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Muggle-Born by KatPerce
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three - Reckoning Day
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Chapter Three – Reckoning Day




It was reckoning day.




Loretta had to give her a calming draught before they left for the train. Randell and Theodore had gotten into a yelling match in the foyer about her again, and it reminded Abigail much of her own family – with her mother and that awful man. Abigail started hyperventilating as she heard them shouting, and Loretta couldn’t have come fast enough with the draught.




Abigail thanked her lucky stars that she had taken the draught because once she was on the platform, she thought she could have died of anxiety.




There were Ministry guards everywhere. She and Theodore had to give their names as soon as they crossed the barrier, even with Randell there. Mr. Nott and the guard exchanged nods as they approached, but Abigail could hear Theodore let out the smallest sigh of relief as the guard let them pass.




Tensions were high on the platform. Guards paced up and down the platform, wands at the ready. More parents were crying than usual, holding onto their children as if not wanting to let them go. It was awkward for Abigail as she and Theodore stood in front of Randell. He seemed to be the only parent there happy to see his children leave.




“Well, this is goodbye,” Randell said almost cheerily.




Abigail looked at Theodore, who frowned at her. She thought maybe it was her presence making everything so awkward. “I’m just going to -.”




Theodore reached his hand over to her shoulder where he gripped it tightly, making it clear she was not to go anywhere.




“Or not…” she said under her breath.




“Goodbye father,” Theodore said, ignoring Abigail completely.


He reached out to shake his father’s hand. “Say goodbye, Eleanor,” Theodore told her.




“Erm, yes, goodbye…Father,” Abigail said.




He held out his hand, and she made to hug him. It resulted in an embrace that may have looked affectionate to an outsider, but made Abigail want to die of its discomfort.  Theodore’s usual scowl broke into a quick snigger, but his high level of stress overtook quickly when another Ministry guard passed by them.




Lucky for Abigail, she didn’t have to endure the awkwardness any longer as Theodore grabbed her arm and steered her towards the train. He levitated both of their trunks through the door, holding onto her arm as he led her through the train.




People were giving the pair stares now they were detached from their parents. They stared from their compartments as Theodore and Abigail passed, and she instantly felt self-conscious. There was no way these people could know, but she still felt the familiar knot in her stomach turn.






“It’s only because of who our father is,” Theodore said lowly.




“Because he’s a...” she left the answer up in the air.




He nodded solemnly. “C’mon.”




Theodore was checking the compartments as they walked and stopped when he seemed to have found what he wanted. He opened the door, letting the trunks travel in first, and then pulled Abigail in.




Abigail stared at the compartment that Theodore had chosen. Was he trying to get her killed? Inside was Blaise Zabini, those two large Slytherin boys that always seemed to be around when she was being bullied, and the she-devil herself, Pansy Parkington.




In front of Parkington, the girl who had bullied her for years, Abigail had forgotten that she was Eleanor Nott with the shiny blonde hair. Instead she felt like the dopey little Hufflepuff with broken glasses.




“Who’s this?” Parkington said sharply, eyeing Abigail.




Theodore rolled his eyes at Parkington, pulling Abigail down on a seat next to him. He stared at her as if telling her to snap out of it, and she took a deep breath.




“This is my sister, Eleanor,” Theodore said, a slight edge in his voice.




His tone suggested that Parkington be nicer. It was the first time anyone tried to step up for Abigail around Parkington. Abigail snapped back into it, donning a fake smile. “Hi, I’m Eleanor.”




Parkington stared at her, a dumbfounded look on her face. “Yes, Theodore just told me,” she said as she looked Abigail over again. She looked back at Theodore. “She’s a bit odd, isn’t she?”




Abigail’s face fell, and Parkington snickered at her. She should have known better to think that things would be different now. Even with shiney hair, she was still Abigail. She was still mousey. She was still odd.




And then something happened. 




“Well at least she isn’t pug-faced.”




