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Here Comes the Utter Demise by hetty
Chapter 1 : Tales of arrogance, midgets and James Potter
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If I had a favourite word, it would be: no. No can be used in so many different contexts such as; 'no, Professor Humphreys, I do not know what you just said.' - or 'No spotty guy with the ginger afro who I don't even know the name of, for the last time I would not like to attend a study session with you,' or even just saying no when someone you despise tries to say something. It really is the greatest word of them all.

Except when the person you're saying 'No' to doesn't seem to understand what it means.

'I don't even know your name!' I exclaimed, flustered with annoyance.

Those huge frog-like eyes widened - something I didn't even think was possible because surely they couldn't grow any bigger?

'Erm, my name's Miles... I sat next to you in Transfiguration in first and second year but you never spoke to me,' Miles said quietly.

'I wonder why?' I yelled. 'Please just leave me alone, no means no and that's final.'

With his head bent to look at the floor, Miles trudged away dragging his feet along the flagstones on the floor making an irritating scraping noise. The huge ginger afro bobbed slightly as he turned his head to give me a sad glance. Maybe he thought I'd have a sudden surf of love and run after him proclaiming about how I was sorry and I would take him up on his invitation. Not today, buddy.

'Wow, harsh,' a deep voice cackled.

Leaning against a stained glass window was none other than James Potter...or was it Albus? I never really cared to look at both of them properly to be able to tell the difference. The only giveaway that it was a Potte as the unbearable arrogance and the unnaturally deep voice. Did they just put it on? I'd never know.

'What do you want...Potter?' I sighed deciding to settle on last name so I wouldn't risk getting it wrong and making a fool out of myself.

Potter gave me a patronising smile.

'You'd think with an appearance and attitude like that, you'd snap up any boy who was interested in you because let's face it, Milo over there is the best chance you're gonna get.' He finished with an emotionless laugh.

I’d be lying if I said this didn’t hurt me and – God forbid – upset me a little. Obviously I wasn’t the best looking girl at Hogwarts, we had people like Lou Anna Bell (even her name was pretty) for that title, but I wasn’t hideous. Sure, my face was on the slightly narrows side and I resembled a horse when I laughed and my blonde hair just sort of hung there instead of being golden and cascading down my back but I was average. Just average. Not ugly, not beautiful, just average.

‘At least I’m not an arrogant prick,’ I retorted whilst in the heat of the moment. An angry moment.

‘Getting personal now, are we?’ Potter’s eyes stared straight into my own.

‘You started it,’ I muttered childishly.

‘You started it,’ he mimicked in a high pitched voice which, I’ll have you know, sounded nothing like me.

‘You’re so childish!’ I was more than annoyed now. I barely even knew this person, in fact I didn’t even know their first name. If he hadn’t been the son of Harry Potter then I probably wouldn’t have had a clue who he was.

Potter flicked a section of brown hair out of his eyes which irritated me even more. That stupid hair flick. Why couldn’t he just get a haircut? The only difference between him and his brother was that one of them had dark brown – almost black – hair and the other had a more chestnut brown colour. The other one is rumoured to have these really bright green eyes but I’m not entirely sure if that’s true or not. It would have helped if I knew which one had which. Alas, I did not.

Hey, don’t judge me for not knowing who the Potter brothers were. I’m a muggleborn, I didn’t grow up learning this stuff and didn’t take much of an interest in it when I found out I was a wizard. I knew the basics: orphan, Harry Potter, has a scar, fights Voldemort, kills poor ol’ Voldy, has a few kids, and doesn’t teach them basic manners. That’s all I cared to learn.

‘Wow, calm down.’ Potter laughed at me, he knew he had really pissed me off. If I was him, I wouldn’t have been too happy about that because it was so easy to annoy me. All you had to do was say something that I didn’t agree with and I can guarantee I would go off on a mad rampage. Beware people of the world. Summary of it all is: you do not want to make me angry. I’m like that big green fella who my little brother idolises.

I clenched and unclenched my fists trying to get some release and calm myself down. It was a good thing I didn’t have long nails otherwise they would have hurt like a bitch. Nail biters unite!

‘You okay there?’ Potter snorted, staring at my clenching fists.

‘Yes, very well thank you,’ I responded calmly, ‘ just trying to fight the urge to punch you in the face.’

