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Honeysuckle Rose by SpellDust
Chapter 1 : Magic is magical
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 Hello, this is my first chapter and I´ll hope you enjoy. But before you begin I want to explain a few things. 
The first three chapters will be about young Rose and how she gets used to magic, and how she meets another person who also has magic. This is her first encounter with the pureblood society. 
After the first three chapters the "real" story will begin. But that doesent mean that you can skip the first chapters. There will be some valuable information in those that you must not miss.
Thank you for readin and a wish you happy first days of the new year.

I do not own the Marauders or anyone in this story except Rose Clearwater and the storyline.
All credits goes to J.K.Rowling who created this wonderfull world.

Chapter one
Magic is Magical

Rose was sitting in class, paying no attention to the teacher at the front desk teaching them about subtraction. Math was never her favorite subject. She tilted her head back and towards the window, watching as bits of white fluff fell from the sky and onto the ground. The snow was slowly building up on the ground outside, creating a great soft and white blanket on the ground. This was the first snow of the year and Rose couldn't wait to get out and enjoy in it with her friends. Rose smiled at the thought, knowing how much joy her friends gave her. She heard someone in the background say her name but she ignored it. She wondered if she should ask her father if she could stay with a friend later. She loved the snow and no one ever knew for how long it would stay.


"Rose?" This time the voice was closer and Rose turned her head to look into the cold blue eyes of her teacher, Mrs. Jacobs. "What is one hundred and twenty three minus forty seven?"


Rose blinked blankly. She didn't know the answer to the problem. Mrs. Jacobs didn't seem to realize that, or she just didn't care. "I… I don´t know." She stuttered.


"You would've known if you paid attention to the lecture and not let your mind wander to less important things." Mrs. Jacobs gave Rose a firm look before turning to walk up to the front of the classroom again. Rose glared at her back; she knew that she wasn´t the only one that was starring out the window and Mrs. Jacobs had no right picking on only her. Rose didn't know what happened but suddenly her math book went flying across the room, hitting Mrs. Jacobs in the back of her head, earning a loud "OW."


Everyone in the classroom fell silent as they watched their teacher slowly turn around. Her eyes instantly found the empty bench in front of Rose where her book had been only second ago. "Care to explain yourself?" she spat.


"I… It wasn´t me, Mrs. Jacobs." Rose stuttered and sank down into the chair. Everyone was watching their teacher and their classmate in surprise. They all knew that Rose would never hurt a fly, never the less hit a teacher… if they hadn't seen it with their own eyes they would've laughed.


Mrs. Jacobs gave Rose a cold death glare while saying, "It wasn't… It wasn´t you? Isn't this book yours Miss. Clearwater?" She picked up the book from the ground and with a loud THUMP it was on Rose's bench once again. Rose flinched, to scared to say anything. "Well… is it?"


"Y… yes"


"Detention and I will have to call your father." Mrs. Jacobs began to turn back to her desk when Rose gave a shout of protest.


"B-but it wasn´t me! It did it by itself." Everyone started to giggle and Rose could feel her cheeks burning. She had done nothing wrong!


"A book can´t throw itself and I won't tolerate lying in my class."


"But it did-" Rose was interrupted by Mrs. Jacobs.


"So what you are saying is that the book just magically flew right into the back of my head? You know that that's not possible… right?" Her eyes were shut as if trying the regain control of her anger. Rose was silent, not daring to say a word. Of course she knew that, she was not five. But it happened and she couldn't explain how.


"Class dismissed." Mrs. Jacobs said, rubbing her head with her palm. Rose was the first one out of the room and she was standing by her locker when her two friends caught up with her.


"What was that?" Josephine demanded. "Why did you throw it at her?"


"It wasn't me." Rose answered in a low voice.


"Who was it then, a ghost?" Vanessa laughed at her own joke and Josephine joined in. Rose didn't find it funny and watched her friends with a pained expression. They didn't believe her either.