Abigail turned to grin at Theodore, who wore the slightest smile. Parkington’s mouth dropped open, and all the boys in the compartment began to snicker. Parkington started to retort, but Draco interrupted her as he slid the door open noisily. Parkington instead glared at Abigail while Draco put his trunk away, greeting the boys in the compartment. The train began to move now as Draco sat down next to Parkington, and he stared at Abigail’s legs for a moment before meeting her eyes.




“Eleanor,” Draco greeted her lightly.




Abigail stared back at him, unnerved by his own brazen stare. He smirked at her again. He seemed to do that a lot.




“Would you stop eye-fucking my sister please?” Theodore interrupted their moment.




Abigail blushed, but Draco just continued to stare at her legs. She turned to give Theodore a steely-eyed look. He returned it, and it was Abigail who broke first, looking away from his intense graze.




“Anyways….” Zabini interrupted the tension in the compartment. “Did you all hear that Snape is headmaster?”




Abigail’s eyes widened in horror. Snape couldn’t be Headmaster. He was just so…evil. Draco and Parkington exchanged a smirk, but Theodore just looked out the window, uninterested.




“Finally a Slytherin headmaster,” Parkington said, shrilly “It’ll be nice to not to have Gryffindor get all the favoritism, right?”




“And no Mudbloods either,” Zabini replied. “It’s going to be a good year.”




Parkington laughed sharply at his comment, and the others all let out a chuckle. Abigail felt her blood go cold. She looked at Theodore for support but he was still looking out the window, watching the rain collect on the windowpane.




“No Dumbledore, no Mudbloods, no Potter,” one of the large boys said. “What are we going to do now?”




“Well you can start by going to class, Goyle,” Draco quipped.




Even Abigail laughed at that, and she could feel Draco’s eyes on her. She blushed.




“You picked a good time to start Hogwarts,” he told her.




Her smile faded at that, and she was instantly reminded that despite Draco’s very attractive smirks, he was still one of them. A Slytherin. She tried to keep her smile in tract as she let out a noncommittal “Mmm” but she wasn’t quite good at it.




“Where were you before this, Eleanor,” Parkington interrupted.




“I was homeschooled,” Abigail said.




Parkington smirked. “Homeschooled? How quaint.”




Zabini let out a small laugh, that he covered up as a cough when Draco glared at him. He smiled at Abigail.




“Draco, Dear,” Parkington said, glaring at Abigail first. “Why don’t you tell me about the rest of your summer? You never wrote me back after I saw you last…”




Abigail tuned out, turning towards the wall. The calming draught she had taken earlier this morning was making her tired. She leaned her head against the wall, closing her eyes. She could hear Parkington giggle about whatever Draco was saying, but she tuned it out. That sleepy, content feeling was taking over, and she yawned.




The next thing she knew, she wasn’t leaning against the cold wall anymore. Her head was resting on something warm and there was an arm around her. She breathed in, smelling that musky scent of sunshine and…boy.




Abigail jolted up suddenly, her eyes opening widely. Her hair was all in her face, and as she brushed it out of her eyes, she saw Theodore smiling at her with that bemused look on his face. She blushed, and she looked around the compartment, seeing the others had fallen asleep too. She stifled a laugh when she saw Draco curled up in the corner, as far as possible for Parkington who looked as if she was trying to sleep on his lap.




Theodore stood, motioning for her to follow. He opened the door slowly to be quiet, and Abigail followed him out into the hallway. He sat down at the end of the corridor, pointing his wand at the compartment.








Abigail sat down next to Theodore. “Parkington looks like an idiot.”




“She usually does,” Theodore replied dryly.




Abigail laughed. It felt good to laugh. The morning had been stressful enough, even with the calming draught.




“Thank you for defending me today,” Abigail said shyly. She looked up at him, and it was his turn to be embarrassed.




He shrugged, trying to shake it off. “It’s nothing.”




There was a short silence.




“Ready for sorting?” he asked.






