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Life of the Pure by Breanna_La_Sorciere
Chapter 4 : No Regrets
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Hermione raised her head and brushed away the left over tears from her face. She had finally calmed down enough to stop the crying, Blaise, still seated beside her, gave her a comforting smile. “I’m sorry; I can’t believe I just did that.” She said, laughing slightly. He merely smiled, “Never say sorry for needing to cry Hermione, you can’t just lock everything away and never expect it to find its way out.” Blaise replied, leaning back into the chair. “I didn’t understand it, I mean; I’ve always been a muggle, haven’t I?” Hermione said, placing a hand on her forehead. Blaise shrugged, “You just have some unanswered questions, that’s all. The rest is inside your head.” He said, taking a deep breath. Hermione laughed, “And what a messed up head I’ve got.”

Draco sighed in frustration. He knew, out of everyone in this school, in the entire wizarding world, only one girl could ever meet his expectations. Only that one person could ever challenge him, stand up to him, defy him, capture him, and love him like no other ever could. “I know who my mate is Pansy.” He finally said, looking up at her. She smiled, “We both know who it is Draco. She’s gone to Blaise, and I think you need to go there too.” Pansy said, before kissing Draco’s cheek and making her way to the girl’s dorm. He stood then, making his way out of the dungeons, with no knowledge of where they went. He sighed, what a stupid idea. He focused, Hermione. Her voice appeared in his head, “Room of requirement.” It whispered, setting Draco on his path.

When he finally reached his destination, he knocked on the door, only to find Blaise open it. “Hey mate.” He said, moving aside to let Draco in. Hermione straightened her back, wiping around her eyes so he couldn’t tell she was crying. “I have to tell you something Hermione.” He said, sitting across from her; her eyes wide from the use of her first name. “And I don’t think you’re going to like this information I’m about to give.”

Hermione sighed, Why does this always happen to me? This was going to bring her hell, for sure. She knew, from the unsettled look of his face, she was not going to be happy. “I’m a Veela.” He blurted out, she frowned. “I don’t understand, is that it? You only wanted to tell me you’re a Veela. Is there anything else you want to tell me at random too? Or can I talk to Blaise about something.” She said, obviously annoyed at his outburst. “No Hermione, you don’t understand. I’m telling you this for a very specific reason.” He said, stretching out his words. Hermione’s hand covered her mouth in shock, her eyes bulged. “No, no way. No way in hell Malfoy. This is beyond my understanding. This is, this is outrageous. Why me?! I’ve gone through enough. I’m sorry, whatever the consequences may be but I-” She was cut off as Draco covered her mouth with his hand, pain filling his expression. “Another word and I would have been ashes. Just listen, alright?” He said, slowly removing his hand from her mouth, his face slowly returning to normal as she nodded.

“I know this is an inconvenience for you, Hermione. But you don’t understand how serious this is. You reject me, I die, literally. This wasn’t my choice, alright? It was whoever the hell made veela’s. You’re my mate. My soul mate apparently. There isn’t anyone like you, in the entire universe. No one who could ever meet my standards like you can, and will. This wasn’t by choice, believe me. But I don’t mean that in the way you think. I mean that for you, I know you wouldn’t choice me, I mean, I was a death eater, it doesn’t get much worse than that. But I just need you to give me a chance, just one. Because no offence darling, but I don’t fancy a trip to death.” Hermione took in all the information, What about Harry and Ron? What would they say? What would they think? But who cares? Didn’t they leave me; they broke the Golden Trio apart with a single rip. I have nothing left, and neither does Draco Malfoy. And no matter what he has done, does he really deserve to die? Could this be a chance for my happiness? Even if it is with him. I don’t know, could I really betray them like that? Exactly how they betrayed me… This is for Malfoy; I can’t let him die, no matter the cost. And with that single thought, her mind was made. If this was what it took, she could and would do it. Her rebellious side was coming over; the real side of her was finally beginning to show.

“I just have to get one thing clear with you. I’m not a mudblood, anymore, or whatever. Blaise understands what I mean. I’m not who you think I am now Malfoy. I am not some little girl you can push around now, who you can just push over the edge whenever you feel fit. I am not that girl now, and if you ever, and I mean ever, decide to put me through the rubbish ever again, I will make you wish you begged for death instead of me. Do you understand?” Hermione said, feeling satisfied with herself. Draco waited a moment to answer. “So that means you’re going to give me a chance?” He said, a small smile appearing on his face. Hermione nodded, “Don’t make me regret this. Or you’ll have hell to pay.” He nodded at her words. “And don’t think this means I’m not going to reject you. You need to prove yourself to me Malfoy. I’m serious, if you ever want to live a full life; you better make sure you’re worth it.” Draco smiled with disbelief, this could actually work!

