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Life of the Pure by Breanna_La_Sorciere
Chapter 5 : Burning Flames
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Thank you for all of your reviews, they are so sweet! Once again, please excuse any mistakes I make, I'm not a perfect writer. ;)

If you haven't figured it out as of yet, I haven't included much school work, that will happen as of next chapter. Got to go to school to get a good magical education, y'know? :p 

Also, (yes, I'm still blabbering...) This was my favourite chapter to write so far, just to let you know, I think it's a different side of Hermione, that she could possibly have originally. Which made it so fun to write, I was creating a different side of her and I thought it was great. I hope you love it as well. 


Hermione stared in awe. Her mouth slightly parted, eyes shining brightly. He really knows how to make a girl feel special. She took in her surroundings, the red and black checker picnic rug was spread out, sitting on top was the picnic basket from moments before, only unravelled and revealing its content. Two plates, coloured in green and gold sat opposite, a pair of roses, one red and one white, sat beside each plate. Sitting beside that, was a large serving plate, filled with various fruits, including Hermione’s favourite, chocolate covered strawberries! There were all sorts of sweets from Honeydukes. Sitting beside the endless, mouth-watering treats, sat a plate containing a few sandwiches from the Hogwarts kitchens, and finally, near that, sat two small glasses, a large jug of pumpkin juice at its side. Draco stood beside her, smiling at her expression.

“This is- It’s so, wonderful. Thank you.” Hermione whispered, causing Draco’s smile to widen. He took her hand gently, leading her towards the beautiful picnic. Sitting down at last, Draco held out the plate of sandwiches, “Would you like one?” He asked, smiling at her. Why are you so alluring Malfoy? Hermione wondered, leaning over towards him, reaching for one. As she did, Draco snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her to him causing him to fall backwards. Draco smirked, making Hermione blush a bright pink. “I really don’t know Granger, but if you would like to be on top darling, all you had to do was ask.” Draco said, sending Hermione a wink. Her blush brightened – if it was even possible and she poked her tongue at him. She changed the subject quickly, “Thank you for the flowers as well. They’re stunning.” Hermione said.  “It’s nothing.” He replied, shrugging his shoulders. Hermione laughed, and took a strawberry, biting it delicately. That’s hot. Draco thought, watching her. Hermione heard, looking up at him and sent him a wink back.

Time went extremely fast, according to Hermione. Who was now having a flirtatious and friendly argument with Draco about who should eat the last chocolate covered strawberry; she held it near her mouth, her eyes on him whilst she took a small bite. She then held it out to him, waiting for him to take it.  Instead, he leaned in close, watching her with a smirk on his face, as he took a bite. Hermione gasped in disbelief. The one and only Draco Malfoy, is eating a strawberry from the palm of my hand, but god, does he look attractive or what? Hermione thought as he finished and she placed the remaining leaf onto the tray. As she leaned back to do so, Draco came closer, so she was leaning back on her elbows, he was beside her, one arm on her side and the other to keep himself balanced. Hermione felt her whole body tingle, and she got goose-bumps all over. “If you wanted to be on top darling, all you had to do was ask.” Hermione said repeating his words from earlier and giving Draco a flirtatious look as he caressed her waist with his fingers. Draco grinned, bringing his face close to Hermione’s, his lips just centimetres from hers. She watched his eyes as they flicked down to her lips. Her heart stopped, but she wasn’t going to kiss him, she knew that. He was going to have to work for it. She pushed him over, so she was leaning on him, a famous Malfoy smirk appearing on her lips. “You evil little witch!” Draco said, copying her move and pushing her over so he was now over her. “If you want it rough darling, all you had to do is say.” Hermione whispered into his ear, pushing him over again. “You’ve got no idea what you’re getting yourself into.” Draco said, pushing her over once again. Hermione giggled aloud at his words. Her hair was now messier, and full of grass, as was Draco’s. “I’ve got a small idea.” She replied, smiling at him before pushing him over. “You’re crazy.” He said, holding his hands on the sides of her waist, watching as her eyes turned bright, and almost as if they had feelings of their own, wild. She gripped her hand on the back of his head, playing with his blonde locks. “Shut up.” She growled in a flirty tone. Draco smirked at her, meeting her eyes. She pulled him close, their noses slightly touching. “You make me crazy, did you know that?” Hermione whispered, meeting his eyes for a second to see them flicker. She then stood and walked away, giving him a wink as she made her way back to the castle. Draco groaned before lying back in defeat. You’ll be the death of me, Hermione. He thought, sitting back up and pulling out his wand, making the sight before him disappear. Only memories to prove the morning even happened.  Careful what you think Malfoy. Hermione’s voice said seductively in his head. He smirked before standing up and leaving.