Abigail’s happy feeling was short lived. She frowned at Theodore.








“You’ll be fine.”




“No, I won’t,” she insisted. “The hat will bloody rat me out.”




“Just do what I told you,” he said.




Abigail rolled her eyes at him, but didn’t argue anymore. They had had the argument all yesterday and the day before.




“And stop encouraging, Draco,” Theodore added hastily




“I am not -.”


“Oh you love the attention,” he countered.




She looked at him affronted. “I do not.”




“Then prove it. Stop blushing like some dim first-year,” he said.




Abigail blushed again.




The rest of the train ride pasted without much excitement. When the trolley came around, Theodore and Abigail went back into the compartment to wake up the others. Draco continued to let his eyes linger on Abigail, who blatantly ignored him just to prove a point to Theodore. Abigail instead focused on her growing hatred for Parkington, who endlessly talked about nonsense. Parkington was more vain than Abigail had ever imagined, but she was pleased to see everyone else had annoyed looks on their face whenever Parkington opened her mouth. Theodore instead sat there in a frosty silence the rest of the ride, and Abigail couldn’t have been more excited to get to Hogwarts.




It felt different this time when she stepped off the train at Hogsmeade. Abigail always appreciated that first glimpse of Hogwarts, but this time, it hit her with this overwhelming feeling of gratitude. There were so many muggle-borns unable to come back this year, and here she was, little Abigail Ross, back at Hogwarts. She instantly resolved to try harder in her classes this year.




When they stepped into the Great Hall, Theodore steered her in the direction of the first years, who were waiting to be sorted. Abigail stood with them, feeling awkward. Last time she was up here, she was about to faint with anxiety. Not much had changed.




More older-looking students joined her, and one of them exchanged a nod with her Hogwarts was now mandatory, so all the students who were formerly homeschooled, like she supposedly was, were now standing next to her. Most of them were younger, but there was one boy who looked about her age. He looked at her nervously.




Like always, Professor McGonagall began to call the sorting. Abigail wiped her palms on her skirt, feeling them gone sweaty. The calming draught from this morning had worn off and she began to feel that constant anxious knot twisting in her stomach. The names progressed, and Abigail began to panic. What if the hat told everyone that she had already been sorted?




She thought about what Theodore had told her to do. He only said – “Tell the hat to put you in Slytherin”. She freaked out on him then, wondering how he could be so blasé about a potentially fatal flaw in their plot, but he continued on his assumption that “telling the hat to put you in Slytherin” would be enough.




“Nott, Eleanor.”




Abigail found Theodore in the crowd at the Slytherin table, shooting him an icy look as she sat on the stool. She was reminded again of being a first year, gripping the stool nervously. Professor McGonagall hardly looked at her as she stuck the hat on her head, and although it fit better than last time, it covered her face.




“Abigail Greene, you’ve already been –.” the hat started.




She prayed, “Just put me in Slytherin. Just put me in Slytherin.”




“But you are a Hufflepuff, just and true…”




“I need to be in Slytherin. You have to put me in Slytherin.”




“You need to be a Slytherin? But you are a -.”




“Just put me in Slytherin, you bloody -,” she started.




“Well, very well then, better be…SLYTHERIN!” the hat shouted.




Abigail breathed a sigh of relief as the Slytherin table erupted in cheers. She was still shaking as she basically ran to the table. She strode right up Theodore, who finally wore a real smile for the first time all day. She grinned right back, and she felt absolute relief.




Their plan was working.








Abigail just couldn’t will herself to fall asleep. The Slytherin dormitory was cold and unfamiliar, and she felt like there was something fundamentally wrong about sleeping in the same room as one’s mortal enemy. So Abigail snuck downstairs to the common room, and she curled up on the end of a couch by the fire.




She missed the Hufflepuff common room. It was warm and bright with such comfortable couches. The couch she was sitting on was rather rigid, much like the Slytherins who graced them. Abigail missed her bed in her dormitory with the pretty yellow tapestries. She would give anything to be there right now.




