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Sing with me by pixiedust97
Chapter 1 : For the first time
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Well… err… Hi.

Lovely weather we’re having, aye?

Well, since you’re not going to talk, how about I strike up the conversation, yeah?

My name is Elizabeth. Call me by my full name and I’ll rip out your eyeballs and feed them to the thestrals, okay?  I hate being called ‘Elizabeth’ because I sound like the bloody Queen of England. I mean, sure it’s a lovely name and all, but I’d rather not think about an 80 year old woman every time people address me. Now if it were up to me I would ask you to call me *cue lightning* Lizzie, The Great. But, since you won’t listen to me, you may call me: Elle, Ella, Lizzie, or Beth… scratch that. Please DO NOT for the love of Merlin call me Beth.

When someone says: ‘Tell me about yourself’ I usually just blank out and gape at their face like an idiot. On the outside I like a weirdo, and on the inside I’m screaming like a raving banshee yelling: ‘what do I know about myself?! How do I not know anything? What do I say?!’

So, after a while of wondering what you might want to know about me, I’ll tell you this:
I’m a sixteen year old muggle-born studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I love food sleep, and Quidditch.

My parents hate me because I turned out ‘abnormal’ as my mom stated the day I got my letter. I have a younger brother too, who in this case is actually supportive of the fact that I’m a witch.

You know what I hate? Weddings. The preparations drive me insane; the bride insists on making you choose between purplish-pink or pinkish-purple. I mean, seriously? I’m not going to go to a wedding reception and say: ‘Merlin, would you look at these napkins! Their shade is so perfect; my life finally makes sense again.’ But, most of all, what I hate about them is that they make it seem as if life is as magical as a fairytale, and that you will find the love of your life and live happily ever after. Two months later: Boom! Divorce.

No, I’m not skeptic; I just don’t believe that love actually exists. It might come from the fact that my parent’s love for me died out and well, so did theirs for each other.

Wow, I’m just sprouting rainbows and sunshine, aren’t I?

Well, you know the basics, now I’ll get to the important stuff.

My absolute nutter of a best friend is Dominique Charlotte Weasley. Don’t tell her I used her full name, I actually enjoy living, thanks. So, I call her Dom- or Nikki if she’s in a good mood. Then I have Ariadne, and Alexa, the only other girls in my dorm I can actually tolerate. Also, there’s Lavender, Serena and Lisa- the two Ravenclaws and Hufflepuff.

As for guys, well my closest male friend is Fred Weasley: womanizer by day, sexy ninja by night- his words not mine. Then there’s Cameron and Jason, the other two Gryffies in my year; and Michael: the coolest Slytherin to ever live – again, not my words.

Last but not least, there’s – as cliché as this may sound- James Potter: the bane of my existence. I had never actually had anything against the guy until my train ride to Hogwarts two years ago, when I was starting my fourth year, when I had my first proper conversation with him.

Dom, her cousin Roxy who was a second year at that time, and I were sitting alone in an empty compartment, them going through the latest witch weekly’s that had their pictures inside – there’s a shocker- and I was sitting snuggled up in a corner by the window, reading.

It was all pretty quiet until the compartment door slid open to reveal three boys. One of whom was my friend, one who I talked to rare occasions, and his brother- the guy in my year who had yet to acknowledge my presence.

Hello ladies, Ella,” Fred smirked walking in.

“Hello, fatty. How was your summer?” I replied nonchalantly.

“I’m not fat,” he pouted as he took the seat across from me, ruffling his sister’s hair while doing so.

“Don’t pout fatty, it’s not pretty,” Dom chirped up from next to me.

Just as he opened his mouth to retort, Albus cut him off, “mate, just let it go.”

We all laughed at Freddy’s sulked expression, when James’ eyes latched onto mine for the first time.

“Who are you?” He asked from his position that was opposite mine, and next to Fred’s.

“You’re joking right?” I asked dead-panned, raising my eyebrows. Well, thank you for noticing me, mate. I’ve only been in your house for four years now. But, why would you notice me? I mean it’s not like I’m friends with your family or anything…

He simply kept looking at me with an inquisitive and confused expression for the next ten seconds, while the rest cracked up at my expense.

So, extending my hand I said, “Hi, I’m Dorothy Bullstrode, nice to meet you,” plastering on a fake smile.

But, instead of shaking it, he simply stared at my extended arm, as if he had never looked at such a specimen before.

“It’s a hand, Potter, not a grenade. I’m sure your various body parts are familiar with this particular limb?”

His gaze then lifted to my face, studying it. His hazel eyes a cluster of emotions.

We stared silently at each other for a moment until Roxy began to cough discreetly, making the raven- haired boy to jump out of his thoughts.

“Well, this has been sufficiently awkward,” I mumbled being the socially awkward turtle I am, and got up on my seat to grab my uniform.

This resulted in him muttering his second sentence to me: “Nice arse, Dory.”

It was my turn to stare at him, my mouth agape. “I- I… It’s Ella,” I stuttered stupidly.

“Funny, you sound like I actually care,” he smirked at me, lying back casually as my gaze travelled over him. What?! He’s not bad to look at!

“You seemed to when you were gaping over my arse,” I pointed out

“You,” he dragged, “seem to be paying a lot of attention at what I do.” His smirk widened.

For once, I had nothing to say back, and so left the compartment to change.

From that day on, the teasing increased; so did the arguing, the pranking and the hatred.

Right now, I’m sitting at the Gryffindor table as our head mistress, McGonagall, finishes off her speech.

“And now, dinner is served. Enjoy, and welcome back,” she smiled as multiple dishes appeared on the table tops illuminating the room.

I stopped midway whilst reaching for the drumsticks, as a tall figure sat next to me.

Looking sideways I was met with the mischievous and infuriating grin of non-other than James Potter. Rolling my eyes I turned back to the array of food that lay before me.

“Oh, hello James. How have you been James? I missed you all summer James,” he commented sarcastically at my ignorance, his pitch higher than usual. “Why thank you Dory, how I’ve missed you too,” he continued at his regular tone with a vexatious smirk spread across his face.

Yeah, he still calls me ‘Dory’ like the creep he is.

“Go away James; get a life James; jump off the astronomy tower James,” I responded with a mocking grin before turning back to my futile attempts to have dinner. To my annoyance the prat stayed in his place and began piling up his plate next to me. 

“Why are you still here?” I questioned exasperatedly

“Now, now Dory, be nice. You wouldn’t want to wake up with an entirely pink wardrobe tomorrow,” he replied airily, still piling up his plate.

“Was that a threat, Potter?”

“No, Winters, more like a promise.”

“Never saw you as one for promises,” I commented, getting up

Just as he questioned "And why is that Winters?" a shrilly voice came for behind me calling out his name. Turning around I saw Gabrielle Hastings: resident Hogwarts slut. Or as we like to call her: Triple T. Short for Tight Top Titch.

"How about you ask your slut for the week, Jamsie," I smirked and walked off as she planted herself on his lap.

I walked across the table to sit with my friends. As I sat down Alexa exclaimed, "Shit El, I love your bracelet. It's so fetch!"

"Stop trying to make fetch happen, Al, it's going to happen!" Ariadne yelled back pounding her fist on the table.

... Why I chose them to be my friends I have no idea.

Shaking my head at my friends' antics I went back to eating the heavenly feast before me, avoiding Potter's gaze.

My plan was to ignore that tosser for the rest of the night, and hopefully for the rest of the year too.

But, with my luck, I’m pretty sure that won’t be possible.

A/n: Please review, even if its threstral or something equally as random. :D

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