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Revenge by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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 A/N: Welcome to my new story Revenge! This is the scene setter, introductory chapter. Enjoy!


[boo l-ee]  


a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.




a person who suffers from a destructive or injurious action or agency


There is a big difference between these two words, yet they seem to be in the same sentences all the time. The bully and the victim, the stronger and the weaker, the popular and the loser.

I was a victim, a weak one or a loser.

I grew up in Washington DC as a child as my father worked for the United States Ministry of Magic, he was quite high up in the Department of International Magical Cooperation.

I loved Washington. My life there was simple, care free. My family which consisted of my father Liam, mother Mary, much older brother Zachary or preferred as Zach and younger sister Natalie. My parents had had Zach straight out of school as an accident and he was seven years older than me. Natalie, was two years younger than me and could be the devil in disguise.

Zach was accepted into Salem’s Magical Academy when he turned eleven, when I was four and Natalie was two. As soon as I had seen a small glimpse of the Magical world, I was hooked, I desperately wanted to go to Salem’s like my brother had.

Both my parents had grown up in France and had not attended Salem’s Academy but were beyond excited to see that Zach would be attending Salem’s.

When I turned ten, I was ecstatic about when my letter would arrive. I would check the owl post every day in hope that my letter would come.

One day, a letter came for my father from the London ministry.

They were offering him a job, a promotion as such, better pay and a better position. After a lot of consideration, we left America as I turned eleven.

Zach was now eighteen and had finished school at Salem’s, he was now a Curse-breaker for the famous bank in London, Gringotts but was hoping when he got higher in the industry to work in places like Egypt. My parents were very happy with his choice of job.

As soon as we arrived in London, I received my letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My young self still wanted to go to Salem’s, but after my parents told me stories of the ghosts and passages and Hogsmeade, I was happy to attend Hogwarts. In fact, I was over the moon.

That all died when I turned up.

* * * * *

September First, 2017.


The Hogwarts Express let out a loud toot and a cough of steam as it began to come to a halt at Hogsmeade station as I let out a shudder of nervousness.

Today, I had left the warmth of my family and boarded the Hogwarts express to my new life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My whole family, even Zach has taken time out of his ‘busy’ schedule had come to wish me good luck and good bye at platform nine and three quarters. The whole platform nine and three quarters was really new to us as Salem students had got to school by a bus that was magically expanded to make it look like a normal bus but on the inside it was really big according to Zach.

I had found a compartment in the back of the train and secured my trunk in the overhead holder before lying down on the seats and closing my eyes to nap – I hadn’t had much sleep last night due to my worrying about going to Hogwarts alone. If I had been going to Salem’s, my parents had introduced me to families in the area and I had become good friends with the local kids in my magical neighbourhood.

The hardest part of leaving Washington was leaving my best friend Nina behind.

Nina and I had met at the bus stop for the Salem’s when I was wandering through the crowd to look at the magnificent yellow school bus in Zach’s fifth year where she was bidding her older sister, Caitlin, good bye for her first year at Salem’s. I remembered Nina’s blonde hair in long curls rippling down her back and her ice blue eyes sparkling in curiosity at the bright yellow school bus resting gracefully on the road. Her pale white skin had almost glittered in the sun and was almost as tall as a freshman and I was automatically reminded of the spokes girl on the Madam Mason’s Children’s Wear, the best wizard and witches children clothes store in America.

“Hello, my name is Nina,” she said, holding out her hand confidently.

“Caroline,” I grinned taking her hand, “Are you going to Salem’s this year?”

“No, I am saying goodbye to my sister Caitlin who is starting this year,” Nina explained pointing to a curly, dark haired girl pocking her head out of the bus window, “What about you?”

“My brother Zach is starting his fifth year,” I answered pointing to my family down the other side of the bus stop.

“You have two siblings?” Nina asked.