Abigail jumped as she heard footsteps coming from one of the staircases, and she watched as Draco appear from the shadows. His hair was sticking up in places, and he had this drowsy look on his face. He looked even more attractive this way. He looked around the empty common room with a sullen look, but his expression softened when he saw her.




“What are you doing up?”




He sat down next to her. Abigail watched him, still curled up on her side. She was glad she wore her nicer pajamas.




“Can’t sleep,” Abigail said honestly. “New surroundings…you know…” she trailed off.




Draco nodded in agreement. He seemed pretty distracted as he stared in the fire. It reflected a pretty color in his gray eyes. Abigail still watched him closely. For someone who always acted so smooth around her, he was unusually off his guard.




“What about you?” she asked after a moment.




He shrugged. “Oh, just, excited to be back.”




Abigail could tell he was lying, but she didn’t say anything as they both turned and stared into the fire. It was a comfortable silence – Abigail didn’t want to be the one to break it. She stifled a yawn. It was Draco who broke his stare first, looking at Abigail with a small smile.




“You’re lucky, you know,” he said softly.




“Hmm,” Abigail murmured, turning to look at him.




“You’re lucky,” he said, sighing. “You got a new start today.”




Abigail felt instantly awake, panicked at his statement. Her eyes widened as she stared at him.




How could he know?




“What, what do you mean?” she stuttered.




He shrugged, not noticing her panic. He turned back to the fire. “You’re new here…you get to be whoever you want, no one knows you, no one knows your past.”




Abigail calmed down then. She needed to stop panicking over every little statement. She contemplated what he just said, her mind wandering. She could feel Draco’s eyes on her, but she didn’t need to look over at him.




“Yeah, you’re right.”








Abigail took what Draco said to heart the next morning when she got ready the next morning. Abigail Ross was no longer at Hogwarts. She was Eleanor Nott, a pureblood, a Slytherin. She wouldn’t have to take crap from anyone, let alone Pansy Parkington.




So when she got up, she greeted the other girls with a brisk “good morning”, even joining in on their conversation about the fit new Ravenclaw boy.




Abigail felt out of place as she got ready in Slytherin Girls bathroom, but she was trying hard not to show it. She knotted her green tie, trying not to show her distaste. Her badger cardigan lay wasting in her bedroom at her mother’s apartment, and Abigail missed it dearly. But she had to admit her shiny blonde hair looked good with the green.




She turned to smirk at Parkington, who shot her a glare. Parkington moved over to shove Millicient Bustrode out of the move, fixing her own tie. There was a hierarchy between the 7th year Slytherin girls.




Pansy Parkington was the queen bee and she knew it. All the girls let her monopolize the bathroom – she spread her makeup and brushes everywhere, and no one told Parkington to do otherwise.




Abigail was next in line. The other girls were deferent to her since her arrival last night – she knew they respected her only because they thought she was Theodore’s sister and the daughter of a Death Eater, but she still enjoyed how Daphne Greengrass let have more space in the closet.




Daphne and Tracey Davis were in the middle of the hierarchy. Abigail thought they were a lot like the Hufflepuff girls in her dorms – all giggles and gossip. But they were very nice to Abigail, and Tracey complimented Abigail’s hair as they all got ready.




Millicent Bulstrode was at the unfortunate bottom of this totem pole. She was a rather large girl, and her hair was uncannily frizzy like Abigail’s before Loretta got ahold of her. Daphne and Tracey made fun of Millicent after she was the first to leave to dormitory, but it was Parkington who openly rude to Millicent the whole morning. Abigail felt for her, but her new resolution to be a more confident Eleanor did not include befriending Millicient.




Abigail left the dormitory with Daphne, meeting Theodore at the bottom of the staircase. He smiled when he saw her, and Abigail smiled back. He let out a little sigh as she said good morning to him, and she could have sworn it was one of relief.




