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The Secret Life of Slytherins by slytherinchica08
Chapter 2 : Week Two
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Week one at Hogwarts is now complete, and week two is only just beginning, but I was already sure that it was going to be one for the ages. I had big plans for the week, plans that if seen through, should finally bring mine and Draco's relationship to the next level. We have been together for almost two years now, but every time things began to get a little more intense, he always seemed to pull away. Well, prepare yourself Draco, because this week I am determined to lose my v card.

I had it all planned out, I would steal him away after our last class, have a bit of a romantic dinner up in the Astronomy tower, then we would make our way out onto the grounds and in the dark of the night, we would finally become one. If that didn't work, well, who am I kidding; we're talking about a seventeen year old male, so of course it will work.
My plan wouldn’t get put into action until the end of the week so i would be able to spend the first part of it figuring out the last minute details. I wanted this night to be absolutely perfect for the both of us; after all, you only lose your virginity once, so it better be something memorable.

"What do you think of this one?" I asked turning to Daphne with a green negligee in hand.

"Well, the color would please Draco that’s for sure, but I still think that the first one is the best. There's just something about the way the white would look on you with your dark hair cascading down," she said.

Daphne was the one girl I loved to have on hand when I had a fashion emergency, she was never afraid to tell it like it is. She was a rare type of person; she never sugarcoated anything, especially when it came to fashion. If I had to choose one of my girls as my closest friend, I would probably say Daphne, if only because of her wonderful fashion advice. Besides, Millicent was too caught up in her own love life to help me worry about mine. I couldn't believe that she and Crabbe had already managed to tangle the sheets together, during our summer break, in Paris no less. How could I possibly top that?

“What would I do without you Daphne?” I teased.

“Wear some rather questionable clothes, smile less, never lose your virginity,” she ticked off on her fingers.

“Ha ha, very funny Daphne.”

I grabbed the white negligee in question and held it against myself to get another look at it. Daphne was right, as she always was when it came to this type of thing, that while the green one played on Draco’s favorite color, this one really made me pop. Now all that was left for planning would be my hair and makeup and where exactly I would take Draco after we eat so we could be alone.

“Thank you so much Daphne, it really means a lot to me that I could turn to you for this,” I squealed as I pulled her into a hug.

“You know I would do anything for you Pansy,” she told me, though she looked a bit nervous.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, grabbing ahold of her hand.

“Well, it’s just that I-,” she paused and took a deep breath and looked down at our clasped hands before continuing on, “I think that I really love Theo.”

“Oh, Daphne that’s so exciting! Look at the two of us girls in love,” I told her and turned her body so that we were both facing the mirror. I played with her beautiful curled blonde locks and searched her eyes in the mirror, as I asked, “does he know?”

“I think so,” she said, a feeble smile on her lips.

“The next Hogsmeade trip the four of us will have to do a double date! I’ve always wanted to go on one but none of us have had boyfriends at the same time! Oh, maybe we could even do a triple date and Millicent and Crabbe could join us too!”

“Yeah, that would be fun,” Daphne said, though not with as much enthusiasm as I thought she would have over the idea of us all going on a date together.

I treasured my relationship with each of these girls, and while sometimes our friendships got a bit competitive, we still loved each other very much and shared everything. I couldn’t even imagine preparing for this huge night without the help of Daphne and Millicent, even though Millicent was too busy with Crabbe at the moment to help, but I knew that she would come through for me, she always did. The three of us tonight would be trying to figure out a creative place for me to take Draco that wouldn’t be too out of the way, but would still be out of the teachers’ sight, there would be nothing like getting caught with your pants down, literally.
Although, that would make for an interesting first time, not one that I would want mind you, but it would be rather interesting to see the look on Snape’s face if he were to catch us. That would probably be more action for him than he had ever gotten.

There were a few places that I could think of that might make for a great get away spot on the grounds, but I felt like I was completely overlooking something, and it was this nagging thought that wouldn’t let my mind rest. What was it that I was forgetting? Was there this massive hole in my plot to seduce Draco that I couldn’t see? Was my plot doomed to fail before it even gets started? I felt like screaming at the uncertainty of it all. My stomach was twisted in knots, and with each new thought of failure, a new knot formed.

While Daphne and I waited for Millicent to join us from her study date, we picked out the makeup and figured out a hairdo; now all that was really left was the place. Is it possible for my nerves to get any worse than they already are? Well, this week was definitely going to try its hardest to wreak havoc on me.

“Tell me it’s not too late,” Millicent yelled, crashing through the door.

“Well, we’ve already got the outfit, the hair, and the makeup all figured out, no thanks to you,” Daphne replied. “But we do still have to figure out where they are going to go, so, you’re not too late.”

“Oh thank Merlin! I had been about to leave, when Crabbe started doing that thing with my neck that is my weakness, and so I just couldn’t get myself to leave until just a few minutes ago. If it’s any consolation, I just ran all the way from the empty potions classroom to here.”

