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Lily Luna Potter And My Teenage Confessions by potterfan310
Chapter 15 : Confession 12 - Of O.W.L's Ending, Finishing School And Graduations
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The sun was blazing down on the Hogwarts grounds, a Little boy of around three was running around chasing his father who was tall, with brown hair and green eyes. The little boy also had his father's green eyes but he had his mother's red hair.I watched him as he ran towards to me, his father close behind. The little boy was yelling something and as he got closer I heard what he was yelling "Mummy, Mummy"

"Miss Potter if you don't mind, stop sleeping in my class and pay attention please." Barked Professor Chang making me jump up off my desk and bringing me back to reality.

I frowned where was I? Oh yeah I'm meant to be paying attention to Professor Chang as I'm in charms. What a stange dream, I put one of my hands discreetly on my bump. I had a son, my son. Mine and Jake's son had my hair, his eyes and he was adorable.

I felt pretty much the whole classes eyes on me, these day's their always looking at me.

"Sorry Professor." I apologised quickly.

"You can copy your notes off Miss Jessop after class. But for now pay attention" She told me.

I honestly don't see why I have to pay attention, my O.W.L's ended this morning. My last exam was Defence Againts The Dark Arts and I think that went pretty well even if I couldn't do part of the practicle. It's now last lesson of the day and I am totally bored if you hadn't notice. Chang has a soothing voice and I always seem to find myself dozing off in this class, if I pass it there must have been a mirical. Ok so I'm good at charms, I get that off my mother and both my Grandmother's. I can do practicals no problem, it's the written part I don't like because then I have to remember stuff like what the 'accidioc' spell does. Guess I'll just have to see in August when I get the results.

Chang turned back to the board and carried on, the eyes slowly dissapered from me and back to their own work. Except Livi who muttered under her breath, "You were muttering Mummy, Mummy, just before Chang yelled at you. You ok?"

I nodded and said, "Yeah, bad dream that's all."

I closed my eyes again trying to get over the fact it was a dream not reality, and then opened them quickly in case Chang thought I had fallen asleep again. My eyes wandered to the clock above the board, oh my god I have to put up with another thirty minutes of this torture. Then the idea came to me of course I shall say I am not feeling too good and show her the pass and then she will let me out of class. Yes I am a genius.

I put my stuff away, scribbled a note to Livi, Kayl and Jake and went up to Professor Chang who was still writing on the board. She looked at me and said "Yes Lily, is there anything wrong?"

"I'm not feeling too good Professer, is it ok if I go to the hospital wing." I told her showing her the yellow pass.

She looked at it then at me "Of course, would you like someone to go with you?" Chang asked.

"It's ok Professor, I don't want to interrupt their learning" I said trying to hide my smile.

"Very well off you go then." She dissmissed me.

I walked out oft here slowly and then picked up my pace a little as I turned the corner into the next corridoor. Ha ha I love this pass, Last week Professor Mcgonagall called me in and she handed me this little yellow pass. It says that if I feel unwell, I am to go straight to the hospital wing for the remainder of the lesson. So far I have only used it one and that was when I didn't fancy sitting through an hour of History of magic. I mean the whole subject is about the war and my family etc.., I'm bound to pass it.

In fact I did go to the Hospital wing, I do feel a little weird but that's because of the dream more than anything. Jake and me had kept jellybean, it was a boy and he was running around the Hogwarts grounds with us. It's deffinalty freaked me out, it seemed so real.

I entered the hospital wing, as normal Cassy was in her office. But instead of sitting down she was in one of her filing cabinets. "Hello Lily, are you ok. Nothing's wrong?" She questioned once she saw me.

"Um I felt a little weird in charms because I had a strange dream and I was wondering when my twenty week scan is?" I asked since I knew telling the truth would be better.

She smiled "It's booked for the twenty-second of July at St Mungo's if that's ok with you"

"That's perfect." I confirmed.

"How was your meeting yesterday?" Cassy asked.

My own smile dissapered, "Um kinda awkaward. Bee was there as well because I was going to meet her, but I slept late and we didn't have a lot of time to talk before they arrived. Jake was there as well." I added.

