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Pregnancy Jitters by aquabluez17
Chapter 1 : Caught?
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Hey guys! This is my first story! Feel free to bash haha =) 

beautiful pic by grimoire@TDA

Disclaimer: Don't own anything besides Ruby :D 

Part 1

Albus walked into the house and saw the lights were off. Assuming everyone was in their respective rooms, he quickly jogged up to their own room. Once there, he softly opened the door and entered quietly, seeing the lights off there as well. Looking over at the bed, he saw his wife sleeping while clutching on to one of his shirts. Albus smiled at her innocent face as she snuggled into his shirt trying to feel his presence around her he assumed. Glancing at the clock, he noticed that is was only 10: 15 p.m. He looked back at Ruby's sleeping face wondering how she fell asleep. Usually Ruby would stay awake until he came back from work, which was the Ministry where he worked in the Time Chamber in the Department of Mysteries. Once she had stayed awake the whole night only to fall asleep in his arms when she had come to hug him after he had finally come home. After that he always tried to get home at a reasonable time since he did not want his wife to lose her sleep just for him. And to think that the muggle sleeping beauty had slept the whole time for her prince. Here his princess liked to stay awake and wait for him. Why can she not learn from people? Why does she have to be so different?, he wondered to himself. But surprising what was really bothering him today was the fact that Ruby had fallen asleep before he even got home even though that's what he always told her to do.

She never does that. What happened to her?, he thought and quickly walked over to her to check if she was okay. He placed his hand on her head to feel her temperature. No. She feels fine! Maybe she just worked really hard the whole day so she fell asleep waiting for me. Yup that is my wife for me. Totally unpredictable.

He took off his shoes and placed them near his closet. Walking back to the bed, he laid down besides her, placing his glasses on the side table before sitting up abruptly. He reached for the covers and pulled it over them. It always amused him to find her complaining when she saw he was not in the blanket with her in the middle of the night. Some days he would have to work at night since there were projects that needed to be finished. So he would first make sure she fell asleep and then he would go and do his work as quietly as possible, hoping to not wake her up. Usually his luck turned our rotten since she would be up in less than five minutes and start complaining about leaving her alone. She hated sleeping with the covers if he was not there. Ever since they had gotten married, Ruby refused to use the blankets if Albus was not there. In the afternoons, if she ever took a nap, she would just sleep with her big teddy bear and use it for warmth. Al found that strangely amusing and tried to talk sense into her, telling her that it does not matter. She would just tell him to work on the bed with the lights on as she would rather be with him then sleep in the dark alone.

He brought up the blanket so they were only half covered. Reaching out, he put his arms around her head and brought Ruby closer to him in a bear hug. He rested his head in her hair and felt himself drifting off. Closing his eyes, Al fell asleep with a content smile on his face.

Ruby turned around in someone's arms and felt his waist coat. Eyes still closed, her hands moved up his arms and in an unconscious state of mind, she realized that he was still wearing his work clothes. Then it hit her and she slowly forced her eyes open. Ruby saw how her head was fit under his head in his neck. Feeling comfortable in this position, Ruby did not want to move in fear of waking him up but a sensible part of her mind told her to. She pulled back a bit and looked at his face. His jet black hair was sticking out from every different angle as always, sleep making it worse. His glasses were on the side table as always allowing her to see actually see his eyes even though they were closed. She brought her hand to his hair and slipped them through his hair, smiling slightly when she saw him turn his head slightly, allowing her more access to his hair. Looking at the smile that was still on his face she smiled as well.

Ruby moved a bit backwards to get a better look at him and saw that he was still in his office clothes which happened to be a muggle suit. Glancing at the clock, she saw that it was 12:30 in the morning. It surprised her at how easily she felt her affection being replaced with anger as she realized that he probably just got home from work. Without even caring to notice at how deep of a slumber he was in, she shook him roughly waking him up abruptly.

He looked at her slightly disoriented since he had been sleeping very peacefully. Confusion was written all over his face as he stared at Ruby who had now struggled out of his hold. And then all hell broke loose as she sat up on the bed and glared at him.

Well guys I hope you all liked it! Please do leave a review and let me know if I should continue =) 

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