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Flame by mischeifxmanaged
Chapter 1 : A Missing Riddle
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The dungeon of Malfoy Manor was damp, dark, and cold, yet the group gathered there seemed not to mind. About thirteen people were circled here around their Lord, all in the blackest of cloaks. Voldemort had summoned them on this dreary Wednesday, the most unlikely of days as to not alert the Order of the Phoenix.

“As you all know, I have been searching for my beloved lost cousin since I have regained my strength.  As my only cousin, this young but powerful girl would be my second in command, and a favored friend,” began Voldemort. “Finally, I have successfully made contact with her and proven without a doubt that I have finally found my long lost cousin. This young lady still attends Hogwarts, and has been one of the brightest witches of her year. I’ve performed numerous tests and even seen the girl’s memories, so I am quite positive that this is the girl I have been looking for. Now, without further distraction, I’d like to introduce you to Ginevra Minerva Gaunt.”

            Voldemort points over to her, and she smirks. Finally, a chance to prove herself to her cousin she longed to be desperately like. She removes the dark hood with a grin, and the room hisses at her. She kept her eyes on her cousin as the protests began.

            “My Lord, that girl is Ginny Weasley, blood traitor! She may be of pureblood, but she associates with muggles and mudbloods alike! Surely the Order of the Phoenix wants this to be? Of course they have her placed here,” suggests Lucius Malfoy.

            “Crucio!”  Voldemort shouts as Lucius drops to the ground writing in pain. Apparently, his loyal followers were going to need some convincing. After all, the only two people in the world that had known about this would be himself and dear Severus. The Weasley’s minds had been compromised when Voldemort had placed her there after his dear uncle’s death in the first war.

“Ginevra has been working for me since her first year, you buffoon! She is indeed not a Weasley, as she was adopted by them at birth! I brought her to them myself. She is a Gaunt, and has known so since her first day at that damned school. She’s been passing along information on Potter to me along with the occasional aid of my faithful Severus,” Voldemort shouts. This explanation would make the tension for his cousin a lot less of a bother, as she was family it was his wish to make this transition as easy as possible for her. “Now, there will be no further discussion on the topic,” Voldemort growled.

“Now, Ginny dear,” he says turning to his cousin, “you have proved yourself time and time again worthy of the mark that will separate you from the rest. Are you prepared to receive the glorious mark that will show that you are a devoted follower of your Lord?”

            “Of course, my Lord,” Ginny gasps. “I’ve dreamed of this for years.”

            “Well then, come forward dear,” Voldemort chuckles.

            Ginny walks quickly to the dark Lord, her fire red hair trailing like a flame that would never extinguish. She bowed to him when she was an arms width away, then dropped to her knees. She held out her left arm, pale skin exposed. More than anything, she was ready to receive this honor. Though she was only her fifth year at Hogwarts, and she had waited long enough for this. She was also anticipating her next assignment. She knew she no longer would have to observe Potter from a distance, and maybe she could aid the Dark Lord in some more trying tasks.

            “Well then, cousin, welcome,” exclaims Voldemort. He presses his wand to her arm, grins, and says the incantation that would brand her for life.


            The room quiets and expects the screams of pain and terror as the mark consumes the small girl. Ginny whimpers once, and then raises her eyes to her cousin. The pain wasn’t that bad, why had so many screamed so at receiving theirs? It must have something to do with her blood; the blood of a strong, untainted, pure line of wizards ran through her veins. Not that she could say as much for her cousin, but that wasn’t his fault. She may be small, but she sure as hell was strong. Her magical ability had proved that again and again.

            A few minutes later she stands up straight. The process had been completed. She glances down to her arm, where an unusual mark was upon her arm. Hers gleamed purple, unlike the rest of Voldemort’s followers. “Must have something to do with the blood,” she mumbles.

            Draco glares in her direction from under his hood. “How dare she receive her mark before me? She’s only been working behind the scenes! I should be favored as well,” he pouts to himself. That damned gorgeous woman tortured him and he’d never even spoken to her.

            “Ah, cousin, I see the mark of a pure witch and a most worthy family member. Now, rejoin the circle,” Voldemort says.

            Ginny returned to her place next to Bellatrix in the circle, and the meeting continued. There were other matters to discuss as well, like Potter and his whereabouts.

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Flame: A Missing Riddle


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