"So any thoughts, are they the ones or would you like to meet other prospective parents?"

I shook my head "Myself and Jake have agreed they are the best and we want them to be the parents." I told her and then I realised should I ask them to come to the scan." Um Cassy, should I have asked them.., I mean can theycome to the scan."

"Lily that is up to you and Jake. If you wish to ask them, then go ahead." Cassy reasurred me.

My smile returnend "Thank you Cassy, I asked them but said I didn't know when it was." I said and then went and hugged her "Thank you for everything."

"Just doing my job Lily, you take care of yourself over the summer." Cassy said as I turned to walk down the wing.

"Oh, please can you tell Mr and Mrs Hamilton, it's them that me and Jake choose. At first I knew they were perfect but after meeting them, they really are the perfect pair for the baby." I asked, it seems strange saying that out loud but they really are the perfect pair.

"Of course."

I left the hospital and went up to my dorm, I guess I better make a start on packing. Tomorrow is graduation for the seventh years which include Al, Rose, Dom, Molly, Jamie and Scorpius. I can't believe that after tomorrow they will never set foot in this place again. It's strange to think that as of September I will be a sixth year and that I won't see any of the people listed above unless it's the holidays. I'm deffinatly going to miss them especially Rose since us two are pretty close.

I honestly don't know what I would have done if I didn't have Rose's help back in April. I mean she is the one person who has stuck by me through all of this and she was first to know. I think If I was to keep jellybean she would deffinatly be godmother but as I'm not I guess I have no say in who Natalie and Tyler choose as godparents, if they choose any at all.

Maybe if I have more children in the future, way in the future then Rose will be godmother to one of them. And of course Livi and Kayl would be godmothers as well and maybe Bee. Why am I even thinking of this, I might not even have other children until I'm twenty-six and that's ten whole years away.

I packed all my school stuff in the bottom of my trunk and then my normal 'muggle' clothes on top as well as shoes and other stuff. The one thing I left out was the purple dress I had worn the night that me and Jake did it. I'm kinda hoping that Rose will be able to do something to it so that it fits me, unless it still does.

I picked it up and went off into the bathroom, I changed out of my school stuff and put on the dress. As I thought, didn't fit. I wasn't even able to get it up over my stomach and it was pretty tight on my thighs. I felt something drip down my face and realsied I was crying. Oh god why am crying because a stupid dress won't bloody fit. I mean that is the most stupid reason to cry, yet the tears just keep on flowing.

I pulled it off and left the bathroom picking up my uniform, throwing it in my washing basket, the house elves would have it clean and ready by Sunday. I sat on my bed and curled up in a ball. I mean the stupid dress won't bloody fit and I'm crying about seriously have I gone mad. I hate it, I know I'm going to get bigger over the next few months. I'm seventeen weeks, actually I'll be eighteen tomorrow but my point is I feel bloody huge already. Yeah ok I might have been slim-ish before I got pregnant but I'm used to things fitting. I'm not used to having a rounded stomach, bigger boobs or even the stretch marks that are appearing.

I just feel so useless, I know me and Jake can't raise this baby but I think that what people in my family have said about it being well worth it at the end when you hold your baby for the first time you forget about the pain, swollen ankles and morning sickness. Well they better be bloody right. Natalie and Tyler best be a thousand times over the moon when they hold jellybean for the first time.

I heard the bell ring signalling end of lessons, realising I was sat on my bed crying because something wouldn't fit and that I was being totally stupid. I put on my grey sweats and a pale pink top since bright pink totally clashes with my hair before going to find Kayl and Livi to drag them off to dinner.




I didn't sleep too well last night, I kept tossing and turning. The dream I had had in charms kept coming back except this time the little boy was a baby in my arms. I had held him close but then two people took him away, that was when I woke up screaming. It took about five minutes for Kayl and Livi to calm me down and reasure me I was ok.

I looked around the dorm, which looked like a dressing room. There are clothes and shoes everywhere. Of course the others are getting ready for graduation, even though we aren't graduating the whole school gets dressed up and watches the seventh years recieve their certificates to say they have completed their education at Hogwarts.