“Yeah Zach who is almost sixteen and Natalie who is seven,” I explained, “When will you start at Salem’s?”

“Three years,” Nina sulked, “I don’t think I can wait that long.”

“Me too!” I shrieked, “I have wanted to go ever since Zach came back with all these stories of school in his first year!”

“That means we will be in the same year and everything!” Nina squealed, jumping up and down.

Then we were inseparable. I spent a lot of time at Nina’s or her at mine. We played with our dolls in a game we called ‘Us at Salem’s’, we dressed up in my brothers old robes and drew pictures. Nina was my best friend and she never judged me for who I was.

I clutched onto my letter from her in my pocket that she had written to my in her neat, fancy writing like it was my life line. I had read it so many times that I had it memorized.

It read,

Dear Liney,

I miss you so much! I can’t believe that you have actually left me in America by myself while you get to move to cool England!

I hope you have a great time at Hogwarts, I heard it’s a really good school with tons of secret passages, ghosts, a giant squid in its lake (ew) and there was this cool battle there nineteen years ago that affected the whole world – my dad told me a little about it and its terribly boring so I won’t bore you with it.

Tomorrow I head off to Salem’s one the big yellow school bus! I am so excited! Though I wish you were coming with me. I am going to be all alone with no friends to talk to! I hope I make some friends on the way there! I just thought I would tell you Liney, no matter how many friends I make at Salem’s, you will always be my best friend no matter what. Hopefully we can see each other soon – maybe I could visit you in England for Christmas!

Anyways, I have got to go now, I was meant to be asleep an hour ago but I stayed up to write this letter to you.

Enjoy Hogwarts and good luck, just be yourself and everyone will love you!

Missing you so much,

Nina xx’

On the train after my nap I had written a reply to Nina and quickly gave it to my owl, Bessie, to give to Nina.

It was pouring with rain as I stepped off the train, I could barely see two feet in front of myself. Taking a step forward I walked towards the voice yelling,

“Firs’ years! Firs’ years over here!”

The source of the voice was a huge man. He would have had to have been seven and a half feet and his face was covered in a man of wild hair and a beard.

“Firs’ year?” he asked me as I came up to him and I nodded, “Good, we’ll just wait for some more… AL! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

A group of giggling children around my age ran up to the giant man and one of them threw themselves around the man’s middle.

“Rosie! How are you doin’? How’s mum an’ dad?” the man asked.

“Mum and Dad are great Hagrid! They say hello and hope to see you soon!” ‘Rose’ grinned, her red hair in a wild mane around her face.

“Fantastic! We all here?” Hagrid asked the group of tiny freshman or ‘first years’ as Hagrid referred to us as, “Well this way!”

We walked onto a path as the rain continued to pour around us. When we reached the end of the path, I was already soaked to the skin.

“Four people per boat!” Hagrid said who had one to himself.

I quickly ran to a boat and hobbled in, the wood shaking under my feet and I held my hands out to steady myself before plonking down at the front.

“Can we join you?” a small girl with blond hair, full pink lips, bright blue eyes and a cute round face.

“Su – sure,” I stuttered out through my chattering teeth.

The three girls gracefully hopped onto the boat with the blonde haired girl sitting next to me and the other two sitting behind.

“Everyone in?” Hagrid asked, “Righ’, forward!”

The boats lurched forward and I gripped tightly onto  the sides hoping not to fall in as the boat swayed in the storm. I could feel water trickling down my back.

“This is Rhiannon Thomas,” blondy pointed to a girl with curly black hair, caramel skin and green eyes who smiled at me, “Liana Finnegan,” she pointed to the other girl who had mousy brown hair and brown eyes, “And I am Alice Longbottom.”

“Nice to meet you all, my name is Caroline Keggs,” I smiled giggling at her last name. Longbottom.

“What are you giggling at?” Alice asked, her face stern.

“Sorry, it’s just that your last name is funny!”

Alice, Liana and Rhiannon all took in a sharp breath.

