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IN HIS EYES by mishypotter24
Chapter 1 : Memories
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3 years later. . .

A red-headed which sat on her couch in front of a small fireplace, curled up like a cat, her long red curls cascading down her back and she read the latest quiddwich weekly. The wind had picked up as branches were now banging violently against the windows as the rain suddenly started pouring; getting louder and more distracting by every passing minute. Ginny Weasley had never been afraid of storms, as a kid she too love stormy weather, it had given her a sense of peace but since the second wizardly war that brought the fall of you-know-who, she had grown to associate only bad memories and pain to pouring rain and lightning.

She woke up with a cry, sweating her face flushed and her red hair tangled around her face. She had another dream, which was normal since it had only been a week since the war ended, everyone still carried there scars from the battle and it would take a while for it to heal both physically and emotionally. She looked around frantically; she wondered where Harry was . . . he was usually the first person at her side when she had a nightmare. They hadn’t talked much after the battle but he was always there to comfort her, although compared to his pain her seemed rather small and unimportant.

Ginny was so lost in thought that she hadn’t heard her door opening. ‘Ginny? You alright?’ Ron enquired,
‘I’m fine, just another one’ Ginny replied her voice hoarse. Ron starred at her not really believing at word she said but too distracted to argue so he merely nodded.
‘I didn’t mean to wake you’
‘You didn’t, I haven’t really . . .’ he trailed off and Ginny noticed how Ron looked for the first time since he had entered her room. She had been too lost in her own emotions before too notice her brothers’ pain. He had visible bags around his eyes, they were blood shot red and he looked exhausted like he hadn’t slept.

‘I’m here you know Ron if you ever need to talk’ Ginny stated earnestly. She waited for a reply but Ron simply stood there, starring out the window, the rain was pouring outside with no intention of stopping anytime soon. The room was so quite Ginny could here every raindrop against her window.

Suddenly Ron replied in a barely audible voice, ‘he’s gone’ before Ginny could comprehend what Ron meant he had dropped the letter on her bed turned to the door and left shutting the door quietly behind him. Starring at the door and then to the letter Ginny suddenly understood what Ron meant as she recognized the very messy had writing of a Harry, suddenly before she could stop herself her tears began to fall… she cried herself to sleep that night, unable to open the letter afraid of what was said in it.

Ginny mentally shook herself that was three years ago and her life and changed a lot since then, she was no longer that fragile girl; she was a strong independent woman that had learned to protect herself and her heart. She was happy she had her dream job and she had a great family and amazing friends. She didn’t need anything or anyone she thought. But still she couldn’t help but let her mind wonder to Harry, he had left without a goodbye and she cursed herself for being stupid enough to ever think Harry would be with her after the war ended. She sighed suddenly realizing that she needs to get some sleep before she got drawn further into her past. She knew she would be in a downright fowl mood tomorrow as her dreams would once again be haunted by a man with untamable messy jet black hair, with the most intoxicating emerald eyes and round glasses that hung on the bridge of his nose.

‘Its going to be a long night’

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