The familles of the students come as well and afterwards there is a big graduation party for the seventh years (of course) sixth years and fifth years. No one in fourth, third, second or first year are allowed not even if your family, harsh I know. I remember this time two years ago when James and Fred were graduating. Me, Roxy, Hugo and the others were dying to go to the party but since we were only third years we weren't allowed to go. Crazy but those days seem so long ago, especially since my life is so bloody complicated these days.

"Come on," Giggled Kay "It's party time. Aren't you excited, we get to dress up, look pretty and have fun."

"Kay there's gonna be reporters there." I moaned, "They're going to want to take pictures of me and my bump. I just don't feel like it and the dress I want to wear doesn't fit."

Livi then came in from the bathroom wearing a bright blue dress that was pretty short. "What are you moaning for Lil?" She asked.

"The dress I want to wear doesn't fit and reporters will be taking pictures." I told her.

She looked at the purple heap on top of my trunk that was my dress. "It's simple Lil are you a witch or not? Use magic of course."

"Like I didn't think of that Liv, but what's the spell?" I said.

She sighed and then went and rummaged in my trunk. My trunk!, the one I had not long packed.

She must have seen my face because she then reassured me "I'll put it all neat again, don't worry." Livi pulled out the pink, frilly book that I had hidden at the very bottom. 'Charms and potions for the 16+ witch', The book James had given me for my sixteenth.

Whilst she was looking through it Kayl asked me to paint her nails red to match her dress, so I did. After I had finished Livi looked up and Pointed her wand at my dress "Extendem" She muttered. My dress floated a little and then fell back down, the three of us just looked at it.

"Is that it," Kayl asked blowing on her nails. "Go get dressed Lil, see if it fits."

I sighed and got up, taking clean underwear and the dress with me into the bathroom. The ceremony starts at one and I think it's about eleven now. But knowing us it will take all morning to get ready. It took me no time to shower and then came the dreaded moment.

I put the dress on, last time I wore it, it had fitted perfectly and I thought that it wasn't my dress. It's dark purple, short and comes just above my knee, very low cut and figure hugging. This time it was pretty short, my boobs looked really good in it and it did hug my figure. Except there was a curve and a bump sticking out. It still looked good and at least I was able to do the zip up this time.

I left the bathroom and Kayl said "Oh Lily you look amazing."

I noticed she had put her dress on, a long red maxi dress that was low cut. Then I heard the door go and a voice went "Oh my god, look at your bump?" I turned around to see Laura stood there, holding something glittery over her arm. "It's so cute." She exclaimed pointing at my bump, "Have you got any names yet?"

I froze. That hadn't even crossed my mind, since I'm not keeping jellybean. What the hell am I going to tell her. Arghhh!!

"I haven't thought of any yet." I replied as I went and sat on my bed. I mean it's true, I haven't and I'm not going to.

"Aww, I think Paris is a cute name for a girl and Brooklyn is nice for boy." Laura said with a smile as she went off into the bathroom.

I looked to Kayl and Livi, who's mouth's were hanging open. "Oh god, what am I going to do when people start asking me questions like that." I said in a hushed voice to them.

Livi came and sat next to me "Hey, don't worry. Just don't answer them, or reply with it's none of your business."

I hugged her tight "Thanks Livi, I guess your right. Can you do my hair in curls please?" I asked changing the subject.

She laughed but got to work on my hair staight away. We were ready half hour before it started and decided we better go down to the entrance hall. The whole ceremony takes place in a big marqueé in the grounds. Then it's into the great hall for drinks and nibbles. Everyone except seventh year's and their families then stay for a three course meal and afterwards is the big party back out in the marqueé for fifth, sixth and sventh years.

As we made out way down, I saw people looking at me, well specificatly my stomach. We hadn't waited for the boys becuase I needed to see my parents to make sure than no reporters were to take pictures of me, Jake and my bump.

Since Livi and Kayl don't have siblings in seventh year they came along to speak to my parents who I spotted talking to Auntie Hermione and Uncle Ron, just outside the main castle doors.

