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Christmas Craziness - After the Horcrux Series by Manwe Valarian
Chapter 1 : Drama Drama everywhere
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 Arthur Weasley leaned back in the chair and sipped his mulled cider. He enjoyed watching his children and grandchildren play Quidditch from the comfort of his daughter’s dining room.

“Ginny and Harry planned this property out well, Molly,” he shouted to his wife in the kitchen. “I feel like an owner of a Quidditch team sitting in his private luxury box.”

“They will be glad you are enjoying it dear. It is a good sight better than sitting outside with Hermione, Fleur, and Audrey,” she yelled back to him.

Arthur was staring out through a large picture window located in the back wall of Ginny and Harry’s dining room. Their house only had four rooms on the bottom floor; the entrance and sitting room, the kitchen, the dining room, and Harry and Ginny’s office. They each had their own desk and workspace in the office. Although the house had only four rooms each room was enormous. They were large enough to hold three generations of Weasleys at one time.

The house sat on a plot of land almost three times as large as the Burrow’s. Another difference was this land wasn’t filled with trees and broken down buildings, but it was open meadow surrounded by wooded hills on all four sides. The backyard had a full sized pitch complete with three rings at each end and a small grandstand. The broom shed wasn’t a shed but a changing room and broom maintenance building with a large fireplace. It could hold ten to fifteen people in it at one time. During the summer the family would spend all afternoon outside watching the various members playing Quidditch. Today it was too cold and snowy for him to sit outside. The cold and snowy day didn’t bother him, because it created the perfect Christmas day.

Arthur sat in the warm house and watched the family game while Molly fussed over the meal in the kitchen. His one granddaughter Roxy was lying on the floor beside him drawing a picture of the game. She was tall and athletic looking like her mother, but she was also an extremely talented artist, so she did not play Quidditch she sketched it. She drew and painted many things that her father, George, sold at the joke shop.

Angelina was angry with George at first, until she realized that he was buying painting and sketching supplies with money and giving them to Roxy. She now has a small studio in her bedroom. She never goes anywhere without a sketch pad and several artist pencils. She wanted to take her entire stock of art supplies to Hogwarts this year, her first. Angelina and George argued with her for hours before she finally conceded to going with a quarter of the trunk filled with art supplies.

“Watch this Grandfather,” said Roxy.

She tapped her wand to the parchment and whispered a few words. The characters that she sketched started to move. Soon they were flying intricate patterns while tossing the Quaffle back and forth.

“My goodness Roxy, how did you do that,” exclaimed Arthur. “That looks just like the match outside. I see Ginny, Albus, your mum and dad, there’s Charlie, Rosie, Hugo, and Scorpius. Why that is just amazing how you can do that.”

“Thank you, Grandfather,” she said very properly.

“We will have to talk to your Aunt Ginny about you going to Quidditch matches with her. You could sketch the game and the Daily Prophet could show everyone what happened while Ginny writes about it.”

“I don’t think the Charm will duplicate to other papers,” she said shyly. “I’ll ask Rosy about it. She is the one that taught it to me.”

“Well that is no surprise,” he said with a laugh. “You keep drawing dear. Some day you shall have a wonderful career from your talents.”

Roxy’s blush showed though her chocolate colored cheeks. Arthur smiled at her innocent reaction. It was good to have such wonderful grandchildren. He turned his attention back to the Quidditch match outside. He shivered just thinking about them out there flying around in this frigid weather, Warming Charms can only do so much.

He took another sip of his mulled cider and sniffed the air. It was filled with the enchanting aromas of Christmas dinner. There was turkey, ham, and a large beef roast. The pies that had been baked earlier before everyone went outside filled the air with the scent of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Then there was the fresh baked bread, his stomach grumbled loudly as he considered everything sitting in the kitchen.

“Molly, dear, it has been a long time since breakfast. You don’t suppose you could find me something to nibble on so I won’t waste away?”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Molly Weasley stopped waving her wand over the food and stared at Molly Weasley, her granddaughter to Percy and Audrey. She was so happy that her namesake had taken to cooking like she had when she was a girl. It filled her with pride to be able to pass on many of her recipes, techniques, and spells to another woman in her family.

Little Molly wasn’t a woman, but she was a fantastic cook. The girl can toss together a quick, nutritious, and filling meal in a matter of minutes. Considering she was only in her third year, that was most impressive.

Her granddaughter didn’t have the red hair and freckles of a Weasley. She looked like Audrey’s side of the family with brown hair and a sallow complexion, but she had her cooking talents. Since Audrey handed the cooking over to little Molly, Percy has gained ten to twenty pounds the past two summers when Molly was home from Hogwarts. It also explains why Mr. By-the-rules, Percy, allowed his third year daughter to use magic away from Hogwarts.