Potter’s eyes widened and he took a step back, holding his hands up with his palms facing me.

‘Whoa there tiger,’ he said, ‘there’s no need for violence.’

This was my chance, this was my chance to terrify Potter so he would hopefully never speak to me again. Who am I kidding? He’d be terrified to be in a 2 metre radius of me.

‘Oh but I do think you deserve it.’ I smiled and raised my eyebrows, opening my eyes as wide as I could.

‘No really, it’s fine, I’m sorry,’ Potter was beginning to sound, dare I say it, panicked. Like he genuinely thought I might brutally murder him or something of the sort.

I took a step towards him. He took a step back. Now he was backed against the wall looking from side to side in the hope that there would be someone coming round the corner.

‘You said some really out of order things,’ I said, ‘surely, you must agree with me here, that you deserve it.

‘I don’t deserve anything.’ Potter stood up straighter.
I smiled. ‘In my primary school – I was raised by muggles, you see – I was nicknamed as the scary one because of my temper. I reckon it was because I would practise my Karate on the playground, sometimes on people. My father made me take it in case of…’ I looked directly into Potter’s eyes, ‘self defence.’

‘I really must be going…I have a lesson to be at.’ Potter made an excuse.

‘It’s lunch.’


Before I had time to say anything, Potter was doing a runner. I suppose he expected me to follow him but running was effort and I wasn’t really one for effort. Hence my love of the word ‘no’. If someone was to ask me if I wanted to do something, that would be my answer.

Potter didn’t even make it to the end of the corridor when the shortest Sixth year ever to set foot into Hogwarts flew around the corner.

‘Millie, Millie,’ my best friend, Cat, cried as her short stubby legs carried her as fast and far as they could. She was essentially scuttling.

Potter just stopped to stare in amazement.

I wasn’t particularly tall yet I towered over Cat who had to tilt her head back slightly to look at me. Cat thrust what I then assumed to be todays Daily Prophet in my hand and stared at me as I read what it said.

The headline screamed, ‘END OF THE WORLD CONFIRMED.’ I was forced to do more than two double takes for it to sink in, the I read the passage beneath.

It mentioned something about the sun exploding or something. What absolute rubbish. It even mentioned about the seers double-confirming it as if some old women with glass balls could tell you when the world will end. It was probably a practical joke to scare the whole Wizarding World, Merlin knew we needed some excitement.

Back in 2012, on December 21st the said the world would end. Did it? No. There was no apocalypse, no world ending.

‘Do you really believe this?’ I asked Cat.

‘Well, duh,’ she said. ‘It’s in the paper and it has been confirmed by, like, everyone.’

Cat wasn’t the brightest.

Suddenly the newspaper was yanked out of my hand. I hadn’t even noticed Potter approaching us. It must have taken him at least ten minutes to read the whole thing (Cat made us wait because she wanted the paper back).

When he finished reading, he flung the newspaper on the floor and looked around before settling his eyes on Cat. Without saying a word he grabbed Cat’s Slytherin tie and pulled her towards him. Instantly he smashed his lips onto hers and they began snogging like there was no tomorrow.

I had to excuse myself to throw up in Moaning Myrtles toilet.


Whenever I had pictured dying, I always thought I'd be at least in my 90's and married with three children: a boy, the eldest, called Harry (I know what you're thinking and no, not after Harry Potter) and twin girls called Ivory and Ebony (names of the children of a dive a.k.a yours truly). My husband was supposed to be kind and loving and we were supposed to grow old together. I didn't want to die at school with Miles and Potter. That's just cruel and torturous.

This is all entirely hypothetical of course because I didn't really believe the world would end. Even the thought was ridiculous. What kind of person could predict the end of the world anyway? It was impossible to give an exact date. I didn't, no, I couldn't, understand how anyone could believe this total bullshit. That's all it was - bullshit.

'Come on,' I groaned to Cat while she had a serious mental breakdown in the middle of our dormitory, 'you don't honestly believe this carp do you? The world isn't going to end!'

Cat paused from her sobbing and rolling around on the fuzzy green rug in despair. 'It was in the Daily Prophet, duh, everything in there is pure fact. Everyone knows that. You're, like, supposed to be the smart one, Mills, what's up with you today? So not on par as usual.'