They left Daphne as she waited for Tracey, and Abigail was glad to be alone with Theodore for the first time since yesterday morning. She had gotten so use to being in his constant presence the past two weeks that she found herself unreasonably happy to be back around him.




“So you survived yesterday,” Theodore said softly as they climbed up a staircase.




Abigail laughed lightly. “So I did. It was a joint effort,” she replied, giving him a glance.




“Hmm,” he chuckled. “Sorting hat give you any problem?”




“I just did what you told me,” Abigail said carefully, a few second-years running past them.




They ate their breakfast quickly after Tracey and Daphne joined them, received their schedules from Professor Slughorn, and were off to class with none other than Draco, who was happily chatting away about Quidditch with a very uninterested Theodore. Abigail internally laughed as she remembered how Theodore told her how much he thoroughly hated Quidditch.




It was odd, spending time with Draco. He was much more subdued today in checking out Abigail, and she wondered if it had something to do with their conversation last night.




“Do you play, Abigail?” Draco suddenly turned to her.




Abigail laughed loudly, exchanging a look with Theodore. “Oh goodness, no, I’m awful at flying.”




Draco smirked at her. “I could teach you.”




Abigail bit her lip, looking for Theodore for help. He took a step away from them, and he seemed suddenly very interested in the ceiling.




She cursed him in her head, as she turned back to Draco. “Erm, well, I’ll have a lot of studying to…”




Draco ignored her stuttering. “How about tomorrow? After Defense?”




Theodore was still pretending to be deaf, and Abigail couldn’t see a way out of it. Draco was waiting patiently for an answer, still smirking.








“Great,” he said.




Theodore continued to pretend to be oblivious to their conversation as they entered the Potions classroom. He sat down at a table first, and Abigail hurried to take the spot next to him before Draco could suggest she sit with him. The classroom was almost full by that point, and he was forced to take a table on the other side of the room. Abigail breathed a sigh of relief as she took out her textbooks.




“Way to help, Theodore,” she said irritably under her breath.




He rolled his eyes as he opened his notebook. “You’re a big girl, Eleanor,” he replied in the same nasty tone.




Abigail was just about to retort when Professor Slughorn walked into the room. She folded her arms, sticking her tongue out at him. He narrowed his eyes.






“Welcome, welcome to another year in Potions,” Professor Slughorn boomed, interrupting their little exchange. “As you prepare for your NEWTs…”




Abigail toned him out as she looked around the room. It was emptier than usual. While this class was a year above her own, she knew most of the Seventh Years. A few Ravenclaws and a handful of Hufflepuffs were missing, but the Gryffindor suffered the most. There was only that one freckled kid who was always blowing things up. How he ended up in NEWT Potions was beyond her, but he sat at a table alone, the only one in red. There was one new face, that new good-looking Ravenclaw boy who used to be homeschooled.




“…the instructions are on the board. Begin!”




Abigail snapped back into it as the students around her shuffle around her to retrieve ingredients. She squinted at the instructions and on the board were the instructions to the hardest potion that Abigail had ever seen. She frowned at the board as if it had personally offended her.




“I’ll help you,” Theodore said under his breath, seeing Abigail’s reaction.




She smiled lightly at him, grabbing the ginger-root to begin the potion.




It was a grueling task, and Abigail felt the straightening spell on her hair lift as potion fumes filled the air. She was sweating from the heat under her cauldron, but she felt calm as she continued on. Abigail read each line of instructions three times before doing the tasks. Her potion should have been a light pink by now, but it was a purple-like color at this point. Theodore had to grab her hand as she almost put the rat tails in before the aconite root, but otherwise, she had done well, considering the last potion she made burned a hole through the cauldron to the floor.




Abigail grinned at her potion as it was a shade off from Theodores, and much better than Susan Bone’s brown bubbling potion on the next desk. She was proud of her product and grinned at Professor Slughorn as he walked around the classroom.




“Hmm…acceptance, Miss?” he said.




“Nott, Eleanor Nott.”