“What do you think, Molly?” she asked her granddaughter.

“I don’t know Grandpa,” said little Molly loud enough to be heard in the dining room. “The snack might spoil your appetite.”

Laughter could be heard from the dining room. It sounded as if Roxanne had told her grandfather; “I told you so.”

“I am a Weasley, nothing can spoil my appetite,” he shouted back out to them.

Both Mollys laughed at his response.

“Fix him a small plate. Slice some ham and use a couple of the rolls, and another cider, dear.”

The little teenager expertly sliced the ham. She quickly made a couple of sandwiches, grabbed a flask of mulled cider and left the kitchen for the dining room.

The matriarch of the Weasley family went back to Charming the food. Everything was ready. The match could end right now and by the time everyone got back inside they could all tuck in, if ….

“Arthur, has James shown up?”

“No dear, he still hasn’t arrived with his girlfriend,” Arthur shouted back to her.

“It figures he would find a way to complicate things. He had to be the descendant of his grandfather and my twins,” she mumbled to herself, as she finished Charming the food. “Is the match about over? We should eat without him, if he is going to be this inconsiderate of others.”

“I agree Grandmum. If James can’t be here when he said he would be than he doesn’t deserve to get any food,” Little Molly huffed.

Molly raised her eyebrows at the girl. She was definitely Percy’s daughter.

“Sweet Merlin!” shouted Arthur.

“What happened did they catch the Snitch?” shouted Molly.

“No, Ginny just hit the ground at full speed and blasted snow everywhere,” exclaimed Arthur. “She is up again. That girl’s as tough as dragon scales.”

“She is a forty year-old mother of three children. She shouldn’t be playing Quidditch like she was twenty,” shouted Molly as she ran to a window to see the condition of her little girl.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny stood up. Her entire left side was throbbing in pain, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her from getting back on the broom. She brushed the snow off her face. She could now see something other than white. Her husband’s concerned face greeted her.

“Are you alright? That was a nasty fall,” said Harry as he stared at her.

“I’ve hit harder. The snow broke my fall,” she lied to try to calm him, but she could tell by his expression that it didn’t work. “I’ve hit harder before and it didn’t bother me. Let’s finish the match.”

“No, I think we should all go inside, it is getting dark and everything should be ready to eat,” said Harry.

“No,” insisted Ginny. “I want to finish this…,” She had tried to lift her leg over the broom, but the pain made her entire left side clench up and she started to fall. She didn’t hit the snow, because Harry had his arms wrapped around her.

A crowd formed around her, Hermione was right besides her waving her wand and casting Sensing Charms to detect what was damaged on her. Ginny may not have had a fall like that since she quit Quidditch when she was pregnant with James, but she could tell nothing was broken. She broke too many bones in the past to forget that feeling.

“She doesn’t have any broken bones,” announced Hermione.

“I could have told you that,” retorted Ginny waspishly. Hermione glared at her.

“You do have significant bruising. A woman your age shouldn’t be riding a broom that carelessly,” snapped Hermione.

Ginny was about to say something back, but Harry’s snort of laughter caught her attention.

“You agree with her,” she snapped venomously.

“I was laughing at your facial expressions,” he said trying to avoid the question. All the husbands, her brothers, started to call him a coward.

“I am not old. I am just out of practice. I used to do that roll every game,” she shouted at everyone around her. She went to pull away from Harry, but the pain made her gasp.

“All right, that is enough silliness,” stated Harry. “You, young lady, are going back up to the house. The match is over…,”

“We win,” shouted Fred II, Albus, and Hugo.

“No we win,” shouted Ron. We were ahead by 200 points.

“You forfeited,” shouted Hugo at his dad.

“No one won,” interjected Harry. “The match is only being delayed until the next time we can play. We will pick this up later. Haven’t you noticed that the sun has almost set, and I am sure that dinner is ready?”

“Let’s eat,” shouted Fred II.

Everyone else took off flying to the broom shed. Harry looked at Ginny. “Can you fly?”

“It would be best if I walked and loosen up my side,” she admitted to him. That admission hurt her almost as much as the fall.

“I can take your brooms back to the broom shed and clean them up, Mr. and Mrs. Potter,” said Scorpius Malfoy.

Ginny smiled at the son of the git that made her life miserable while she was at Hogwarts. He was a good young man, but he had a secret, that she and Harry and others helped keep.

“Sure, Scorpius, don’t take too long, or else you won’t get anything to eat,” Harry advised him.

