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Marauders, and Fruitcake, and House Elves, Oh My! by free bird
Chapter 2 : Collisions and Bubotuber Pus
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Chapter One: Collisions and Bubotuber Pus

If there was one thing Kennedy Gallagher had never been able to do, it was arrive for anything on time. The parents waiting on the platform for the Hogwarts Express to take off all enjoyed a very comical sight as Kennedy ran past them, her large and heavy trunk thumping against the ground with every step she took and her wildly curly brown hair flying out behind her. It was 10:58 and the Hogwarts Express was leaving in two minutes.


The doors began to slam shut as Kennedy dodged in and out of parents and siblings waving goodbye, and her eyes frantically searched for one that was still open. She spotted a door relatively close to her and literally dived through it, somehow managing to drag her trunk and Owly’s cage through the door only seconds before it closed. Kennedy breathed a very loud sigh of relief, picked herself up off the ground, and began making her way to the compartment she and the other girls always sat in.


There you are!” Lily said with a hint of disapproval in her voice as Kennedy slid the compartment door open and slumped into the empty seat next to Ivy. Athena took Owly from Kennedy and placed him on the luggage rack, and was about to do the same with Kennedy’s trunk but her breathless friend waved a hand as a gesture to leave it there.


“I was visiting…my brother and…lost track…of time. I ran all the…all the way from his house,” Kennedy managed to get out, her breath slowly coming back to her. After a few moments she took one last deep breath, sat up straight and pulled her trunk towards her, undoing the latch and sticking her entire arm in. After a moment or two of struggle, she pulled out a jar of peanut butter and a spoon, causing her three friends to all raise their eyebrows.


“Merlin, Ken, how much of that do you eat?” Ivy asked with repulse as Kennedy unscrewed the lid and stuck her spoon into the jar.


Kennedy gave a small shrug as she attempted to swallow a very large mouthful of peanut butter, eventually managing to say, “I dunno…maybe a jar a day?”


“Are you serious?” Athena asked incredulously, and as if he had been standing outside the compartment waiting for this exact moment, Sirius Black stuck his head through the doorway with a smirk plastered across his face.


“Actually, I’m –” He started to say, but all four girls cut him off, having heard the joke far too many times before.


Sirius, we know,” They finished for him, and Sirius had a slight look of disappointment as he retreated back to the compartment he shared with the Marauders. Lily got up to slide the compartment door closed, but before it clicked shut they heard someone shout “SIRIUS! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN TO MAKE ANY KIND OF LAME JOKE INVOLVING YOUR FIRST OR LAST NAME?”
“Ah, I do believe that’s James I hear,” Ivy said, immediately recognizing her cousin’s voice. Lily finally shut the compartment door, and Ivy turned back to Kennedy. “Anyway, Ken, I really don’t think eating an entire jar of peanut butter a day can be healthy in any way at all. Maybe you should think about cutting it down a little.”


Kennedy stuck one last spoonful of peanut butter into her mouth before screwing the lid back on. “I don’t care how unhealthy it is,” she replied as she stuffed the jar back into her trunk. “It’s good. You know they have a Nation Peanut Butter Day in New Zealand?”
“Do they really?” Athena asked with raised eyebrows.
“No, but they should,” Kennedy replied, licking the spoon clean and sticking that in her trunk as well.


“You’re a curly-haired, peanut-butter loving freak, you know that?” Lily asked as she, Ivy, and Athena giggled.


"Considering you’ve been telling me this since the day we met, I’m quite aware," Kennedy answered with a laugh, as she lifted her trunk and Owly up onto the luggage rack. Just as Kennedy gave her trunk one last shove and the other girls settled back into their seats, a body collided with the compartment door out of nowhere and Kennedy pulled an Athena (that was what they called it whenever anyone had a moment of clumsiness) and fell off the  seat she was standing on in shock.


All four girls peered through the glass door to see James Potter pick himself up off the ground (Lily immediately went back her book, having no interest in anything James had to say), wrench open the door and enter the compartment, slightly disgruntled.
"Lily!" He said loudly, and she looked up from The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 7 in annoyance. "Are you Head Girl?"
"Yes," she replied shortly, and went back to reading about the Protean Charm. Then suspicious as to why James had asked her that, her eyes darted back up and she quickly said, "Why?"


But the second she asked, she spotted the shiny badge pinned to the front of James's sweater and her eyes widened. "Please tell me that’s not real!" She exclaimed, jumping up to inspect the badge.
"Oh, it's real, Lily Flower," James said proudly, sticking out his chest, and Ivy immediately shoved Lily out of the way to look herself.
"You were made Head Boy and you didn't even tell me!" Ivy shouted, completely outraged, and Athena and Kennedy got up as well.


Athena touched the letters HB, which were engraved into the badge, and said, "Hmm…well, congratulations, James. No offense but I never thought you'd get Head Boy in a million years.”


"Who did?" Sirius asked, walking into the compartment with Remus. Athena, Ivy, and Kennedy mumbled in agreement — Lily was too horrified to speak — and James frowned at them.


"Okay, guys, I get it — I'm not exactly what one would call 'Head Boy material,’" he said in a slightly hurt voice. "However, I am Head Boy so let’s move on.”