"Oh look at you Lily." Auntie Hermione gushed pulling me into a rib-sqeezing hug, "I hope your all right, has the sickness passed?"

Greatm baby related questions. "I'm fine thanks and it's passed, finally."

"Come on Ron, let's go find our daughter. I can't believe she's graduting. See you all later." With that she dragged Uncle Ron off through the crowd.

Dad looked at me with his green eyes "Are you ok Lil, there's no need to look so worried. All the reporters have only been allowed in as long as they don't take any picutres of you. And if they do mangage it and they some how end up in the paper let's just say there will be trouble for them." He told me.

I saw mum's own eyes flit towards my bump and back again "How are you two?" She asked Livi and Kayl. Clearly trying to avoid the simple topic of my pregnancy.

I let them talk, while I stared off into the distance. My dream had taken place not far from here. I was only brought back to reality when I felt dad's hand on my shoulder "Time to go in the marqueé Lily."

I nodded and followed Livi and Kayl. The marqueé itself is huge and was decorated with balloons and flowers. At the very top stands the stage, with chairs either side for the students graduating. The first five rows of chairs either side, in front of the stage are resvered for the parents. First, second and third years on the right, Fourth, fifth and sixth on the left.

As the stage is pretty high, even from all they way back you still have a pretty good view. Mum and Dad went off towards the front and I found seats with Livi and Kayl in one of the designated fifth year row's. Not long after the boys joined us, each of them wearing a shirt that was not their school one. I must say they all looked smart as well as looking like they had each made an effort which was nice.

After everyone was inside, Mcgonagall rose to the stage. As she spoke, her voice echoed around the tent so that everyone could hear her. "Good afternoon. As you all know we are here to celebrate that all of these fine students have completed their education. Without further a due we will begin."

Mcgoggles waffled on for a while about how each of them had worked hard for their N.E.W.T's and that the fifth years had also been working hard and studing a lot for their O.W.L's. And that she was proud of each and every single student etc... etc..

I kind zoned out after that. I was too busy trying to come up with things in my head for when people ask baby questions like names, clothes etc... So far I have -

- I haven't though of any

- We haven't decied

- We're waiting for the sales

- Family has given us stuff

I thought about the dream and started wondering what jellybean would look like. Would they have my brown eyes and Jake's brown hair or my red hair and his green eyes just like the little boy in my dream did.

So far the only time I have actually paid real attention apart from the beginning has been when Dom was called up along with the rest of the D's. And that was only because Kayl had poked me. You see Dom, Louis and Tori are all Delacour-Weasley not just Weasley, meaning Dom was the first out of our clan to get her certificate.

The next time I payed attention was when Scorpius got up onto the stage and accepted his certificate. He paused and ask Professor Mcgonagal for the microphone. She looked sightly shocked, but handed it to him reluctantly. Scorpius then stood there in front of everyone and said "Can I have everyone's attention please. There is something I have to say."

To my suprise he looked over at Rose who was sat on the end of the row with the seventh year's who hadn't yet recieved their certificates.

"As most of you know for the past five years I have been dating Miss Rose Weasley," As he said this I saw Rose blush, her cheeks getting pinker. "I want you all to know that I love Rose with all my heart which is why I want to ask her this," He announced.

My mouth dropped open, is he going to ask her what I think he's going to ask her.

Scorpius looked directly over to Rose and then got down on one knee. "Rose Monica Weasley will you do the honour of Marrying me?" He asked.

The whole Hall was even more silent, literally I think everyone is holding their breath waiting for Rose's answer. I looked over towards where Uncle Ron and Auntie Hermione are sat. Auntie Hermione was beaming with happiness and Uncle Ron was slumped in his seat, looks like he's fainted. I can't say I'm suprised, I mean he took the whole 'Rose dating Scorpius' thing bad enough when he found out last summer, especially when they told him they had been together for four years.

Rose's face was full of shock but then she seemed to get a hold of her self and ran throught the other students straight onto the stage. She stood right in front of him and the ring box. I could see she had tears, happy tears most probably. "Yes, one hundred times yes." She cried. Scorpius stood up and took the ring from the box and placed it on Rose's finger.