Excuse me?” Alice asked.

“Your last name is funny!” I explained, “Long- bottom.”

“My last name is almost royalty in this place!” Alice screeched pointing towards the emerging image of Hogwarts.

The castle was beautiful, ancient with lights glowing from the instead. It was breath taking.

I snorted, “Royalty? What, is your daddy rich and on the school board? Please, it’s not like he’s a bloody war hero.”

“You bitch!” Alice shrieked, giving me a push in exactly the perfect time, when our boat was swaying down on my side.

I gave a squeal as I feel out of the boat and into the icy cold water. I spluttered to the surface with my clothes weighing me down. My hair had fallen out of its ponytail holder and I couldn’t see it. The boats were already fifteen metres away and I could see Alice’s smirking face glowing through the rain. I obviously hadn’t been heard through the storm overhead.

“Help!” I yelled, but was cut off my a wave slapping my face. I spluttered out more ice lake water the boats reached the shore fifty metres away.

Then I remembered art of Nina’s letter,

‘… a giant squid in the lake…

I began to kick and squirm trying to make my way to shore but my robe was weighing me down and making me move slower.

“HELP ME!” I spluttered through the waves, but no one seemed to hear me as the other freshman clambered onto shore and raced into the castle.

Oh no, what if I eaten by the squid?! Do giant squids eat humans?

I began to kick hard and faster trying to remember freestyle from my lessons when I was younger. My arms pulled at the water and my legs kicked harder and harder, I began to finally propel forward.

Suddenly, I felt a slick tentacle wrap around my middle.

I screamed loudly as it tightened on my waist and screwed my eyes shut in fear.

I was going to die at the hands of a giant squid. Bye mum, dad, Zach, Natalia, I’m so sorry if I was rude and annoying. I felt the squid move us and I braced myself for being yanked under the water. Bye Nina, you are the best friend ever! Alice, the girl I just met, I am so sorry –

Suddenly we stopped and I felt myself fly through the air and I felt my plonk onto the ground, sand to be precise.

I opened my eyes and found that I was comfortable and safely on the banks of the lake where all the boats were with the eyes of the giant squid watching my carefully. The squid was looking at me, his tentacles checking my limbs for anything hurt.

“No, I’m – er – fine,” I told him.

Could giant squid’s understand English?

“Thank you Mr Squid?” I said, questioning my formality.

Squid nodded and pointed towards the door where everyone else had disappeared into, pulling me up with two tentacles and then pushing me towards the door.

“I’m going, I’m going!” I stuttered through my chattering teeth, “Thank you Mr Squid! You saved my life!”

I took off running into the castle, stumbling over my cold limbs. In the massive entrance hall, there was no one inside, but off to my left I could hear someone talking and then chattering breaking out. The doors were closed but light was leaking out the gaps in the door.

I took a deep breath and pushed open the giant doors.

It opened up into a hall that had four long tables running vertically down and one at the very front of the room horizontal to the others. Students laced the four vertical tables and there was also – I recognised - the freshman in the middle of the room in a pack standing and waiting for something. The table at the front of the room had by the looks of it teachers seated at it, with one teacher in front of the freshman with a piece of parchment. It looked like a normal school assembly to my brother’s explanations but the difference was that everyone had turned around to face me. 

“Caroline Keggs?” the teacher at the front of the room asked.

“Ye – yes,” I stuttered out through my teeth and blushing beet red at the attention I was getting.

“What happened?” he asked, walking down the steps at the front and weaving through the freshman to me.

I stuttered forward, almost tripping over my feet again and pulling my arms around myself. I could see Alice’s face through the other freshman’s face staring me down – it was scary/

“I fell in the lake,” I mumbled.

“Oh dear!” he said, as he reached me, “How did you get back?”

“The – er – giant squid took me to safety as no one could hear me in the storm,” I said.

Chatter broke out, people whispering about what I had said.

