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For Hannah by darkest knight
Chapter 2 : Chapter one
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That was almost nine years ago… I wasn’t even sure if she still remembered that day, she might have forgotten it was so long ago, and it had been unmentioned since it happened…  

The two of us still did everything together, we played together, we laughed together, we cried together and we got our Hogwarts letters together… 

“We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Al isn’t this great were going to Hogwarts!” her face was all lit up and happy. “What house are you gonna be in?”

“Gryffindor like my dad!” I beamed back “what about you?”

“Gryffindor too!”

“I thought your dad was in Ravenclaw?”

“Yeah, but I want to be in Gryffindor with you!”



“That’s Potters second child, Albus! I’ve never seen him before.”

“I heard he has a terrible illness, and has been hospitalized a lot.”

“Is it ok for him to be going to Hogwarts?”

The rumors circled around me, like they had all my life. I was used to the stares, murmured questions and open gawks that greeted me whenever I went ‘outside’. Sometimes I just wished I could shout out explanations to everyone so they could just go back to minding there own business, but not today. Today my mind was more preoccupied on the big cherry red train that sat beside me and the questions running through my mind, earlier my brother James had gotten me all confused about the Hogwarts Housing, and now I was all worried, about being in Slytherin!

I was a little more relived when Rose showed up, besides Hannah she was the closest friend I had.

But everything worked out in the end, My had fears disappeared and I was just happy to have Hannah and Rose with me in a compartment in that big red train, ready to begin the best part of our lives.


Within my 6 years of being at Hogwarts I still had yet to escape that beeb beeb of the hospital that I despised so much. I still had to go to my regular daily check up. I even had my own little permanent area in the infirmary, that I went to whenever I wasn’t well enough to be in the dormitory.

I hate it! I’ts embarrassing! Not to be able to do the simplest tasks, ‘nothing to strenuous that my heart can’t take’

So I, like Rose, dedicated myself to studies, not only magical study, but muggle chemistry. I was determined, if there was a way, to find a cure for myself and for people like me, wizard or otherwise. Hannah on the other hand had taken more to the world of sports, our interests separated, Our friendship did not.

“Merlin Al, you’re an idiot!” Her ever present grin captivated me like always “Beaters hit the BLUGERS… not the QUAFFLES! And you call yourself Ginny Potters son! Tch”

“Hahaha Oi, leave my mum outta this! What about you? You call yourself a lady?” I retorted ruffing her hair. “Your sweating like a pig!”

“AM NOT! ‘sides I just finished training, what did you expect? …Git!”

This is how we spent every Sunday afternoon just before dinner, walking and talking about nothing but saying everything.

“Anyway, I’m going to have a shower before dinner… Meet in the Great hall, kay?”

“yeah, yeah.” 

She left, jogging towards the Castle with ease. She looked so peaceful, not piglike at all! In fact she had gotten more and more beautiful as the years went by, sometimes it got too hard to tear my eyes away from her, it doesn’t help that anything she does intrigues me and makes me wonder. Sighing I got up and started making my way to the great hall.

I met Rosie half way, her nose was buried in a book. It wasn’t a school book, it was one of those muggle romance books, the kind id be way to embarrassed to read, much less carry around in public! But that was Rosie for you she doesn’t give a rats arse about what anyone thinks of her. I admire her for that.

I didn’t bother addressing her, she wouldn’t have answered me anyway. So we walked over to the Gryffindor table, me unsure if Rose actually knew I was there…

“Oh hey Rosie! Your sitting with us today?” I swiveled around to find Hannah freshly showered standing behind me, her wet hair making patches on her shirt.

“Yeah.” Rosie replied. “Mum told me to spend more time with Al, since he’s a loner.”

I stuck my tongue at her.

Rose was in Ravenclaw, while Hannah and I were in Gryffindor. I understood why Hannah was in Gryffindor, she believed in what was right and stood up to anyone or anything she didn’t approve, especially the things she was scared of, and I understood Rose being in Ravenclaw although she could have also been in Gryffindor… but as for myself, I never understood why I had been placed where I was, nothing about me was brave or at least enough to be Gryffindor material.

I don’t stand up for what I believe in, I let people ‘have their own views’ and I don’t face my fears, I cower. Its has always been something I’ve wanted to ask the Sorting Hat. Ahh well put it down to another one of the Hogwarts mysteries.

“Uhm, Hannah?” my thoughts were interrupted by a tall blonde Hufflepuff standing in front of Hannah, he is in our year but his name escapes me. I think it was Jason… something… The boy blushed seemingly flustered.

Hannah, oblivious to the boy’s insecurities answered with her usual unobservant, animated manner. “Oh hey Robbie! (Oh, not Jason? I really need to work on learning names!) What’s up?”

Robbie, didn’t answer but instead found his twisting hands very interesting.

This guy is annoying me.

There is obviously one thing that he wants, that could make him this flustered. And I’m not sure I want anyone but me, to be asking Hannah anything like that.

“Um, well..”

Oh, the kid found his voice… great!

“Well, we’ve been friends for quite a while and…”


“You’re a really amazing person Hannah! And I was wondering…”


“If you wanted to go to Hogsmead with me sometime…


“like, on a date. Cause I fans-“

Im really not sure what happened in those next couple of seconds but it was something like…

The anger in side me reached boiling point, I didn’t let the poor dude finish his sentence, before I stood up and grabbed Hannah by the arm pulling her away from that retched guy to face me.

In one quick fluid movement I pulled Hannah’s small frame closer to me, her lips inches away from mine. In a matter of seconds I closed the gap and kissed her in a way I had dreamed of kissing her, since the time in the field of clovers.

The silly girl didn’t close her eyes, instead they stayed wide open in shock. The seconds ticked on but we didn’t brake, she seemed shocked to her spot and I wasn’t willingly letting go of her anytime soon.

The Robbie guy was still standing in front of us, staring, mouth slack.

Finally I released my shocked Hannah and addressed Robbie. “Sorry mate, Hannah isn’t free for Hogsmead.” I smiled menacingly

Rose was still reading. She hadn’t looked up. Most other people in the great hall however had their eyes glued on us.

Hannah, who finally seemed to be getting over her shock. Took hold of my hand with great force and stormed out of the great all with me in toe.


An: hi :D thank you so much for reading this story!! I hope you enjoyed it cause I enjoyed writing IT!!!

Please please please please comment I would love some constructive criticism or even some general remarks!!! 

Thank you so much Loredana 

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For Hannah: Chapter one


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