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In Love and War by Phoenix Quill
Chapter 11 : When Good Things Go Bad
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 Ugh. Sunlight. Stop the sunlight. Someone, please, turn off the sun.

I groaned and rolled over. What did I do last night?

A fire in my stomach reminded me. I rolled out of bed and dashed into the bathroom, barely making it to the toilet before I puked up whatever liquor still remained in my body.

"Ugh. Remind me never to drink again."

"You're awake, Taylor? Finally! It's already half past ten." Sarah was standing in the doorway, looking faintly amused.

"Go away. Every noise is like a jackhammer. And turn off the sun. It's too bright." I was going to continue, but more throwing up interrupted me. Sarah watched as I emptied the meagre remains of what was in my stomach. Well, fuck you too.

"You finished that yet? Oh, good. Now, do you remember anything from last night?"

"Um...some sort of contest?" Dammit memory, why do you stop working every time I take even a sip of liquor?

Okay, I do drink more than a sip, but still.

"You and Jasmine challenged Lydia to a shot contest. You danced with every boy there, and some of the girls too. By the time I found you, you were completely out of it and didn't recognize me. I dragged you up to the dorm, where I left you under the care of Evelyn. She ended up back in the party ten minutes later, and you will not believe this, she snogged James! Anyway, I came up and you were passed out on your bed. That's all I saw. I have no clue what else you did."

I smiled awkwardly. "I may have encouraged the snogging James bit. Did it work?"

"Hard to say, he was almost as drunk as you. I say almost because I believe you drank enough to tranquilize three Hippogriffs. What were you thinking?"

I stood up slowly. "That, my friend, is an excellent question. May I say that perhaps it is not thought you ought to blame, but its absence."

Sarah groaned. I always have the worst humour when I have a hangover. I ignored her and walked to my bed, trying to find some decent clothes to change into.

Hmm, this was going to be hard. All of my jeans seemed to have dug their way into the bottom of my trunk.

Sarah watched as I selected a golden tank top and a pair of jeans with an elastic waist - don't judge me, they look amazing.

"Let me guess, hangover potion after breakfast?"

I smiled slightly and nodded. "You know me too well. Remind me not to nod, it's hurting my brain cells."

She rolled her eyes at me and shooed me out the door.






Who came up with the brilliant idea of making a hangover potion you could only take when you've eaten something?

Seriously, you're such a genius, whoever you are.

I forced myself to nibble on a piece of toast. Even with butter and cherry jam on it, I didn't want it. Stupid hangovers. No one likes them.

Except maybe the makers of the hangover potion. After all, they were getting money off them, weren't they?

Jasmine plonked herself down next to me. I covered my ears. "Ugh, stop making so much noise."

She groaned. "I know, every footstep is like a jackhammer in my brain. What did we even do last night?"

I shrugged, cringed because it hurt, and tried to force a small piece of toast down my throat. It was tough, but I managed it.

"The only thing I can remember is drinking way too much tequila. Who's idea was it to have  shot contest?"

Someone moaned behind me. I looked back and saw Scorpius, who looked as bad as I felt.

"It might have been my idea, but I definitely regret it. There are miniature people running around in my brain, using the Cruciatus curse on every part they can reach."

I nodded as much as I could bear and tried to take a sip of pumpkin juice.

A curse on you, inventor of tequila. A horrible, dreadful curse.






I had dragged my sorry ass to the common room, lay on the bed for a few minutes then taken the hangover potion. Now it was just time to try and remember what had happened.

I thought back. I'd prepared for the party, went downstairs, saw Jasmine, found Lydia, first shot...blankness.

Why couldn't I remember a single fucking thing?

Of course, the moment I lay back down on my bed and didn't try to remember, a memory sprang up. I was talking to Albus. Oh fuck.

I'd agreed to go to the kitchens to talk to him? Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.

Hang on...if I met him there I could tell him exactly what I thought of him and make him leave me alone forever, with the aid of a few hexes.