'Well when the world doesn't end, then I can say 'I told you so'.' I smirked.

Cat shook her head in disbelief. 'You won't be able to because we'll all be dead anyway so....ha!' She stood up and joined me where I sat cross legged on my bed.

'Anyway,' She said, 'can you believe James Potter kissed me? ME?'

So that was the mysterious Potter, the ever so arrogant James. The boy that many a girl had had fantasies about. Fantasies which would never come true because despite his playboy status, he was very picky when it came to girls (all information credited to Cat Miller).

'I'm sure he's doing it to all the girls,' I muttered, rolling my eyes.

'No,' Cat said looking a bit put out by my comment - oh well, it was the truth, 'there was something special in that kiss. Besides, if he was doing it to all the girls then why didn't he kiss you?'

I knew why he didn't kiss me. He thought I was ugly and Potter boys didn't go for ugly girls. Not that this really bothered me; James Potter wasn’t my type. Anyway, Mum had told me to focus on my school work and don’t get distracted by boys which I had been breezing through.

Cat was staring at me intently, analysing my facial expression.

‘You’re not jealous, are you? Because if you like James I can totally just forget about him and, like, give you your chance.’ Cat clearly thought she was being the best friend in the world with that statement. In reality, she was just being stupid.

I almost fell off my bed due to laughter and shock.

‘Me? Liking…James?’ I wheezed, trying and failing to control my hysterical laughter.

‘The first stage is denial, you know,’ stated Cat very matter-of-factly.

If she thought I fancied James Potter then she definitely didn’t know me as well as I thought she did. The mere thought was absurd and just plain wrong. Like putting fruit in chocolate, that was James and I, we were fruit in chocolate. Of course, he was the fruit and I was the chocolate.

I would have preferred Miles over James anyday. Well maybe not because while James is arrogant and stuck up, Miles is just plains stalker-ish and creepy. He’s the type to become one of those psycho chainsaw killers in a gore-horror film.

‘No…just no.’ I visibly shuddered.

Cat stroked a non-existent beard and squinting her eyes in deep concentration. ‘I actually think you two would make a cute couple. A weird couple, one of those that nobody expects to happen and then BAM,’ she clapped her hands right in my face, making me fall off the bed for real this time, ‘you get together and become the cutest couple in history, like Romeo and Juliet!’

‘Well I can tell you now that I’m not planning on killing myself over him,’ I said.

‘Is that what happened?’



Then, as if on cue to save Cat and me from the ensuing awkwardness in which I question whether she even knows what comes out of her mouth, the door to our room was practically knocked off its hinges. A red faced Cecelia Zabini tripped on the carpet and was sent flying into the middle of the room as me and Cat watched in wonderment.

Cecelia scrambled to stand up and smoothed her skirt down over her twig thin legs and faced us with a panicked expression. Something told me she had heard the news.

‘Did you hear-‘ she began.

‘Yes,’ Cat and I said simultaneously which the same bored tone before she could finish what she was about to say.

‘Oh.’ Cecelia stared at the floor sadly before perking up again. ‘I can’t believe we only have one week left. I mean there were so many things I wanted to do with my life, you know?’

That’s when I zoned out. One week? One week? I didn’t know the end was going to come so soon. There were so many things I was supposed to do. Graduate Hogwarts with top marks on my N.E.W.T’s was first on that list. I was supposed to get a high up job in the Ministry. I was supposed to give my parents beautiful grandchildren. I was supposed to have a life. If I died at Hogwarts, I was seriously considering having a word with Merlin when I went to heaven. At least, I assumed I would go to heaven.

The first thing I noticed as I focused myself was Cat and Cecelia hugging and crying together.

I so did not deserve to die with this.

A/N: so I'm not sure why I'm posting a new story considering I haven't even been on this site in a few months but the idea just sort of popped into my head and just wouldn't leave. I guess it was sort of inspired by the supposed apocalypse (worst apocalypse ever).
Also, incase you didn't notice, all the chapter titles are going to be inspired by song titles by The Wombats, don't ask why, it was a spur of the moment decision.
Anyway, I hope you like it because I'm really quite excited for this although it won't be very long - maybe 9 or 10 chapters?
Please let me know if you like it or even if you don't because how else can I improve?

30/12: added a whole new section to it, enjoy :)

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