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The Damned: Dark Imagination by Dracosfan
Chapter 11 : Somebody that I used to Know
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Beautiful Image by the amazing inspector. @ tda!!

                      Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over

Elijah gulped staring upon her face, watching her.  The young woman giggled once more taking a step toward him in her Gryffindor uniform moving her cloak behind her. Turning her head slightly waving her hand in front of his face making sure he was not in a trance or something, “Are you there?” she called as Elijah shook his head nodding, “Sir-,”

“Oh yes-,” He laughed smiling at the young woman, “Sorry ‘bout that got a little distracted!”

Again she giggled smiling back, “Quite all right it happens to me all the time!” standing there for a moment not realizing that neither of them had introduce themselves, “Oh sorry I seem to have forgotten to introduce myself how foolish of me!” smiling shaking her head removing one of her hands from behind her books holding it out, “The names Granger-,” gasping as he shook it, “Lilly Granger!”

“I know who-,” Elijah began stopping himself not realizing that this version of her had the power of for sight. Something that even when Anastasia used it was very slim as to when it would work and when it did. There were a few times when she would forget a needed piece of information maybe even that Elijah and her were playing a game and in order to find him she need to see his left step by touching on of his objects.

But this, this vision was different from all the others. This vision was of their whole lifetime together and how it should have been. Yet, neither this time Kapella was not exactly born to the proper parent nor was Isabella. Both girls were Elijah’s with that of Elena. In this life every was how it should have been with Anastasia and Elijah growing old together with their daughter’s and one surprise, a son though sadly a son which neither would ever meet.

Lilly gasped letting go of his hand taking a step back not knowing who he was; “I mean you remind me of someone I used to know!” Elijah thinning fast correcting himself hoping she would not catch it, “Elijah-,” he gulped bowing as per usual forgetting that this is a different time and people now have different customs, “Elijah Von Stroud!” watching her nodded with a smile as his eye’s began to wander across her body stopping at her ring finger, “That is a lovely pieces of history you are wearing!”

“Oh my ring-,” Lilly giggled smiling looking at her ring, “My husband surprised me with it actually I just intended to have a simple band!”  She smiled again placing her hand back down at her side looking back at Elijah, “Though I suppose since I am married now that I need to start saying Diggory and not Granger anymore!” giggled then shook her head, “I suppose the saying is right that old habits die hard!”

Elijah chuckled as a voice called to them from across the way, “Lilly!” the voice called again becoming louder finally stopping seeing she was with someone, “Thank merlin I found you-,” The curly haired female smiled waving noticing she was speaking with someone she smiled, “Hello!” the curly haired female sighed looking back to her sister, “As I was saying-,” Elijah nodded lightly smiling at Lilly’s sister who continued to tell her sister something about a boy by the name of Harry Potter then about a certain Diggory fellow and a tournament.

Lilly nodded looking back to Elijah as Hermione moved beside her, “Well it would appear that my sister and I have some business to attend to-,” she smiled warming up to the idea of having known him yet wondering how in the hell those memories came to her when in her mind she never lived it, “It was nice meeting you Elie!” Lilly giggled with a smile walking with her sister up the stone stair knowing that Elijah was still watching her.

Across the way sitting upon one of the stone’s huffing at the scene that was just before him. Shaking his head looking to his best mate, “Did you see that-,” the blonde huffed crossing his arms, “Worst encounter I have ever seen!”

“Malfoy seriously-,” His mate chuckled rising looking at his friend, “That is the eighth time this week you have said something about Lillian Jane Granger!” he exclaimed laughing that a girl could get his mate so riled up, “If I did not know any better I would swear that the great Draco Malfoy actually has feelings!”

Malfoy rose uncrossing his arms, “I will have you know Blaise I do not under any circumstances ever like that woman!” he exclaimed shaking his head, “Lillian Jane Granger is a pain in the ass not to mention married to Cedric Diggory!”

“Draco-,” Blaise laughed grabbing his books, “You are such a horrible liar!” snickering following Draco down the path into the hall, “She is hot though!” Malfoy chuckled pushing Blaise passing the grand stair case not paying any attention to the people around them as they entered the great hall seeing that the chairs and tables were moved to the side.

A tall rather large man stood at the podium which stood in front of the room, “Please, please everyone take a seat!” he called to each of the students and faculty filling the room, “Now-,” he sighed stepping away from the podium, “This goblet that stands before you in all its splendor is the key to what is to come!” the man began to walk around it explaining what it was used for and what the official rules were then finally the date in which the Triwizard tournament would began, “Yet I must worn each of you that there is effective immediately an age line which will be put in place,”

Removing the wand from his cloak taking a deep breath turned whispering the chat before returning the wand to his pocket looking back to the students and staff, “If you would please write your name, age and house neatly upon the piece of parchment that would be wonderful!” the man smiled then taking a deep breath, “Though our first participant is a rather literal man who once said that for years each participant who entered the tournament has dreamed of holding all the honor and glory that comes with being a Triwizard champion,” chuckled walking over to the fourth row, “And because of that man I now get to experience that honor and glory-,” a large smile appear across the man’s face, “Will you please stand Cedric and place your parchment into the goblet of fire!”