Oh brain, you are so very clever.

I checked the time. It was only eleven in the morning. A full five hours before my...meeting. Yeah, let's call it that. A meeting.

What was I supposed to do?

I stood up and rushed into the boys dorm. Duncan and Scorpius were sitting on the beds, drinking hangover potion.

"Hey guys." Merlin, I sounded so awkward.

Scorpius grinned. Duncan waved awkwardly. "Hey, Taylor." They stared at each other for saying the same thing at the same time.

For about two minutes.

I clapped my hands and drew their attention away from the never-ending stare-off.  "Okay, so can we please stop with the rivalry?" Duncan and Scorpius had been rivals since about age six. They'd known each other for years before Hogwarts, since their parents were friends. Scorpius had challenged Duncan to a swing competition: whoever could swing the highest won. Of course, Duncan had won, and even at six, Scorpius hated to lose. They continued to compete with each other for years, and one of my first memories of their competitions was two weeks into first-year.






"Duncan! I bet I can levitate something that's heavier than you can!"

Duncan had scoffed. "Bring it, Scorpius. I won last time, anyway."

I was standing a few feet away from them. "Guys? What are you doing?"

They smiled wickedly. Scorpius pointed his wand at a table.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" The table soared into the air.

Duncan laughed. "Watch this!"

He pointed his wand at me. "Wingardium Leviosa!"

I had been levitated eight feet into the air. Scorpius had figured out what Duncan was doing and tackled him, meaning I tumbled to the ground.






I had spent two weeks in the Hospital Wing with broken ribs and ankle. I had gotten so much sleep though.

It was great, but bad at the same time. Some things are like that.

Duncan coughed. "Sorry. Um, what are you doing here?"

I shrugged. "I have some time I have to fill in before I have to go somewhere, so I thought I'd come and see you."

I really just wanted to see Scorpius, but I wasn't telling him that.

Scorpius figured that out too, because he stood up. "Well, I have to go to the library and get some books for that essay. See you later." He left, and I was alone with Duncan. He twiddled his thumbs awkwardly, and I stared out the window.

"Where do you have to go?" I froze in shock and looked at Duncan.

"I have to meet up with Ricky. Dad wanted me to see how he was getting on, and since I haven't really done that yet, I promised myself I'd do it today." Duncan looked away and sighed. I stood up.

"Well, I should go and see Ricky. I think he's in the kitchens. See you later."

He nodded, and I bolted as quickly as possible out of there.






I got to the library a few minutes later. Scorpius was leaning on a stone pillar outside. I walked over and kissed him. We snogged for a few minutes before I broke off, out of breath.

"So, what do you want to do, Taylor?" My name sounded so good when he said it.

"I only have until ten to four, so maybe we should keep it short and sweet."

Scorpius smiled wickedly and grabbed my legs. I screamed as he threw me over his shoulder, not an easy feat considering I was almost his size and weight. He hauled me up the stairs to the Room of Requirement, and walked in front of it for a while. The Room opened and revealed the room it had made when we first visited it together, with the table and couch and bed. Scorpius threw me onto the bed and lay down next to me, breathing heavily. And sexily. Always sexily.

I rolled over to face him. "So, why are we here?"

He grinned and snogged me softly, which made it just that much more amazing. "So we could have a little more privacy." He slid off his shirt, revealing his abs and hot body. I ran a finger over his muscles. His eyes widened and he groaned, shivering. I slid off my own shirt, letting him run his fingers over my own stomach, which was becoming covered with goosebumps.

I snogged him harder, pressing up against him. He twined his fingers into my hair and brushed his other hand down my back. I moaned and put my hands into the waistband of his pants, slipping them down his legs until they were off him. I threw them aside. He started to unbutton my jeans, fumbling a little, but soon he had them off and I was only in my lacy bra and underpants.

"Scorpius..." He looked at me, breathing hard.

"Yes, Taylor?" I smoothed down my hair.

