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Shade of Winter by darkkid
Chapter 2 : Everything Was Different
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"I need your help," Narcissa said as she settled into a plump, dark green chair. The room was quaint and warm, yet it was eerie and uninviting at the same time. On the walls, overtop of the frayed bottle green wallpaper, there were grotesque mounts of house elves, and centered above the fire place was an image Narcissa was very familiar with. The Black Family crest. "You said something," Narcissa whispered, "not too long ago about someone who can make all of our deepest wishes come true." She looked nervously around the small room as she spoke as if the dead house elves could listen in.

Bellatrix allowed a smile to form on her face as she sat down in a matching green chair across the room. This sneer was one Narcissa had never seen on her sister before. It was sinister. "The Dark Lord," Bellatrix whispered.

The Dark Lord.

Narcissa faintly recalled the name. It was one her husband had mentioned from time to time, but she never sought for more information. Now that she thought about it, she even remembered Bellatrix and Rodolphous mentioning the name on more than one occasion. In fact, nearly everyone she had associated herself with knew of this "Lord." Why wasn't she aware of this apparently powerful wizard?

"He can help me?" Narcissa asked slowly. She was starting to get a heavy feeling in her stomach, one of either dread or anticipation. She wasn't sure which, for her emotions seemed to all feel the same recently.

"He can help all of us," Bellatrix whispered. The look on her face was drenched with obsession. "All you have to do is ask." She gently rubbed at her wrist as she spoke.

"Bella," Narcissa said quietly. "I want a child. And we've tried and tired, but it's just not happening and I don't know what to do anymore. Can this Lord help me with that?"

"The Dark Lord," Bellatrix corrected. "And he can help."

"What is the price?" Narcissa was beginning to feel unsettled about this person, but her curiousity was not allowing her to walk away without the answers she desired.

"Only loyalty." Bellatrix's smile was corrupted again. The sinister smile. It was almost frightening.

"And with my loyalty," Narcissa spoke. "I will, in turn, get a child?"




Narcissa awoke the next morning feeling cold. So cold. It was like winter had settled into the pit of her stomach and a blizzard was making its way through her flesh. Her body was covered in a cold sweat that was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. She felt as if death caressed her very soul.

She had remained in bed with her eyes closed for what felt like an hour. Finally, Narcissa peeked open one eye and slowly the room came into focus. She wasn't sure what she was expecting, but she was happy to see that her bedroom was exactly as it had looked last night when she crawled into bed next to her sleeping husband.

Down the hall she could faintly hear Lucius speaking harshly to one of the elves, but that sound seemed distant compared to the intensity of her beating heart. Thump-thump. Thump-thump.

As she sat up from bed she recalled the events that had played out the previous night.

"Why do you call upon me?"

Narcisssa remember how mean this man seemed. Mean, yet intoxicating. He had a pull over her from the start.

"My sister," Bellatrix said with a hint of fear on her voice. "Narcissa. She needs your help, My Lord."

The way the man's pale blue eyes met hers... it was a moment she would never forget. He was so fierce.

"Who are you?"

"Narcissa Malfoy. I n-need your h-help."

Why had her voice trembled so? Why was she afraid?

"Malfoy? As in Lucius Malfoy?"

"He is my husband."

Narcissa listened in as Lucius ordered the elf to retrieve more coffee. The day was so normal, yet everything was different.

"I want a child. Can you help me?"

She recalled the last words she heard The Dark Lord spoke.

"With every desire comes a price. I can help you, but you must first offer me your word. You will promise to remain loyal to your Dark Lord."

Narcissa remembered nodding her head wildly, almost in a panic.

"Yes. Yes, I give my word that I will forever remain loyal to my Dark Lord."

The rest of the night was blank. She only remembered a faint chanting of words and a stream of yellow light. Now all she had on her mind was questions. How did she make it back home? Did the Lord's incantation work? Why was this man capable of granting her wish when no other healer had been able to? What kind of magic was this?

Narcissa was almost positive that this was not any normal magic. It felt dark and made her feel cold. She wasn't pregnant yet, but she was determined that by the end of the day should would be.

Narcissa left the warm blankets and dressed quickly. Her stomach still felt heavy and cold, but it was a feeling she was able to ignore.

And so she continued on with the day as if nothing had changed.

Author's Note:
I apologize for how short this was.
Thank you for reading, though! And leave a review with your thoughts! Thank you!

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