“I’ll only be a minute, Mr. Potter,” he said with a smile.

Ginny watched the young man walk away. Most everyone else had already dropped their broom off in the broom shed and was moving quickly to the house for food. She watched as Fred II dared Albus and Hugo in a race to the house. He tried to Apparate, but couldn’t because Harry had placed Anti-Apparation Charms on the property.

“Uncle Harry, why do have Anti-Apparation Charms on the property,” he yelled as he ran to catch up with the other two boys.

“Your dad told me he saw you trying to Apparate on a broom,” Harry shouted back to him.

Ginny turned back to see Hermione staring at the broom shed. She looked that direction and saw Rose enter with Scorpius. Ron had already left and was walking to the house with Bill, Charlie, Percy, and George.

“I wish she was more careful,” said Hermione softly.

“Careful?” questioned Ginny. She raised her eyebrows for emphasis. Hermione looked at her with a puzzled expression before realizing what she was thinking.

“No! Not that, Merlin, she better not be doing that. They are only sixth years after all,” blurted out a flustered Hermione. “Her father is going to figure it out soon and I don’t want it to be today. Who knows what he will do. I am amazed he hasn’t made any snide remarks about Scorpius’ heritage.”

“Ron can be mature at times,” Harry said defending his best friend.

Hermione smiled at him. “I know Harry, and it’s always a shock when he is.”

The three friends laughed at her comment as they walked towards the house. It was a perfect Christmas day. The fresh white snow on the ground was knee high to Ginny, the air was cold and crisp. The snow covered the roof of their two story house gave it a picturesque look. The house looked like an artist’s painting, but it was filled with a real loving family and enough food to feed a small city.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry opened the door to his house and was hit by the volume of the conversation of all the people talking at once. His mother-in-law was shouting at everyone to get out of the kitchen. She was being supported by Percy’s daughter Molly. They acted so much alike that they even sounded similar, except Percy’s Molly had a much higher voice.

As he walked, he removed the cloak he wore to play winter Quidditch and hung it up. He helped Ginny off with hers and also hung up Hermione’s. He was busy finding a place to hang the coats up as Ginny and Hermione walked to the kitchen to help with the meal.

He smiled when he heard his mother-in-law ask Ginny “what she was thinking playing Quidditch like that at her age”. Harry knew that Ginny was having a difficult time dealing with being considered the new Weasley matriarch, and any mention of her age seemed to set her off even more.

He looked around the sitting room at everyone. They all had biscuits and hot chocolate. He noticed that Teddy had made an appearance with his wife. They were sharing a chair together. Teddy had his arm wrapped around her waist and was whispering something in her ear. She giggled and a blush crept up her neck. It must have been something rather explicit to make a part Veela blush.

Bill had also noticed this behavior. He walked up behind Teddy and slapped his head. “Enough of that, you two act like you haven’t seen each other in a year.”

“Sorry Daddy,” said Victoire. She pulled away from Teddy, but he wouldn’t take his arm from around her waist.

“Sometimes being on assignment can seem like months, or even a year,” said Ron. “Isn’t that right, Harry?”

Harry looked at his best friend, who at this moment was surveying a chess board planning his next move to beat Albus.

“That’s right, Ron,” he stated, “But! Remember Teddy, you and Victoire must set an example for the young members of the family,” said Harry. When he heard the words he had just said, he realized how old he had become.

“Yes, Vic, please spare us our innocence,” shouted Lily Luna. She was sitting on one of the large window seats with Roxy.

“I hear Sky Franklin has already done that,” said Albus louder than he intended.

The entire sitting room went silent when Lily stood up with fists clenched and eyes blazing with anger. Harry and everyone else stared at Lily now. He noticed that Ginny had somehow heard or timed her entrance from the kitchen perfectly to be standing there and staring at her fourteen year old daughter.

“Albus, that was uncalled for. Apologize to your sister,” ordered Harry. He remembered James talking about this boy three days or a year ago, depending on what timeline you use.

“Why? I am just repeating what he has been saying about Lily, Dad,” pleaded Albus. “Ask James or Scorpious, they will tell you.”

“You are only saying that because you don’t like Sky,” screamed Lily.

“Albus, Lily, this is not the time or place…,” Harry began to say, but Lily cut him off.

“I hate you,” she screamed at Albus, as she ran for the stairs with her long red hair flowing out behind her.

Harry watched his little girl run for the stairs. He hated seeing her upset. He turned his attention back to Albus.

“Dad, I am not lying,” pleaded Albus. “He is saying a lot about Lily that I hope isn’t true.”