Hermione made her way to the library, looking as if she’d just be snogged, even though she hadn’t. As she entered, she tried to fix her hair, failing miserably. She went to the restricted section, continuing to attempt fixing her hair as she made her way around, trying to find two very important books. One on DNA and the other on Veela bonds, she stopped suddenly when she heard a loud laugh from behind her. She turned, to find the face of Blaise. “You look, like you’ve just gotten away from a very intense snogging session.” He said, laughing at her. “That’s not true! I didn’t even kiss him!” She replied, smiling weakly. “Looks like you did, a lot.” Blaise replied, with a book in hand. “No, we just mucked around heaps and before we could, I got up and left. He has to work harder than that if he wants to touch these lips.” Hermione replied, laughing. Blaise smirked, “You know, he’s not going to give up now.” He replied. Hermione smiled, “I never said I wanted him to.” Blaise just laughed, opening the book in front of himself and Hermione. “I finally found it, with some help of course.” He said, and Hermione nodded waiting for him to continue. “Well as it says, we need someone else to cast the spell, probably Draco. And if we both glow then we’re related. Not like we need a spell anyway, we know we’re related, or think we are at least, we just need to confirm it, right?” Blaise said, looking at Hermione. She nodded, “All right, let’s go find the Veela freak.”

They walked along the corridors slowly, until finally they saw the Veela freak himself sitting quietly, focusing on something, as he didn’t notice Hermione and Blaise go up to him. Hermione stood in front of him, and placed her hand softly against his cheek, before winking. He smirked, grabbing her waist tightly, causing her to gasp. She got him back easily by digging her nails into his back, as he pulled her into a hug. Hi there handsome. She thought to him, he smiled and squeezed her tighter. Hello. He thought back. “Alright, alright… Break it up weirdos, you’re out in public, remember? People will start saying things...” Blaise said, pushing the two apart. “You’re no fun Zabini, Hermione and I have some rather interesting things to do after this.” Draco replied and Hermione raised her eyebrows at him. “We do?” She asked. His reply was a wink that made her blush slightly. Blaise interrupted them with a cough. “Ok, so Draco, get out your wand, we’ve got a spell for you to cast.” Blaise said, giving his mate a certain ‘don’t mess with my sister’ look before standing beside Hermione. Draco looked at the book, finding the spell and raising his wand at the pair. “Familiar Lux.” He whispered with his eyes on Hermione the entire time. In a split second, a white glow with sprinkling lights surrounded the pair; little light drops erupted and sent out small fireworks around them. Hermione smiled with relief. It was true! She was Hermione-Alaire! She hugged Blaise tightly, who returned the tight hug. “This is fantastic, I must call mother. She will be overjoyed.” He said, leaving the pair behind. Hermione looked at Draco with a wide smile. I’m a pureblood! She thought. He laughed aloud, before pulling her close. I know. He thought back. She paused for a moment, “Wait, what?” She said, looking at him. “I knew you were a pureblood before you set foot in this school Hermione.” He said, looking as if it wasn’t a big deal. “And you never said a thing?!” She said, pulling away from him. “You taunted me for years, calling me a mudblood and you knew the entire time it wasn’t true?!” She was yelling now, her eyes hard and cold. Yes perhaps she had over-reacted a little bit, but wouldn’t anyone? “I couldn’t tell you, I was sworn to secrecy.” He said, looking away from her glaring eyes. “Secrecy by whom, Malfoy?” She asked with her eyes shooting daggers. “By my father.” He replied. “Your- Your father?” She choked out, “Are you insane? Blaise’s mother has been in limbo for years because of you and your ridiculous father! Blaise’s father died looking for me and you knew! You are the worst, most insensitive, outrageously idiotic male I’ve ever had the unfortunate event of meeting!” Hermione yelled, with tears streaming down her cheeks. She didn’t mean anything she said, she was just upset over everything else. Her mind was distracted and she only thought if she took it out on him, it would disappear. She stormed off, looking him directly in the eyes before turning a corner.

