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Secret Malfoy by GabriellaGMW
Chapter 4 : Old Acquaintances
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A/N: Sorry I took so long to update but the site has been down for a while... anyway, here is the fourth chapter of Secret Malfoy! I hope you like it...

 “Good morning Mrs Potter” Draco said as he invited the red-head into his office. He offered her a seat in front of his desk before sitting down opposite her.

“Good morning Mr Malfoy”

“How has your day been so far?” he asked, making light conversation as he searched for her application. He knew it was around here somewhere, he loved Caroline but she wasn’t much organised. That was why he needed a new PA.

“Fine, if not slightly queer, I wasn’t expecting your company to have computers”

He laughed at her statement before looking up at her nervous face, he smiled, not a smirk but a real smile, before replying “Well, that would be my wife’s fault”

“Your wife”

“Yes, you see, she wanted to open the company to people of her own kind. Which meant adding computers”
“Your wife is muggle born”
“Of course, you didn’t expect me to marry a stuck up pureblood did you?” he asked before realising his mistake “No offence to you of course” he saved before fishing her application from under a pile of papers he had been meaning to check through. He looked at the sheet in front of him before looking at Ginny. “You seem very enthusiastic about the job”

“I am Mr Malfoy...”
“Please, call me Draco” he interrupted

“I am Draco” Ginny corrected herself before smiling “I have been working in Quidditch since I left Hogwarts and I really want a change. I’m organised and I’m desperate to go up in the world, this job might help me along the way”

“Well you certainly seem determined” he said before checking her application. It sure was better than any of the others, and he hadn’t planned anymore interviews yet. Hermione seemed thrilled with the idea of working with Ginny and it would make him happy to see her happy. He smiled at Ginny before standing up.

“Well then, I guess we’ll see you tomorrow at nine sharp” he said proudly and Ginny looked taken aback, she had expected this interview to be easy, but not this easy. She shook his outstretched hand before nodding.

“Of course Mr Malfoy...”

“Draco” he corrected again and she nodded before leaving the office happily. She checked the clock on the wall to see it was ten to twelve. She would have just enough time to ring Harry before finding Victoire to go to lunch with her. She hadn’t spent any quality time with her oldest niece since she was at least fifteen. Today would be a good day.


Harry was just looking through a few more papers on lost cases when his phone rang. He picked it up and spoke directly into the phone “Hello, this is Harry Potter speaking, how can I help you?”

“HARRY, I GOT THE JOB” Ginny yelled down the receiver, meaning that Harry had to push the phone away from his ear while she shrieked.

“Gin, that’s great”

“Yeah, and you’ll never guess what happened?”

“What happened?” he said sighing, any sentence that his wife started with ‘you’ll never guess what happened’ was sure to be a long one.

“I met Mrs Malfoy, and her name was Hermione”

Harry’s breath caught in his throat, he hadn’t heard that name since their friend Hermione Granger had left eighteen years ago because she had cheated on Ron with another man. Or that’s what he had told them anyway. Hermione had walked into the Auror office the day after the break and had given in her resignation. Harry was so unhappy to see his old friend walk away but knew that Ron’s story was probably true so he left it alone. The Weasley’s and the Potter’s had later come to forget her.

But now her name brought back such happy memories that Harry wasn’t quite sure why they had left her stranded, alone with no friends and no family.

“Harry” Ginny started and Harry was pulled from his thought at his wife’s voice.

“Yeah Gin”

“You don’t reckon...” she muttered and Harry smiled, he knew what she was going to say.

“No, our Hermione would never marry that ferret”

“He’s not that bad Harry; he gave me a job didn’t he”

“Yeah but...”

“Sorry, I have to go, I promised I would meet Victoire for lunch at twelve, love you” and then she hung up, leaving Harry looking at the phone with a surprised look on his face. Then the door opened and Ron walked in.

“Hey mate” Ron said and sat down at the desk next to Harry’s. He was his deputy Auror and they shared an office.

“Hey Ron, guess what?”

