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My Summer Of Love by potterfan310
Chapter 6 : Dress Shopping
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Dear Diary,

Hangover's are not much fun. I can't really remember what happen except I danced with a broom and kissed Connor. When I kissed him there was fireworks and everything, but does he want to be more than friends? If he doesn't like me then surely he wouldn't call me beautiful (I've seen myself in the mornings and I am not beautiful), put his arm around my waist or kiss me.

I'm so confused right now maybe dress shopping will de-confuse me, shopping always helps. Us Weasley girls are off bridesmaid dress/wedding dress shopping should be fun but then again Vic had turned into a total bridezilla.

Love Moi (Rose)

I woke up with a pounding headache and an awful hangover. It took me a few seconds and then I remembered the night before. Fuck. Why am I such an idiot, I blame my father for that. I try to be funny but it ends up being embarrassing or awkward or even both. Why didn't anyone stop me.

"Come on Rose. Wake up honey." I heard a voice come from the doorway.

I looked up and through my hazy vision I could see my mother's bushy brown hair.

"Rose, I'm being serious. Get up and dressed and come down stairs."

I looked at my clock and groaned, eight o'clock. Eight o'clock, is she kidding me. "I'm getting up." I mumbled.

I heard my door close as I set about getting my clothes and getting dressed. I looked around and found Dom's bed empty, that's odd she's never up before eleven in the holidays. Phoebe's mattress was also empty and I'm guessing she's already gone home.

I made my way downstairs and as I passed James and Fred's room I heard snoring. It was that loud I'm surprised they haven't woken up Al or even Teddy, since they share the room opposite. Yep even though Teddy and Vic are engaged Teddy still has to share a room with Al, Nana said she won't let them share a room until their married.

When I entered the kitchen I found the rest of my female cousins (minus Vic) all sat at the table. I sat opposite Lily who looked as tired as I felt.

"Why are we all here?" I whispered.

"Dress shopping," I nodded since I already knew that. "Vic want's us to go to six different shops, one is in Diagon Alley, the other five are in the muggle world. Tori said she has appointments which is why we're up so early." Lily explained.

Six shops, are you kidding me. I thought Tori had already picked out out the colour scheme and the dresses that she likes for us lot.

"Right everyone outside." Called Nana.

I followed my cousins outside and we all piled into a taxi along with my aunties, mum, nana and the bride to be: Victoire.


We've been at this since nine this morning and it's driving me mad. We're now in the sixth dress shop and I honestly feel like screaming. I think I've tried on like thirty dresses, the only person who seems to still be enjoying trying them on is Lucy. And I think that's mainly because each time she tried on a different dress we all tell her she looks like a princess.

I seriously think I'm going to strangle the person next to me if Vic doesn't decided on a dress for us. When she asked us earlier if we minded having the same style of dress we all replied 'no'. Of course now I'm wishing we had said yes. I quite liked the last dress I tried on, it was a deep blue strapless with a flower on the left at the waist. I think it looked good on me and would probably look good on Dom and Molly as well. Then again it wouldn't be no good for Roxy and Lil because they haven't really got the boobs to hold it up.

"Here you go." Said the shop assistant Linda as she passed me the next dress.

I sighed, just think Rose if Connor see's you in this just imagine his reaction. Once he sees me, I'm thinking more kissing without stupid relatives interrupting us.

"Rose go and put it in." Vic ordered.

"Hurry up Rozie." Auntie Fleur added.

"Stop Dilly-Dallying Rose, all the others are getting changed." Nana told me.

I groaned, why must people say things so loudly. Auntie Fleur, Nana and Victoire breathing down my neck is not such a good thing when you have a hangover. I mean it sounds like their yelling but they're not and my head is still pounding.

I walked into the changing room and found each of my cousins peaking out from behind the curtain of their cubicle with a look that said 'hurry up'.

I chose the cubicle next to Dom and I heard her whisper, "You do realise, if you don't hurry up she'll probably kill you."

"Oh shut up." I hissed as I started undressing. I pulled the dress on over my head and I felt the silky soft, satin material under my hands as I smoothed it out. "Can you zip me up." I called to no one in particular.

The curtain was ripped open and there stood Dom in the exact same dress as I was wearing. "They're not that bad, Dom. I think they're really pretty."

"Yes but I hate long dresses, there's point in having long legs if you can't show them off." She complained.

I laughed, "Thanks Dom."

"Come on." Vic yelled.

I lifted the bottom of my dress up and walked out into the front of the shop. Linda directed me and the others to stand in a line. I looked over to where Nana, Mum, my aunties and Vic were sat, I saw Vic had a blindfold on. God knows why, I mean this is the first time a shop has had a dress that suits all of us and I'm guessing Vic doesn't want to ruin the surprise of seeing us all together.

I looked at us all in the mirror, each of us in a floor-length, strapless pale blue dress with a diamate brooch on the side. I have to say we all look really good, really, really good. The blue matches my eyes and doesn't clash with my hair, Molly looks great since any colour goes with her brown hair and Dom looks amazing, it matches her blue eyes and the way her blond hair falls around her shoulders makes her look like a goddess.

Lily and Roxy both have the same dress on but their's had thin straps and a flower on the left hand side.The colour doesn't clash with Lily's hair either and Roxy's lucky since she has black hair. And not forgetting Lucy, she has on a white dress with a sky blue sash complete with a matching flower on the left hand side and blue and white rose petals in the bottom of the skirt. All in all, we look pretty amazing!

