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Accepting Secrets by swatton42
Chapter 6 : The Breakfast Game
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Thanks to everyone who has read so far!


Since that first discussion in the west tower Malfoy and I had gained quite a little routine of our own. I would search the map, firstly to see what Lexis was doing and then to see if Draco had escaped for a cigarette break. We would talk about Lex and how to make her better whilst aiming a couple of insults at each other for good measure. It was an uneasy alliance, if you could call it an alliance at all, but at least he wasn't trying to hex me anymore.

I was focused on trying to break her cup of tea on the plate routine and help her to start eating properly. OK, so that is a slight understatement. I was just focused on her and the food thing was an excuse to get closer to her. I was so focused on her I could probably tell you the finer details of her life even better than Draco could. For example, she always wore a sweatband around her left wrist to cover the dark mark that I was certain was there. Her sweatband, necklace and the stud earring at the top of her left ear always matched in colour, usually deep purple. Failing that, she would wear green to match her house colours. She hated material that was tight to the skin around her arms or chest, so would leave her sleeves rolled up and the first two buttons of her shirt un-done. Thanks to this detail I knew she matched other clothing items to her sweatband and jewellery colours as well. That particular memory kept reappearing inside my head, usually causing my imagination to kick into over-drive and the need for several cold showers. I had it bad. Unsurprisingly, none of this information ever came up in my little chats with her brother.

Anyway, back to the tea routine. I'd got up ridiculously early this morning to find a good seat for breakfast. Ron told me to fuck off and went back to sleep when I told him I was leaving and I didn't see Hermione on the way out of the common room either, I considered this a good thing. If either of them saw what I was doing at breakfast I would be in for the ultimate interrogation. My plan was simple, get to the Great Hall early so I could make breakfast for the both of us, a cup of black tea with no sugar for her and a plate of beans on toast with extra cheese for me.

The slytherins arrived and looked positively disgusted that I had got there first so they couldn't sit in their usual seats, or most of them did anyway. Draco saw what I had done and gave me a quick amused smirk before covering it with a scowl and Lexis showed no expression at all. She just sat next to me and did her usual deep breath in. Since Malfoy had told me about why she liked my cologne I had started wearing a little less in the hopes she would sit closer to me to pick up the scent. Like I said, I had it bad. Fascinated, I watched her push a long strand of hair back behind her left ear, today was a purple day. Purple earring, purple necklace, purple sweatband, purple...shut up brain, now's not the time!

She froze in place with her hand automatically halfway towards the nearby tea decanter. She had registered the plates already loaded up on the table. Beans on toast in front of her and her cup of tea placed perfectly in the centre of my plate. I had foreseen three potential outcomes to my plan. One - she would eat the beans on toast - mission accomplished but I doubted that would happen. Two - she would reach across and pick up her drink, which would bring her even closer to me so she would start to fall deeply and passionately in love with me because my cologne had such a strong effect on her - slightly far-fetched but possible. Three - she would panic and fall into one of her episodes so I would have to follow her and hold her in very close contact, whispering parseltongue in her ear to help her calm down - highly likely. Really this was a win-win-win situation...She went with outcome number three.


I had been playing my little breakfast game for several days now and had actually started to make some progress. Three days in a row I had to follow her to disused classrooms, I was getting pretty quick at wrestling her into a hold she couldn't break, but that didn't stop me gaining a range of bruises and cuts in various places. For someone so small, she was impressively strong when she was raging.

Day number four took an interesting turn; Lex actually picked up the cup of tea that had been sitting in front of me. Then several things happened at once. Our eyes met. I smiled at her. The post came in. She got distracted by the owls flying around and dropped the scalding hot cup straight into my lap. I swore, loudly. The slytherins laughed, loudly. She poured herself a fresh cup of tea and escorted me to the hospital wing to get my burns checked by Madam Pomfrey. When I met Malfoy in the tower he almost couldn't light his fag for laughing so hard, although eventually he did give me some valuable information about what might help my plan along a little.

So this morning I had taken his advice into account and made something for breakfast that apparently was her favourite. Toast with peanut butter and chocolate spread. This girl got odder by the day. When she arrived she was deep in conversation with Draco about his crap choice in quidditch teams. I don't really know why but she never struck me as being interested in the sport. With only a glance down at her plate she selected the smaller slice and started nibbling away in between slating the Chudley Cannons and giving rave reviews for the Holyhead Harpies. Draco noticed what had just happened and was adamantly looking anywhere but in my direction, the only thing that stopped the flow of the casual argument was the appearance of Hermione and her foot long essay for Potions.

'You're eating my breakfast.' I whispered in Lex's ear, she froze for a short while before replying.

'Well you stole my drink, so I'm stealing your toast.' I smiled evilly at her comment. I made sure she was watching before taking a long slow slurp of her tea.

'How can you possibly drink that? It tastes disgusting.'

'So give it back.'

'And what about my toast? Am I going to get that back, if we're returning stolen goods?' I asked whilst sliding her tea along the table towards her. She picked up the cup and took a sip for herself. I had been expecting her to clean the cup first since I had drunk from it, instead she just carried on drinking from the exact same spot that I did, gazing at me from over the brim. As she lowered the cup from her mouth she held eye contact and replied pointedly.

'Who said anything about we?' With that she took another large bite out of her breakfast and flashed me her perfected Malfoy smirk.


We kept up this new game every morning. Some days she would eat, some days she wouldn't, it seemed to depend on what breakfast I made her. On days she didn't eat she would take the cup of tea off my plate and have her drink instead. Luckily we had avoided any more trips to the hospital wing. I was enjoying experimenting and finding out what food she liked, and according to Malfoy she was finding it quite fun as well. We spoke very little at the breakfast table to keep up appearances, but she would give Draco her opinion on the day's meal and he would relay it to me in the privacy of the west tower. I was sworn to secrecy that she couldn't find out about our meetings until he thought she was ready to know about them.

One morning at the start of October she had reached the Great Hall before me and was oddly sat alone. I flumped down next to her and looked confusedly at her still empty plate. She merely smiled and waved vaguely towards the food laid up and down the table. Her sweatband was an emerald green today, if you're interested. I certainly was.

'Well carry on Harry.' She said my first name, god her voice sounded beautiful when she said that. I couldn't help but give a goofy smile as I started making breakfast for the both of us. I made her favourite round of toast with peanut butter and chocolate spread, pancakes with golden syrup and a cup of black tea with no sugar. She said my first name; I decided she deserved a special spread this morning. She just watched and giggled.

'Where's your brother and friends?' We were the only ones at the table so far, so I figured it was safe to talk.

'There was a party in the common room last night; they're all feeling pretty tender this morning. I would have joined them but there was a lot more people than I felt comfortable with. Did you know we have 52 more students than the average school attendance rate this year?'

'So I was right, you were counting people at the opening feast.' I could see the panic starting to build in her eyes as I said it so quickly distracted her by taking a large bite out of her toast. It earned me a slap around the back of the head but at least she looked chilled out again.

'Have you seen the House Unity Challenge update?' She asked me while working to claim her toast back. I shook my head; I hadn't even thought to read the notice board on my way out of the common room this morning.

'There's going to be a Halloween dance this year. We have to go together and we have to be dressed to match. There's a Hogsmeade trip the weekend before in case we need to buy outfits.' I almost choked on my food, and being the typical slytherin she was, she laughed at me. My imagination had begun working before I could respond, in my head the Halloween dance was developing into a first date. This could be fun.


This is my personal favourite chapter so far, hope you liked it too. As always, please read and review. xxx

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Accepting Secrets: The Breakfast Game


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