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Nothing Is As It Seems by LadyMalfoy06
Chapter 8 : A New Home?
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Hi again everyone! So here is the next chapter! Maybe leave a review at the end, pretty please! Thanks and Enjoy! :)



The sorting hat came down upon Alex’s head blocking out the mutterings that had started since Professor McGonagall had said her name.



“Hmm another Malfoy? Well that’s unexpected. Where have you come from?” The hat questioned.  



“I was kidnapped as a child. Now I’m back where I belong.”



“Interesting... Now where shall I put you? Your bravery tells me that you would make an interesting Gryffindor. “Alex shuddered at the hats words.



“But your cunning, your deviousness, ability to lie and scheme as well as being loyal to your friends make you a perfect Slytherin. You belong with the rest of your family.” Alex breathed a sigh of relief. Although it had said she would be in Slytherin on her Hogwarts letter, the school still had to be sure and sort her anyway.



The hat was silent a while more before shouting: “SLYTHERIN!” Cheers erupted from the left side of the hall where the Slytherin’s sat. Alexandra stood up, dropped the hat and gracefully walked over to her brother and her friends who hugged her whilst still cheering. None of them seemed to notice the two angry boys from Gryffindor staring at the happy group that is, until Alexandra turned round, saw them and winked.






For Alexandra and her friends the meal passed quickly what with Draco introducing her to the others in the Slytherin house, including Pansy’s cousins Daphne Greengrass and her sister Astoria. Alex could already tell that she and Daphne would not get along, Astoria however, she liked.



Soon their desserts had finally disappeared leaving the plates shining and Dumbledore stood up to begin his yearly speech.



“Welcome, welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Now I know from the many gasps I heard when you entered the hall you had not expected to see me this year, owing to the fact you all saw me at the bottom of the astronomy tower last year, quite dead shall I say. Well I’m not dead as you can clearly see, let’s just say it was necessary for that to happen and I am infact quite well. So on with the usual announcements then. The forbidden forest is still forbidden of course, hence the name, to all those who wish to continue with their studies at Hogwarts. We are living in dark and dangerous times; I will not lie to you. Lord Voldemort has returned and so I beg you to act with the utmost care and therefore stay away from the dark forest. Mr Filch once again informs me of the list of all banned products, most of them being Weasley Wizarding Wheezes products. Now I am delighted to welcome two new teachers to our school this year. Your new Defence Against the Dark Arts Teachers, yes two of them: Mr’s Fred and George Weasley!” Dumbledore shouted to the stunned hall.



Suddenly a great bang erupted and purple smoke filled the hall in which two brilliant figures appeared in the middle of, wearing bright orange suits to support their matching hair.



The hall erupted into shouts and cries of happiness and Alexandra saw Ron and Harry’s surprised faces before they too started cheering and welcoming the two brothers. Alexandra’s mind however was already wheeling with ideas; this was the perfect opportunity to get to the brothers! She turned her attention back to the headmaster who had begun to speak again.



“Yes yes welcome boys! Now those of you who are curious and most likely worried about where you pranking supplies will come from if the twins are here, well owing to their being two of them, they will split their time, each covering classes and splitting their time between their businesses. Now onto another announcement, this year it was extremely hard to decide who your new heads of houses are but we have come to the decision, your new head boy: BLAISE ZABINI and your head girl ALEXANDRA MALFOY! Congratulations!”



The Slytherin table exploded with cheers whilst the other three tables sat in shocked silenced. Ron and Harry were furious, so was Ginny Weasley.



‘How dare they make her head girl she’s not even pretty! Honestly I better get head girl next year. Just as well Granger never got it. Come to think of it where is she?’ The red headed girl thought.



“Mate this is ridiculous! What is he playing at making two scummy Slytherin’s heads?!” Ron ranted.



“I dunno mate but I tell you what, I want to find out why that Malfoy girl lied about being Malfoy’s sister.”



Dumbledore started talking again, “Well that is the end of the welcoming feast everyone! If you could all proceed to your dorms and no wondering thank you. However would all seventh years and Ginny Weasley please stay back? Thank you.” He sat down and the younger years began to leave the hall chatting amongst themselves.



The others walked towards Dumbledore wondering what he could possibly be talking about.



“Hey Harry, hey Ron.”



“Alright Neville?”



“Yeah good thanks. Hey where’s Hermione, I didn’t see her earlier on?” He asked.



“Oh yeah. Not sure actually, we haven’t seen her since she came to mine for dinner in the holidays.” Ron shrugged.



“Oh okay then.” Neville moved away.



“Hey she better be alright you know. Not that I care about her, but we need her.” Ron muttered to Harry.



“Yeah I know what you mean.” He replied.



By now they were all standing in front of their Headmaster.



“I know you are all wondering why I have called you up here. I have decided in order to promote new house unity in these darkened times you are no longer going to be living your own dormitory there is a new seventh year dormitory and common room which you will all share. Boys will have their own room whilst girls will also share. Head boy and girl you will each get your own rooms beside the others.”



“But sir! We cannot possibly be expected to share with those slimy snakes.” Harry protested.



“As if we want to share with you and your Mudblood friends Potter.” Alexandra spat.



“Hermione’s not here actually.” He smirked.



“Oh really? Where is Miss Granger then?” Dumbledore asked.



“Em we’re not sure sir, the last time we saw her was two days ago when we met her in Diagon Alley.” Harry said.



“Hmm. Well I will send someone to look for her.” The headmaster mused.



