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Chapter 2 : Chapter II
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August Longbottom, eldest child of Neville and Hannah Longbottom, could almost always be found in Radioactive, a popular bar for young magic folk. At 9 PM, there were three glasses in front of him as he slowly began to drink, drink, drink away with no hesitation of stopping any time soon. He ran a hand through his wavy hair, coughing slightly as the liquid bubbled in his throat. A creak sounded next to him and he smirked, shaking his head.


"Come now, James. Ain't being an auror taught you anything about being a bit more sneaky?"


"Hasn't Hannah taught you anything about your appalling lack of language skills?"


"Sorry that I become grammatically detached when I'm excited. So, Potter, to what do I owe this pleasure?"


"Much better, Auggie. Hey, can't a guy just check up on his habitually stoned and/or drunk best friend every now and then?"


"Don't play stupid with me, James. We both know I'll win." James Potter snorted and shook his head.

"Fine… fine. Robbie is dead."


"What the fuck are you on about?"


"I would explain it to you in terms you could understand, but I am just freshly out of crayons."


"Oh, shut your trap you ponce. What the hell do you mean Robbie is dead? What happened?" August asked, staring wide eyed as his friend. James nodded to the barkeep as he slid the oldest Potter a drink. James' eyes drooped, rimmed with dark circles. His hair was not in it's typical state, instead it was messy and haphazardly done. August barely noticed that his best friend was neck deep in a mess he could barely keep up with. Ever since the death of his father, James and August had been quite distant. In fact, this was the first time that the 22 year old's had seen each other in two and a half weeks. The worst part was knowing that his father's own friends had betrayed him. Roger Davies, Terry Boot, and Anthony Goldstein were good friends of Harry Potter. They fought beside him during the last great war and they fought with him during their everyday battles at the Ministry. The three worked with Harry in the Auror department.


The three went to Azkaban for his murder.


Since then, James had taken it upon himself to replace his father in any way possible by not only forcing his company upon his mother and his siblings, but by stepping up to take control in the Order of the Phoenix, much to the dismay of the other older members.


"He went out on a mission that I'm not really inclined to discuss… and well, we found his body three days after his expected return in a burned down forest clearing." August shook his head and sighed, feeling the pangs of sorrow hit him hard. While Robbie had not been one of Augusts' closer friends, he'd liked the tenacious young boy. Robbie was one of the few who could take Augusts' quips and jokes. "Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that his funeral is going to be the day after tomorrow. It'd be good if you showed. The Woods always liked you for some bizarre reason."


"Oi, I'm a great lad, alright? But of course I'll go. Robbie was… a good man."


"A lucky one too… not to have been named after a dead person."


"That too… at least you were named after a dead man. I was named after a woman who liked giant hats and old lady perfume."


"James Sirius Potter. Really. You want to compare names?"


"At least you're not Albus Severus." James snorted into his drink, quickly wiping spittle from the corners of his lips.


"Oi, that's my baby brother you're talking about." August shrugged and slid down more into his seat, humming to the song blaring throughout the pub.


"Man, is this the stress our parents went through? This fucking sucks. Reality sucks."


"Reality is a hallucination brought on by a lack of alcohol, Jim Jam. So just keep on drinking!"


"Oh, shut up."


"Please, I'm only speaking the truth, James. We both know I'm practically a preacher, ok?" As hard as he tried, James couldn't contain a small smile to stretch his lips. He shook his head.


"You're such a complete arse, you know that? First class arsehole." August Longbottom shrugged and motioned for another glass of whiskey.


"You know, I've seemed to acquire a taste for muggle Vodka. No wonder they're all so insane. Their alcohol kills five times as many brain cells as ours."


"Well, how else would we keep the truth from them?" James muttered with a sigh, stretching out his limbs on the chair.


"Touche, Potter." The two boys remained in a short silence for a few moments, not really knowing how to continue the conversation. Their friendship during school was practically unchallenged. James and August, the two bad boys who would do anything to be disassociated from their parent's holier-than-thou images. They had everything to prove and everything to lose. After graduation, the two boys stuck it out in a modest, decrepit apartment. A few years later, they separated with success hovering over both of their shoulders. August working as a hit wizard and his best friend working as an auror. August had insulted James quite often for becoming exactly what they had never wanted. Five years later, they hardly talked except for few cases… such as the death of a fellow friend.


"Hey, remember when we made Professor Gringich cry and resign?" James asked slowly, running his index finger around the rim of the glass. August laughed loudly, the front pegs of his chair hitting the ground with a loud thud.


"Oh hell, we were right little pricks, you know that? Walking around like entitled little shits."


"We grew up with it. We thought we were the best." August nodded slowly, letting James' words sink in.


"Yeah, then you had to ruin it by becoming a good little auror and joining the Order. What happened to shaming our family names? It's a lot for just one little ol' guy to handle." James shook his head.


"We may not be too happy about it, but family is family. We're stuck with them until we die… until they die." August patted his friend on the back.


"I guess you're right," August sighed. "I mean, mum has been owling me non-stop to go over to the Cauldron for some mother-son bonding. It's all a ruse to put me and dad in the same room, I think." James smiled sadly.


"You shouldn't abandon family, Auggie. They're all you've got even if you can't see it."


"Why do I feel like you're trying to be smarter than you are and hint at something else?"


"I'm just saying, man… the Order could really use you. Seriously. And you know, even if you're not a Potter or Weasley product, you're still our family, ya know," James said holding his hands up as a sign of peace.


"I knew it. You are trying to be smarter. Good for you! Don't jump all into it at once. You might hurt yourself."


"Shut up, idiot. I'm trying to have a serious moment here."


"I know. And I'll drink to that!"


"You'll drink to anything." James said in an annoyed tone, shaking his head. August grinned cheekily and tapped his glass to James'.


"I'll drink to that too, cheers!"

A/N: Well, it's definitely been a while... like 2 years while? But I'm back and I'm planning on finishing this story! Hope you enjoy the new chapters to come!

x Aoife


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