Athena, Ivy, and Kennedy sat back down. Lily simply stared into space with a tortured look on her face and Remus gently pushed her back into her seat. Sirius glanced down at his watch, and briefly clapped his hands.
"Well, looks like we better be going, boys!" he announced and looking pointedly at James he said, "It's almost time for Plan I-Can't-Say-What-We're-Doing-In-Front-Of-Lily."


"What's Plan I-Can't-Say-What-We—" James started, but Sirius shot him a look and he said, "Oh! That plan. Yes, quite right, Padfoot, we best be off! Tootaloo, Marauderettes!"
The three boys strolled out of the compartment but Lily took no notice. Her eyes were still glazed over – presumably with fear – as she whispered, “James is Head Boy…”
"Oh, cheer up, Lily,” Kennedy said as she patted her friend on the back, “It won’t be that bad! James is kind of fun sometimes!”
"Ken’s right,” Ivy chimed in. “I mean, I know he’s a bit of a cocky arsehole who hexes people for the fun of it and I know he hits on you every hour yet still has a different hookup every weekend and I know –”
“Ivy!” Athena interrupted, in an attempt to stop her friend from causing more damage than necessary.
“But other than that he’s great!” Ivy exclaimed with a large smile plastered on her face.


Lily buried her face in her hands, but not a moment later a large BOOM! shook their entire part of the train. All four girls jumped at the noise and looked at each other in alarm. Lily got up from her seat and peered out of the compartment, but then swore loudly and immediately took off in the direction of the noise.


A few moments of silence passed as the other three girls stared in shock at the spot Lily had just run from. "Did Lily just swear?" Ivy asked quietly, finally breaking the silence, and Kennedy nodded mutely.


"But Lily never swears…" Athena said shaking her head, not believing what she had just heard. "Never! Lily swearing is like...Dumbledore murdering house-elves…”


"Only one thing makes Lily swear and that's James," Kennedy said, and looks of comprehension crossed all three faces.


"Plan I-Can't-Say-What-We're-Doing-In-Front-Of-Lily," They all said, and seconds later, a loud scream echoed through the Hogwarts Express. Athena looked over at the other two, uncertain, and whispered, "Should we go and see what happened?"


Ivy hesitated, then straightened up and nodded her head. Kennedy and Athena followed her out of the compartment, and when they looked to the left, they saw what had caused all the commotion.


Thick, green, sticky slime covered every inch of the vicinity, and standing right in the middle was none other than Lily, completely covered. As her friends stared in horror, unwilling to get any closer for the moment, something strange started to happen: Lily's whole body was swelling as angry, red boils started appearing all over her skin.


"Oh, dear," Athena said worriedly, and she rushed forward into the mess, casting a Shield Charm around herself so the slime wouldn't touch her. Lily's eyes were full of tears and she couldn't seem to move without letting out a cry of agony.


"James Potter!" Athena said furiously, turning to look at the figure standing just outside of the explosion. "What is this?!"


James bit his lip, staring at Lily guiltily. "Er...undiluted bubotuber pus and Swelling Solution?"


Athena sighed in relief; James's answer was apparently much better than she expected. She looked at Kennedy calmly and said, "Ken, go and get my emergency potions kit out of my trunk."


Kennedy hurried off and Athena looked back at Lily. "A quick spell should make the boils go away, Lil. And I have a vial of Shrinking Solution you can take. You'll be fine in a few minutes."


Lily whimpered a 'thank you' as Athena muttered something under her breath, and passed her wand in front of all of Lily's boils. They slowly started to disappear but Lily still remained swollen all over.


"See? Better already!" Athena said as she took her potions kit from Kennedy, who had just returned. Athena pulled out a tiny purple vial, handed it to Lily, and said, "Drink that. You'll be back to normal in no time."


As Lily's body shrunk to her normal petite size, Athena waved her wand once more to get rid of all the slime – she was very handy with charms – and Ivy immediately charged past her friends and right to her cousin.


"I swear, if you ever do anything to one of my best friends again — intentionally or not — I will hex you into oblivion." She muttered dangerously as she whipped out her wand and pressed its tip threateningly against James’s neck. His eyes wide with terror (he had had far too much experience with Ivy's cursing), he mutely nodded his head.


The four girls glared at the Marauders as they made their way back into their compartment. Just as Lily was about to slide the door shut, she stuck her hand out and made a rude gesture at James, surprising her friends once more.

  "That was a bit uncall—" Athena started, but as Lily shot her a murderous look, she fell silent.

Nobody said anything for a few minutes, until Lily suddenly let out a cry as if she was in pain, and buried her face in her hands again.


“What is it?" Kennedy asked, concerned. "Are those ugly boils back because Atty is a terrible potions maker?"


"No, it's not my boils; they're all gone," Lily said miserably, looking up from her hands. "I just remembered all the time I’m going to have to spend with that awful git this year.”


“Don’t worry, Lil, we’ll help you through your misery,” Athena responded reassuringly before shooting a look at Kennedy. “And thank you, Peanut Butter Head, for having so much faith in my potion-making skills. And do not call me Atty! It’s such a terrible nickname.”


“Well, I like it,” Kennedy said huffily. “Atty.” 

Author's Note
: I'M BACK!!! It's been months since I've updated and I'm so so sorry, but I switched computers like three times and I just totally blanked about the story. But I'm back! So I apologize for the long wait and also that this chapter wasn't that great, but I hope you guys enjoy it to a certain degree anyway :) PLEASE REVIEW!!! I cannnot stress that enough. Maybe as a late Christmas present? Please? :)

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