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Assassins Creed: Hermione's Story by Emma_Felton4Ever
Chapter 3 : Discoveries... and ITALY?! Oh Merlin....
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Ch. 3

"We are one. As we share the glory of our victories, so too should we share the pain of our defeats. In this way we grow closer. We grow stronger."                                

―Malik Al-Sayf.* *Scene/discription from The Davinci Code 

 * Quote from AC Wiki

Collecting whatever items were needed Draco and Hermione set out to prepare for their trip to Australia.

“Granger, why aren’t Potter and Wesley involved in this?” Draco asked as he placed his wand up his sleeves.  

Hermione tying her hair in a side ponytail turned to Draco. “To be honest, I want a daring adventure with someone I can hopefully get to know on the way? No pun intended.” She smirked. “Hmm I guess cause for once this is MY adventure, MY life, so MY rules! Plus they both got a lot in their minds.”

“But you let them know where you’re going right?” Draco asked with his brows raised up.

“Maybe…. maybe not.” Hermione said in a playful tone.

Draco just shook his head, “Damn there is a lot I’m going to have to know about the Gryffindor Bookworm, I thought I always knew.

Hermione just laughed. “Ready to head out now, or are you having second thoughts?”

Draco trying to stand out proud said “No I’m not backing out of a challenge, I’m thriving for it. It might change me along the way.”

They walked out to an abandon area, and they reached it Hermione turned to say, “It’s not you as yourself that needs to change more like your thoughts and views of people. You’ll learn in time if you let yourself to happen.”

Draco’s chest felt queasy, what on earth made this girl think like this! Sure she was smart, but these weren’t words she memorized from a book. These were her owe, and gave him comfort and hope.

Hermione grabbed his arm and concentrated on her destination. She felt the solid ground and opened her eyes to face a small home. “This is it Draco, let’s go.”

Suddenly Draco grabbed her waist, and turned her around. “We better check for dark magic or traps just in case.”

Really Hermione how could you forget that, and you call yourself an Assassin!!” Hermione mentally scolded herself.

They checked for unusual charms, none occurred so they made their way to the door. Hermione felt an odd sensation; something wasn’t right. Even thing was set to perfect, and too quite.

“Trust your gut the most; observe anything that seems unusual you ever know what you might find…”

“Draco check for anything unusual. I think something’s not right…” Hermione said in a whisper drawing her wand out.

Draco nodded wand in hand.

Hermione made her way upstairs, quietly without making long creaking sounds, and faced the dull and warm hallway.

“Either there hasn’t been any cleaning or an absent.” Hermione said to herself. She saw a small table and took her finger swiping the wooden layer.

Dust clumps stuck on her finger.

She saw her parents’ room, and quietly made her way in, wand in hand ready to attack.

Inside was a huge cluster of ripped pillows, sheets on the floor the closet abandoned from clothes, the shelves cleared. Everything, you could picture gone.

“What the hell happened here!?” Hermione thought her heart speeding with each thump.

There by the corner on the floor were traces of blood.

The drops got bigger and bigger, leading to… Hermione pushed away the curtains and opened the handles of the balcony.

This was where the blood drops stopped at, no there were some on the sideway where it finally stopped at the road.

“Someone took my parents…” Hermione eyes widen.

She gasped for breath panicking, what if it were they?

She got her answers when she turned around; there on the balcony door was a piece of parchment ; covered in specks of blood.

Hermione yanked the note, and quickly scanned it.

Time is short

Every moment you should enjoy

Make it the best for you dear

Proud I am young Assassin

Lies you have seen, coved by the truth

Act on what you and he are destined for

Rely on few, suspect the most

Assassins we are

Teamwork we need

Taken indeed

Apple is important

Can you trust me?

Know the truth of your father…

I love you

Hermione knew this to be her mother’s handwriting, written in a rush. Crumpled too, perhaps to hide it from… the Templars!

Hermione finally decoded her mother’s message. The first letters spelled out “Templar Attack” but the question was how? How could they have found out about her family’s secret? No one knew except Desmond and their fellow Assassins. Unless… someone in the ranks was a mole.

Hermione quickly made her way downstairs to find Draco atanding over a man.

“Draco what is it?” Hermione asked. “This man here was behind the curtains, pretty stupid move if you ask me…”  Draco said wand still pointing the man.

Hermione inspected the man.

He looked around is 30s with a stubble on his face, kind of heavy, and wearing robes. (Think of the ones the pope wore in Davinci Code. The one with the cap with black hair)

Hermione bent down and shifted his robe aside to see a Templar necklace. She yanked it off of him, holding it in front of her inspecting it.

Could her be something significant about it?

Any item can link to a clue…

“What’s that you’re holding Granger?” Draco asked behind her.

Hermione looked up to him with a serious glaze. “This Draco, is the symbol of our enemies;  The Templars.”

“Templars…” the word sounded foreign to him. “Are they like the Death Eaters?”

“In a sense yes, but this organization has been bestowed, longer that the days of Voldemort. That will be for another time, we have to leave now before anyone finds us.” Hermione grabbed Draco’s hand as they made their way outside.

“What about your parents, what happened?” Draco asked filled with questions and suspicions. “What is Hermione hiding from me?”

“Gone, for now…” Hermione tone shook cold with sadness and anger. Her hands clenched in a fist, crumpling the note in her hand.

Draco placed his hand on Hermione’s shoulder, turning her around slowly. He saw tears threatening to flow out. He placed a piece of her hair back behind her ears, lingering the touch longer. Unexpectedly he engulfed her in a hug, soothing her with words and rubbing her back in circles.

She let it out finally every emotion she could, blaming herself for this to happen. Draco just listened, and soothed her. Finally she pulled back.

“Thank you Draco… I really needed that.” She said.

“Don’t worry about it, of course you needed it. I really what to help you, but it can only happen if you tell me what this is all about.” He said quietly whipping the last of her tears.

Hermione felt her body warm greatly from his soft touch yearning for it to last.

“I promise you Draco once we arrive to our destination, I’ll explain everything.”

 “Wait, where are we going?” Draco asked as he held his arm out to Hermione.

Hermione smiled and said, “Italy.”

  Ekkk I got this shiz done Assassin geeks!!!! NEXT CHAP DES-BOY is introduced along with the AC GANG!!!!  We liked the way I wrote the note!!! >< Uh god if you got any more info to put for next chap let me know!!! Notice who Hermione reminds you of later on…. xD PS. Winter Break in a week!!!


Xoxo Emma_Felton4Ever

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Assassins Creed: Hermione's Story: Discoveries... and ITALY?! Oh Merlin....


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