“Umm excuse me sir, but why am I here? I’m not a seventh year.” Ginny asked, wanting to stop talking about that bitch Hermione.



“Oh right yes. Miss Weasley, having conversed with Professor McGonagall we have decided that we think you are capable of graduating this year instead of next, and so if you pass the test in a week’s time, then you will become a full time seventh year. Are you agreeable with this?”



“Yes! Of course sir!” she squealed.



“Oh grow up little girl.” Alexandra muttered to her friends.



“What was that?” Ginny had overheard the blonde.



“Oh nothing.” Alex smiled sweetly.



“I think you said something.” Ginny challenged.



“Oh yeah?” Alex stepped forward so she was in the younger girls face. “And what would that be?”



“Enough! See this is why the new dormitory is such a good idea; you all need to work to get along. Now Professor McGonagall will show you to your new home for the year. Goodnight.” He vanished.



“Right follow me.”



Professor McGonagall led them up several flights of staircases and along several corridors before stopping in front of a portrait of the Hogwarts symbol. Turning to the students she said;



“Your new password is Quidditch. It will last a month and so the night before the start of each month you must remember to change your password and make sure it is one you all agree on. When you enter the girls are up the stairs to the right and the boys on the stairs to the left. Alexandra yours is the door next to the stairs whilst Blaise yours is on the other side. Each dorm room is equipped with its own personal bathroom, although boys you will share and girls you will also have to share. Heads you have your own. There is also a small kitchen and dining room down the corridor along with another bathroom and also a small library.” At this Alexandra’s eyes brightened, causing Ron’s to narrow in suspicion.



“You will also have a team of two house-elves, Dobby and Pringle, they are both free elves and are paid and so please be polite to them. Well I think that is all, please prepare for lessons tomorrow and goodnight. Enjoy your new home.” She left them to it.



“Quidditch.” Draco stepped forward. The portrait swung open and the Slytherin marched in ahead of the others.



“Wow.” the seventh years stopped and started at their new home. It was impressive to say the least. Each wall represented the colours of the four different houses and they blended together perfectly. There were study tables off to one side with the fire and sofas all together on the other, and some bookshelves dotted around the room.



Immediately the Huffelpuff’s and Ravenclaws departed to the separate dormitories leaving the group of Slytherin’s and Gryffindors together in the room.



“So Malfoy. Why did you lie to us when we saw you in the shop?” Harry asked.



“Oh please Potter, why should I have to tell you who I am? We’re not friends and never will be.” Alexandra responded.



“As if I would want to be friends with you.” He laughed.



“Oh please, you wish.”



“So where’s the Mudblood?” Draco asked.



“Why do you care?” Ron retorted.



“Shut it weasel. I don’t care I just wondered how you two function without her.”



“Well I don’t think she will be coming back here anytime soon.”



“Awww shame, I mean wont you miss your little girlfriend?” Alexandra asked.



“Please I’m with Ginny now.” Harry said.



“Well who has she not been with. I mean come on she’s a slut. Everyone knows that you were seeing her behind Grangers back. It was so obvious. But you obviously played her like a fool.” Alexandra said.



“How dare you you bitch!” Ginny stepped forward.



“Try it and you will regret it.” Alex sneered at her.



“How do you know all this? You just showed up here.” Harry demanded



“Oh please.” Alex flopped onto one of the couches. “I’ve spent the summer catching up with my brother and all my friends, a girl can learn a lot in a short space of time.”



“So where were you before?”



“Dude why are we even talking to these losers?” Ron interrupted.  



“Losers? Take a look in the mirror and then you’ll see a loser” Blaise snorted.



“Guys enough!” Pansy said, “Look I don’t know about you but I have had a long day and would like to get some sleep before classes start tomorrow. So goodnight.” She hugged Alex quickly before walking up the stairs.



“Same here. I can’t stand the smell in here anymore.” Alex hugged her three friends then walked to her door; she could hear the common room emptying behind her. Soon it was just her and Blaise left.



“Hey.” He called her over.






“I hope you’re okay after all their questioning. I know it must be horrible to see your ex with someone else and having to live practically with them as well. Just try not to let it get to you okay?” He lightly brushed a soft curl away from her face.



“I’m fine. I can handle myself now. Plus, Harry and I were nothing, and pretty soon Ginny will get what she deserves. But... thanks for being here for me. It really helps to have someone I can trust.”



“No problem Lex. I’m here, anytime. Now get some rest, big day ahead tomorrow.” He smiled before kissing her softly on the cheek and entering his room.



Alex walked in a daze back over to her door, giving a random password of “hot chocolate” as that was what she really wanted at that moment of time (she would change it to a more appropriate password in the morning). Not looking around her room, she slowly undressed into her silk green top and shorts to sleep in whilst thinking about what had just happened.



Had anything happened though? She thought. He was just being friendly, after all I’m his best friend’s sister, and Draco would kill him if we started! Where did that come from? Honestly. She shook her head, trying to get forbidden thoughts from her head, her and Blaise together, walking hand in hand, talking, laughing... No Alexandra! Now is not the time! You need sleep. You can think all you want in the morning. She told herself.



And with that, she crawled into her bed, switched the lights of and fell into a deep peaceful sleep.

Hey everyone! Well that’s the end of this chapter. I finished it here so I can start the next one with a new day and we can see how she adapts to being in Slytherin and we have our first class with The Weasley’s.  Please leave a review! Any ideas for some interesting scenes like a common room fight or anything?! Just whatever you all think! Thanks :)

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