When Rose got home later that evening she was met by her father by the door. He stamped his foot as he always did when he was angry and Rose suddenly felt very small. "I got an interesting call from school today." he began. Rose didn´t meet his eyes. "They told me that you threw a book at a teachers head. Is that true?" He paused, waiting for her to answer but when she didn't he continued. "I got them to cancel your detention due to your late practices, but you're under house arrest for the next month."


Rose turned her head upwards to look at her father. He didn't look rather happy and it seemed he wanted her to say something. Rose opened her mouth but closed it again after finding no words.

"What?" her father said.


"I'm sorry father" she said as her father stood tall over her. His face softened, making him look several years younger than fifty, and sighed.


"I know you are pumpkin. But never do it again." He drew his hand through his dark brown hair and shook his head mumbling something about teachers and books, before he kissed her cheek. "Nana is about to make food so you should go and change out from your school clothes." Rose brushed past him and ran up the many stairs to her room. She took extra long time to get ready for dinner, scared of what would happen once she appeared in the dining room. What if she made a plate throw itself at her Nana, or worse, at her father? But it hadn't been her who threw the book, she should have remembered it if she had. Right?


Rose sat down on her overly large bed and watched the door. She hoped that someone would walk in with an explanation. The door opened slowly, but no one entered. Rose stared at it for a second before walking up to it and peaked outside. There was no one there, suddenly she felt her heart jump and she backed away from the door into the bed. She crawled up to the upper corner of it and just stared at the door. It was still open and Rose was scared. Who had opened it? There was still no one there so the door shouldn't have opened. Deciding she didn't want to be alone in her room anymore she sprinted up from her bed and out of her room down to the kitchen where she knew her Nana would be.


"Child, what's the matter?" she asked Rose with a startled look. When she saw that Rose were crying she put down the pot with stew and walked over to her, embracing her in a motherly hug. "Is this about what happened in class today?"


Rose nodded. "Ye… yes, and the door… the door…" New waves of sobs were running over her and she lost her words.


"What is it about the door dear?"


"It opened by itself" She said shakily.


From that day on everything changed for young Rose and she had no control of it. She didn´t even know what was happening to her. She could make things move and it scared her, a lot. In the beginning her friends found it impressive but soon they grew scared of her and within a year Rose was alone.

"Freak" was a word she had grown quite used to by the age of eight, about the same her father started to take her to a hospital with strange people who did strange tests to her and asked her odd questions that she couldn´t answer. Her father took her there once every week for five months and she hated it. She hated them for making her so uncomfortable; they were the ones that really made her believe everything her classmates said about her. "You're a freak Rose, a freak." she herd Josephine's voice in the back of her mind.


She was told to wait in the waiting room while her father discussed with the doctors. She could hear shouts coming from the room but couldn´t make out what they were screaming. She figured she didn't want to know either. It didn't sound like something good judging by the voices. Instead she closed her eyes and started to concentrate on her hands and a red rose she held into.


Her father had bought it for her before arriving to the hospital. He had done the same thing since their first visit and he now called it "their thing." The rose in her hand turned from half closed to a fully blossom in her hands. She may be a freak but none of her old friends or classmates could to that. The rose was beautiful and fully red. Like blood, blood Rose. She smiled, how she wished she could be like that rose. Not quite beautiful at first but then become something everyone adored. Startled, she opened her eyes when she heard a loud BANG and the door shut behind her father who looked angry. He walked up to Rose and told her they were going to the mall. "I feel a craving for ice cream, don´t you?" That was the last time she ever saw the hospital with the white walls and too clean floors. She was glad.


At the age nine they moved away. Her dad said they would have a fresh start in a new place. By that time Rose had learned to control her abilities and thought it would be a good idea but she wondered what her dad would do without their Nana. He didn't know how to cook. But when she asked him about it he just smiled and laughed. "Don't you worry, child, everything will be just fine." he ruffled her dark hair and kissed her cheek.


Rose smiled, assured that he was right, and took a piece of paper in her hand. Making it float right above her palm. "My special little angel." he said.


"My wonderful dad." Rose answered.


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Honeysuckle Rose: Magic is magical


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