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Dangerous Existence by WildCat
Chapter 7 : Becoming
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Hey Everybody,

So this Chapter is from Regulus's point of view to making things a little different! I hope you enjoy and I'm am sorry for how long it took to write! Also, thanks to everybody who has reviewed my story! It really made my day!



                                                            Chapter Seven:



  Today the Slytherin Quidditch team had practice. Rabastan Lestrange and I had decided to go down a little early to practice. It was freezing outside as we headed down to the pitch. To my dismay, I saw little figures, wearing scarlet and gold, flying around the hoops in the distance. That meant the Gryffindor practice hadn’t ended yet. Then I realised another thing. If the Gryffindors were practising, then that meant Alexandra Fore was there as well, seen as she was part of the team.      

  I stopped dead in my tracks and Rudolphus ran into me. “Watch it” he cried. I wasn’t listening however.

  “Hey, Rabastan, why don’t we go back up to the castle and come back when the Gryffindor Quidditch team is done” I said.

  “What, and lose the fun in taunting the Gryffindors? No thanks.” Rabastan replied.  A sigh escaped my lips. I might as well resign myself to seeing Fore. But I didn’t want to talk to her about last night, and no doubt she would ask seen as she did this morning. I had been able to avoid her question then, but I didn’t know if I would be able to do so again.

  I still couldn’t believe Fore told Potter and my traitor brother. I didn’t really think she would when I kissed her. Mind you, I hadn’t really thought anything seen as it had been a spur of the moment decision.

  We reached the pitch and Rabastan set down his broom and put on his gloves, since he was keeper. Even though I was a seeker, I still enjoyed playing chaser once and a while.

  “Oi” Somebody shouted “What do you two think you’re doing?” It was James Potter, the Gryffindor captain. He was striding over to us with my darling brother and Fore at his side.

  “Getting ready to play Quidditch” Rabastan sneered at him “What does it look like we’re doing?”

  Potter’s face turned red. “You are not allowed to play on the pitch until our team is done with practice” He snapped.

  I sighed for the second time today. Normally I would love to taunt the Gryffindors, but all the arguing was making my face throb. It was still purple after Black had punched me last night.

  “Says who?” Rabastan sneered at Potter. The whole Gryffindor team was now here, all of them looking on curiously.

  “Says the rules about the pitch, stupid.” Potter replied, also sneering.

  Rabastan was about to reply, but I got there first. “Leave it, Rabastan.” I said “It’s not worth it.”

  “Oooh” A girl’s voice said “The mighty Black is backing down. What a surprise.” I looked to the source of the voice and saw Fore standing there, glaring at me. So that was how she was going to get back at me; by humiliating me in front of the whole bloody Gryffindor Team.

  “Who said anything about backing down?” I sneered.

  “Hmm, well let’s see. You did.” She said smugly.

  “Is it wrong to not want to fight the Gryffindor Team every time we see them? After all, we really don’t want to go anywhere near you blood traitor scum.” I immediately knew I’d gone too far when Alexandra Fore’s face turned to thunder along with the rest of the team.

  Her face livid and her fists clenched, Fore stalked up to me looking like she wanted to kill.

  “What did you say?” She snarled in my face and before I could respond, she punched me in the left eye. The same eye that Sirius bloody Black had punched the night before. I recoiled as I felt a white hot pain blind my eye. I could feel blood trickling down my face and I staggered. Rabastan quickly hurried over to me and threw my arm over his shoulder. He turned and sneered at the Gryffindor Team, then began to steer me up to the castle.

  I could not believe Fore had done that. Ok, I had gone a little too far in saying they were blood traitor scum, but she didn’t have to punch me in my already black eye. I mean, she made it bleed for crying out loud.

  Once Rabastan and I were in the hospital, I told him he could go, and he hurried off looking relieved.  Just then, Madam Peony – the healer for Hogwarts – hurried out and gasped when she saw my face.

  “Oh my poor child, come lie down quickly.” Well, I wouldn’t say I was a child, but whatever. I could barely see now. My eye was on fire, and I couldn’t see a past my feet. Madam Peony began dabbing something on my eye. It was cool on my eye and eased the pain.

  “I’m afraid your eye is infected, my dear.” Madam Peony said “You will have to put this salve on your eye every night and keep it covered for about two weeks or so.” I nodded that I understood. “Now, can you see out of your other eye?” She asked.