“It’s not,” I told her, “but you’re here now, so you can help us figure out where to go. You do that, and all will be forgiven.”

“Of course, so where have you thought of so far?”

“Well, there is the Quidditch Pitch, it’s secluded, farther away from the castle, and one of Draco’s favorite places to be,” I started.

“No, it’s too clichéd. Do you know how many other girls have brought their boyfriends out there? Too many to make it original, that’s for sure. Have you thought about that going down by the one tree on the edge of the lake? The changing leaves colors will add a bit, not that you will really see them in the dark, but really just picture the scene,” Millicent supplied.

“Yeah, we thought about that, but that tree can be seen out of many of the Professors windows. Can you imagine if Professor McGonagall were to look out the window and just happen to look over at the tree? And think if things hadn’t even gotten started between Draco and me when she did so, how much longer would I have to walk around with my v card still intact?”

“What about going just inside the Forbidden Forrest? You would have the coverage of the trees, so you wouldn’t be seen, plus the excitement of going where you shouldn’t while doing something that you shouldn’t, could add to the moment,” Daphne suggested.

“Do you know how many creatures live in there? A lot! Besides that, some of the creatures actually talk with Dumbledore and keep him informed of the going ons in the Forrest, what if one of the creatures happened across us and snitched?”

“Are you sure you want to go through with this? You’re coming up with a lot of excuses not to do it than you are for trying to do it,” Millicent asked. “It’s not like you have to lose it now you know. Just look at Daphne, she still has hers and is perfectly fine with it.”

“Well I wouldn’t say that I’m perfectly fine with it, I just haven’t found the one that I want to lose it with and Pansy has.”

“I have never been as ready as I am now to lose my virginity; it’s just that I don’t want the moment to be ruined by Professors, or creatures for that matter, happening upon us. Just imagine the humiliation that would come from that. Talks, detention, letters home to the parents, though I don’t know how much my parents would really care. Actually, they would probably congratulate me for snagging the Malfoy heir, but still it would be humiliating for me to know that they know their daughter is no longer pure.”

“How about taking an unsupervised trip into Homemeade for the evening? There are plenty of places there that you could hide away at and there would be no Professor’s around to stop you. It’s not that far of a walk, and I’m sure that Draco would enjoy the little get away from the castle,” Millicent suggested.

“You have just been forgiven for being late,” I squealed and hugged Millicent. “I have just the place in mind for this to work.” Now the end of the week just needed to get here for me to get things started.


I had worked myself up all day about the nights planned activities so much so that I currently stood in a bathroom stall fearing that my lunch would be making its way back up. My outfit was complete and currently hidden under the school uniform, but I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to go through with the plan after all. I wanted this, I really did, but how was I going to be able to put my plan in motion if I couldn’t even come up with the courage to leave the stall?

“Pansy,” Millicent shouted out, “are you in there?”

“Here,” I called out feebly.

“Oh hunny, let us in,” Daphne said, knocking on the stall door.

I slowly stood up from my kneeling position by the toilet and unlocked the door, allowing Millicent and Daphne to spill in. They pulled me into a group hug, something the three of us hadn’t done in ages, and helped calm me down. By the time they were done with me, my confidence had been restored in me, and I was ready to take on Draco. Tonight, I would be losing my virginity.


“I think I’ve got her,” I told the guys as I sat down next to them at dinner, “by the end of this week I’m sure that she will cave into the powers of Blaise Zabini and I will have gained one more name for my list.”

“Alright Blaise,” Goyle said, clapping me on my back.

I was known all throughout Hogwarts for my long, yet exclusive, list of girls that I had been with. In my opinion why would someone want to just have one girl when the options are endless? I was the one that came behind a nasty break up, I put in the excruciating work of making the girl feel whole again, feel wanted, and beautiful. I was the one who took the not yet bloomed rose and made them into the blossom that they were meant to be. I took the weak person and made them strong, gave the frustrated an outlet, gave the smart a moment to unwind, and the not so smart the extra help that they needed. Behind every girl that I bed, I put in that extra work to make sure that when I was done with them, they wouldn’t just be another bitter person, instead, they would still have something to be thankful for when all was said and done.

It was interesting that while the girls knew my game, they knew what my ending goal was; they still came to me and allowed me to win them over. I don’t know if it was the hopes to forget their ex, or just let their hair down a bit, but whatever it was, I never had to look far for a girl. As a matter of fact, they usually approached me and practically begged for me to help them forget, if only for just one night. So really, I could be seen as the one being used, rather than being the user, but I found that I rather liked being used.