Rose hugged him and they snogged like crazy until Mcgonagall came back on smiling carrying another certificate. "Right here is your certificate Miss Weasley, if you two would go and sit over there please. I shall continue."

I watched as they walked across the stage hand in hand, eyes for no where but each other. Aww, I honestly can't believe it, Rosie is engaged!!

The rest of the ceremony was quite boring until Albus and Jamie came out to get their certificates. Out of our clan it was Molly who was last. Kathleen Wheeler and Cain Williams were the last two people and the certificate ceremony was over, thank god. Those have to be the most boring two hours of my life. After everyone clapped I got up from my seat and made my way through the crowd with Kayl and Livi.

Of course there were reporters everywhere but thankfully they didn't seem intrested in me right now and more on Rose and Scorpius' enagement. Looks like I shall wait a while before I congratulate them, so I went over to Al, Jamie, Molly and Dom.

"Hey congraulations on graduating you lot." I said to them all.

Al pulled me into a hug "Thanks sis, this will be you in two years."

I didn't say nothing except "Hmm."

Jake then came over and joined us giving his congratulations to them as well.

"Soo little bro, this will be you soon," Jamie said to Jake "looking forward to it?"

Jake snorted "What sitting for two hours watching people that you mostly don't like, get certifcate's to say they've graduated when you never thought they would even live to see the end of a school year. Yeah how I envy you." He said.

I noticed that Al and Kayl were talking in whispers and then started snogging. Mother of Merlin must they do that in front of me. It's not like I really want to see my brother and best friend play tonsil tennis in front of me.

"Come on, let's find my parents." I muttered to Livi.

She agreed and we went back through the crowd towards where my family was standing. James was looking towards I had come from, actually when I looked again, he was staring at Al and Kayl. God knows why though, or maybe it was because Molly, Dom, Jake and Jamie had followed us because their parents were talking to my own. Great I thought, they're bound to be talking baby wise and about us choosing adoption.

"Hi." I said greeting them.

"Here she is," Mum said, "Esme was just asking after you." She told me indicating to Jake's mum.

"Oh I'm just peachy." I said in a cheery voice, hoping they wouldn't realise I was being scaractic.

Esme smiled "Oh I'm glad your well Lily. When I was having Jake I was terriblely tired and my ankles were badly swollen but still it was worth it."

Well it must have been worth it if you went on to have seven more children, I thought.

"Are the girls here mum." Jake asked intertupting my thoughs.

"No, they're in school and your Nan is looking after Tia, Evie and Faith. Your father is around somewhere." She told her son.

Jake, Jamie, Izzy and Lola have six sister's at home as well. The three elder one's go to a muggle primary school and the younger ones stay at home with his mum. I know them pretty well considering I've known Jake since I was seven or was I eight?. He lives two streets away from us at home, but we didn't bother much after we turned nine. But then we became friends again after we started Hogwarts.

The rest of the night passed pretty quickly, the meal was nice. It was soup, roast chicken dinner and a mouth watering chocolate fudge cake for dessert. I managed to eat the soup and some of the vegetables and of course the chocolate cake but the chicken made me feel sick. I was sat on a table with Mum, Dad, James, Al, Nana Molly, Grandad Athur, Auntie Hermione, Uncle Ron, Hugo and Rose.

At various points I got caught by my Uncle's and Auntie's who wanted to talk about my pregnancy. Granddad didn't say much about it, I think he's disapointed. We haven't spoken since he and the family found out in half term. Whereas Nana was talking non stop about how this is her first great-grandchild and how when she get's home she'll begin knitting some hats and coats, magically of course.

Hearing Nana talk like that makes me feel guilty. I mean none of them know that me and Jake have chosen adoption except for our parents. I feel bad because Nana will never know jellybean and all her knitting will go to waste, unless I give them to Natalie for jellybean.

As I stepped out into the castle grounds, the cool air surrounded me. I said my goodbye's to Mum, Dad, James, Nana and Granddad. There were tears for some reason, I just couldn't hold it together when Nana hugged me and told me take care of her little great-grand child.