"Are you all out?" Vic asked.

"Yes." We all replied at the same time.

She carefully pulled off the blindfold and her face lit up when she saw us, "OH MY GOD!" She squealed, "You all look so perfect!. That's the dresses, that's your bridesmaid dresses."

I exchanged a look of relief with Dom and Molly, clearly they had been thinking that we might end up in another dress shop if she didn't like any dresses in this shop.

"Look at all my babies." Nana sobbed, "So grown up. I can't believe your getting married Victoire."

"Eet only zeems like yesterday you waz born." Auntie Fleur added as she pulled out a tissue dabbing at her eyes. "And Dominique looks like a lady. My babies are growing up."

I snorted which I quickly turned into a cough as Dom shot me a death look. Dom a lady, yeah right. She may seem all lady like and stuff around her mother but at Hogwarts' she's a whole different girl. Pulling pranks, getting in detention, picking fights, blowing things up in potions, honestly she can be worse than Phoebe sometimes.

After they got over the fact we were growing up and that the tears had gone, we went to get changed. After I was back in normal clothes, I hung the dress back up on the hanger before leaving my cubicle where Linda took the dress out of my hands.

"So when's the wedding?" Linda asked as Vic paid using her muggle credit card.

"Twenty-three days." Vic answered.

"Would you like to take them now or I can store them here until a week before the wedding?"

"Could you keep them here please, they'll be much safer." Vic answered.

"Bye." Us cousins called in unison to Linda as we left her shop, leaving Nana, Mum and my aunties behind.

"So Vic, what about your dress." I said curiously as we edged up the street, "Aren't you getting it from here?"

She laughed, "Oh no, I'm going over to France with Maman. I'm having it hand made."

Ooh get you, hand made. Bet that's gonna cost Uncle Bill an arm and a leg, especially if Vic has chosen it. Everyone knows she only wears designer stuff. I shouldn't say this above my cousin but Vic's a spoilt brat and always has been, mainly because she's the oldest grandchild and it was thought that Auntie Fleur couldn't have children. And then Bam! along came Vic: miracle baby.

I could see Dom pulling faces behind Vic and was trying to hide my smile as I nodded along to whatever Vic was telling me.

"Dominique!, don't think I can't see your face reflected in the shop window." Vic suddenly said as she turned around, a curtain of long blonde hair nearly smacking me in the face.

I smirked as Dom's face was caught mid scrunch. I love it when Vic catches her doing something she shouldn't, it's brill.

Vic dragged Dom halfway up the street and they disappeared down an alley, even from here I could here the french swear words in amongst the English as Vic told her off.

I checked my watch, which I had actually remembered to put on and saw that it was four o'clock. Bloody hell, I've been up since eight and I've spent seven hours dress shopping. Phoebe would be proud, her record for shopping is ten hours. Ten hours she spent shopping, that wasn't the only thing she spent, let's just say her dad wasn't very thrilled when he received the bill for Phoebe's credit card.

Just as Vic and Dom came back down the street, the oldies emerged from the shop. Mum who was putting away her mobile announced, "The taxi will be here in ten minutes."

I yawned and walked down the street with Lily who wanted to look in the baby shop window. "Why'd you wanna look here, your not pregnant are you?" I joked knowing that my thirteen year old cousin was mostly definitely not, I mean she hasn't even kissed a boy.

"I was thinking of buying a dress for Carly. Since she's practically my niece now James is going out with Kola." Lil told me.

I froze, 'practically my niece'. Oh my god, was James Carly's dad? Surely not. He couldn't be, could he? I mean Kola's what eighteen and I swear Connor said Carly was just gone one, so if James was her dad then how and where the hell did they meet when they were sixteen, maybe seventeen?

"Rose, come on. Auntie Fleur's waving at us." Lily said tugging on my hand.


"Come on." Lil said as she dragged me back up the street.

I piled into the taxi with everyone and got stuck sitting beside Auntie Fleur who looked like she was gonna cry. My thoughts on James, Kola and Carly. It's not possible, it can't be possible. Carly doesn't even look like James, I tried to reason with myself.

"I can't believe my leetle girl is getting married in twenty three days," Auntie Fleur burst out crying before clutching my arm. "My little Victoire, getting married." She said with a sob.

Oh Merlin, please don't say she's gonna go crazy on me. Why did I have to sit next to her, why me.

"And to Teddy, I knew from the day you became friends you would fall in love. And now you're getting married." She sobbed again, clutching my arm tighter.

"Maman, let go of Rosie and stop crying. Pull yourself together maman." I heard Vic tell her hysterical mother.

Auntie Fleur eventually let go after I cried out in pain because she dug her rather long nails in me. "Sorry Rozie." Auntie Fleur apologised after we got out of the taxi, The Burrow in sight.

"S'ok" I replied as I hurried off towards the house.

I managed to get to my room before any of the other's got in the house and collapsed on my bed. All I can say is I'm bloody glad we finally got dresses today, I don't think I could stand going shopping with bridezilla for another seven hours, SEVEN bloody hours trailing in and out of SIX shops trying on dress after dress. As much as I love shopping, I don't think I can ever do seven hours again, I'm shattered.

A/N This chapter and the next are just fillers, nothing really interesting happens in this one or the next one but I wanted to do this one so you could see the Weasley cousins bonding. If you want to know what the bridesmaids dresses I described look like, take a look on my blog (link's on my author's page).


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My Summer Of Love: Dress Shopping


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