Hermione sighed, leaning back into the couch. I hope I don’t regret this. This is so weird. She closed her eyes, breathing deeply. “Alright-y, now that we have that sorted you lovebirds, we have something else to discuss.” Blaise said, bringing Hermione from her thoughts. Draco sat beside her, close. Hermione almost laughed, it was the strangest sensation, and got worse as he grabbed her hand, intertwining their fingers. Hermione fidgeted slightly, looking at Draco. He hadn’t seemed to notice what he just did. It was like it had always done it, it was just his first impulse. Hermione smiled lightly, it was actually kind of sweet. He would never do that with any of his girlfriends, would he? She didn’t know, and to be honest, it made her a little bit jealous.

Draco sat still, rubbing his thumb against Hermione’s, his face, plastered with a smile, which made Blaise feel uncomfortable. “Ok Malfoy you freak, we understand your very brief declare of love for Hermione, but please, don’t smile like that around me, or I’ll ask McGonagall to put you in Hufflepuff.” Draco merely smirked, which made Blaise feel a bit better. “Well, Hermione, you’re obviously the smartest of us three. Would you happen to know any DNA spells?” Blaise asked, making Draco widen his eyes in horror. He slithered his hand around Hermione’s waist, pulling her closer to him. She glared at Draco, making him whimper slightly, “What?” He said. She calmed herself before speaking, “A DNA spell will determine whether I’m related to Blaise or not.” She replied, smiling at him. “Blaise is this all about, you-know…” Blaise nodded, making Hermione feel left out until he mentioned her, “Hermione wants to know if she is, her.” Draco nodded, and Blaise left the room, in search for something to prove whether of not Hermione was her.

Draco looked at Hermione, taking in all of her delicate features, until finally meeting her deep, chocolate brown coloured eyes. She sucked in her breath, meeting his intense, blue-silver coloured eyes that were so distracting, but she couldn’t tear herself away from them. They were unlike any colour she had ever seen. Her hair is so messy, but the loveliest colour. The way she smiled, and how it makes me go weak. Her cheeks, still with a pink blush on them, her cheekbones, her jaw, her nose, the freckles spread across her nose, her eyes that can make me weak with a single look. Her full, slightly parted, light pink lips, if I moved, an inch closer, I could touch them with my own. Could I imagine myself waking up next to her forever? Yes, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Hermione gasped aloud, causing Draco to exit his thoughts, “What?!” he asked, frantically. She cupped his face in her hands. He screwed his face up with pain, and she removed her hands. “Sorry, what did I do?” She asked, feeling bad. “No, nothing! I just thought you were going to reject me, which caused pain so…” He replied, Hermione felt a tug in her heart. “No, I’m not rejecting you. It’s just; I heard what you were thinking.” She said, holding his hand in hers. He let out a breath, “Wait, what? You heard me thinking you were going to reject me?” Hermione shook her head, “I heard you thinking about me, about waking up next to me forever?” She questioned; her face in awe. He blushed deeply, turning away. “No, don’t do that. Face me, please.” She whispered, and he looked deeply at her. “That was probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever thought about me. I don’t think anyone has ever thought anything like that before, or at least not about me.”

Hermione awoke the next morning, snuggled up in her bed. She sat on the edge, rubbing her eyes and stretching. She stood, finally noticing the site around her bed. There were red and white rose vines all around the bedframe and posts; her bed was covered in their petals. She smiled, noticing a large vase of them sitting on her bedside table, a small note inside.

You deserve the best Hermione.


Her smile extended, this was probably one of the sweetest gestures she had ever received. His writing was in a green and silver, sparkling font, his writing clear and beautifully written. She smelled the flowers in the vase, taking in the scent. His scent was there too. She just didn’t know what it smelt like. Her head lifted, and she looked out the window, where she could see Draco, up on his broomstick, a picnic basket in hand, staring down at her, a smile on his face. She held her finger up, to say give me a minute, and grabbed her wand. She flicked and waved it, creating herself an outfit, a light pink skirt and white singlet with a pink collar and white ballet flats. She stood forward, and magically changed herself. She placed on some deodorant and sprayed some perfume before entering the bathroom. She flicked her wand around, placing her hair in different styles. She suited with a low bun, pieces of hair out to frame her face. When she was satisfied with herself, she went to the window, and opened it. She took a small step, placing her right foot on the window, the left one sitting on the bedside table,  placing  her hands on the outside of the window. Her foot slipped, and she shrieked, waiting for the fall, but a hand grabbed around her waist and held her against him, it was Draco. “Thank you.” She said, in a small tone. He smiled, “I’ll always be there to catch you when you fall.” She smiled weakly at him, and he placed her on the broom in front of him. “Where’d the basket go?” She asked, looking back at him, he placed an arm around her waist again, holding her against him, protecting her. “It’s already there. Hold on tight.” He replied, she gasped as he took off, the broom speeding through the air, dropping into the trees. He dodged them expertly and Hermione leaned back into him, for protection? No, she just wanted to be closer to him.  And just on cue, his hold around her tightened and she sighed. “I heard you.” He whispered into her ear, his hot breath tickled her slightly. “That’s brilliant, which means I should be careful about what I think around you.” She joked. “Maybe it’s a Veela thing.” Draco replied, “Maybe, I’ll look it up later.” Hermione said, as they reached their destination. 

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