Al put his arm around me as we watched them get into the carriage, which was taking them down to Hogsmeade. He looked down at me "Hey Lils don't cry. No one hates you and Jake is still alive. What's the matter." He said as he pulled me into a hug.

"Nothing, just me being silly," I mumbled into his shirt. I broke away and wiped my tears. "Come on let's go celebrate that you're finally free from this place, whilst I might be stuck here for another two years if that."

"Lil don't talk like that, You will be back here and you will graduate. I will make sure of it, as will the rest of the family and I personally will babysit for you so you can study. Now let's go celebrate, Butterbeer for me and Pumpkin juice for you."

I smiled and Hugged him. I just couldn't find the words, but he understood. Why is everybody being so nice and calm about this. Everyone is offering to do or make things and it makes me feel so guilty. I know they don't know I'm choosing adoption but I can't help think what if.

We then strolled over the the marqueé, the atmosphere inside had totally changed. There was now a large dance floor in front of the stage and a couple of tables towards the back. The place was was still covered in balloons and flowers but there were fairy lights all around, twinkling away. There was music playing around us. We made out way through towards the table our group were sat at as well as standing around because there are a lot of us.

It was not long later that the bar over in the corner had opened and Aberforth was stood behind it. Professor Mcgonagall took the stage once more "From here on enjoy the night and I congradulate each of you seventh years one final time."

Everyone was dancing and having a great time, except me that is. Rose came over because I was sat at the table playing with one of the flowers, I had sent Jake to get drinks.

"Hey Lil's, why do you look so down." She asked as she sat next to me, the ring on her finger reflected the fairy lights andshone in my face.

I shrugged and said, "Baby stuff and not being able to drink or enjoy myself, Oh and congratulations Rosie." I added trying to sound a litte brighter.

"Thanks Lil." She said as she hugged me, "I can't believe it, I mean I'm enagaged now. Come on let's go dance."

"No, I don't..." I started to protest but it was too late she had dragged me across to the dancefloor.

I spent the next hour dancing away with various couins and then a slow dance with Jake, I also spotted Kayl and Al slow dancing as well as Rose and Scorpius, both couples were so loved up to the max, I started feeling a bit queasy.

As soon as the song stopped I left the dance floor and Jake behind, heading straight for the bar. "Pumpkin Juice please" I said to Aberforth who just nodded and went about pouring it.

I heard footsteps behind me as I took a sip of my drink. "Hey why'd do you disappear." Jake said.

"I don't feel like dancing anymore," I said truthfully, "To be honest I just want to go to bed."

I felt his hand link my free one and he pulled me to face him. "Come on then, let's go"

I left my half drank drink on the bar and set off hand in hand with Jake, leaving a grumbling Aberforth and a loud party behind. We entered the big wooden castle doors and set off up the grand staircase which is massive.

On the fifth floor we both heard faint muttering and also a cat meowing. When we peeked around the corner we saw Filch and Mrs Norris Jr. Brilliant just what we need, Filch may be nearing seventy and going slightly deaf but he never misses an oppurtinity to catch students out of bed.

I felt Jake's hand tighten around my own and he pulled me into a broom cupboard to escape from Filch, quite a small broom cupboard in fact. Just enough room for us to both stand in the middle of brooms and cleaning products. He pulled me closer and kissed me, I kissed him back, feeling passion, fireworks and love. Nothing else seemed to matter, just me and him in a broom cupboard kissing over a bucket and floor cleaner. How romantic...

We stayed in the broom cupboard for what felt like ages, it's not like we were doing a lot apart from kissing. I mean I'm not complaining, it's nice and everything but just I really want to go to bed and sleep. I went to shift my weight from one foot to the other but I got my foot caught in a box. As much as I tried to get my foot free, I couldn't help but feel that the romantic ness of this was just going down the drain.

I tried one more time to set my foot free, but failed and nearly fell over. I would have fell on my arse if it wasn't for Jake who was still attached to my face.

