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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 31 : Fight!
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 Chapter Thirty One

“James you wanna take it easy” said Rose her eyes as wide as an owl as James downed his third pint in twenty minutes “You’re gonna get liver poisoning or something”

“Can’t a guy celebrate” James shot back at his cousin with a slurred voice “Besides, it’s three days until Christmas guys the party season is on”

“There’s party season and then there’s liver failure bro” said Lily “And the way you’ve been putting it down your heading towards the latter”

“Oh will you lot lighten up” snapped James “I’m just trying to have some fun; believe it or not I don’t actually get to do this often”

“You don’t get to go out often?” said Al incredulously “I can’t remember the last time I didn’t see your drunken antics washed over the papers”

“I meant get to hang out with you guys” said James bitterly. Hugo scoffed and rolled his eyes whilst Lily hid a giggle “Seriously, when was the last time all of us hung out together? All the cousins”

“James, you do realize there’s about half of us missing” said Lily “Fred, Louis, Vic, Teddy, Dom, Roxy, Molly Lucy… those names ring a bell?”

“Course they do” said James louder than probably intended. Some of the locals had begun to give him and us weird looks “But I’m seeing all of them in a few days when we all gather for another joyous Christmas day at the grandparents. Can’t bloody wait” he finished sarcastically

“James they’re your family you should be pleased to see them” said Al “I know for a fact Louis and Freddie can’t wait to see you”

“The gay and the mindless dolt” said James downing a shot of whisky “Excuse me if I’m not leaping about with joy at that prospect. No doubt Dom will be bringing her boyfriend for the week, and I could do without hearing Roxy bang on about hair products and makeup”

“James, you’re just being downright nasty now” said Hugo sounding very angry “They are your family for god sake and when you wind up being a washed up player who looks 90 when they’re 30 they’ll be the only ones there for you”

“Oh pipe down tubs” said James “I love them all you know I do but I can’t help it if they’re fucking dull. Even Teddy’s gone downhill since he shacked up with Vic and had that kid”

“In other words since he settled down and made a nice life for himself” said Rose sounding as angry as Hugo “More than you’ll ever do; you may have the looks, the money and the talent now but it won’t last forever”

“Especially if you keep drinking as much as you do” said Lily “You’ve got four or five years if you carry on like this I reckon”

“Oh like I need advice from you losers” said James now sounding angry himself “Why would I want advice from the geek, the self-obsessed slut, the too cool for everything kid and miss up herself” he said pointing at Al, Lily, Hugo and Rose in that order. I was relieved he’d left me out, though that didn’t last too long

“Then there’s the silent fucking terror over there” said James pointing at me. I felt my cheeks go red “How have we ended up with you for Christmas again? Have you not go your own family to go to? Or is daddy having an off day again?”

I couldn’t help it; he said the only thing that would ever make me punch someone and I flawed him right there in the centre of the pub in front of half the village. Everyone looked shocked but none more so than James who picked himself up and simply went to the bar to order another drink however the landlord threw us out

“I had no idea you had something like that in you” Hugo chuckled as we began walking back up to the house “A bloody lip from you should shut him up for a bit, that will have severely damaged his ego”. I kept as far away from James as I could worried he’d take a revenge shot however with the fact that Al and Hugo made it so they were on either side of me told me James wouldn’t be getting his revenge shot any time soon. I was glad no one had asked why what James had said made me hit him but I did notice Lily looking absolutely disgusted with her brother.

“I’m sorry” I said “I’ve ruined everything haven’t I?”

“Ruined it” exclaimed Hugo “Mate when I said this was going to be the best Christmas ever it was just a figure of speech, but now you’ve flawed James in one punch I’m sure it will be”

“We should really got some ice on your hand when we get in Ollie” said Rose “I think you might have fractured it, looks really sore was one hell of a punch though”

“Harry and Ginny are going to kill me” I said “I just punched golden boy!”

