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Restraint by Gabriella Hunter
Chapter 1 : Restraint
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A/N: Hello everyone! Another one-shot for you. This comes from my story "Abandon" and if you all enjoy this, have a look at that! Enjoy!

“...not really a Malfoy but you should still stay away from him.” The slyly whispered words seemed to come from every direction as Benjamin Malfoy made his way slowly down the corridors of Hogwarts, his thoughts elsewhere. Although he heard such words on a daily basis in varying degrees of mockery or scorn, he angled his head for the source, spotting two Hufflepuff girls watching him warily as he paused.

The motion caused a few others to stare at him but it was due more to the fact that he was blocking their way and they were a tad too afraid to hex or bark at him to move. He would have been amused if he weren't so distracted. “You say something?” he found himself asking to the two girls blandly, barely noticing that several students were passing around him as if he might whip out his wand and curse them into oblivion.

The two girls stared at him, mouths hanging open, sizing him up. Benjamin waited patiently, unsure why he was even bothering to confront the little insects that seemed to have so much to say about where he came from or why he carried such a tainted last name. “Erm,” one of the girls, who had thick black hair and large green eyes started nervously, “I didn't...say anything,” she murmured weakly as her eyes grew bigger and bigger.

Benjamin quirked a dark brow, wondering idly if he should have actually spruced up a bit more before venturing out of the Slytherin dorms. But he'd woken up later than usual, missing his first class and he'd had to take a long hot shower to shake off his dreams, “I think I heard you saying something, something about me not really being a Malfoy,” he found himself hissing between his teeth.

The friend of the girl was shorter, rounder and black, with thick lashes around her eyes. He would have found her cute, if she weren't staring at him with barely controlled fright, “She didn't say anything, I swear!” she said.

Loyal little Hufflepuff. Benjamin felt his lips quirking up a little, having become quite obsessed with his very own over the last few years and turned away briefly before flicking his eyes back at them, which only made the girls blanch. They'd think they'd never seen a tall, poorly dressed Slytherin boy before but he supposed his perpetual frown and shoulder length black hair gave him a negative appearance to go with his last name. Charming, “Forget it, kid, its no big deal.”

“I'm no kid!” the other girl said, the one with the big green eyes. She tugged on her friend's sleeve, motioning for her to start walking away from him, the big bad Malfoy, “if you don't leave us alone, we'll get a a teacher!”

Benjamin found himself smiling in amusement. He didn't get on as badly with the Hogwarts teachers as everyone liked to believe and the only teacher that seemed to hate him more than that prat Smith that taught Defense Against the Dark Arts was Zabini.

What he didn't know was that walking into Potions and feeling his dark eyes boring into his forehead wasn't exactly pleasant for him either. Benjamin snapped, “Spare me, all right?” the two girls balked, perhaps thinking he weren't scared of the teachers.

He wasn't, not really. But he did hate this school but he did his work, got good marks and tried to stay out of trouble. Most of the time.

“What do you want? I wasn't talking about anything in the first place!” the green-eyed girl was saying in a ridiculous spray of emotion.

Benjamin crossed his arms, yawning. “I'm pretty sure I heard you say I wasn't a real Malfoy.” He wasn't sure why he was picking on them but he didn't have anything else to do, not when he wasn't going to Potions like a good little boy. He wasn't in the mood for Zabini's snide remarks today.

“S-so what if I did? What are you gonna do?” the green-eyed friend asked while her companion shot her a stunned glance. Benjamin wondered if he looked as mean as he appeared and figured that his lack of sleep was catching up on him, “don't you have somewhere to be?”

Benjamin thought that she had a good point. He could go to Potions and endure an hour or so of Zabini reminding him of why his family was known to be supposedly evil or, better yet, he could sneak down to the Black Lake and let himself get eaten by the giant squid.

The squid was oddly tempting but he said to them. “Would you relax? I'm not going to eat you.” The girl looked a little offended and he laughed meanly, “you're short and skinny and pale. Not my type.” To be honest, he didn't discriminate but he liked a girl with a healthy figure and a great pair of legs but they didn't need to know that.

“Then leave us alone!” the green-eyed girl spat.