“The giant squid helped her?”

“Pulled her to safety?”


“You must be cold,” the teacher said, pulling out his wand and tapping it on my head making all my clothes dry and warmth enter my body, “How’s that?”

“Better thank you,” I smiled weakly, I could still feel half the lake in my shoes.

“Well come on!” he said, “We are up to you in the house sorting!”

“Oh, wonderful,” I muttered as he dragged me forward through the freshman to a stool with an ugly, old hat.

“Take two!” the man said and the school laughed, “Keggs, Caroline!”

I walked up the steps to the stool, picked up the hat and sat on the stool. Then very cautiously I placed the hat on my head.

“An American!” a voice exploded in my head and I felt myself jump in my chair, my eyes going wide, “I am the sorting hat, I will place you in a house of Hogwarts, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Which one should I put you in? Hmmm. Not overly smart, just average, shy, friendly hmm…”

I twiddled my thumbs and bit on my lower lip. Which is the best house?

“I know! Perfect! HUFFLEPUFF!” The hat yelled the last word to the whole hall. The middle right table began to cheer loudly so I took off the hat and ran towards that table. Before I realised, the lake water in my shoes decided to make a reappearance and spill out of my shoes onto the cold stone floor and I slipped over landing on my backside in front of the whole school. Everyone began to laugh and point at my figure on the ground and I felt tears brim in my eyes.

“Lancaster, Florence!” the teacher who helped me, yelled to the school silencing them and watching another freshman be sorted.

I gathered myself up of the floor and quickly walked to the table which I presumed was the ‘Hufflepuff’ table just as Florence Lancaster became a ‘Ravenclaw’.

I slid into a seat next to another Hufflepuff freshman as another name was called,

“Longbottom, Alice!”

Alice Longbottom skipped up to the stool and placed that hat on head and after a seconds consideration that hat yelled, “GRYFFINDOR!”

Alice grinned and put the hat gracefully on the chair before grinning at the teacher and rushing to the table next to mine where Liana was waiting.

“Malfoy, Scorpius!”

The crowd went silent as a boy with white blond hair made his way up to the stool and placed the hat on his head.


The boy let out a quick breath and ran to the table on the other side of mine.

I zoned out for a while and a few more Hufflepuff’s joined me at the table. Everything was ‘normal’ until a name was yelled and everyone began to whisper.


“Harry Potter’s second son?”

“He looks exactly like Harry! Just without the scar!”

“Any bets he’ll be a Gryffindor like the rest of the Wotter’s.”

I zoned back in a looked at the person climbing the steps to the hat.

The boy everyone was talking about was one of the kids who had run up to greet the giant. He had messy inky black hair, circular wire glasses, freckles across his nose and from here I could see that his eyes were a shocking emerald green.

He sat on the stool and the hat was placed on his head, with everyone watching. Some people in the back row were standing on their chairs.

Everything was silent while the hat talked to him, his eyes watching all of us with a smirk on his face. He seemed confident to be here, just like Alice.


The room went silent and everyone stared at the boy who was still on the stool. Everyone including the boy was shocked. The ‘Slytherin’ table began to clap and cheer nervously but then got louder as the boy got up and raced towards the table.

Whispers broke out again.

“A Potter in Slytherin?”

“But You-Know-Who was in Slytherin and Harry Potter defeated him!”

“Who would have thought a Potter in Slytherin?”

Then a voice broke out,


Over on the table which I had figured out was the ‘Gryffindor’ table, a boy with messy black hair like the boy who had just been sorted had stood up along with two read heads.

“Mr Potter sit down!” the teacher at the front said.

This boy must be his brother, good job Caroline, you’ve put two and two together!


“Mr Potter!”


“JAMES! SIT DOWN BEFORE I GIVE YOU A DETENTION!” a teacher with grey hair shrieked.

“Sure thing Headmistress,” ‘James’ said before sitting down with the other two red heads.

