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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 30 : I'm Still in Love
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 Chapter Thirty

“Play it again uncle Ron” James said later on that night as we were all gathered round the TV at Hugo’s “I couldn’t believe I managed to pull off a wronski feint; I’ve never been able to before and I haven’t even been practicing it that much” I sighed, rolled my eyes and looked to Hugo, Rose and Al who were all looking as bored and irritated as I felt. Lily had fallen asleep on Hugo’s shoulder whilst Jack was utterly transfixed and fascinated by his new hero James Potter. Hermione and Ginny were having a gossip in the kitchen, most likely was about Audrey’s extreme weight gain, Harry had returned to the Potters as he had work in the morning whilst Ron was quite happy to replay James’ Quidditch achievements over and over again. Hugo told me that Ron was disappointed neither he or Rose showed any kind of aptitude for the game and thus put a lot of time into supporting James in his career; it seemed to work all round as Harry and James often rowed about Quidditch being James’s career. Though my opinion accounted for nothing I felt it was the best thing James could do. He wasn’t the most academic of guys but when you have amazing abs and are the best looking teenager in the country who cares about that?

“That is an amazing feint” said Ron his eyes glistening as he watched it; he shot a disappointed look at Hugo who just ignored and continued eating his strawberry ice cream. Rose rolled her eyes and signalled for the rest of us to go upstairs to her room. Rose’s room was your stereotypical girl’s room; it was very, very pink and there were pictures of horses everywhere with a big four poster bed in the centre of the room.

“He never fucking changes does he” Hugo announced about five minutes later; we all breathed a sigh of relief as no one wanted to be the first one to mention James and the previous few minutes consisted of a conversation about ferrets. “I mean seriously the ego on the guy”

“Try living with it” said Al “Everything has to be about James even things that don’t concern him; like when I got an O in my OWL Defence and he said it was down to him teaching me the spells. It was like he couldn’t deal with someone else achieving something”

“He hasn’t seen us since last May!” exclaimed Rose “He spends all summer in Europe with his friends partying like a bunch of trasheads, but not one word about how we were? It’s all about him all the time and I’m sick of it. So is mum she says dad should stop encouraging him”

“Even our mum is sick of it” said Lily “She’s proud of James and everything but she’s the only one who’ll actually listen to him about it; Al and I walk off now and anytime James tries to talk to dad it ends up in a row. Uncle Ron’s the only one who shows as much enthusiasm as James does”

“And we all know why that is don’t we?” said Hugo bitterly “Because dad can’t accept the fact that I don’t want to be a beer swelling moron who thinks about nothing but girls and chasing a stupid tiny golden ball around a stupid field on a broomstick that has more brain cells than the rest of my team”

“It’s not your fault your shit babe” said Lily sympathetically and as we all laughed I caught Lily’s eyes again and we both blushed “Seriously though, Hugo it doesn’t matter if you don’t like Quidditch. Uncle Ron should just accept whatever you want to be”

“Yeah” piped up Al “But this is Uncle Ron we’re talking about he’s as hot headed as a pack mule when he’s passionate about something”

“Maybe we should get Teddy to talk to James” suggested Rose “He is literally the only one that James listens to; he probably would’ve got an O in Defence if he’d been there when Teddy was teaching. Teddy could tell James to jump off a bridge and he’d do it”

“We need to make this happen” said Al through his laughter

“You’re quiet Ollie” said Lily “You got nothing to slag off James with? Let’s start with his extremely condescending attitude towards you and Jack”

“He ever upsets Jack and I’ll kill him” said Hugo sounding extremely genuine. I felt a warm affection for my best friend who winked at me

“Not really my place to say anything” I said “Not like I’m family or anything it’d probably be in my best interest if I remained neutral on this one”

“Fair” said Hugo “But I think we can all agree that he’s an absolute up his own arse moron who only cares about someone if there’s something in it for him”

“Careful Hu” said Al “Carry on this way and someone might get the impression that you’re none too fond of my brother”

“Gee, whatever gave you that idea?” replied Hugo sarcastically sticking his tongue out at Al who laughed a long with rest of us. The conversation soon turned on to school, exams, bitching about people we didn’t like and Christmas until James came in about half an hour later revealing that Ron, Ginny and Hermione had given us some money to go and have a night out in the little town close to Rose and Hugo’s house

Lily drew the short straw and had to walk with James as he banged on, yet again, about his Quidditch career. Rose interlinked her arm through mine as Al and Hugo walked ahead of us clearly bitching about James once again; those two were real bitches when they got together they were worse than Ginny and Hermione

“I know” Rose told me. I gave her a confused look “I know what’s been going on between you and Lily. Don’t worry I won’t say anything” she added as I gave her a worried look. I was bad at this keeping secrets thing wasn’t I?

“How do you know?” I asked

“Lily tells me everything” Rose shrugged “I’ve acted as if I didn’t know for months but really I know all the ins and outs. Malfoy, her loving you, Halloween, the tutoring everything… Oliver, I don’t think you realize how in love with you Lily is”

“Rose this conversation is entering very risky territory” I said in a whisper aware Lily’s two overprotective elder brothers were mere inches away from me

“Look, James and Al aren’t going to find out” Rose said squeezing my arm “And if, somehow one day they do, Lily, Dom, Roxy and I will be on hand to make sure they won’t hurt you. We know how to calm them down and I don’t think any of us would let you get hurt in anyway. You’re like another cousin really”

“Thanks” I said giving her a smile.

“Look Ollie” Rose sighed “I know this is so complicated and you are probably very confused about how you feel right now but just remember how it felt for all those years being in love with someone you couldn’t have. Because that’s what Lily is going through right now”

“What so I should breakup with my girlfriend just to suit Lily” I said getting slightly irritated

“No of course not” said Rose with a slight laugh “All I’m saying is keep it in mind how hard this is for her. She’s been stuck between a rock and a hard place lately; she missed you so much but she wasn’t sure she could deal with seeing you having a girlfriend if you were friends. But, she started missing you so much that she put that to one side just so she could talk to you again, to have you back in her life. Oliver, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone love you as much as Lily loves you. OK, maybe James just loves himself that little bit more” she added

We both laughed and I looked to Lily who now had interlocked her arms with James’s and was laughing happily with him, the conversation had clearly stirred away from Quidditch and seeing Lily laugh made my heart flutter. I couldn’t deny it anymore; I was still in love with Lily Potter


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Escaping the Friend Zone: I'm Still in Love


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