“Ginny got the job” he mumbled

“Ginny got the... wait, what?”

“I knew she would, she is Ginny”

“You’re right mate” Harry chuckled before returning to his papers.



8th DECEMBER 2017


“And this one is for copying, correct?” Ginny asked Victoire as she went through her computer, she had one at home but never one this complicated. Victoire had offered to help her, with the permission of Hermione of course.

“Yeah Aunt Ginny, you’re doing great”

“Because of you” she complemented and Victoire laughed before checking the black clock on the snowy white wall. She gasped.

“Oh my god, I have to go back to the office. I promised Mrs Malfoy I would be down for a meeting in ten minutes, see you Aunt Ginny” she rushed before grabbing her folders and running out of the office; just as Draco Malfoy walked into the room, a grin on his face.

“Ginny, Hermione and I were wondering if you wanted to come to dinner at ours tonight”

“Tonight; but you’ve only just met me”

“Don’t be silly, I’ve known you since I was twelve, well...”

“I understand, of course, is it okay if we bring our youngest though? She won’t be any bother”

“Of course, our two youngest, Quinn and Astrum will be there anyway. They can play together while we talk about... about the past” he finished before walking out of the office and leaving Ginny very confused about what he had just said.




“I’m home Harry” Ginny called as she walked through the door and into their house. Nymphadora was first to great her as always.

“Hi mum, two days to go” she squealed before hugging her mother and skipping off back down the corridor. Ginny chuckled at her enthusiasm. She knew what she was talking about, Dora missed her siblings and it was two days until they would be returning home on the Hogwarts Express, she always made them welcome home cards and, this being Lily’s first year, celebratory gifts.

Harry entered the entrance hall and kissed his wife.

“How did work go?”

“Surprisingly good actually, oh yeah, my boss asked me if we wanted to go to dinner tonight”

Harry was startled by her remark “Your boss, being...”

“Draco Malfoy, yes Harry, well done”

“Ginny, I don’t know about this...” Harry started but she shut him up with a sharp smack on the arm. She walked into the kitchen and took a biscuit from the jar to her left. She sighed in love as the chocolaty goodness coated her mouth. Then she turned to her husband.

“Harry, come on, I promised I would go; you can meet his wife, this is a chance to start over a new leaf. Just like my application said I would”

“But I don’t want to turn over a new leaf Ginny, you do”

“Shut up, you’re coming” she spat before checking the clock behind her and going off to find Nymphadora, they would have to leave in an hour if they wanted to get there at seven.




Hermione straightened out the non-existent creases in her dress and sighed. She really did want to see Harry again but she didn’t want to give the game away too quickly. She hadn’t planned on telling anyone that she was really Hermione Granger so far and today wasn’t going to change that. She would only tell them the truth if they were an inch away from knowing.

A pair of strong arms curled around her waist and she looked up, to see the reflection of her husband’s eyes in the mirror before her. She smiled as he kissed her cheek gently.

“What’s up Mi?”

“Just worried”, he looked at her intently and she sighed “I'm worried I’ll screw up and they’ll know who I am straight away. Did you put the photos of Hogwarts away?”

“All but one”

“Which was...”

“You and Ginny after the battle”

“Perfect” Hermione said in happiness before turning on her heel so she was face to face with Draco. He kissed her gently and then let go.

“We better go make sure that Quinn and Astrum are ready, you should have seen her face when I said she could wear her brand new Gucci dress, she was nearly in tears” Hermione laughed as the couple walked out of the room to check on their children. They were at the bottom of the stairs when the doorbell rang.

“Damn it, they’re already here. Act nice Draco”

“Don’t I always darling” he said in a sickly sweet voice and Hermione snorted before getting the door. She opened it to reveal a small family in smart dress robes and smiles on their faces. Harry’s mouth fell open when he saw her.

“Hello, welcome to Malfoy Manor” she said in a polite manner that she had told Draco and the girl’s to use whilst guests were here.