Cedric was shocked. He had no idea that his father was going to do such a thing especially now! He sighed as he turned seeing Lilly’s expression from the Gryffindor section. She looked angry rolling her eyes as he rose walking passed her seat which was the first stopping in front of her before dropping his parchment within the goblet, “I swear to you Jillie I had nothing to do with this!” whispering turning from the goblet knowing she must be wondering.

“Cedric I swear-,” Lilly huffed crossing her arms watching Cedric continue his way to the goblet finally dropping the parchment in, “One day all your lies just seem to rip at the seams!”

He sighed turning to find his father smiling at him seeing how proud he was, “Let the games began!” he yelled tapping his son on the back, “My boy you have no idea how proud you have made me!” Cedric’s father exclaimed as the student’s voice rang within the hall though one student did not. Laughing she rose not believing the sight that she just saw collecting her cloak leaving not even looking back.

Cedric sighed walking back to his seat noticing that Lilly was no longer in the Gryffindor section, “Jillie-,” he spoke knowing that she would not stop running, “Please wait!” calling after her finally catching up to her outside, “Wait!”

“I cannot believe you let him do that!” Lilly exclaimed shaking her head, “You could not even discuss this with me first?” she sighed crossing her arms, “Cedric I am your wife for heaven sake!”

Taking a deep breath knowing that she was upset, “Jillie please understand that I truly had nothing to do this and even if I-,”

“You know what-,” Lilly huffed crossing her arms shaking her head, “I do not need your excuses sir!” she exclaimed rather serious looking, “We are far too old!” her nostrils flared looking at her husband whom sighed knowing that yes she was right but at the same time so young to be this wise, “An quite frankly to upset with you to even finish this conversation!” shaking her head not believing that he was even turning to push the issue, “Triwizard tournament huha I cannot believe Amos would even-,”

Cedric sighed licking his bottom Lilly, “Jillie-,” he smiled taking both her soft white hands within his kissing them sweetly then looking into her sky blue eyes, “Love must we argue over something as stupid as the Triwizard tournament?” Lilly sighed with her hands still within his lowering her shoulders, “Did I not promise you that I would not enter!”

“Cedric what was that all about then?” She questioned taking her hands from within his crossing her arms, “I just bloody watched you with my own eyes place your name within that goblet!” Lilly huffed watching him smile at her as he uncrossed her arms pulling her close.

Smiling still holding her close, “Jillian-,” he chuckled reaching into his pocket taking something what appeared to be a teared piece of parchment, “The parchment was blank!” Cedric laughed seeing her face light up showing the parchment with his name upon it, “I kept my promise!” Lilly giggled jumping into his embrace not wanting to let go.

“Well-Well if it is not the happy couple!” A voice spoke causing Lilly to let go turning to the woman recognizing her tone, “On such a wonderful day!”

Lilly huffed shaking her head, “Rita darling how lovely!” rolling her eyes never feeling such hatred for a woman as she did Rita, “What in the hell could you possibly want?” she question watching Rita sigh before making her way toured them.

“What I always want-,” Rita smile with a small laugh as a group of reporters fill around them pushing Lilly away from Cedric, “Your story!” she smirked having what the one thing that made her happy, her story. Whether that meant taking the one thing that made Cedric truly happy away then it had to be done.

As she stood there Lilly looked upon the man in which was her husband. Watching the way Rita spoke to him and the way he replied to her. Lilly also noticed the irritation in his face as well as his voice. The way Cedric made his anger known through his face. She giggled watching her soft spoken husband let his anger out on Rita Skeeter whom they both had a common hatred for. It was because of Rita, being the true reason behind why Cedric had to marry Lilly.

Rita with her running mouth placed an acquisition to Amos that it seemed odd for Cedric to have been spending much time with Lilly especially during the holidays. She found it strange not just because of Lilly being fifteen and Cedric almost seventeen but that the two were both seen at various places including a hotel in Paris. But the one thing that Rita found extremely odd was that the young couple was looking to buy a little cottage outside of Paris placing the thought within her mind that Cedric may have in fact gotten Lilly pregnant making one of her sources correct.

Though in the end Rita was in fact wrong and that was not the reason they married. Cedric married Lilly because at the time the type of cancer she had was becoming more severe and vastly spreading. Once Rita was told that there was no pregnancy and that it was in fact lung cancer she did make a public apologize but also Amos did not want the situation to get any worse rather than forcing them to marry as before allowed Cedric and Lilly together decide if they truly did want to which they did.

Cedric took a deep breath finally having enough of this, “Rita-,” balling his fist wanting to desperately hit Rita, “Do that again-,” he spoke with a serious tone un-balling his fist pointing to her with his index finger, “It will be the end of your career with the daily prophet!” sighing straightening himself pushing three of the reporters so he could pass but stop turning to her, “That is a threat love have a nice day!” Cedric smiled walking over to his wife taking her hand within his looking to a speechless Rita, “Lillian is my wife-,” he exclaimed being very serious with her, “She will always come first don’t ever forget that!”

“Who are you-,” Lilly giggled hand in hand with Cedric walking up the grand stair case then stopping him, “And what have you done with my husband?”

Cedric chuckled taking his wife within his arms kissing with a smile, “Do you not love the new found aggression?” he asked as she shook her head kissing her again, “Because I rather like it!”

“Just don’t-,” She sighed taking a deep resting her head on his chest, “Turn into someone that I used to know!”

                            But Now Your Just Somebody That I used to Know

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