Benjamin narrowed his eyes, eyes that he was told were blue-brown but more often than not, they sort of freaked people out. Even when he didn't mean to, “Maybe you shouldn't talk so loudly about someone right when they're walking by.” That had them both flushing guiltily but he shrugged it off. “I thought you Hufflepuffs were supposed to be nice,”

But that wasn't really true of course. Just how all Gryffindors weren't good or that all Ravenclaws were sophisticated and he was more than certain that not all Slytherins communed with Satan, “Like a Slytherin would care.” The companion muttered underneath her breath.

Benjamin rolled his eyes, wondering why he was torturing himself. Was he this bored? But then, he noticed their robes again, recalling another Hufflepuff that he sort of wanted to see but before he could ask, the green-eyed girl interrupted. “Come on, we're going to be late for History of Magic,” the green-eyed girl said to her friend, tugging on her robes again.

Before they could walk away from him too quickly, he barred their path. They jumped nearly three feet in the air, looking as if he would stab them and for a moment, he debated it before letting it go for the moment. There was always tomorrow, “You know Roxanne Weasley?”

“Yeah, I know her. What about her?” the companion asked, looking sour.

Benjamin wasn't sure if it was because she didn't like Weasley or because he was asking about her or the fact that he was blocking their way. Either or, he didn't exactly like her tone, “You seen her around?” he asked, making sure that his voice was nothing more than a growl.

The green-eyed girl swallowed. “She didn't want me to tell anyone but she was going to skip class today and go down to the Lake.” The companion rolled her eyes and Benjamin was able to see that she didn't like Weasley and he felt his lips quirking up in a tight smile, “why do you want to know anyway?”

“I'm her pet and she's my master.” Benjamin retorted smartly and the girls gawped up at him and he sent the companion a sly glance. She frowned, “got an issue with Weasley?”

To his surprise, the girl huffed and started tugging on her friend. But not so quickly that he didn't hear her say, “...hate her. She's just a stupid brat.” And Benjamin let them pass him by, letting some distance grow between them before he took out his wand and shot a hex at her back.

Though he hadn't really been looking, his target hit its mark and the companion fell face forward onto the corridor floor. Green-eyed girl bent to pick her up and as they made quite a fuss over nothing and various students glared his way, Benjamin walked off, frowning a little as he took a shortcut that would take him outside, where he'd most likely find Weasley.

He didn't like people talking badly about her, even if she was a bit of a spoiled little brat. If there was anything he did know about Roxanne Weasley, it was that she wasn't stupid either. And she was, truthfully the only good thing that he had. Even if he didn't deserve it.


That thought was still tumbling in his mind by the time he had crossed the grounds towards the Black Lake, wondering why he was even bothering. Weasley would most likely pounce on him before he got into the Great Hall for dinner, blabbering on and on about her day and asking him about his and if he'd like to go to the Astronomy Tower with her later?

Benjamin felt himself smiling slightly, wondering when she would come to her senses and stop pretending that they were so close. They had known each other for a little while, since she'd been ten and he'd been twelve, running around Diagon Alley together despite what her family might have wanted. That brother of hers, Fred Weasley the Second...he hated him with a passion, just like he hated all of her other relatives but he had never hated Weasley, she had never been anything less than kind to him.

For whatever reason, but it was nice.

It was nice and simple and...sweet almost, as if he were living in a dream. Or, on some occasions when she was getting on his nerves, a nightmare. The closer he came to the Lake though, the more his smile grew and he had to bite it down, reminding himself that he wouldn't let himself grow attached to anyone or anything.

It would hurt less when he had to leave or, more likely, hurt them to keep their noses out of things that they couldn't possibly understand. “EEEK!” it was a girlish screech, frightened and in a panic. Benjamin was rushing across the spring grass faster than humanly possible, a strange sort of horror in his own heart forming and he found himself skidding, nearly falling until he came across the source of the cry.

The Black Lake was gleaming with glints of afternoon sun, the surface like glistening metal, Roxanne Weasley near the shore, the water up to her knees. She shrieked again as she battled ferociously with what looked like an ugly, slimy spider nearly as long as her body.

Benjamin swore, feeling his chest heaving as the panic lessened and that strange horror slow down a little as she giggled madly, tickling the thing's tentacles that were wrapped sensually around her throat and waist. “What the hell are you up to?” he found himself demanding, confused and a little revolted.