Professor Slughorn stared at her for a minute and glanced from Theodore back to Abigail. He nodded to himself and then continued to look at Susan Bone’s potion, giving it a shocked grimace.




“He said it was acceptable!” Abigail said in an excited whisper to Theodore.




He raised his eyebrows at her, looking confused. “Uh, yeah, I heard.”




“I’m just…it was a hard potion,” she tried to dignity her excitement.




“It was,” he agreed. He stared at her for a minute, considering her. “You did well.”




They packed up their belongings and were out the door with Draco and Parkington on their tail. They headed to the fourth floor for Muggle Studies, now mandatory for all students. Abigail felt a bit queasy as she thought about it, but she pushed it aside as Parkington saddled up to her, linking arms with her.




Abigail stared at her in horror, feeling even more nauseous at the fact Parkington was making physical contact with her.




“So that new fit Ravenclaw was checking you out during Potion,” Parkington giggled.




What. The. Fuck?




Abigail looked for Theodore for assistance, but once again, he pretended to be deaf to her conversation. She looked back at Parkington.




“Um, no, not really…” Abigail said hastily.




Parkington giggled again. Had she spent too much time sitting with Daphne and Tracey?




“He was totally checking you out,” Parkington insisted, throwing a glance at Draco. “I think you two would look precious together.”








The light bulb went off in Abigail’s head. So this was about Draco…Parkington was trying to pair her off with the Ravenclaw boy so she could snag Draco. Abigail went to shrug her off, but then she remembered her new resolution. Mousey Abigail would let it go, but what would Eleanor do?




“I mean, he was just staring -.”




“I have my eye set on someone else,” Abigail said cheekily, turning to give Draco a look.




Draco winked back at her, and Abigail laughed, seeing the snarl on Parkington’s face.




Take that, Parkington




“Oh really?” Parkington recoiled. “Well, my mother always taught me to give my old toys to the less fortunate,” she sneered, eyeing Abigail up and down.




Abigail opened her mouth to retort, but nothing came to her. Instead, she scowled at Parkington, who flipped her hair in reply. They were silent as the entered the classroom, and Abigail plopped down at a table, angrily pulling out her notebook. Draco and Theodore flanked on either side of her, silent from observing the girls’ exchange.




Parkington, brazen from one upping Abigail, dragged a chair up to their table, sitting right next to her. Abigail stared at Parkington as she began to unpack her belongings, which she pointedly ignored. Abigail rolled her eyes at her and then looked over to see Draco staring at her legs. Abigail pulled her skirt down, frowning at him.




Alectro Carrow entered the room, and it immediately fell silent. Carrow was a thick-set woman with long thin blonde hair. She had beady eyes, and Abigail, still in a foul mood, instantly disliked her. She could tell Parkington did too because she had the same nasty look on her face she gave Abigail.




“I am Professor Carrow, and I’ll be teaching you Muggle Studies year,” Carrow said. She leaned against her desk, crossing her arms in front of her.




“This is now a mandatory class. Does anyone know why?” Carrow asked in her nasally voice.




Because You-Know-Who has taken over the world and we’re all screwed.




The room was silent, and Abigail exchanged a tense look with Theodore. She could watched the two Gryffindors three rows ahead shake their head in anger.




“No?” she sneered. “Well, then let me inform you.”




She moved around from her desk to the front of the room, scanning her students.




“The Ministry of Magic has decided that you must now know the truth about Muggles. You’ve been learning in History of Magic for years about how they tortured and persecuted our kind, only to have the Statute of Secrecy protect them in the end.




“Well that’s all about to change. We finally have a Ministry who accepts the truth about Muggles. That they’re dirty, stupid creatures who don’t accept -.”




Abigail’s blood was fueled with anger. She’d never felt such instant hatred towards a person as she was staring at Carrow. She looked at Parkington whose look of distaste had immediately turned to delight at Carrow’s lecture. Abigail was aware that she was glaring harshly at Carrow, but she didn’t care at all. And she wasn’t the only one.