The end of the week couldn’t have come fast enough, but finally, it was here, and now it was time to put all of my planning into action. By the end of this night, I would no longer be a virgin. I was so excited yet nervous to begin my plan that all throughout my classes, I couldn’t sit still. It wasn’t that I was up and out of my seat constantly, but I couldn’t stop my legs from jiggling under the table. My stomach was also in a constant knot all day, it took a lot of effort just to eat any of the food in front of me for lunch but I didn’t want anyone else to realize that something was going on, especially Draco.

The first hurdle came though, when it was time for me to get ready. I looked beautiful, as I always did, but the help from Daphne and Millicent made me that much more so, but it wasn’t my looks that had me currently looked in a bathroom stall. I felt sick, sick to my stomach, and I wasn’t sure if it was just the knots in my stomach that continued to twist and turn or if I was honestly about to get sick. I was thankful for the two girls next to me, who I had finally let into the bathroom stall with me. They were my rock, and the more that they continued to talk to me, and make me realize how silly I was being for locking myself into a bathroom, the more that I began to think about how ready I was for this. It only took them both fifteen minutes of encouragement to have me completely worked up and ready to put the plan in action. Of course, this did put me behind by five minutes, and I still needed to find Draco.

I found that he wasn’t very hard to find at all, he was right where he always was, in the Slytherin common room sitting on the plush couch, Blaise by his side. They were all laughing about something when I walked in, and didn’t even take notice that their conversation had just been crashed. It was actually Blaise who first noticed my appearance there, but the hard nudge that he landed on Draco’s ribs quickly informed his blonde friend that his girlfriend was now here. He shot me an appreciative look, causing me to smile a small victory smile, before leaving the couch to join me.

“Let’s go to dinner,” I whispered in his ear as he wrapped his arms possessively around my waist.

“Everyone will be so jealous to see such a beauty on my arm, even Weasleby will wish to be me,” he said, and began pulling me out of the common room.

I waited until we were just outside of the Great Hall before I began to lay out my plan, “Actually, I was thinking we could have a private dinner tonight up in the Astronomy Tower, it’s already waiting for us.”

He looked at me a bit strange, but did not pull away when I began to steer him towards the staircase that would begin our journey to the Astronomy Tower. My nerves killed me the whole way up there, still unsure if I would be able to go through with my entire plan, but once I saw our meal and the view, I knew that there was really no better chance than this day, because no matter what else I would try to do, nothing would top this. I realized in that moment that I didn’t need the perfect summer romance that Millicent had in Paris, all I needed was sitting right next to me and that would be enough.

We dined and laughed a bit, the stars being our only other company, and it truly was a beautiful night. I really couldn’t have asked for much better. It was still warm out, so there would be no need for jackets or other things of that nature to get in our way once outside, and the blanket that we were currently sitting on would be easy to bring along. I really enjoyed myself around Draco, I wasn’t just with him for his money or name, though those things did help, but there was something about just being with him that always made me seem to glow.

After dinner, we walked hand in hand, which is a very rare thing for him to let me do, all the way to Hogsmeade. We walked past all the normal stops, Three Broomsticks, Madame Puddifoots, Zonko’s, and only stopped when we reached a small cave just outside of town. It was a few years ago that myself and Daphne had stumbled upon this place and had used it multiple times to get away from the bustle of the crowd. In all that time we had never seen another person come remotely close, so I thought that this would be the perfect place to bring Draco.

“Pansy, what are we doing here?” He asked as I pulled him into the security of the cave. “Not that I mind a little rendezvous off grounds, but this place seems a bit, filthy.”

“Well it may not be the cleanest space I could probably think of,” I told him, “but, it does give us a fair bit of privacy and away from any prying eyes.”

“Pansy, I don’t think,” Draco started before I cut him off with a kiss.

I dropped the blanket on the ground and wrapped my arms around his neck, trying to convey in this one kiss exactly what I wanted. My stomach was full of butterflies when I finally pulled away from him and looked him in the eyes. It was now or never. Slowly, I reached down to the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up and over my head, revealing to him for the first time the rather revealing negligee underneath.

“What are you doing Pansy,” He exclaimed.

“I’m ready Draco,” I told him, heart in my throat as my skirt fell to the ground.

“Put your clothes back on Pansy, we’re not doing this here.”

“But Draco-“

“Here,” he shoved my discarded clothes back at me. “I’ll be waiting outside for you.”

I stood there, holding onto my clothes, and watched as he left me. My heart broke in that moment; I could feel the weight crushing down on my chest making it hard to breath, to do anything. I watched him pace at the opening of the cave, never once even looking back at me, and wondered where did it go wrong. If I had worn the green negligee instead of this white one would he have wanted me then? Somehow, I had managed to summon up the ability to put my clothes back on and join him at the entrance; but every step that I took closer to Hogwarts seemed to add more pressure on my chest. Each step I took, took work, it took all I could not to collapse onto the rough grounds and let out all of my hurt and humiliation.