“Harry and Ginny are not going to kill you trust me” said Hugo “Ginny will find it funny if anything and Harry will probably say James deserved it when he finds out why”

“Hang on, Ollie why DID you hit him?” asked Rose “I know he was being a bit of a prat but he must’ve said something really bad for you to just hit him like that”

“He said something about your dad didn’t he?” asked Al

I gulped. I knew the day would come when I had to tell them all about my dad and it seemed as if the time had arrived. I looked behind me to see Lily and James were quite a way behind, Lily seemed as though she was talking James out if punching the living crap out of me. I turned to face Al, Hugo and Rose and began to explain all about my father’s illness. By the end of it, Rose was nearly in tears, Al was silent in disbelief and Hugo just stepped forward and embraced me in the biggest hug ever

“Why didn’t you tell me you stupid little idiot” he said “This makes a lot of sense now I think about it, mate why didn’t you tell me I could’ve helped you”

“I didn’t want to burden you” I said trying my best not to cry. This wasn’t exactly the way I’d wanted to start the Christmas holidays “I didn’t even want to tell Lily she just found out by other means, those means being randomly turning up at my house one day”

“I can’t believe James would say that to you if he knew” said Al “I know he’s a bully at times but that was just plain cruel. What the hell is your problem” he shouted as James and Lily approached us and we began walking up the driveway of Hugo and Rose’s house

“James, what you said about Ollie’s dad was so cruel” said Rose “I can’t believe even you would use something like that when you’re insulting someone. You’ve gone way over the line tonight”

“What’s Ollie ever done to you shithead” said Hugo with hate in his voice “He’s the nicest person I’ve ever met, yet you treat him like that. You’re sick”

“Hang on Ollie, have you told them” asked Lily sounding very surprised. I nodded, she let go of James’s arms and pulled me into a hug which I returned. I looked at James who, for once in his life, looked very ashamed of himself and I ignored the fireworks in my stomach as Lily kissed me on the cheek

“Guys, can you leave Ollie and I to talk” said James

“No way you’ll probably kill him” exclaimed Hugo

“Hugo, its fine” I sighed “Go inside”

“No way, I’m not leaving you with him” said Hugo

“I promise I won’t lay a finger on him” said James, he looked honest which made me feel quite relieved and I eventually persuaded Hugo to go inside though he clearly was quite unhappy about it. I turned to James who looked as if he was going to puke

“Well thanks for that” I shot at him “You know James there is a reason I don’t tell people. I’m going to be asked if I’m ok every day for the next two weeks, so is Jack and he doesn’t even really understand what’s wrong with dad yet as it is. He doesn’t need this and neither do I”

“I know that” muttered James “I shouldn’t have said what I did, I went too far; I just get ahead of myself sometimes. I would have punched me as well if I was you; nice right hook by the way this is going to leave a wicked bruise”

“Whatever” I scoffed “James, you do realize that even now everything is still about you. All you said then was how you go too far and say things you don’t mean; you didn’t even say sorry to me. I guess you really are a self-obsessed moron. Hugo’s words”

“He really does hate me doesn’t he” said James “Oliver, I really am sorry about what I said, I didn’t mean to; I wish I was more like you to be honest”

“Why would you wanna be like me” I smirked “You’ve got it all; money, looks, talent, girls, abs. Your life is perfect”

“I mean I want to be like you in the way you always think of others before yourself” said James “What you do for Jack is amazing and he clearly worships the ground you walk on, I wish sometimes that Al and Lily looked at me that way”

“Well then don’t treat them like shit” I said “Listen to them every once in a while, take interest in things that they’re doing, be there for them, just be there big brother James. We all know you’re amazing at Quidditch but you need to realize it’s not the be all and end all”

“Yeah, I think I can do that” said James “I’m sick of people thinking I’m shallow and self-obsessed; I’m trying to change honestly I am, I read about myself in the papers and I don’t like the person I’ve become”

“You’re not a bad person James” I said “You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t boast, at least you have the talent to back it up, but you do need to consider the fact that what you say affects people. I’m going to have to explain to Jack that everyone knows about dad now, that’s down to you”

“And I am sorry honestly” said James “Oliver, Hugo’s right you really are the nicest person I’ve ever met. Friends?” he asked holding his hand out. I shook it, he put an arm around my shoulder and we went inside.

Hermione and Ginny had waited up and had been informed of what had happened by the others; after assuring them that we were ok James and I headed up to Hugo’s room where we were all sleeping. I looked to James as I fell asleep; there was definitely a lot more to that boy than meets the eye. He does have a heart somewhere

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