  “Sort of. It’s coming back now.” I replied.

  “You will have to stay here for an hour or so until you vision has fully returned.” I nodded. 



  About an hour later, I could see almost perfectly out of my right eye. Madam Peony put a eye patch over my left eye and handed me a bottle of the salve. Then I hurried out of the Hospital Wing in relief.  It was dinner time so I decided to go down to the Great Hall, since I was starving.

  When I arrived, I spotted Rabastan sitting at the Slytherin table and I headed over to him. Lots of people stared at my eye patch and I heard Potter shout “Oi, you know this isn’t a fancy dress party don’t you?” A lot of sniggers followed his words.

  I glanced over at Potter, just in time to see Alexandra Fore glare at Potter and whack him over the head. That surprised me. Why would Fore tell Potter off? Wouldn’t she be egging him on? Just then, Fore glanced up and met my gaze. Instead of looking hateful, she looked worried. That surprised me even more.

  I sat down next to Rabastan and he nodded at me. For a while, I sat there next to Rabastan, eating. All of a sudden, Severus Snape leant over from my left and said, “You do know that Alexandra Fore is staring at you.” I followed his gaze and saw Fore staring at me. She hurriedly looked away, but not before I caught a flash of guilt in her eyes.

  So she was sorry. That was surprising. I hadn’t suspected that from her. Maybe I should talk to her. No, then she’d ask why I kissed her and I couldn’t tell her that seen as I didn’t know the answer myself. I continued staring at her and at one point, Sirius – who was sitting next to her – whispered something to her while glaring at me and she turned and looked at me. How close were my blood traitor brother and Fore? My stomach clenched at the thought, and I didn’t know why.

  I stood up and headed towards the Entrance Hall. I was just about to head through the door to the passage that leads to the Slytherin Common Room, when there were footsteps behind me.

  “Wait” The voice was female and reluctantly I turned around to face Alexandra Fore.

  “What do you want?” My voice was full of contempt and Fore flinched.

  “I... I wanted to talk to you.” She said, a little nervously. 

  “What about? If you want to know about the kiss, then I’m sorry but I can’t tell you.”

  “That was partially it, but I actually wanted to say sorry for punching you. You were horrible, but then so was I. I swear I didn’t mean to make your eye bleed.”

  “Oh, well apology accepted.” I said.

  Fore looked at me, seemingly expectant, and I suddenly realised that I should apologise for saying what I said, but I didn’t.

  Probably realising that she was getting nowhere, Fore said, “Why did you kiss me?” 

  I sighed, and then said, “I can’t tell you. I just said that.”

  “Why?” Fore demanded.

   “Because…because I don’t know myself. Happy now?” I couldn’t believe I just said that. I turned around, leaving a shocked Fore, and hurried down the passage to the Slytherin Common Room.


  The next morning, was Monday, so I dressed and headed down to the Great Hall early. When I arrived, Rabastan was already there, and to my dismay, so was Fore. I still couldn’t believe I’d talked to her normally. I mean, it was bad enough I’d kissed her, but to have a conversation. She was a blood traitor Gryffindor.

  I sat down next to Rabastan and said, “Morning, has the morning post arrived yet?”

  “No, not yet” Rabastan replied. Since it was nearing Christmas, I was expecting a letter from my parents tell me whether to sign up to stay at Hogwarts or come home. My parents were sometimes too busy to have me come home.

  As if on cue, all the owls began arriving with the post.  I saw my huge black owl, Ghost, coming swooping down and I cleared a place for him to land. Untying the letter and opening it, I began reading it.

It read;

My dear Regulus,

Your mother and I are very busy at the moment and we will unfortunately be unable to have you come home for the holidays. I hope you understand. Your mother wishes to inquire about your plans involving the Dark Lord and when they will be finished? Enjoy your holidays as always.


Your loving father, Orion

  I sighed. My mother wanted me to become a death eater sooner rather than later. I looked up and over at the Gryffindor table to see Alexandra Fore talking to Sirius. There was definitely something going on between them. My stomach clenched for the second time in two days. What the @#!*%   was happening to me?



So, how did you like the Chapter? You can tell me all about what you thought in a little box down there! Also, I am terribly, terribly sorry for not writing this Chapter sooner! You see, I have been so caught up in School and other things that I haven't had time! However, it was partly because my computer was having trouble!


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Dangerous Existence: Becoming


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