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You Will Cry For Me by LeeWeasley
Chapter 2 : My Way
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“Harry?” Cho’s voice said on the other line fo the phone. Harry remained silent but finally said a word.

“Yes?” Harry said bluntly. Cho started to sound nervous.

“I’m sorry for missing dinner last night. You know these business meetings … They are such a bitch! They carry out for so long …. But ... I will never miss your quidditch matches! Of course I would never miss them.” Harry didn’t say anything. He was smiling, liking Cho’s apologies. He liked to hear her sounding desperate. For once in four years, her cracking nervious voice sounded like music to his ears. “I’ll try to make it tonight though. I promise I’ll try my hardest.”

“Take your sweet time baby," Harry said smoothly, “There will be a big surprise for you when you get home.” Cho squealed.

“Really?! Oh Harry! I can’t wait. That’s so sweet ofyou! You know how much I love you right now?” Cho said seductively on the phone. Harry gave a sinister smile.

“You will love me even more when you get this surprise. You will love me so much it will make you cry,” Harry said luring her with his voice.

“You sound so hot right now … I bet this surprise will be soooo good if it’s making you sound so sexy,” Cho said excitedly, “ Oh sorry Harry! I have to go. I just ... er .. got beeped. I have another meeting to go to. I cannot wait for your surprise!” She said as she hung up. Harry hung up the phone and kept his smile. Harry called a friend next. He dialed the number slowly avoiding to be too excited.

“Hello?” said a sweet voice that Harryy had realized he missed so much.


“Harry! It’s so good to hear from you …. Really ….” She said happily. Harry’s sinister smile turned sweet.

“I missed you too,” Harry said, “I know this might be sudden but …. I need a favour …”


Harry opened his front door to Ron smiling widely. Harry just looked at him and Ron knew what he was thinking.

“I got them,” Ron said holding up a bag up in the air, “all one thousand of them.” He then turned to the living room and unloaded his bag. Harry didn’t need to tell him to set up. Ron was happy start. Harry just sat on the couch and watched Ron do his job. Ron was coming in and out of the room sweating as he jumped from wall to wall.. Harry would help but Ron looked like he was having too much fun.

Harry just thought quietly to himself. He didn’t know why he was so happy. He just found out his longtime girlfriend had been cheating on him, even right in his own home AND she’s been using him for his money and fame. He should be breaking down and crying right now but he’s not. He just thought he was crazy but it just can’t be any other way. She hurt him so he has to show her how he feels.

Too bad it really had to be this way.

The doorbell rang and Harry ran to the door. He opened it and there in the bright sunshine on his porch was a girl who looked like an angel. She looked beautiful. She developed well since he last saw her. He realized he was blinded by Cho. He couldn’t believe he missed this. He couldn’t believe the mistake he made 4 years ago. They locked eyes as he held her hand and escorted her into his house.

“Thank you Hermione for doing this for me,” Harry said. Hermione sexily ran her fingers through her hair and smiled sweetly.

“You know I would anything for you,” she said sensually. Ron came in came in and opened his mouth widely. He looked at Hermione’s sexy figure and looked her up and down biting his lip. He looked at Harry and winked.

“You done?” Harry asked not taking his eyes off Hermione. He kept placing his eyes back and forth between her eyes and her lips and she did the same. They both knew what they wanted.

“All one thousand of them,” Ron said trying not to laugh with the sight of Harry and Hermione. He figured no one can even cut the sexual tension in this very room with a chainsaw.

“Let’s go then,” Harry said as he escorted Hermione. Ron grabbed his last item from his bag and followed them in a room.

“This is going to be good,” Ron said as he shut the door behind him.

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