I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to make it back to Hogwarts beside Draco. We never once said a single word on our journey back, but my mind had been racing with them. I had finally figured out as we walked, that there had been a massive hole in my plot to seduce Draco; it would actually require that Draco wanted to be seduced, which apparently, he did not. He left me the moment we entered the Great Hall, veering off towards the stairs that would take him away from the Slytherin common room instead of towards.

The common room was quiet when I got there, something that I was very thankful for, and it seemed that everyone else had plans because only one other person was currently in the room. I walked over to him and plopped myself down, not saying a word. He briefly nodded his head towards me, before turning his attention back to the glowing fire pit, and taking a swig out of the cup that resided in his hands. We sat there for a few moments, sitting side by side in silence, until he asked the one question that made my stomach drop.

“So, how did Draco like his surprise?”

“How-,” I began, “how did you know?”

“Oh please, Millicent isn’t the best person to keep a secret. When Crabbe asked about your absence from the dinner table, she let your plans slip. I’m sure that Draco must have been pleased though, he says he’s been meaning to do it for ages.”

“Oh,” I whispered, a little shocked to learn that everyone knew about my plans and now everyone was probably going to know how horribly they failed. “Well, you know, it was great.” I tried to smile like it really had been, but I couldn’t get the smile to form.

“You couldn’t go through with it could you?” He asked. “The girls did say that you were very nervous and had to be purswayded out of the bathroom stall.”

“I actually had no problem following through with my plans,” I told him. “It was actually Draco who didn’t seem to want it. I mean I admit the place wasn’t the best, but I figured that it would work being so far away from prying eyes.”

“If it makes you feel any better Pansy, my girl stood me up tonight too,” he told me, placing his hand on my knee comfortingly.

I looked down at it just sitting there, and wondered briefly what it would feel like to be holding, and touching me as it had done with countless other girls before. It was in this moment that my walls fell and the tears began to fall. All I could think of was Draco throwing my clothes back at me, and the disgusted look that he had in his eyes.

“What did I do wrong?” I whispered, and leaned my body so my head could rest on Blaise’s shoulder.

“I’m sure you didn’t do anything wrong Pansy. Had it been me there, you would have found yourself thoroughly ravished and satisfied,” he joked.

“Prove it,” I whispered, and picked my body up off of his and searched his eyes before leaning in for a kiss.


I was unsure at first if I should push her away or not, but with each passing moment that she continued to kiss me, the more that I didn’t want it to end. In the end, I let my instincts take over and I began kissing her back. My hand moved easily up to cup her face, allowing me to keep her lips locked with mine, and giving me the upper hand. I could hear her moans as I picked up the intensity of our kissing and even once bit lightly on her bottom lip, causing her to moan louder. How could Draco have passed this up? I could tell in her actions that she was unsure of this, that she really didn’t know what she was doing, and for some reason that made me want her more.

“Let’s go somewhere more privet,” I breathed into her ear between soft bites.

I felt her nod against me and I slowly got up and held my hand out for her to take. I wasn’t sure where exactly I would take her but at this point I didn’t care, all I knew was that I wanted her and I wouldn’t be denied this chance. We took a left outside of the entrance and began walking down the hallway; hands still clasped together, and began looking for the perfect place. A familiar door came upon us and I let out a soft chuckle, wondering why I hadn’t thought of it before, and pulled us through the doorway.

“Blaise,” Pansy began before I cut her off with a kiss.

“Live a little,” I told her as I pushed her up against her usual desk in the Potions classroom. “Every time we are in here, I want you to think about this night, about us and what we are going to do. We all know that you don’t listen when Snape talks anyways, so now you have a real distraction to think about, something that is so much more interesting than anything Snape could ever say.”

I felt her completely relax against me since we first started kissing in the common room and knew that I had her. Pansy was now mine and no one could take that away from me, not even Draco. He had his chance earlier tonight with her and he passed it up but I would not be doing the same, I couldn’t back out now. She was under my skin and I wouldn’t be able to get her out of my thoughts until I was with her in every sense of the word.

We took our time, allowing each other to get to know the others body before anything happened. I made sure to go slow, it was her first time after all and I didn’t want to scare her off as I had other girls when I myself was new to the art. Everything about her drove me crazy and when both of our energies were spent, I, for the first time ever, stayed there with her and held onto her. It felt weird at first, staying there and allowing her to cuddle into me, but I found that I enjoyed it, and relished in the fact that she wanted to stay in that spot, in that moment with me too. I felt bad knowing that in the morning, I would act as if nothing had happened between the two of us, but she was out of my system now.

AN: I want to thank you all for reading the second chapter of my drama filled story! I do hope that you are enjoying the different looks into some of the Slytherins! Please leave a review and let me know what you think! I am looking for a beta for this project so if you are interested at all let me know! Thank you again for reading!

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The Secret Life of Slytherins: Week Two


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