“What is he saying,” demanded Ginny, as she jumped into the conversation.

“You don’t want to hear Aunt Ginny,” said Fred II.

“Does anyone else know this Sky Franklin?” asked Ginny.

“He’s a total git,” said Roxy. “I have no idea why she is dating him.”

“A real wanker,” said Hugo.

“Hugo, language,” snapped Hermione.

Harry was puzzled why his daughter would date someone like that. Without saying anything, he left the sitting room and climbed the stairs two steps at a time. He found Lily’s door closed. He stood there unsure what to do, but he knew he had to do something. Without any plan, he knocked on the door.

“Lily, are you alright,” he said softly to the closed door.

He stood there waiting for a response, but none came. He knocked again and called to his daughter. He waited for a minute for any type of a response. Irritated at being ignored, he pulled his wand and cast several Detection Charms. He could tell she hadn’t cast any spells on the room. This puzzled him why she was so silent.

“Lily, I know you can hear me,” he said sternly. “Either you respond to me or I will come in. You know I can do that.”

“Of course you can, you are the great Harry Potter,” she said venomously from the other side of the door.

Harry was shocked at her response. He and Ginny had always tried to keep their celebrity status under control. Albus and James never said anything about his fame with that tone of voice. What had happened that she resented him this much?

“Lily, why did you say that? You know I don’t want to be a celebrity. I don’t want to be famous.”

“It doesn’t matter if you want it. You are and I am your daughter,” she snapped at him through the door.

“I don’t understand. Let me come in and we can talk about this,” he pleaded with her.

“No, please, I don’t think I could face you right now,” she said softly through the door. “I couldn’t stand to see you look at me with that disappointed expression on your face.”

Harry could tell she was just on the other side of the door by her voice. Why was she this upset?

“Lily, you know I will always be proud of you,” he whispered softly to her.

He waited for a response, but she didn’t’ say anything for several minutes.

“No, I don’t think you would,” she choked out.

His heart clenched at that statement. What had she done with this wanker, Sky Franklin? If he took advantage of his daughter, he will have him thrown in the deepest darkest hole in Azkaban to rot. His anger was ready to explode, but not at Lily. He wanted to find this Sky Franklin, his parents and anyone who would stand upon the wanker’s behalf.

“Did he hurt you?” he hissed out. “I will have him arrested if he hurt you.”

“That’s what I mean, Dad,” she screamed from the other side of the door.

Harry stood back and stared at the door, as if he was staring at his daughter, with a puzzled expression. “What do you mean, ‘that is what you mean’? I am only concerned about your welfare. I won’t have people hurting me.”

“So if a boy breaks my heart, you will have him arrested?” she snorted at him. “Who would want to date me, knowing that I am the Great Harry Potter’s precious daughter? Who, but a crazy boy, would ever want to take the chance of having you angry at them? It’s bad enough that there are rumors going all over Britain about how great you are, but we spend almost half our first year learning about you and everything you had done. Many of the people in my class look at you like you are the greatest wizard ever. During my first year I was complaining about you to some of my friends like they were complaining about their parents. They all stopped and yelled at me for criticizing you. They believed that I had nothing to complain about. They all think you are perfect in every way.”

Harry finally realized what was bothering her. He remembered dealing with his fame while in school, but many times he was ostracized because everyone thought he was going to be the next dark lord. He hated having to deal with his own fame, but if he ever complained about something his classmates never told him off about it. Here was Lily not even feeling that she was able to vent her frustrations at her parents with her friends without being lambasted for be an ungrateful daughter.

He was going to apologize for creating that persona, but he didn’t get the chance because Lily unloaded on him with more of her social problems.

“I know that Sky is a git, and even a wanker, but he is the only bloke in that entire school who will ask me out. There are boys who will talk to me, but none that would ever want to do anything else. Almost half of the boys that will even talk to me are my own cousins.

“I wanted to be asked to Hogsmeade last year, but no one would ever ask me. Finally, Sky comes along this year and asks me to the first Hogsmeade weekend. I was so happy to have a boyfriend. All my friends had Hogsmeade dates, some had more than one boy ask them out. I just want to be normal Dad.

“No! I had to be Lily Potter the daughter of Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived and the savior of the magical world. I am also named for my famous grandmother, and I have red-hair like she did. I cannot escape being this untouchable object.

“Sky didn’t mind it,” she said ruefully. “I think he enjoyed that I was a celebrity. It made him Alpha male in our class.”

Harry waited for her to continue, but she had stopped talking. He wanted to ask her directly what Sky had done to make her act this way.

“We never did anything beyond what mum told me was acceptable,” Lily said sadly form the other side of the door.

