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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 29 : Ego
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 Chapter Twenty-Nine

“They say it’s going to be the snowiest winter in forty years” said Hermione as we left the Weasley house to travel, by foot, to the Quidditch ground nearby where the charity match was being played. It was snowing again as we left and Jack was dressed in one of Hugo’s coats as it turns out they were the only things we had forgotten to pack; it was massive on him and stretched right down to his knees. Rose linked arms with Hugo and I as we walked down

“I could bloody do without this” she complained “I know it’s for charity and crap but I could really do without freezing my arse off for two hours whilst James the golden boy does the family proud once again”

“Does the family proud?” scoffed Hugo “Rosie, James may be the best looking and the best at Quidditch but I’d say he brings more shame and embarrassment than the rest of us put together. Last year he made a pass at the Minister’s wife at the Christmas party”

“You people aren’t going to drag me to that again are you?” I moaned as we reached the grounds which were completely covered in snow. Lucky Quidditch was played in the air though the snow was now very thick “I look like a complete tool their whilst everyone’s showing off their wonder children”

“We’ll just hide under a table with Lucy and Molly again” shrugged Hugo “It seems to work for them”

“Yeah because their parents are so far up their own arses they never notice their daughters going missing” pointed out Rose who went scarlett red as Ron started jumping up and down having seen the Potters who made their way over

“Ron, Ron honey stop jumping” Hermione whispered in a cross manner to her husband who soon stopped jumping as looked round at Rose and Hugo who both shook their heads. Al and Lily were the first to reach us, which meant Hugo, Rose and I were subjected to snowballs to the face, as Ginny, Harry and James were talking to some important looking people in pointy hats. I was quite intimidated by Al but it had nothing on how I was when James was around. He was a lot more confident, outgrowing and spontaneous than I was; he was also incredibly good-looking and it made me feel quite insecure about how I looked next to him. I did have one thing over him though; self-awareness. The guy was self-obsessed and very vain which often gave off the impression that he didn’t care about people’s issues and to be honest he probably didn’t. That’s not to say he wouldn’t beat the shit out of me if he found out I made out with his sister. On a bed.

“I’m so glad you’re here for Christmas” Al whispered to me as the rest of his family made their way over “James has just been given the position of lead chaser and he’s only 20 thus making him the youngest in the team’s history. You can only imagine what that had done to his ego”

“Why does that make you glad I’m here” I whispered back watching Hermione and Ron embrace their nephew who looked utterly embarrassed

“I might get some kind of intelligent conversation” Al whispered back “Rose aside, my cousins aren’t the brightest bunch nor do they have the common sense you do”

“Thanks Al” I said punching him on the shoulder. Jack stood right next to me with his little teeth chattering like there was no tomorrow. I cast an arm around him to make him warmer; because that’s what big brothers are for. In theory anyway; James just pushed Al completely out of the way nearly splitting his head open in the process. Al insulted James under his breath and stood to one side

“So Benson, here for the holidays again” said James “Nice to see you and all that; hope your treating Lily well” he added with a wink. Jack looked as confused as I felt by this comment

“Congrats on making head chaser” I said “That’s really good”

“Really good?” James scoffed “It’s the best thing ever; I’m the youngest head chaser in the whole of the league since 1909! I’ve got new sponsors, new magazine deals, a brand new state of the art broomstick, free passes into the best clubs; I’ve even hired myself a new manager. She’s called Anna, she’s really hot”

“And that’s the reason you hired her?” asked Rose in disbelief “James you are such a git. I’m betting she’s just some kind of crazy fan girls who only wants you for your body”

“She does get to see rather a lot of it” said James lifting up his t-shirt to reveal his very toned stomach. I tried not to stare. Honestly but you could great cheese with those abs. Rose threw some snow at his face sticking her tongue out in the process “If you must know Rosie” he shot back “Anna doesn’t seem that into me; which is out of the ordinary and rather disturbing but I’m sure I’ll win her round”

“You’re so cool” exclaimed Jack which made Hugo and I face palm. We had spent the last two years trying to make this kid think James was a douche.

“Cheers squirt” said James rubbing Jack’s hair; not hard to see who his new hero would be after tonight

“James is not cool Jack” said Hugo “He’s a womanizing, empty headed jerk who thinks way too much of his own self-importance”

“Love you too Hugo” said James sounding momentarily offended but he soon shrugged it off. Lily and Al looked generally mortified at their brother’s behaviour and breathed a sigh of relief when he was called away as the match was about to begin

“Always a delight your brother” I told Lily as we made our way to the seats “Never misses an opportunity to remind me of what an absolute twit he can be. I’m pretty sure Jack now thinks he’s the coolest person ever”

“I’ll put an end to that” barked Hugo casting an arm around Jack and taking him to one side; I was kind of worried Hugo would corrupt my brother’s mind eventually but I really liked the fact they were friends. Hugo seemed to regard Jack as his own little brother presumably as he hasn’t got one; Jack seemed to look up to Hugo in a weird way as well. It made me happy

“That’s James on a good day” said Lily “You don’t have to live with him. He didn’t even say hi to me or Al when we arrived back it was all about Quidditch and Anna”

“And when it wasn’t it was about how many girls he’s had this past week” said Al “If I was mum and dad I wouldn’t  let him get away with it; we have a certain reputation to maintain and James walking around the streets of London in just a pair of boxers isn’t exactly helping matters”

“Oliver” came a voice from behind me. I turned around to notice Harry and Ginny Potter advancing towards us. I shook their hands; I liked Harry and Ginny for all their fame they seemed perfectly down to earth and were easily the most normal of all the little families within the larger Weasley family

“How are you dear” said Ginny kissing me on both cheeks then Jack “Lily tells me you’re predicted all O’s in your NEWTS. Your mother must be very proud”

“Oh yeah she is thanks” I said going slightly red. I looked at Lily who shrugged as if to say she was sorry; I winked at her, she blushed and then giggled. Then I noticed that butterflies in my stomach were back as I looked at her. She looked gorgeous in her red coat which complimented her hair very well and her green eyes were particularly prominent

This can’t end well

“And how are you settling in on your first year little man” Harry asked Jack as we took our seats “Percy tells us you and Lucy are best friends”

“Yeah she’s cool” shrugged Jack in a way only an eleven year old boy could “Oliver, can I have money for a hotdog please?”

“You ate two hours ago” I exclaimed; Rose kicked me and forced me into letting Jack have one. Though when Rose also arrived back with a hotdog I gathered she had ulterior motives for making me. The match itself was OK and James definitely had the talent to back up his ego; unfortunately we were sat right in front of some fan girls who screamed like banshee’s everytime James so much as looked at the Quaffle. Al looked like he wanted to die whilst Ginny looked like she wants the fan girls to die and eventually put a silencing spell around them.

I ended up sitting next to Lily who hugged me tightly when James scored his hat trick. We were both awkward as the hug ended and both blushed, soon parting and not really looking at eachother for the rest of the match. I thought no one had seen us but I noticed Hermione, Ginny and Rose whispering and giggling every so often. Hugo was oblivious he was busy listing all the wrongs James had ever done to him to Jack.

James’s team eventually won and we had to deal with his egotistical crap for the rest of the night as Ron invited the Potters to stay

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