“Hello Mrs Malfoy, can we come in?” Ginny said, slightly awkwardly and Hermione laughed.

“Of course, but there is no need to call me Mrs Malfoy, I told you to call me Hermione” she said before turning to Harry “You too Mr Potter, please, call me Hermione”

“Only if you call me Harry” he said slowly, trying to take in Hermione’s features. That was until Dora ran through the door and grinned at Hermione.

“Hello, I’m Nymphadora Potter, you can call me Dora” she said, trying to fit in with the crowd. Hermione smiled back at Dora before pointing her off in the direction of the playroom.

“Hello Dora, my children Astrum and Quinn are in the playroom down there, would you like to join them while me and my husband talk to your parents?”

“Yes please” she said sweetly before waving goodbye to her parents and skipping down the large entrance hall towards the playroom. Hermione smiled at Ginny and Harry again before guiding them into the living room where Draco was stood, tying the bow of Astrum’s dress once again. He looked up when he heard people enter the room.

“Oh hello, sorry, you know what toddlers are like” he joked before kissing Astrum’s cheek and telling her to hurry along so she could play with Quinn and Dora. She obeyed and went skipping out of the room to find her sister.

Draco stood up and walked over to where Hermione was stood with the Potter’s. He held out his hand which Harry shook graciously whilst saying; “It’s nice to finally meet you formally Mr Potter”

Harry was shocked by Draco’s tone of voice and actions, he wasn’t sneering, nor was he smirking in any way possible. His new wife must be a good influence on him. Harry smiled at Draco weakly before turning to Hermione and shaking her hand.

“It’s nice to find someone who has changed Draco Malfoy” he teased and Hermione giggled before holding Draco’s hand tightly and leading him to the sofa.

“Why thank you Harry, please have a seat” she directed to the couple. The Potter’s sat down opposite the Malfoy’s and it was silent for a while, that was until...

“Thank you for giving Ginny this job” Harry directed to Draco who nodded curtly and turned to Hermione.

“You should be thanking Hermione here; she was the one who was begging me to take Ginny on”

Hermione blushed just as the door flew open, revealing Quinn, Astrum and Dora riding toy hobby horses, these ones had horns however and were more like unicorns. Dora rode over to her parents and grinned at them.

“Look mummy, look at this. It’s called Petal”

“That’s a beautiful name Dora”

“I know, Astrum’s is called sparkle and Quinn’s is called Moony” she said in such pleasure that she didn’t hear her father gasp at the name of the last horse. Moony, was this just a coincidence or was there actually something happening here. Astrum rode over to her parents next and sat on Draco’s lap.

“Daddy, can Dora come to play more often, she knows lots of good games”

“Perhaps she can come over on your sister’s birthday; she’ll be having her friends around”

Astrum’s face lit up and she jumped off her dad’s lap before smiling at her mother.

“Can she really mummy?”

“Of course sweetie, if it’s okay with Mr and Mrs Potter any way” she nodded at Harry and Ginny and Astrum smiled at them cutely.

“Please can Dora come over on Sunday for Evangeline’s birthday, otherwise me and Quinn will be lonely”

“I don’t see why not petal” Ginny cooed and Astrum squealed before riding her unicorn out of the room to play with Quinn and Dora some more. Dora kissed her mother’s cheek before following her.

“What time shall we bring her over?”

“We can bring her back from the station if she wants” Hermione said and Ginny nodded.

“Okay, sounds good”

“Mrs Malfoy, Twinkie says dinner is ready to be eaten” came a small but confident voice from the doorway, Hermione nodded at the little house elf before striding over and pushing a small galleon into its left hand.

“Thank you Twinkie, here is your tip, spend it wisely” and with that the elf nodded before apparating away with a small pop. Hermione turned back to Ginny and Harry and chuckled at their gaping mouth’s “What? You didn’t think the wife of Draco Malfoy would pay their house elves?”

“Well... not exactly, no” Harry managed to blurt out and Hermione laughed again before leading the pair through to the large dining room.

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