Hermione finally opened her eyes, and felt more relaxed. She smiled at the lake near her, how perfect the morning had been with Draco, how she had acted so different from when she was around Harry and Ron. She was always the one to be helping and researching. She was quiet and had an attitude, but this morning was different for her, she was smiling constantly, teasing Draco with an unknown attitude she didn’t know she had. She was having fun until it turned insane just a few hours after. When she had taken off, she came here, and drifted off to a dreamless sleep. Her thoughts were interrupted by Draco’s. It was either lie and save you, or tell the truth and watch Voldemort torture and kill you before my very eyes. Everything I do Hermione; I do to protect you. I’m sorry. His voice clouded her mind, and she sighed sadly, it was wrong of her to go off at him, especially after his says something like that. She groaned and punched the ground with her fist in frustration. She stood, and ran towards the castle, her hair blowing behind her in a messy ponytail, in order to find him.

Draco sat in the Room of Requirement, a single tear slid down his cheek; his face clearly showed he had been crying. I’m a Malfoy, Malfoy’s don’t cry. He thought to himself, shaking his head and roughly wiping away the tears. His face was still stained and red, he sighed deeply. He regretted saying it; he should’ve waited for a different time, a time where she could have understood without blowing up about it. He should have waited for Lucius to tell her, he didn’t know. Anything would’ve been better than what had happened. But he had to do it, he had to lie to Blaise and his family, and he stood in front of the Dark Lord himself, and lied to him, despite the endless torture. He risked everything he had for a single girl who hated him by now. Another tear fell. He turned over on the large couch, facing the fireplace that sat across from him, his eyes boring into it. His hand lay over the couch, dangling. He closed his eyes, waiting for sleep to overcome him and it finally did.

Hermione stood, facing a door. She glanced down at her watch, it was already half eight. She sighed and turned the handle slowly, pushing open the door to find the man she was looking for, curled up asleep on the large, black leather couch, his face showed signs of dried up tears. She walked over to him, her heart sinking with each step. I’m so sorry. She thought, sitting beside him. She moved closer, lying in front of him and placing his hand around her. He moved back, pulling her to him and placing both arms tightly around her waist. She laughed softly, before turning around so she could face him. When she did, she sighed softly whilst watching his face while he slept. “You’re so beautiful.” She whispered into the air. She focused on his features, paying attention to detail. Her eyes flickered to his lips, and she reached up to him, gently brushing hers over his. She pulled back, to see him awake and a small smile on his face. He pulled her close, kissing her gently again. She returned the magical kiss, a tear dropping from her right eye and Draco pulled away. He wiped the tear away and looked at her. “Why are you crying?” He asked, placing a soft kiss on her forehead. “Because you’re so wonderful.” She whispered with a shaky breath. He smiled, and leaned his forehead against hers. She grabbed one of Draco hands and entwined their fingers together before closing her eyes. “Thank you, for everything you’ve ever done for me, for protecting me, for showing me happiness, for this morning, for challenging me over all these years and helping me find myself throughout it all.” She whispered, squeezing his hand with her own. He sighed happily, “You’ve really been the one protecting me, and showing me what it’s like to really care for someone, to love someone even. You have made me push myself to the edge of the Earth to try and beat you at something. The moment I found out you were my mate, yet I think deep down I’ve known forever, I didn’t think it would really work. But I couldn’t be happier at the idea. No one has ever been like you, no one could push me off my limits like you can, you change my mood with a simple look, and you can make me go weak at the knees with a smile. I get so nervous around you, I feel like someday you’ll wake up, realise who I am, and run the other way. Sometimes it scares me, so much it hurts.” He replied, causing Hermione to sniffle. “I’m not going anywhere.” She replied and reached up to him, holding her hand against his cheek.

She smiled at him, a smile that he returned. She brought her hand to the back of his head, and pulled him closer, so she could easily reach his lips. He returned the gesture and put more force into the kiss, making his mind go blank as she eagerly kissed back just as rough. He pulled Hermione closer, and Hermione pushed him over, her lips never leaving his. He laughed aloud, and pulled away from her. “If you wanted to be on top darling, all you had to do was say so.” He whispered, the famous smirk appearing on his face again. She replied by sitting up, her legs on either side of his hips, pulling him with her so he was now leaning back into the couch with her in his lap. He pushed her backwards, lying her down and leaning over her, his lips devouring hers. She broke away with a smirk, “If you wanted to be on top darling, all you had to do was say so.” She said, laughing. He laughed along with her, bringing his lips back to hers. He bit down on Hermione’s lips, causing her to shiver as the pain shot through her body, her tongue stoked his bottom lip, asking for entry and he obliged. Their tongues were dancing in perfect harmony. The fire was still burning across from them. Only when they had fallen asleep in each other’s arms after teasing, some more kissing and small whispers through the air had the fire finally burned out. 

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