“Roland, Sebastian!” the male teacher yelled, continuing with the sorting.

I wonder what was up with everyone shocked with that boy being in Slytherin. Hmm weird. Maybe it has to do with the ‘royalty’ stuff Alice was talking about. Alice did look pretty shocked to see ‘Al’ over on the Slytherin table.

“Scamander, Lorcan!”

The hat was placed on his brown head and it yelled,


The boy raced off to the table at the other end of the hall.

“Scamander, Lysander!”

Twins, this will be interesting. I wonder if the get sorted into the same house. They are identical in looks, both with brown hair, average skin colour and a lean build.


I guess not.

“Thomas, Rhiannon!”

Rhiannon ran up and jammed the hat on her head.


I zoned out again but when it came down to the final two, two red heads that were whispering nervously and seemed to know each other.


The boy swaggered forward with a sly grin on his face. He had strawberry blonde hair, kind of, it was a mix of silvery blonde, red and gold. He must be part Veela I thought, all Veela have silvery blond hair and are very pretty, this boy is.

Everyone had stopped talking again to watch this boy, I was guessing that he was ‘royal’ as well.


The Gryffindor table roared and I could see James and the two red heads slamming their goblets to the table. They must know him…

“Weasley, Rosalie!”

Another Weasley! They must be cousins because the only thing that was alike to the both of them was the red in their hair, but Rosalie’s was full on red. She was the girl who had hugged the giant. She was quite tanned with freckles grinned as the hat got put on her head and after a split second yelled,


Rosalie ran to the table and high fived Louis, James and the other two red heads.

* * * * *

The rest of assembly went fast pretty quick. Professor McGonagall, who was the Headmistress at Hogwarts had spoken to us both before and after dinner about rules. We weren’t allowed in the Forbidden Forest (who would have guessed? The name does say its forbidden) and everything from ‘Weasley Wizard Wheeze’ was banned. Dinner was amazing, I had stuffed myself silly. Then, we had been led by our ‘prefects’ to our Common Room. Hufflepuff’s Common Room was on the level down from the Great Hall and the Entrance was behind a pile of barrels and you had to tap the rhythm of ‘Helga Hufflepuff’ with your wand on the second from the bottom.

Inside was cosy. The circular room had a very earthy hum to it and there was sunlight pouring through the windows even though it was late at night, out the windows I could see dandelions and rippling grass. The roof was low and various types of plants lined the walls, some even greeted as hello as we entered. Couches and armchairs were around the place and a couple of tables too. There was a fire place and some books lined the walls.

We took another door and another door to find myself in my dormitory. There were five four poster beds in the room with yellow and black sheets. It felt homely and as soon as I was in the sheets, I was asleep.

* * * * *

When I woke up the next morning, my dormitory was empty. I quickly got changed into my school uniform that was at the bottom of my bed except exchanging my Hogwarts black tie for my Hufflepuff yellow and black tie. Grabbing my book bag, I raced out the door. I had no idea where to go so I followed some of the seniors or ‘seventh years’ down to the Great Hall. When I got there I saw a group of Hufflepuff freshman and sat down with them, all of us were sitting together. I said a quiet ‘hello’ and listened into their conversation as I served up a hot breakfast.

I learned that the others names were Mia, Jaime, Hailey, Emma, Lucas, Max and Aaron. Mia and Aaron were Muggle-born whereas Jaime, Hailey and Max were pure bloods and Emma and Lucas were half blood. Soon I also met our Head of House Professor Macmillan who also taught charms which we had first today and gave us our timetables. He was very nice, he asked me how my family was settling into London from America and asked what I liked so far. I answered that I loved the city itself and the environment. He smiled and walked away.

I lied.

I hated England so far.

Where ever I walked in the school halls I could hear people whispering about me. I knew they were whispering about my grand entrance yesterday and close encounter with the Giant Squid. It was extremely annoying.

