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dirty little secret. by ohmymerlin
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He picks her up and she wraps her legs around his waist, kissing him passionately. Their moans echo around the empty Manor and together they stumble through the dark rooms.

They finally reach his bedroom and they fall onto the large bed, their kiss still unbroken. He pushes her up against the head of the bed and starts pulling at her shirt, begging for its removal.

She pulls away, grinning sneakily and with a quick movement, her clothes have landed in a pile. His soon join hers and before they know it, they’re rising and falling, panting in the dead of the night.

They treat each other indifferently at work, as if they were mere acquaintances. She’ll usually slip him a note and he’ll know when to meet her.

He would usually burn the letter, in hopes of destroying any evidence but the marks are plastered all over him.

His eyes hid a million truths, her hair becomes knotted, his robes are askew, her lips are swollen.

It’s a wonder that no one had discovered their dirty little secret.

He laughs happily at the party they attend. He wraps his arm around an unfamiliar waist, taking a sip of his champagne. She enters with a new man and they lock eyes, knowing what they want is something they could never have.

She looks away from him, her cherry lips twisting into a scowl and he looks back at the girl tucked under his arm. She was painfully familiar; she was nearly the girl he loved.

But she wasn’t. She looked a lot like her, but she wasn’t her. Her eyes were lighter in colour, her hair darker. She was half a centimetre shorter than her, but if you didn’t look closely, you’d mistake them for the same person.

When they meet again, she looks pale. She tells him that she is tired of it and they decide to tell each of their partners the truth.

They spend the night together, savouring each moment.

He starts to tell his girlfriend but he backs out of it, like the coward he has always been. He panics and returns to work, to clear his head.

She’s there, looking as distraught as he is. She tells him that she couldn’t do it and he tells her that he couldn’t either.

They are relived and together they fall back onto the desk, embracing each other and shedding each other’s clothes.

They spend each night together now, under the pretence of working on a new project.

When he is with his girlfriend people often tell him that they are expecting wedding bells; he usually laughs it off and locks eyes with her.

He always maintained that he’d never get married and she was the only one that understood that. Marriage was a prison, locking people up, constantly breathing down their necks.

He was happier when he wasn’t being tied down. He wants to leave his girlfriend but if he does, he knows he’ll never see her again.

And he doesn’t want to risk that.

His fiancé is meant to be dress-shopping so he is surprised when he sees her sister at the door. She gives him a sultry smile and slips in the apartment, taking off her coat, revealing her naked body.

He grins and picks her up, carting her to his bedroom. She throws her arms around his neck and before he falls down on the bed with her, he puts the portrait of him and his fiancé face down.

It’s his wedding night and he feels like he has been in a daze the whole time. She walks past him, whispers something suggestive in his ear and after a few minutes, he excuses himself from his new wife. She smiles at him and he quickly pecks her before leaving to find her sister.

He walks outside and a hand darts out and pulls him into a dark crevice. Her lips capture his in a searing kiss and he pushes her up against the wall.

He doesn’t feel this way with his new wife but he still keeps quiet.

It has been years and things are different in his life. On the outside they are married, one the inside they are mere acquaintances.

They have children and they are ever-changing. His family is no longer a constant in his life.

He walks to a familiar apartment and lets himself in. She’s waiting and he smiles. She’s been the constant throughout his life, he knows that it was wrong but he didn’t care.

After all this time, Astoria was still his dirty little secret.

this was a secret santa gift, so if anyone has a few tips you can tell me in a review. ;)

hope you all liked it and hopefully my secret santa-ee likes it! :D


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