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Blinded By Youth by lowdivejenny
Chapter 6 : You Have A Lovely Nose
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  In my free period I decided to hang out by the lake, under the beech tree since it wouldn’t be occupied in this weather. It was chilly but with my winter cloak, all I felt was a nice warmness as the cold wind only affected my face and even tough I didn’t have a mirror I could imagine my red nose and cheeks.


 I inhaled the fresh air and the smell of seaweed as I listened to the gentle lap of water hitting the shoreline.


 I pulled out an article about the Nundu attacks on an African Village. The article was given to me by my Care of Magical Creatures teacher, Professor Kettleburn. Merlin knows he’s a good teacher but I have to say that I learned more from Hagrid. The fact that I secretly wish Hagrid was our teacher didn’t stop Kettleburn from declaring me his favourite student.


 That was a predictable, I may not be the best in many of my classes but I am rightfully assertive when it comes to Care of Magical Creatures. Herbology, yes I am not bad at that either but it could only come second to Care of Magical Creatures.


 I’m only this good at one subject and I’m proud of it. Like I said just before, I didn’t learn anything I know from Kettleburn. That old man can’t stop teaching from the books, the proof of that being the article he gave me, and his class should be learned from action, not books and articles.


 You can’t be a magizoologist if you don’t go on adventures to do some exploring. You can’t tame a dragon if you learned all you know from books. You can’t go on a search for a dangerous creature if you never set your foot into a forest before.


 I was lost in the article, which was truly interesting. I read about the ways the wizards tried to subdue the Nundu. Everything they tried seemed to not be enough, not because a hundred wizards couldn’t handle a gigantic leopard. You see, the Nundu has toxic breath and its breath is filled with disease deadly enough to wipe out an entire village.


 Nundu attacks are fatal and the only solution is precaution if you ask me. All villages in South Africa should learn to be on alarm every minute of everyday; so that the Nundu can be stopped before the illness has a chance to reach everyone in the village.


 But the African Ministry of Magic isn’t very prudent as it seems.


“Quite a strange weather to be hanging out by the lake, don’t you think?”


 I jumped up, hearing the voice that seemed to make my heart beat a little faster just behind me. I blushed as I thought; when did that happen?


“Hey.” I said turning around and smiling at Davies. No, I mean Richie. Smiling at Richie. “What are you doing here?”


“Saw you outside, all alone, thought you could want some company.”


 How could he make such an obvious catch up line-ish thing sound so… nice? It’s the long blue hair. And the amber eyes! Yes, that’s it.


 I also couldn’t help but notice that he didn’t change his hair since I told him I liked it blue again. I remember him going with green spiky hair for almost a year, so it may have nothing to do with me but I still think it’s cute that he changed his red hair just for my admiration.


 He sat next to me, sitting a bit close for me not to blush. He peeked at the article in my hands.


“Nundu attacks, huh?”


 I nodded; turning to him to smile in what I hoped was a cute way once again. But I blushed deeper when I saw that our noses were almost touching. Maybe it was because he kind of had a long nose. No, his nose is just the normal length.


“You have a lovely nose.”


 He laughed loudly, throwing his head back while I turned purplish red. Why do I do this to myself? I shouldn’t be allowed to socialize.


 Fortunately I managed to keep a sane conversation going on for the rest of our time spent together even tough once I got comfortable I started talking about Nundu’s and told him all about my thoughts. I stopped once I saw how bored he was getting but I appreciated that he at least tried to seem interested.


 I don’t get how one can be not interested in magical creatures; they are fascinating and we know so little about their lives and mysteries.


 Back to the point, I was also happy that I could somehow relax around him instead of feeling embarrassed all the time or keeping quiet.


“We are going to be late to class!” I exclaimed when I realised how much time we spent together, me going on and on about stuff he obviously didn’t have interest in. Actually, after a while I understood that he wasn’t even listening but he looked amused so I just continued, not knowing what was so entertaining about my talking. 


 We ran back to the castle, both breathing heavily and I red as a tomato. We parted to go to our classes and I was smiling an idiotic smile on the way to my Ancient Runes classroom. There isn’t anything to smile about that class.


 I was surprised to see Jerome waiting for me when I got out of the common room to go to dinner. He looked a bit uneasy and nervous.


“What’s up with you?” I asked while we walked in uncomfortable silence, something unseen between us.


“Nothing’s up with me.”


 If I know Jerome, he won’t tell me if I push the subject. He would tell me anyway, once he’s ready. Try to tell that to my curiosity, now that is impossible.