Weasley turned at the sound of his voice, a bright smile forming on her face. She didn't look like her cousins, people had noted snidely...she wasn't white with freckles or sporting an array of that hideous red hair. No, she was curly haired and brown from the tips of her eyelashes down to her cute little toes and Benjamin had never heard her call herself other than black, other than a Weasley and yet that didn't make people doubt her.

Though he didn't know them well, he'd seen her parents a few times over the years. Her father was George Weasley, that funny genius that owned Weasleys Wizard Wheezes and her mother was Angelina Weasley, this gorgeous black lady that he always found himself fantasizing about (Yes, he could go on but he wouldn't do that right now) that was currently Head of Magical Games and Sports.

Roxanne Weasley was not like her other cousins at all and probably the nicest person he knew when she wasn't being a whining little brat and worrying about the state of her robes. Or trying to demolish him in Quidditch.

Just the sight of that smile on her face as she looked at him was enough to relax and irritate every inch of him. He couldn't understand why she always appeared so damn happy when he was around,“Ben!” Weasley said, her smile widening and her eyes, deep brown eyes, softening ever so slightly and making him uncomfortable. “Ben, look what I've found!”

“Yeah, I see it lump, but what the hell is it?” Benjamin found himself asking, taking his eyes off of her face, such a cute face, for just a second. The thing was blinking wet eyes at Roxanne, who was tickling it again, watching it scrunch up as if it were laughing and he had to say, it was probably the most disgusting thing he'd ever seen. “I heard you scream. Is it hurting you?”

Weasley shook her head, sending water droplets everywhere. He wondered if she'd been swimming again down here, but blessedly fully clothed because he wasn't sure what he would have done to her if she'd been parading around naked in the water...soaking wet. “No, I'm fine! Isn't it just the neatest thing? Its a giant squid baby!” Weasley cried triumphantly, like that was something to be delighted about.

“...Sure it is.” Benjamin said dryly.

Weasley grinned at him. She had a dimple in her left cheek, like a kiss mark and he had been thinking about kissing it himself a little too often, “Wanna come in and tickle it? There's more in here somewhere. I was cooling my feet off and it wrapped a tentacle around my ankle, wanting to play,”

Or drown you, Benjamin wanted to point out. “No thanks,”

“Aw,” Weasley said, pouting. Benjamin felt himself flushing, he'd do whatever she wanted if she pouted at him but the sort of things he'd like to do would be wrong, considering that he was fifteen to her little thirteen, “you're no fun Ben!”

He was fun, just not the sort her parents would like. “Let that thing go and come out, I'm bored,” Benjamin said, shoving his hands into his robe pockets and when Weasley pouted, dammit it was cute, he forced himself to say, “or I'll come in and get you.”

For some reason, that really spooked her and Weasley said with a shiver.“Fine. You don't have to freak me out like that,” and he watched her disentangle the squid from her body before gently lowering it into the water and watching as it floated underneath the black surface. “I'll see you later!” she said as it waved a tentacle up at her after a short distance before it vanished into the Lake.

“So is this what you've been doing all day?” Benjamin asked her once she'd turned back to him. Still with a smile on her face, she reached up to wring out her hair before sloshing to the shore and onto the grass, looking a little too tempting for her own good.

Weasley shook her head. “No, I went to class but then I decided that I didn't feel like going into History of Magic and so I skipped. I didn't plan on it though,” she said, looking up at him with a careless little grin on her face. “I told Karen McMillan that I wasn't going to be in, I hope she didn't squeal.”

Benjamin thought back to the girls from earlier. “She skinny with green eyes and black hair?” when Weasley nodded happily, he frowned, “does she have a friend always hanging around her? Short black girl?”

“Yeah, but I don't know her too well.” Weasley replied with a shrug.

Benjamin thought that he would have to tell Karen McMillan that, in order to continue hanging around Weasley that she'd better tell her friend to keep her damn mouth shut. “You need better friends, she gave up the goods when I asked her where you were.”

Weasley frowned and punched him in the arm. “Dammit, Ben! What'd you do, glare at them and threaten to eat their souls?” that made him roar with laughter and she shook her fist at him. “You can be such a prat sometimes.”

