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Following the Stag by mssrprongs
Chapter 1 : A Shimmery, Silver Light
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There's something strange in the air when two people meet and instantaneously know that they're meant for one another. Sometimes they'll act on it, for others... The sparks they see only bring a separation between the two. Whether that's because they're afraid or they don't want it to be is hard to tell. But then again, when it's between two eleven year olds not much can really be done for the situation.

"I like you." That's where it starts. One person admits their feelings to the other. Just as Jamie Potter did on the boat ride to the castle to a less-than-enthused Lucas Evans. His ginger hair was swept across the top of his head the way most young boys wore their hair and his piercing green eyes remained focused ahead, watching the glass-like surface of the black lake as they crossed to Hogwarts. "Hey, did you hear me?"

Slowly, almost at what Jamie thought was a glacier pace, he turned his head and looked at her. She pushed her glasses up her nose and tucked a strand of unruly jet black hair behind her ear. "I heard you, but I don't think you understand what you're saying so I'm choosing not to answer you."

Jamie was flabbergasted to say the least. Never had anyone ever denied her of an answer that favored her opinion. In truth, she'd been a bit of a spoilt little girl for most of her life. What with being her parent's only child and the heir to a rather large fortune, other children normally flocked to her like a pack of young hippogriffs. Alas, that was how it started. A child's truthful statement, the quirk of a single eyebrow and a rather unfortunate denial of her feelings.

Six years and a million rejections later found Jamie Potter tossing and turning under a single sheet in her four poster bed at the top of the Gryffindor tower. Her now much longer mass of jet black hair fought to suffocate her face as she turned to find a more comfortable position. To no avail.

Sleep was hard to come by this past summer and it seemed that returning to Hogwarts hadn't changed that fact. Maybe it was the heat, or the impending attacks from Lord what's his face. She didn't know, but it looked like even through all of her efforts, she wouldn't be finding comfort that night.

With a heavy sigh she pushed her covers down to the edge of her bed and pulled on her Quidditch boots and practice jersey. PJs aside she looked ready for a scrimmage. Plopping her glasses back onto her face she headed for the large bay window between Saria's bed and her own with her Nimbus 1000 over her shoulder.

Jamie pushed the window open and took a deep breath of the night's sticky air. "Now or never," she whispered to herself. The breeze picked up a few strands of loose hair and pushed them across her face while she mounted her broom and let her boots just reach over the edge of the window. Without turning to look at the room, she let herself fall forward into the open air and plummet towards the ground. A smile ghosted across her lips as she reminded herself not to curl into her core and to keep her body parallel with the ground. After one more second of falling she pulled the nose of her broomstick up and was suddenly soaring easily above the tree tops and around the lower towers of Hogwarts. She could feel her magic tingling around her, holding herself and her Nimbus aloft like the birds. It was a warm and comforting feeling.

The trees seemed to dance and sing with the night's breeze and Jamie found herself matching their dance and swaying with their song on her broom. The sky was clear and she felt like she could count every single star in the sky if she wanted to. However, something bright and shimmery shone off to her left. She focused on it, losing track of her surroundings as she tried to understand what it was that she was seeing.

She turned her broom and started towards it as fast as she could. A rumbling sound similar to a crowd of muffled voices came from behind her, but she dared not turn her head for fear of losing sight of the light. However, at that moment, the light slipped down into what appeared to be a vast and dense wood. Jamie was disoriented. She couldn't see where she was and couldn't seem to find the light anywhere.

Her vision blurred and she toppled off of her broom. The sensation of falling lasted ages and then she was sprawled out on the floor of the girl's dormitories.

"Oi, Prongsie. Why don't we try to stay in or bed until at least 8:30 today."

"Shove off, Saria." Jamie grumbled as she untangled herself from her sheets and readjusted her her glasses. What had she been dreaming about? And why was she wearing her jersey that was reserved for muddy Quidditch practice? The only thing she could remember was a shimmery, silver light.

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