“Sure and I’m a kelpy; loch ness monster and all.”


 He seemed to be trying to decide between telling me and not telling me, then deciding on not telling me. That blighter!


“Aren’t you funny?”


 I glared at him, he usually finds that a funny sight and laughs or makes a witty comment. He didn’t even react. I can’t glare, I mean that is hilarious. I’m funny when I try to glare. Laugh at me Jer, I’m desperate here and I’m worried about you.


“You know I’ll find out, right? Because I’m smart and, no offense but, you aren’t.”


 He reluctantly smiled and nodded. Oh bugger, that was a blatant lie. He’s a Ravenclaw how not smart can he be? Why isn’t he objecting or poking fun at me?


“Then why not tell me already?”


 He just shrugged and I knew I wasn’t going to pursue anymore. My irritation suppressed my curiosity and I groaned before walking a little faster. He caught up with me easily, since I wasn’t really trying to get away from him. I was only trying to show that I was angry with him, but he didn’t seem to see that.


 Merlin’s saggy pants, what’s up with him? Seriously, it’s not amusing or anything. It’s worrying and annoying.


 I was worried to the point where I was ticked off when he walked to the Gryffindor table, dragging me along. Just a few days back, I would have to beg him or bribe him to get him to sit with me at my table.


“Sweet Agrippa! Now I know you’re definitely not well.”


 He gave me a puzzled look as we sat down, a little too close to the Marauders if you ask me. Luckily they didn’t notice us as they were Black was laughing at poor Lily’s antics, Potter was drooling –not over food if you know what I mean and Lupin seemed to be trying to talk to Pettigrew about his studies.


You dragging me to sit at my table is usually as possible as Andros the Invincible being my Potions partner.” I explained slowly.


“I’ll bet you five galleons; that is possible in Hogwarts. But I kind of think that he would be your defence partner.”


 I huffed in annoyance. He lived and died in Ancient Greek and he is the bloke who was able to produce a Patronus as big as a giant. He’s not even a bloke, he’s a scary, big man and he’s dead. He’s a scary, big, dead man.


 He wouldn’t be getting out of this so easily with his obvious circumlocution. Even if this is only a titchy secret, like him fighting Joseph or Antonio, I’m going to find it out and I will do it soon.


 Tough, I have to admit, I don’t mind sitting at the Gryffindor table with him. Usually we’re not even supposed to sit at different tables but that isn’t something only we do. It’s not like the professors would care anyway.


 Suddenly an exasperated scream of annoyance came from our left. I turned my head so fast I almost broke my neck. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jer paying all his attention.


“Why do you have to bully him? Stop it, it’s been too long.” Lily scolded the Marauders, mainly Potter and Black. She seemed a bit tired of their façade.


“Hold your Hippogriffs Evans; you hate Snivellus just as much as we do.” Black said, smirking at his best mate as he spoke. Potter seemed a bit hesitant but smirked back anyway.


 I turned to Jerome, who was openly glaring at the pair, now smirking identically. He doesn’t like bullies, who does? I know that I don’t. I especially don’t like looking into the eyes of a bully whose dream-girl left him staring and stormed out of the Great Hall. That’s twice I think.


 But I certainly didn’t want to be spotted by Potter after Lily huffed and left. He smirked at me, the pushface idiot. Actually, he’s not a pushface; he has a pretty handsome face. Doesn’t matter, I hate him.


 I hate him even more now that he elbowed Black who was busy finding himself amusing.


“Pads, you’re a blind idiot.”


 I hope he is blind because I don’t really want him to spot me because I’m afraid he’ll jump me. To kill me, I mean.


“Oi! Get bent –wait, what do you mean?”


 I looked down at my plate, if he’s going to be looking at me I should probably not be looking at him. I bet Potter is pointing at me right now with his finger and that’s rude.


“Why is Black looking at you like you’re a Christmas present?”


 Yes, sure. He’s looking at me like a sewn off finger in a wrapping, the perfect present for a maniac.


“I told you they were trying to kill me, especially that Black.” I whispered.


  He rolled his eyes. That blighter!


A/N: I'm terribly sorry I kept you waiting but in my defense no one reviewed so I really didn't know if anyone was waiting for a chapter. But that isn't the reason I didn't right, the thing is I wasn't able to because I have a lot going on right now, problems with school and theatre and family and... yeah it kind of goes on. Let's not forget to mention I'm a little depressed. 

 I'm sure some reviews would get me out of the blues in seconds, so yeah and I want you to know that I have the next chapter written already so I'll post whenever I feel like I should. Take care. :) 



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