"We shouldn't do this. Merlin knows I want to, but we shouldn't." He blinked and sat back, exposing his body even more.

"Why not, Taylor? I want to, and you want to." I sighed. My life was so complicated at the moment.

"Well...we've only been dating for two days. We should let it wait for a bit, you know, actually date for a bit first." Scorpius lay back down next to me, clearly disappointed.

"You're right. You're always right. I'm sorry." I rolled over and kissed him lightly.

"It's okay. It's my fault too. What time is it?" Scorpius checked his watch.

"It's one o'clock. Should we go and get lunch in the Hall?"

I shook my head. "Let's just go to the kitchens. We'll get more privacy there."

Scorpius stood and grabbed his clothes, sliding them back on, and not bothering to hide his confusion. "Alright, the kitchens it is. Come on."

I grabbed my own clothes and put them back on while Scorpius waited somewhat impatiently, and we left together for the kitchens.

The walk took around fifteen minutes, which was spent in awkward silence. Somehow, I'd made it awful within two days of being boyfriend and girlfriend. We'd been friends for years, and it'd taken me two days to ruin it.






Lunch had been spent in silence too, the only sounds chewing and asking Winky for food. She happily complied, but it seemed like it was painful for her. She was moving slowly and we had to repeat things more than once.

Maybe I was imagining it, but her eyes seemed duller too.

Scorpius took another bite of chicken, chewing slowly. I was munching on an apple, trying not to make eye contact. He swallowed, looking at a damp spot on the roof.

"You're awfully quiet lately. Is anything wrong?" I hated the way he sounded so cordial, as if he was talking to a distant friend.

"No, I'm fine. But are you alright?" He grunted and nodded. I leant forward and looked straight into his eyes.

"Seriously, you don't seem alright. I'm not the only one whose been a little quiet recently." He stood up, pushing his chair back.

"Yes, I'm fine. Maybe I've been quiet because you haven't had anything to say to me." Scorpius walked out, leaving me alone in the kitchens. A tear rolled down my cheeks, slowly dripping onto the floor. Winky walked up to me and put her hand on my knee. I looked down at her and smiled.

"Is Taylor alright?? Winky doesn't like seeing Taylor sad." I sat down and wiped away the tears.

"Yes, I'm alright, Winky. I just...I'm having a rough patch, that's all." Another tear went down my cheek, and before I knew it, I was crying. Winky rushed off somewhere, shouting things at other house-elfs, and when she returned, she had a tub of honeycomb ice cream, my favourite. I smiled at her and ate a bit, letting it melt in my mouth. The tears slowly stopped falling. Winky climbed onto the table and sat next to my tub of ice cream.

"Now, please tell Winky what is wrong." I sighed and told her everything that had happened since the start of the year, including me being a Parselmouth, threats and snogs from X, Scorpius, Evelyn's suspicions and everything in between. Winky listened to the entire thing, and before I knew it, it was almost four o'clock.

"Winky, you need to leave. Albus is meeting me here right about now, and if he sees you, well, it won't be good. Hide or something." Winky smiled wickedly and clicked her fingers. She dissolved into the air, reappearing in the rafters above my head. She winked at me.

Seriously, what the fuck was with the winking?

"Winky will move if Albus looks up. Winky can hear everything from up here." I grinned at her and turned around to face the portrait hole. I had another mouthful of ice cream, wincing at how cold it was.

"Brain freeze?" Somehow, he'd managed to sneak in while I had my eyes closed for those few seconds.

"Hello, Albus." I was surprised he wasn't frozen by the amount of malice in my voice, but he seemed a little scared. He sat down and turned to one of the house-elfs.

"Can I please have a Butterbeer and a hot jam donut?" The house-elf bowed and trotted away further into the kitchen. I had another spoonful of ice cream while Albus leant back into the chair, sighing quietly. The house-elf returned with two Butterbeers and the donut, which Albus accepted with a thanks. The house-elf ran away, and Albus handed me one of the bottles. I grabbed it, trying not to let my fingers brush his, and looked away without saying a word.