"Hey be careful Lil." He murmed holding me upright, "We don't won't you or jellybean to get hurt." I smiled as he said 'jellybean'. "What are you doing anyway." He asked moving away from me.

"My foot got stuck." I said as I felt myself blush.

Jake just laughed "I love it when you blush" He told me as the moonlight from the small window shone in. "Come on I think it's safe to leave now, Filch will be long gone"

Jake got out first and he helped me out then, making sure I wasn't caught in anything else. The castle was quiet since everyone else fifth year and above was still outside partying whilst fourth year and under are all probably tucked up in bed as they are not allowed outside their common rooms after eight and trust me, it is well and truely gone eight. In fact I have no idea what the time is.

My eye lids felt heavy and I was having a job to keep them open. "Nearly there Lil, don't fall asleep on me now." I heard Jake whisper from next to me.

I squeezed his hand and replied "I won't."

I was barely aware that we were at the portrait of the fat lady until I heard Jake say the password 'Hungarian Horntail' and we were inside the common room. I collapsed onto the sofa and shut my eyes. I could lie here forever I thought, the warmth from the fire and the sound of silence. Of course it could do with being a bit comfier otherwise I would just lie here and try to forget everything.

"Lil come on. Your bed's only up the stairs." I heard Jake tell me as he came over. I felt him scoop me up off the sofa.

"Put me down, I'm too heavy." I compalined hitting him gently. He ignored me of course and carried on walking. The portrait of the old witch who lives at the bottom of the girl's staircase woke up and I heard her say "No boys are allowed in the girls dorm."

"Look I just want to put her to bed and then I'll be straight back down. Five minutes is all I ask." Jake said.

I opened my eyes a little to see the witch looking us up and down. "Ok five minutes and if you are not down by then I will alert the Headmistress." She said.

I saw Jake roll his eyes and as we moved up the staircase I was glad that it didn't turn into a slide otherwise we have rolled back down it.

"Wakey wakey Lil," Jake said softly as he put me on my bed since I felt the sofness of my quilt underneath me.

I opened my eye,s "Thank you." I murmed as I sat up and grabbed my pajammas off my pillow. "Can you undo my dress please." I asked him.

Jake undid the zip and I wriggled myself free, pulling over my bump and stepping out of it, whilst I got the feeling of deja vu. He kissed me and I kissed him back, my fingers playing with the buttons on his shirt.

"Hey Lil, I really think if I don't leave now, there is is gonna be bloody murder by the stupid witch."

"She won't call Mcgoggles," I whispered, "I bet she's fast asleep again."

"I am waiting you have one minute" I heard and old voice yell.

Way to ruin a moment. I groaned, So much for her falling asleep.

"Bye Lils, take care." Jake said as he gave me a kiss "Take care of jellybean as well." He added, his hands trailing down from where they had been on my back to my stomach.

"Love you Jakey." I called as he left the room.

"Love you too Lil's." Came his reply .

Noticing that I was the only one back yet, I got changed and snuggled down in my bed. I heard the faint hooting of owl's somewhere in the distance.I snuggled further in my bed and let my thoughts wander as I shut my eyes. I can't believe I have finished fifth year. I will be a sixth year in however many weeks and in a bit more than five months I will have to give birth, something in which I am dreading.

I've flicked through some of the baby books Natalie gave and let me tell you, the pictures don't exactly make out that giving birth is all fun and daisy's. I can't wait to see Jellybean again. I know I shouldn't get attached but I can't help feel a little proud whenever I see them, knowing they have gotten bigger makes me smile.

Today has made me realise, my life is never going to be the same. No matter what I choose it will never be the same as this time last year. It's so strange to think that even though I am sixteen, I am pregnant. There will be a baby coming out of me soon and I am still scared shitless about everything. I'm just glad I have Jake back.

A/N next chapter Lily goes for her 20-week scan. Will she find out the sex or not? You can guess away whether she will and what you think it is, in the little box down below.

Edited - 10/02/13


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Lily Luna Potter And My Teenage Confessions: Confession 12 - Of O.W.L's Ending, Finishing School And Graduations


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