I walked a bit off the group when we went to our lessons or ate at the table, I just hovered in the shadows. I missed America a lot, especially Nina. If I had been at Salem’s, Nina and I would have been walking to class together giggling about how happy we were to finally be at Salem’s.

After dinner I decided to walk out to the lake and saw hello to the Giant Squid and thank him for helping me again. I plonked myself down a bit off the bank and closed my eyes. The sun was out today, no sign of storm from yesterday in the sky. I wriggled out of my robe and stuffed it in my bag, also rolling up my jumper and shirt sleeves. I thanked myself for not wearing tights today but for going with socks, it was too warm for thick tights.

Suddenly I heard a familiar voice in the distance,

“That’s her Al.”

Oh bugger.

Alice Longbottom had found me.

She came waltzing across the lawn with not just Liana and Rhiannon but four boys and another girl. I automatically recognised the girl as Rose Weasley, the last person to be sorted last night and Louis Weasley, the Veela Weasley. I could also make out that one boy behind the pack was one of the twins, Lorcan and Lysander that were split up and by the look of his gold-and-crimson tie, he was the Gryffindor boy. They were all Gryffindor’s actually, except for two.

Two boys at the front of the pack were not wearing gold-and-crimson ties, but actually silver-and-emerald ties. One boy had pale blonde hair and I immediately recognized him as Scorpius Malfoy, that hair was unforgettable, I would be able to point him out in a pack of one hundred people from his bloody hair colour. The other boy had inky black messy hair, emerald green eyes covered by circular wire glasses and freckles splattered across his nose.

Albus Potter, the boy who caused such mayhem at the sorting because he was sorted into Slytherin instead of Gryffindor like his brother James.

“You! Squid Girl!” Al yelled.

Really? Squid girl? Couldn’t they just use my name! Caroline isn’t that hard to say.

“Y- yeah?” I stuttered.

“Did you insult Alice’s dad?” he demanded.


“Did you insult her dad?!” he yelled pointing at a smirking Alice.

“No! I just thought that thinking yourself as royalty a school was pretty stupid because of your dad! What has he done anyway?”

“You really don’t know anything do you?” Scorpius asked.

“About what?” I replied.

“The war of course!” Rhiannon interjected.

“The war? Oh! I know that there was a war here nineteen years ago but nothing else! I don’t know anything about this school, I wanted to go to Salem’s!”

“You’re from America?” Rose asked.

“Duh! Accent!” I pointed to my mouth.

“WHO CARES!” Al yelled.

“I didn’t mean to make an insult! I’m sorry!” I screamed, “What’s it to you anyway? You some royal too?”

Al sneered, “More than you’ll ever know,” and he pointed his wand at me.

Aw, shit.

Before I could pull out my own, I was hanging upside down in the air being hoisted by my left foot. I screamed in shock as everyone around the lake laughed and shouted things like ‘Good one Al!’ towards a beaming Albus.

The worst part was that my skirt was now up around my face exposing my panties to the world. And they were my purple Wanda Witch panties that sparkled gold, they were really cool in America. Almost every girl had them.

Apparently not here by the looks of everyone laughing and pointing at them.

Boy, don’t I wish I had worn tights today.

I screamed I tried to pull the skirt back up but it wouldn’t work, it just kept falling down to my face.

“Let me down!” I screamed.

“Sure,” Al grinned.

I hadn’t realized that I had been moved to above the lake instead of on the ground so when I was let down, I fell right into the water.

I fizzed up around me as I hit the water. Bubbles flew past my face and I quickly kicked to the surface, spluttering out the lake water I had swallowed.

“Go play with your friend the Giant Squid!” Scorpius laughed.

Tears leaked out of my eyes and I kicked back to shore. I ran to my bag and scooped it up, racing back to the castle with my clothes dripping and slushing as I ran, my shoes yet again had the whole lake inside them.