“I know, but some friend she is, telling your location to me,” Benjamin said with a grin as he lowered himself to the grass. Weasley followed, flexing her cute little toes and he glanced around, spotting her shoes and socks a ways off, as if she'd been walking along the shore, “something bothering you, lump?”

Weasley hesitated, having followed his eyes. “No,” she lied.

Benjamin sent her a dull stare. “Yeah, and I'm the sexiest man alive.”

Weasley eyed him weirdly. “Ben, all the girls say you're good looking.”

“Even with my horrible reputation?” Benjamin asked idly and she nodded. He bent and pinched one of her toes and she giggled, “how do you know anyway?” he asked, needing to nitpick.

Weasley huffed, turning her face away. He tickled her foot a bit more but she kicked at him until he gave up, wondering why she was so moody, “Miranda Patil was talking about it and how girls think you're really sexy and stuff.” She said with all the childishness of someone her age. “You, uhm, go out with a lot of girls.”

So she'd noticed that. Benjamin didn't want her thinking badly of him but he shrugged it off, knowing she would have to sooner rather than later, “I sleep with a lot of girls.” Weasley turned her face back to his, looking outraged that he'd admitted it, “they think its fun, being with a Malfoy. Even if I am adopted and supposedly the spawn of the devil.”

“I don't care that you're adopted or anything but you might be the spawn of the devil.” Weasley replied with all seriousness and he laughed. He didn't believe her, not really but he allowed the words to sink in, “why don't you just get a girlfriend?”

Benjamin reached over to pinch her nose. “I don't want or need one.” When he let her go, he saw that she was looking all worried and moody. She was probably the moodiest person he knew, “what's bothering you, lump?”

“I'm not a lump!” Weasley spat furiously. He laughed at her and she eventually pouted a bit, somehow missing that his eyes were taking in every curve of her mouth, “I got into another fight with that bitch Rachel Travers.” She admitted and Benjamin whistled, knowing that the Slytherin girl hated her with a passion that was almost as insane as the fact that the giant squid was a female, “she called me that really nasty word in the corridor and I punched her in the face again.”

Benjamin knew what word she had been called and he glowered, wondering just how he would be able to sneak into the Slytherin girl's dorm and properly threaten Travers. Again, “Look, lump, there's nothing wrong with you. Don't let that stupid bitch get you down like that,”

Weasley nodded, looking as if she might cry. People talked about her a lot behind her back, saying really cruel and very ignorant things and even he wasn't sure how she dealt with it all the time but he had to admit that she had some backbone.

After a moment, Weasley said, wiping her eyes.“Thanks, Ben. I just hate that sort of thing, you know? My mum told me that it doesn't matter and that I'll grow up and be dad says that I'm beautiful everyday in his letters and I think he's telling the truth,” she ended with a weak smile.

Benjamin allowed the words to fall into silence before he took out his wand, waved it and watched as a burst of daisies appeared. They were her favorite, white daisies and he gently turned her face to his, enjoying that little prick of connection against his skin, “Weasley, you don't even have to be good looking to be beautiful, all right? Its all about personality. Punch the ignorant fucks out that talk about you, and then, show them who's boss by stepping on them later,”

“I don't think that's the best way to go about things,” Weasley said in alarm, even as she was smiling one of those weird little smiles. Benjamin hoped she didn't have a crush on him or something because that wasn't really the smartest thing but he didn't want to point that out to her right now, “but I know you're right. You know, Ben, you're one of the only people that gets me,”

Adding the daisies into her curly hair and wondering just why she was looking at him like he were so special, Benjamin snorted. “You're just a lump, Weasley. And I'm not even a Malfoy. We're made for each other,” he didn't know why he said it but the words were out there before he could retract them.

Weasley turned bright red and for a short second he felt her shifting forward and for the life of him he thought she would kiss him. Merlin, please don't let her do that because he wasn't sure if he could handle the consequences of—a light peck on his nose was all he got, “...What the hell was that?” Benjamin demanded as she leaned away, smiling that sweet smile.

Weasley looked awfully pleased of herself, daisies dancing in her hair. “A passionate moment between my mouth and your nose.” She said with a wink that made something not quite appropriate happen right where he didn't need the attention. Why'd she have to be thirteen anyway? If she were his age, not a Weasley and a little more mature, she would drive him insane, “you want to lay on my lap so I can play in your hair?”