Harry wanted to ask what Ginny had told her she could do with boys. If it was up to him, she would only be allowed to hold hands. Ginny would be a little more lenient with the limitations on Lily. However, if Lily was behaving herself, why would she be so sure that he would be disappointed with her?

“Lily, why would I be disappointed with you, if you stayed within the limitations that your mum set?” He thought he asked the question calmly, but he must have been a little venomous with his question.

“You are angry with me,” she stated from the other side of the door.

“No, dear, I am not. I am just confused what has you so upset?”

“Sky has been bragging to people about…,” she stopped talking and he could imagine her swallowing hard on the other side of the door. “He has told people that we shagged, and he was my first. I figured that maybe the other boys wouldn’t be so afraid of me.”

“Lily,” snapped Harry. “Do you have any idea how stupid that plan was? Any boy who would approach you because of a reputation like that would only be interested in shagging you. Is that what you want? Any boy who might have been interested in having a normal relationship might not want to get involved with you now…,”

“If mum had a reputation, you wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with her?” snapped Lily from the other side of the door.

Harry was shocked at her saying this. There had been a time early in their relationship where angry words led to accusations that made him think that very thing. As much as the thought of Ginny being with anyone else caused him misery, he still loved her.

“You wouldn’t have dated her,” Lily accused.

“Yes, I would have,” he said. “You can’t use what I would have done. Your mother and I have a unique relationship. I sometimes think we were destined to be together.”

“That is what I want,” she said. “I want what you two have.”

“We never dated until my sixth and Ginny’s fifth. Please don’t destroy your chance at happiness, by the choices you are making now, Lily. I believe that there is always someone out there for you.”

“I just want to find them, Daddy. I want to have someone ask me to be their girlfriend. As long as they are afraid of you, that won’t happen.”

“Are you sure it is my reputation or your temper?” teased Harry. He smiled as he heard her laughing on the other side of the door.

“You married Mum and her temper is worst than mine,” replied a happier Lily.

“I didn’t have choice. She was going to Hex me if I didn’t. I couldn’t have my reputation ruined, so I married her.”

The sound of Lily’s laughter made his heart light. It was good to know that he could still make her laugh.

“Are you ready to come downstairs for Christmas dinner?”

“No, not right now,” she said calmly. “I want to reapply my makeup. It is a little blotchy now.”

“You are beautiful even without makeup. We are planning on eating soon, so don’t take too long,” he said as he stepped away from the door. Something made him stop and walk back to the door. “I love you and am proud of you, Lily Luna.”

“Thank you Daddy,” she said sweetly through the door.

Harry turned and walked towards the stairs. He smiled at the appearance of red hair and brown eyes visible over the top step. The stairs were open from the first floor except the upper quarter that passed through the second floor. Ginny was sitting on the stairs so she could lean against the railing and watch him talking to their daughter.

He walked over to her and sat down on the step across from her.

“How long have you been sitting here?”

“Since you came up, and I could also hear Lily,” said Ginny. She was staring at him with a strange expression in her eyes.

“Well how did I handle it?”

“You did alright for being a bloke,” she teased him. “I told Lily that if she really liked someone that she could snog and touch a little…,”

“What!” shouted Harry, but Ginny glared at him so he kept quiet.

“Nothing under the clothes,” she continued. “However, I stressed that she must actually like this boy for more than a snog to go that far at her age. I never thought she would do that.”

Harry barely heard her. He was trying to block the image of Lily touching a bloke or worse some bloke touching his little girl. He better get a cell in Azkaban ready for future boyfriends. Ginny’s lips broke his train of thought as they locked onto his lips.

“You are a good father and husband,” Ginny said after pulling away from the kiss.

“Thank…,” he stopped talking as loud voices echoed up from below. He could hear Albus and Fred II talking and it sounded like they were talking to Ron. There was a slam of the front door followed by people moving frantically around.

Harry looked at Ginny, who was also listening to the activities below them. He was going to ask her what she thought had happened, when Albus appeared at the bottom of the stairs.

“Mum, Dad, you need to get down here. Uncle Ron just left to find out what’s taking Rose and Scorpius so long putting the brooms away in the shed.”

“Oh no!” said Harry and Ginny together.

The front door just closed again. Harry looked at his son.

“Who was that?”

“Aunt Hermione just left also,” said Albus.

“She will be able to handle Ron. I think it would be best if we leave it to that family.” Harry looked at Ginny for conformation. She looked a little peaky. “Not exactly what you had planned for our Weasely Christmas dinner.”

“No, not at all,” she moaned out as she placed her head in her hands.

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