"Come on, Taylor, let me explain. I won't blame you if you still hate me, but give me the chance!" I sighed and looked at him. He seemed genuinely upset and his green eyes were huge and pleading.

"Fine, but make it fast. Really fast."

Albus smiled and took a bite of his donut, which left sugar all over his chin. I repressed the urge to laugh.

"Okay, so I have to start at the beginning. This is going way back, like first year. Remember when we came over on the boats, and somehow I was on your boat with Scorpius and Rose? Well, I kind a huge crush on you. Seeing your eyes light up when you saw Hogwarts, watching you scoop up the water and splash Scorpius, it was...I know, so embarrassing. Anyway, I spent four years watching you, and I saw it when you started to like Scorpius. Don't give me that look, it was pretty obvious. I'm surprised no one else caught on. So I started to hate Scorpius, and hate never makes anything good. I started doing research on Death Eaters, and I found out about the masks and how to make them appear and disappear. I made one for myself, with a few adjustments. A Death Eater wouldn't be able to make it disappear, and I was the only one who could change it. I spent the next two years planning how to manipulate you into meeting with me, and then I finally had an idea. If I made a snake appear in your common room and attack, I could save you and ask you out. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but because I hated Scorpius, half of my mind was just trying to kill him, which made the snake seem like an even better idea. If he found the snake, I'd make it kill him, but if you found it, I'd rush in and stop it and be a hero. I put the snake in your common room and waited, wearing the...never mind. I was hidden, that's all you need to know. I watched you with the snake, watched it prepare to strike...and you hissed at it. I didn't understand at first, but when it slithered away, I finally realised what you were - a Parselmouth. I made a new plan, and wrote the note, which I left on your bed while you were still on the couch. I was there when you read it, and I watched you get angry, and scared. I really regret what I did, and I wish I had never done it."

He took a breath and a sip of his Butterbeer. I felt anger building inside me.

"Are you finished? Because there is a few things I want to say to you." I stood and pressed a hand in the centre of his chest, lifting him out of his seat.

"You could have killed me, or any other Slytherin students. You would have killed Scorpius, with no fucking concern about what it would mean to me, or his parents, or anyone. You manipulated me, threatened me and took advantage of me, all for a crush?" He tried to say something, but I didn't let him speak. Instead, I threw him down onto the ground, standing over him.

"You asked me to give you a chance. You said you wouldn't blame me if I still hated you. Well, news flash, I still do. And nothing you say now or anytime in the future, will ever change that." I stormed out, leaving Albus on the floor gasping for air.






I ran all the way to the common room, shouting the password and pushing past second-years who were in my way. I made it to the dorm and collapsed onto my bed, mind racing. I had pushed Scorpius away, and found out Albus had plans to kill him. Nothing had gone right for ages.

That was when I heard the noises from next door.

I rushed out and ran into the dorm room next to ours, which was where Sarah slept. There was vomiting sounds coming from the bathroom. I tried to open the door, but it was locked.

"Go away." Sarah didn't sound good at all. I grabbed my wand and pointed it at the lock.

"Alohomora!" The lock clicked and I threw open the door. Sarah was kneeling in front of the toilet, looking pale. I rushed over to her.

"Sarah! Are you alright?" She started to answer, but instead she threw up in the toilet again. I held back her hair and rubbed her shoulders, murmuring comforting things into her ear. Finally she finished puking. I got her a face washer and dampened it for her. She grabbed it and wiped her face gingerly.

"I'm so sorry you had to see that, Taylor." I patted her back.

"Hey, that's what friends are for, Sarah. Why were you vomiting?" She groaned and rubbed her stomach. I noticed it was starting to get a bump.