A tripping jinx was sent my way and I fell to the ground, sticking my arm out as I fell. My wrist gave a shot of pain when it hit the ground.

“KEEP RUNNING FAT ARSE!” someone yelled.

“YOU’RE SCARING EVERYONE!” another yelled.



And that’s where it all started, where my nickname of Scare-o-line began. I stood up again and this time kept running, no jinxes were sent my way to stop me, and I didn’t stop running until I was curled up on my bed safely in my dorm.

* * * * *

Soon the whole school had heard about my catastrophe with Albus at the lake and everyone was soon in on the joke of my nickname Scare-o-line.

It turned out that the four boys of Albus, Scorpius, Louis and Lysander (figured out his name!) were big pranksters and really popular for first years. They really were treated like royalty at Hogwarts. They pranked a lot meaning in class, in between class, at meals and in free time.  They normally just picked on whoever was closest but their favourite target was me.

I had no friends thanks to the ‘Marauders’ as they called themselves. Everyone thought it was pretty cool but I thought it was a stupid name. The rest of the Hufflepuff freshman didn’t sit with me at meals or in class or free time. No one did. They were scared that if the ‘Marauder’s’ found out that they would be targeted too.

I had no friends at Hogwarts, I was incredibly lonely.

* * * * *

It continued to get worse and worse. By the time I was home for Christmas holidays, I was relieved that school was over for two weeks. I didn’t tell my family about what was happening at school but just told them that everything was going fine and I really liked school. I pretended that Jaime and Mia were my best friends and made up some things about them to think that we were best friends. My family believed it but all I could wish for that I actually had some friends.

Nina’s family didn’t visit for the holidays.

The night before I returned to Hogwarts I hoped that everything would be forgotten and everything would be ok. Maybe it was just a joke for a term and they were over it now.

* * * * *

Nothing happened on the train ride, so I was beyond happy. I thought that it was over. But when we hopped into the carriages, the Marauder’s had chosen my carriage to sit in and picked on me the whole way back to school. I was in tears and did not go to the Welcome Back feast.

* * * * *

By the end of the year, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had had enough of being picked on. Enough of being dungbombed on the way to class, stuck notes on my back and made fun of because of my appearance.

As soon as I was off the Hogwarts Express, I walked straight to my parents and we left. I didn’t say anything. But as soon as we were home and they asked how school had been, I burst into tears. Everything came out. I told them about the start of year accidents involving the lake, the pranks, the bullying and of course my nickname. I told them that I didn’t want to return to Hogwarts, I wanted to move. My parents wrote to Professor McGonagall and asked for a transfer to the closest school, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in Southern France. McGonagall said yes and we then wrote to the head of Beauxbatons, Madam Maxime. She only asked on question about my transfer and that was if I could speak French, luckily I could as my parents had grown up in France and taught us their child hood language. I was accepted.

I told Nina through a letter and after sending it, she was at my house the next day. I cried again and she comforted me. I had never had a better friend. Then I asked her something,

“Nina, I’m ugly, aren’t I?”

“No sweetie, of course not!” she replied.

“Nina look at me! I am hideous!” I cried.

I knew I was. I was overweight and had greasy skin causing me to have terrible spots even though I wasn’t even yet twelve. My hair was dull, I hadn’t put any effort into it for the past year, so instead of a volumainzed ebony, it was a flat inky black.

“You are not! You just have it hidden,” Nina replied.

“Nina, can you help me uncover it then?” I asked.


“Your good at this stuff! Look at you! You’re a bloody model!” I shrieked, “Help me? Please?”

"Please Nina! I just want to fit in at Beauxbatons, I can't be bullied again!" I shrieked with pleading eyes.

“Fine,” Nina murmured, “Caroline Keggs, you ready to become someone new?”


A/N: Like? Dislike? I know its a little like the start of my Catching James Potter, but its nothing like that story! Keep reading!

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