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Magical Encounters by beautifulweasley
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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A/N Okay so this is chapter two. The major introduction of Blaise and some more Draco being brought in. I really hope you guys enjoy my story. I am working on Chapter three already so that should be up soon I think. Please read and review. It would be much appreciated :D

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter everything you recognize belongs to JKR


Blaise came up with a solution. “Mother, I need to go shopping. Would it be okay if I shopped in muggle London?”

“Of course darling, you may stay out shopping all day. Although, you should take Draco with you, his mother has been trying to get him out of the house all week.”

“I will floo to Draco’s as soon as I’m ready, thank you mother.”

“You’re welcome, Blaise. I almost forgot your father is not coming home tonight so dinner will be at 7 o’clock instead.”

“I wouldn’t dare miss it. Have a wonderful day.”

Draco jumped out of his skin when Blaise popped out of his fire place.

“Holy shit; Blaise are you trying to kill me?”

“Oops, sorry Draco; I didn’t mean to scare you like that. I should have flooed ahead huh?”

“Yes, that would have been very nice.”

“Now, now, Draco you know you are my only friend. Plus I’m going to make it up to you. Remember my little sister? Well I am going to find her today and I want you to come with me.”

“You, want me”, Draco said pointing between Blaise and himself, “To help you find your sister. I guess I’ll go. What excuse are you using?”

“I told my mum that we were going to go shopping in muggle London.”

“That makes sense. Let me go ask my mum real quick.”

Draco took the stairs two at a time. He was thinking Narcissa would be in the study right now. As usual, he wasn’t wrong.

“Hey mum, Blaise is here and wants to know if I can go shopping in muggle London with him.”

“Darling, you know you don’t have to ask but of course you may. You just have to remember that dinner is at seven tonight, okay?”

“Yes, mum, I understand.”

“Good, now go have fun with Blaise and don’t come back before you have at least three new outfits.”

“Yes, mother”, Draco said while shaking his head. He walked down the hallway and took the stairs, again, two at a time. He was going too fast and almost ran into the wall after he finished coming down the stairs. Thankfully his seeker reflects kicked in and he swerved and ran into his door instead.

Blaise jumped as he heard Draco collide with the door.

“Oi, mate is that you?”

“Mmf, yes it’s me.”

“What the hell happened”, said Blaise after opening the door.

“I was moving too fast so I almost ran into the wall so I swerved and ran into the door instead.”

“Because running into the door is a much better alternative the running into the wall.”

Draco snorted, “Actually yes it is much better than running into the wall.”

“Whatever you say, mate. Did she say you could come with?”

“Yes, Blaise, she said yes. Now I’m going to go get read-.” Blaise cut Draco off as he muttered a quick clean up spell on him to save time.

“All done, can we leave now?”

“Yes, oh impatient one, we can go find your precious sister.”

Blaise flipped Draco’s back off as he walked towards the floo.

“Are we flooing to the Leaky Cauldron?”

“That makes the most sense, so yes let’s go there first.”

Draco went first and was quickly followed by Blaise. They stepped out onto the street after greeting Tom with a wave. They turned and walked to the nearest mall. Blaise twin sense was going nuts. He could tell she was there and had to control himself from running. Draco could tell he was having issues and put a hand on his shoulder to gently restrain him. They exchanged looks as they walked into the mall and Blaise pointed to the nearest boutique. They walked in and saw a familiar red head sitting by the changing rooms waiting for someone to step out. Just as they started walking towards her, the girl in the room came out and both boys were stunned at what they saw. Blaise was having an even harder time controlling himself as he walked forward.

Hermione looked up from her conversation with Ginny and saw the boys walking towards her. She dropped her jaw in surprise and found herself fighting to control the urge to run to the boys that had made her life hell for six years.

A/N please review. I hope you enjoyed what is wrong of my longer chapters so far. I really hope you guys will provide constructive criticism.

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