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Inside Your Heart by ClearAsCrystalrEyes
Chapter 4 : In Time
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Chapter Four: In Time


It was dark when Krum and I Apparated near the Burrow. Even though the war had ended, there were still spells in place to protect the Weasley's house and themselves. I tried to reassure Viktor that he didn't need to walk me to the front door, but he insisted on doing so. Eventually I gave up persuading him, rolling my eyes as we linked arms and made our way along the worn pathway. He kept me laughing during the short walk and I was grateful for the night to keep my mind off Ron and Harry.

We were about to say our goodbyes when the door slammed open.

"There you are Hermione!" Fred, or at least I thought it was Fred, exclaimed.

"We were starting to worry about you." George, or was it Fred, appeared next to his twin.

I quickly introduced Viktor, knowing that I wouldn't be able to do so when the twins were apart. I also didn't know when I'd have another opportunity to spare their feelings if I did get them mixed up. "Erhm, Viktor this is Fred and George. I'm sure you came across them during the TriWizard Tournament."

Viktor offered his hand and gave the twins firm handshakes. "Not hard to forget those who made an aging potion to place their names in the Cup." He said, acknowledging both the twins with a bemused smile at the memory.

"Ah, yes, well there were a few small calculations we didn't properly analyze." Fred, or maybe it was George told him.

"Well, I hate to end your night here, but mum is-"

"Having a fit of worry over you, Hermione." The other Weasley twin finished his brother's sentence.

I turned to Viktor. "It was great to see you after all this time. I'll see you around."

"Of course." Viktor told me, lifting my hand and giving it a soft kiss before turning his back and walking to beyond the boundaries so he could Apparate. I gave a small smile.


"Earth to 'Mione!"

Two hands waved in front of my face, trying to gain my attention. I turned around to face the twins and flashed them a smile before walking past them into the warm house. It was nice to meet up from someone who I hadn't seen in a couple of years.

"Hermione! Where have you been?" Mrs. Weasley's voice boomed.

I couldn't help but flinch a bit at her voice and the underlying tone of how worried she truly was. I turned to face her. She had both hands on her hips and she was giving me look that demanded an explanation.

"Sorry Mrs. Weasley, but I ran into an old friend of mine and we lost track of time trying to catch up on the last couple of years."

Mrs. Weasley's face softened and I let out a sigh of relief. Behind me, I heard both the twins laugh.

"Well, as long as you're all right I see no harm in forgetting to give me a little notice." She told me and walked back into the living room.

Everyone was a little more protective of me since Harry and Ron left. I knew they were worried that I would try and follow behind or that I would completely shut myself off from everyone.

A hand on each my shoulder brought my attention back to the present.

"All right 'Mione?" one of the twins asked.

"I really need to learn the two of you apart." I told them.

They both laughed.

"In time you will, but until then-"

"Fred." The Weasley twin on my left informed me.

"Which leaves me to be George." The red-headed twin on my right told me.

They both held mischievous grins on their faces, but at this time, it was greatly welcomed.

"You may just find your way into this group of ours." George laughed.

"I may just be looking forward to that." I smiled, taking off my jacket and following Fred and George upstairs. Not knowing what to expect, I kept an opened mind.

I may have lost Ron and Harry just a couple of days ago, but Fred and George were offering their company to me. An offer I was not likely to refuse.

A/N: Hey guys! I sort of just found this story again and thought I'd update. In fact, I kind of forgot about this website for awhile until just recently.

I know this chapter was a bit short, but I just wanted to get my point across that Fred and George now feel this sort of responsibilty towards Hermione.

Kathleen xx

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Inside Your Heart: In Time


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