"I ate something that didn't agree with me. I barely got back here before I started puking up everything I'd eaten. Remind me to give eggs a miss for a while." I looked at her more closely. She seemed paler than usual, and she had bags under her eyes.

"Sarah, how far along are you? With the pregnancy, I mean." She sighed and rubbed her stomach again.

"I'm about fifteen weeks, so I'm getting fat and getting sick. But it'll be at least twenty weeks before I get so fat I can't move." I paused for a second.

"You said you got pregnant at the party, but that was only two months ago. Only eight or nine weeks. How can you be fifteen weeks pregnant?" Sarah sighed.

"I'm starting to think I was pregnant before then. Jason had been visiting me in the holidays, and I think I got pregnant before then. I sort of lied. I didn't drink at the party, because even a little taste made me feel sick. I guess that was my body telling me, hey, you're pregnant. I took a test the night after the party, and I found out. You only start getting a bump at fifteen weeks, so I must be that far along." I blinked away tears and hugged her, shocking her.

Like I said, hugs from me are rare. Unless I'm drunk.

I let go of her and rubbed her shoulders. "Sarah, everything's going to be okay. Trust me, we'll get through this. Together." She smiled and put my hand on her bump. I couldn't feel anything, but I guess she wasn't far along enough.

We sat there for about half an hour, until Jason found us. Someone must have found him when they heard Sarah vomiting. He walked in hesitantly, but when he saw me he relaxed.

"You can go now, Taylor." It wasn't a suggestion, I could tell. I let go of Sarah and let Jason wrap his arms around her, letting her head rest on his shoulder. I left before things got too awkward, ignoring questions from her roommates. I went back into the common room, where Scorpius and Duncan were having a game of Wizard's chess. I watched as Scorpius made a knight smash a bishop into dusty fragments.

"Well, I'm winning. You've only got a few pieces left. You're not very good." Duncan looked down at his black pieces. He only had the king, a rook and two pawns left. Scorpius, on the other hand, had almost all of his pieces remaining. I looked around. Evelyn was nowhere to be seen.

"Guys, where's Evelyn?" Scorpius glanced up at me, surprised and then annoyed.

"Oh, she went to see James. Don't ask me why. Why would you ask me anything?" He walked away, leaving me with Duncan. I watched him leave, then turned to Duncan.

"I don't know why she went to see him either. And, if you don't mind me asking, why is Scorpius pissed with you?" I took a step back, looking towards the portrait hole.

"I do mind you asking, and I'm leaving now. Goodbye." I walked away, knowing he was suspicious, but hopefully Scorpius wouldn't say anything. I ran up the stairs to the Gryffindor Tower and tried to remember the password.

"Um, Avis. No? Pygmy Puff. No. Um..." The Fat Lady was looking rather unimpressed. I racked my brains.

"Oh! Basilisk! That's it!" The Fat Lady nodded and swung open the portrait hole. I ran through and saw Rose and Roxanne. I walked over to them and stood right in front of them.

"Did Evelyn come in here?" They stayed silent for a bit. I could have screamed. "Well, did she?" Roxanne nodded while Rose remained in stunned silence. I turned and ran up the stairs to the boy's dorm, running through the corridor until I found James' door. I knocked on it impatiently.

"Evelyn! Are you in there? Evelyn?" No one answered, so I opened the door myself. I stormed in and stopped. Evelyn and James were lying on his bed - at least, I think it was his - and they were snogging heatedly. I stepped back, feeling my cheeks grow hot, and slammed the door behind me, running out of the dorm. Roxanne was waiting for me, but before she could ask any questions, I ran out the door and bolted to the Slytherin common room.

That was so embarrassing to walk in on.

Oh. My. Merlin. So. Much. Happened.

Sorry for the lover's quarrel. I love Starlor, but I needed this to happen. And now she hates Albus. This should turn out interestingly.

But, on the plus side...Evelyn and James! Jevelyn! I like it.

Love you all, please review, and a million and two apologies time infinity and the length of Dumbledore's beard!

Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

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