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A second chance at everything. by Beatles fan
Chapter 1 : Prologue: The end
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Disclaimer: I don’t own harry potter. I wish I did though… oh well I can dream can’t I?


A second chance at everything part 1



The Battle of Hogwarts had been going on for four days now. out of the original 6,433 death eaters and 200 dementors and roughly 400 other dark creatures there were only 2,122 total. which paled in comparison to the 600 students, 37 teachers, and 31 Order members. only 3 were left alive. Two were mortally wounded. the third, and final was Harry Potter...

17 year old Harry James Potter stood outside in the courtyard of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry facing the dark Lord Voldemort. He clutched his wand in his right hand and a bloody dagger (the one that killed dobby) in his left. “I am going to kill you Harry Potter. you will die by my hand. MINE!!!” Voldemort spat. “Burn in hell you bastard.” Harry replied.

 With those words the duel of the century began. It was even worse than the Dumbledore vs. Grindlevald duel. Time seemed to stop as the duel went on. Both were aiming to kill or destroy the other. They threw the most lethal spells imaginable. After a long duel Voldemort seemed desperate. He conjured up a long knife, sent it at Harry and followed up with a killing curse. The knife hit Harry in the left side of his stomach. He crumpled to the ground. Still alive but barely. Voldemort walked up to him. “Why do you fight Harry? Your order of the phoenix and your friends are dead. My armies control all of Britain. I control the ministry. Resistance is futile and i can not die. You Harry are near death and you have no chance of winning. I have the elder wand you do not. You have no one to stand with you. I have ten of thousands at my command. Hogwarts is in ruins. Why do you still fight?” “Because no one else will.” He growled and raised his wand and fired a cutting curse into Voldemort’s stomach.

 The dark lord fell to his knees but slowly rose and staggered away. Harry pulled the knife out, grabbed his dagger and wand and followed him.

The dark lord made it to the great hall before collapsing. Harry bent over him and stabbed him once, twice and finished with a killing curse. He then succumbed to his own wounds looking at all the bodies. His eyes locked on Ginny’s cold dead brown eyes. His Ginny…dead and it was all his fault. He then collapsed and kept his eyes locked on Ginny’s prone form.

 'Death isn't so bad.' Harry thought to himself. Like Dumbledore said its the "next great adventure." besides Sirius said it didn't hurt...he was right. and i'll see them again.' It was so peaceful. no noise. Not even peeves. Then he imagined seeing Ginny again. He would see her again. He figured everyting would be ok without him.

Voldemort was dead. The death eaters were left leaderless and confused. So nobody won. He slowly drew his last breath and let it go, his eyes sliding shut. Then everything went black.

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