The moment was over in that instant. First tender, innocent seduction and then....childishness and a sweetness that was purely addictive, “Sure, why not?” Benjamin grunted, making sure that his robes were covering all the decent bits as he rested his head on her lap. “You been practicing for our match next week?”

Weasley was the Hufflepuff Beater while he shared the position on the Slytherin team and they were constantly competing against one another. Her team wasn't the strongest but there'd been some pretty decent battles between them, “Especially hard,” she murmured, going through his black hair with gentle fingers, “we'll destroy you this time.”

“Sure you will, sweet,” Benjamin said back, closing his eyes. It would be better not to stare up at her, he would be all too aware of her giving him that weird little look and he didn't know if he would be able to stop himself from reaching up and bringing her head down for a kiss. That would only be a disaster and her brother would probably explode if he found out, “and Zabini will smile.”

Weasley actually laughed, bending over him a bit as she did so. Her hair brushed across his face and he sneezed a little, only making her laugh harder, “He's the meanest teacher in the school. What's his deal anyway? I don't think I've ever seen him smile or laugh or eat.”

Benjamin only knew that he was Head of Slytherin House and probably the least inclined to actually enjoy the scent of youth and vitality. “Don't know but he sure does hate me.”

“Didn't he know your dad though?” Weasley asked, bending up again.

Benjamin sneered slightly. “Yeah, he reminds me that he was a big fat coward that ran away while the Battle was going on. Like I didn't know that already and like my dad didn't tell me himself not to make that sort of mistake,” he muttered, keeping his eyes closed.

Weasley was silent for a second before she asked. “Why do people still hate him? Your dad gave money to have Hogwarts rebuilt after the War and he's done a lot of charity work.” She was right about this but his family was tainted and he didn't think it was such a good thing to have had Death Eaters parading around like lunatics with Voldemort and all the rest.

“Because people are stupid and my dad doesn't believe in kissing anyone's ass.” Benjamin said with pride. His father may not be the best person, but he didn't beg, not even when he'd gone back to the Ministry and gotten a job, wanting to prove himself. “Talk about something else, Weasley, I don't feel like blabbering about my family.”

Weasley snorted. “You never talk about your family.” She corrected and he opened his eyes, peering up at the annoyed frown on her face, “it took me forever just to learn your birthday and even then, I had to bribe you and do your Charms work for a week.”

Benjamin laughed. “Yeah, well, it was fun while it lasted. Come on, talk about something, tell me about the Burrow a little,” he said, reaching up to briefly stroke her cheek with his fingers. Her eyes widened a little before settling into a soft hue, “you were telling me about how it looked a while back, how your grandparent's house is all topsy turvy,”

Weasley nodded and she ran her fingers through his hair, softly telling him about a place he would never go to. Benjamin closed his eyes, focusing on her voice and imagining that little slice of something he could never have and dreading the time when moments like these would be out of his reach, when she would be better off. There was no telling how long they stayed that way but by the time Weasley was finished speaking, the bells announcing their next class were blaring across the grounds and the spell had been broken.

“Shit, we'd better get going,” Benjamin said, grumbling as he raised off of her lap and stood, offering his hand to her. Weasley only took it after she'd made him stand there stupidly so she could get on her socks and shoes and when she finally placed her much smaller hand in his, he was frowning with annoyance. Weasley chattered away as they walked though, gazing up at him with that happy smile all for him and he held her her hand until they were inside Hogwarts again.

Benjamin could see her brother and some of their cousins polluting the corridor, as if they could catch each others scents.“I'll see you later lump,” he said to her, unable to notice that her brother was glaring at them both, looking furious.

Weasley ignored her brother, who was marching over to smile into his face. Benjamin couldn't understand, he couldn't understand why she was always so goddamned happy to be with him, “Meet me in the Astronomy Tower later?” she whispered.

Benjamin opened his mouth to say no but his head dipped in a nod. Giving him a beaming smile before going over to her infuriated brother, he stood there, wondering how in the hell he would survive lettering her go when he couldn't even tell her no.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks again! Please leave a review to let me know your thoughts! :D

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Restraint: Restraint


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