spluttered, "As in my best mate?"

I nodded, how was he so calm. I at least excepted some yelling.

He put his head in his hand's and looked at the floor. "Does he know?" Al mumbled.

"No and I don't plan on telling him any time soon."

He sat back up and looked at me, "Why not?, don't you think he deserves to know, I mean if Hannah was pregnant I would want to know." His voice seemed to weaken a little when he said her name.

"Al you don't understand. We've barley spoken since we left school. I may or may not have fancied the pants off him since like second year. We slept together in January and I didn't hear off him for two months, TWO BLOODY MONTHS AL, until the just before we got on the plane and he rang saying he loved me and that if I was on the plane I should get off."

"He loves you." Al said.

I crossed my arms "Well that's what he said. If you dont believe me, I'll show the hundreds of texts if you like, that should be enough proof."

Just then Dr Adams cam back in, stopping Al from replying and I was thankful as I really didn't want to talk about a certain blonde right now.

She sat down and put the jelly on my belly, I closed my eyes again and moments later the room was filled with the sound of their heartbeats. Simply amazing.

"If you would like to look up Miss Wealey, you wil see your babies on the screen."

I opened my eyes and looked up. There on the screen was two little aliens, it was so much clearer than my first scan. There they were, they are real, my babies are real. At first this felt like a dream but now it feels even more real.

"Would you like to know the gender's." She asked.

"Yes please." I said excitedly.

"Well, I believe it's a boy and a girl, congratulations." Doctor Adams told me with a smile.

Oh wow, one of each. I had'nt expected that I thought it was two boys. But one of each, that's even better. A little girl and a little boy, my babies.

"Aww rRsie, don't cry." Al said.

My hand went up to my face, was I crying? Any way they were happy tears not sad tears.

"Would you like a picture?" She asked.

I nodded, still lost for words. I watched as she pressed a few buttons and then handed two copies to me.

"Thank you." I managed to say.

Doctor Adams cleaned the jelly off me and I pulled my top back down. "You will need to come back at twenty-five weeks, just so we can monitor you becuae it's twins and then again when your thirty weeks to disscuss your birth plan".

"Thank you again."

"Goodbye Miss Weasley".

We left the room and I made my next appointmet with the receptionist before leaving. Al decided he would take me out to dinner to celebrate. He chose this retro diner and whilst waiting for our food the conversation soon turned to my babies, names for them and their father.

"What you gonna call them Ro, maybe Albus, hint hint."

I laughed . "sory Al, but Albus is a little unusal and I don't care whether you're named after a headmaster of Hogwarts. I want normal names for my kids."

"Thanks Ro" He said with a glum expression as he moved his straw around in his coke.

I  quickly thought of names that had the leter's 'al' in them and then it hit me. I mean If Al was so kind enough to let me come out here to live with him, putting up with a hormonal me and be traumatized twice by people thinking he was my babies father, then surely one of themshould be named after him in some way.

"Well..what if my baby boy had the middle name Al or Alex or my baby girl had Alix."

This seemed to perk him up and a grin spread across his face, "Really, are you sure".

I smiled "Of course Al, you're my best friend as well as my cousin."

"Aww thanks Rosie, you're mine as well." He replied.

The waitress then interuppted with our food and as we ate there seemed to be something else on his mind, he seemd troubled.

"Al whats wrong?"

"Oh well, I mean my best mate. Ro you slept with my best mate and he doesn't even know your pregnant."

Did we honestly have to talk about this over dinner, I mean it's a dodgy subject as it is. And discussing that you had sex with your cousin's best friend over dinner with said cousin is a little more than uncomfortable and embarrassing.

"Look Al can we talk about this at home".

He rasied his eyebrow at me, "So you are willing to talk about it, I mean."

"Later." I said.

The rest of dinner was in silence except for the scrapes of our knives and forks against the plates. We paid and left ,as soon as we were in the car he started again, "Is that why you wanted to come with me to America?"

Honestly - Yes.

Lie Rose Lie!

"Well, it's not like I had anything else going for me back home, no job, no boyfriend." I told him.

"So you two weren't dating then?"

"No it was one night that's all. Then I never heard off him, until I seen him at our leaving party and then he phoned me before we got on the plane. Can we just drop the subject now please".

"Fine." He huffed.

The car journey was quiet and I had my head leaning against the window, wathcing the world go by. When we got home there was a note attached to the front door, it read:

Rose and Al,

I have news for you both, call me when you get this.


We got in and I went to get myself a drink after taking off my shoes and dumping my hand bag. When I entered the living room Al was on his phone and five minutes later he got off. "We have a house keeper." He said looking at me.

"What?" I yelped nearly spilling squash all over me and the sofa.

"A house keeper", He repeated, "Joe's niece needs a job and since your going to be busy when the babies come, he though we might need one so he wanted to know whether it would be alright. I told him yes and he and his niece are coming over in the morning." Al explained.

That night when I was led in bed, looking at my scan picture, I decided to call Pheebs. I was taken by surprise that she answered straight away.

"HELLO!" She yelled, " Rosie, it's been so long."

"Hmm Like three days." I laughed.

"That's long enough to me. I really want to come see you Rosie.I  miss you sooo much." She sniffed.

Please don't say she's gonna cry on me. Please.

"Listen, Pheebs guess what I'm having". I Said quicly trying to change the subject.

She took a minute and I could hear her  breathing heavily,  "Umm Puppies?, Kittens? NO WAIT! babies."

Took her long enough, puppies really. Do I look Like a dog, I know I can be a bitch at times but really.

"Well Duh!, I meant guess what gender's they are?"

Again she took a while to think leaving me to stare at my ceiling wishing that I could the stars, "Umm two girls and they can be named Phoebe and Pheebs after their favourite auntie and their godmother."

"Nope!" I giggled.

"Two boys, like we though it was?" She questioned.

"Nope!, It's a boy and a girl". I squealed.

"OH MY GOD," She screamed, "YAY How about Javlin and Jade as names." Pheeb replied with a deafning scream.

What on earth was she doing, is she trying to break my eardrum. I love this girl I really do, but really, Javlin and Jade. I mean what sort of name is Javlin? And I guess Jade is a Pretty name, hmm I think I might put it on my baby name list when I get round to writing it. But seriously Javlin is a little too original, I mean is it meant for a boy or girl.

We stayed talking for a while, every now and again she would scream. I asked and it turns out she's watching a horror film. She had screamed  becuase the killer was about to get their next vicitm. Honestly you'd have thought she was about to get murdered with that scream.

 We the proceded to have a very lenghty conversation  and I think I must have been talking to her for at least two hours. At eleven I said goodbye as my eyes started to close, my grip on my phone becoming looser.

A big house, brand new cars, a chauffeur, a house keeper, an amazing cousin and two little ailens who are going to be spoilt rotten from the moment they are born

Is this really reality as it seems far too good to be true especially for me...

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