She watched Seamus Finnegan scrowl at Carrow silently, and Neville Longbottom was about to burst with his fury. He gripped the desk as if holding off from having an outburst.




“-and now those filthy Muggles will be put in their rightful place!”




“You’re wrong!”




It was Longbottom. He stood, staring straight at Carrow as he yelled at her. The classroom was instantly stilled, and no one knew what Carrow was going to do. Abigail was unnerved when Carrow smiled at Longbottom as if pleased at his interruption.




“Well, well, Mr. Longbottom, isn’t it?” she sneered.




Abigail expected Longbottom to step down, but he didn’t. He just stared at her.




“Yes, I’ve been warned about you, Mr. Longbottom,” she walked toward him, smiling even more. “About what a dirty little blood traitor you are.”




He didn’t answer her.




“What? Nothing to say now?” she taunted him. “Aren’t you a blood traitor, Longbottom?”




Abigail watched, chilled as Carrow stood in front of Longbottom, trying to incite him more. Parkington and Draco exchanged a smirk, and Abigail glared at them in distaste. The room was filled with a nervous excitement, some hoping Longbottom would somehow best Carrow, and others wanting Carrow to put him in his place. Abigail instead watched in dread, fearing the worst.




“Answer me,” Carrow demanded.




“Yes, I’m a blood traitor,” he said determinedly. “But I’d rather be a blood traitor than some ignorant Death Eater.”




Abigail expected Carrow to begin yelling at Longbottom, but instead she just smiled.








Longbottom fell to the floor, shaking and twitching, his face screwed up in pain. A loud sound of scraping of chairs filled the room, as everyone seemed to want to get as far away from him as possible. Abigail just stared in horror, praying it would be over soon. He let out only a short yelp, but she had to hand it to him - he did not yell or scream. When it was over, he slowly began to stand up, Carrow still pointing her wand at him. The class was dead silent.




“New Headmaster, new rules, Longbottom,” she said cruelly. She lowered her wand, looking around at the horrified class. “Anyone interrupting my class will be subject to the Cruciatus Curse. Now, get out of my class Longbottom and don’t come back until you learn to keep your mouth shut.”




The class watched as Longbottom gathered his belongings hastily and left the classroom. He was shaken, but still standing, and Abigail could see the anger coursing through him as he slammed the door behind him. Her respect for Longbottom rose instantly but she felt as shaken as if the curse had hit her instead.




“Now, where was I?”




It was the worst lesson Abigail had never seen. The Longbottom incident had silenced everyone to the point of not even moving. Abigail felt sick as she replayed the incident over and over in her mind, and she barely even listened to what Carrow was saying. Abigail could see few people were paying attention, as they sat in a shocked silence. Only the Slytherins wore their smug little smirks. All except Theodore and Abigail.




She couldn’t wait for the lesson to be over, and as soon as Carrow was done assigning homework, she began to pack rather hastily. The rest of the students seemed to have the same idea as her, and there was a rush toward the door.




“What an interesting lesson,” Parkington gloated loudly for the others to hear. “I’m glad to see at least some professors know how to discipline their students.”




Abigail finally snapped. “Shut up, Parkington.”




Parkington turned to give Abigail an incredulous look. “What did you say to me, Nott?” she shrilled.




Abigail narrowed her eyes. “I told you to shut up.” Her voice was rushed and grew higher as she continued. “You’re loud and annoying and you don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about so just shut the fuck up.”




She could see Theodore staring at her horror and Draco in a mix of admiration and confusion, but she didn’t care as she grabbed her bag, pushed a group of Ravenclaws out of the way, and exited the classroom.






Thank you all for reading! I appreciate any feedback and reviews you have :) 




This chapter is a little rough, but I wanted to get it out before the break. There's a lot going on here, between Abigail's relationships and all the changes at Hogwarts! Let me know what you think about it all, and have a happy holidays!




- KP

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