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Accepting Secrets by swatton42
Chapter 7 : Dangerous Conversations
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Thanks to everyone who has read so far!


Sat at the top of the west tower, fag in hand as usual I could only think of two things. Number one - House Unity was complete and utter bull shit! I mean come on; I was expected to attend a dance with Granger. How crap is that? I think the giant squid that lives in the lake would be a better partner. Definitely better looking. Number two - I had the hangover from hell and really wished my sister would stop screaming like a banshee. OK so maybe she wasn't screaming, but even just talking normally was enough to hurt my greatly alcohol affected head.

'He made me pancakes, toast and a cup of tea this morning Drake.'

'That's nice Lex.' I replied as my stomach gave a sickening churn at the thought of food. 'By the way, what are you doing here? You usually disappear when I smoke, in your words your sensitive little nose can't stand the smell.' I was kind of wishing she would take the hint and bugger off, instead she just got the giggles staring at some empty space over my shoulder.

'Yea, I do have a sensitive little nose.'

'That didn't answer the question.'

'Well Drake, I'm testing a theory'. For fuck's sake Lex, my brain really isn't working well enough for cryptic clues today, just spit it out.

'What theory is that then?'

'That you have a new friend.' Crap. I could sense where this conversation was going, but gave her a questioning look anyway, hoping I was wrong. The giggling had stopped but she was still smiling at nothing behind me.

'Well, I've noticed that when you disappear away for a sneaky ciggy, someone else vanishes too. I've bumped into his friends a couple of times while you've been smoking, and they're always talking about the same thing. He's not in the common room or the library. I've checked the kitchens and he's not gone down to Hagrid's. I don't remember him getting into detention for anything. So where the hell does he keep disappearing too?' This talk was definitely heading for dangerous ground. Even as she was speaking her facial expression was slipping from amused to mildly angry. She'd found out that I was keeping secrets from her. I shuffled uncomfortably under her stare. Literally, under her stare, she was still looking over my shoulder, although her gaze was starting to move slowly to her left.

'So tell me, Draco, my dearest most awesome brother, why you and Harry Potter always seem to vanish at the same time?' Her voice was dripping so thickly with sarcasm; I was imagining a puddle on the floor at her feet. I wasn't sure how to answer her question. If I answered the wrong way she was sure to fly off the handle and trash my tower.

'No answer Drake? Well what about you?' This time she spoke to the moving nothing now by her side, at the same time she closed her fist in the air and pulled, leaving behind a startled looking Potter. He had frozen in a stance as if ready to pounce, apparently thinking the same as I was. This could turn nasty so he had been getting into position behind her, ready to lunge the second she flipped.

'Well don't look surprised I could recognise your cologne anywhere. Who's going to start talking first?' She asked, her eyes darting between me and Potter. I glared at him, mentally willing him to say something; my head was in no fit state to form logical words to explain what was going on. It seemed to work, but annoyingly he spoke in parseltongue. All I could do was watch their body language and hope he knew what he was doing; if I was feeling better I would probably have tried to protest. Every so often Lex would glance across to me, but mainly she was just watching him talk with an unreadable expression.


I knew it was a risk telling her, but it didn't stop me, I was just silently praying she wouldn't explode. Malfoy had told me not to tell her anything, but since she'd worked this much out on her own I didn't see how I could make the situation any worse.

'It's my fault really Lex. Draco didn't want to tell me anything but I kept following him up here to find out more about you. I've been interested in you ever since McGonagall announced we would be paired up together. Then after what happened with Slughorn I couldn't just leave you alone, I had to follow you to make sure you were OK. Ever since then I've wanted to get to know you and help make you better, so I followed Draco up here that night. There's been a lot he's refused to tell me, he says they're your secrets and if you want to tell me you will.' Hopefully she understood all that, I said it pretty quick and was rapidly running out of breath.

'How much has he told you about my secrets then?'

'You're adopted and something happened to you in the war, but that's all I know.' I really didn't see the point in lying to her now, she would only interrogate Malfoy later anyway to see if he said anything different.

'Why are you so interested in helping me?' There was something indescribable in her voice. If the explosion was going to come it would hit after my next comment.

'Because...I really like you, Lex. From what your brother says I think you might quite like me too, I hope you quite like me too.' No explosion, just silence. Imitating her habit I took a deep breath in to settle my nerves before continuing.

'I know we have to go to the dance together, but I was hoping you would choose to go to Hogsmeade with me the weekend before?'


I have no idea what he said to her, but apparently it worked. I had been wondering what my sister really thought of him, I got my answer when she threw her arms around his neck in a sudden hug. My eyes practically burned at what happened next. It was such a slight movement I nearly missed it - the golden boy smiled and smelt my sister's hair. If she wasn't in the way I would have pounded him into the ground. I know I said that he might be good for her but I meant in the friend kind of way, not in the smell her hair kind of way.

They both turned at the same time to look at me, still standing in a partial embrace. The look on his face showed he understood perfectly what I had been thinking just seconds before.

As always, R & R xxx

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