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The Painful Patronus by Draco and Me
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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“Settle down 6th years, settle down!” Professor McGonagall called to her cover class. She was in fact covering for the Defence against the Dark Arts Class.  “I said Quiet!”

The whole class immediately settled down at the startling screech that sounded from the Professor’s mouth. McGonagall? What’s she doing here? We are in defence against the dark arts right? Surprised murmurs echoed around the dungeons

“Right then, now that I have caught your attention,” she glared around at the students before her “I will tell you what is planned for today’s lesson.”

“I will be covering for your lessons as you learn this specific topic.
Now that you are old enough to, you will be taught how to produce a Patronus Charm.” She paused for a breath as the class erupted into quiet and shocked conversation.

“Now, this is very advanced magic and is not something that can be conjured up first time. It takes a lot of time, work and effort! Partner up please!”

The class divided off into pairs immediately and everyone waited around for the professor to give them their instructions.

“To produce a Patronus, you must conjure up the happiest memory that you can think of, and keep it at the front of your mind as your focal point.  As you think of this memory, you must really focus on it and say “Expecto Patronum!” Understand? Good! Then all please have a go and remember, do not be disheartened if it doesn’t work as a Patronus Charm has never been produced on a first try!”

Mutterings of Expecto Patronum bounced off the walls of the dungeons as everyone tried to focus as hard as they could. Bright sparks of blue light shot from the ends of wands as the efforts of the students began to work, nobody quite managing to produce a full charm though.
One student in particular was trying their very hardest even though this task wasn’t the easiest thing for them to do.

Omunique Silvia Estorvia Petal Ebony Averis was a 16 year old girl who hadn’t had the easiest of starts in life. Her parents, Muggles, had disowned her having found out when Omunique was just 5, that their daughter was a witch. They believed that this was a curse because they refused to give. When Omunique was 4, she managed to make strange things happen without meaning to when she was angry, things that she couldn’t control. Her parents believed that something must have been wrong; they took her to a hospital where an undercover wizard was working as a doctor. It was he who had broken the news. Her parents had taken a long time to convince, but in the end, they finally caved in to what she really was.
Her parents thought she was a burden so told the wizard that he must find someone to look after her as she was no longer wanted. The wizard himself took quite a liking to the young girl and decided, after conferring with his wife, that they would be the ones to look after this child.

Omunique had not always had this name. After being taken to live with Doctor Averis, he and his wife decided that now that she had a new life, she deserved a new name. Having once been Gem Brown, she became: Omunique Silvia Estorvia Petal Ebony Averis.

 The Averis’ were her new family and that she was happy with, but being given up by her true parents for being what she was knocked her self esteem an incredible amount and had had trouble with who she was ever since.

Life with the Averis’ was amazing though; she grew up like many other magical children and was very much loved.

Somehow, trying to conjure up a happy thought to produce her Patronus was proving hard for Omunique. Although she had many, only of her new life, whenever she tried to focus on one, she was instantly reminded of her real parents and their hatred for her, causing her to lose focus and produce a weak spark that dissolved in the air.Why now? she thought I thought i'd moved on.

Finally, the lesson drew to a close but Professor McGonagall announced that their homework was to practise the Patronus Charm for next lesson.

Omunique left the lesson with her three friends Rose Weasley, Amelie Redwood and Albus Potter, but still, the horrible memories of her parents lingered in her mind dampening her mood for the rest of the day.



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