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Trust by Tantin
Chapter 1 : Detention
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My first fic sorry for randomness . Ill improve ! Pinkie promise!see i was in a hurry because u no i never do tis on a dely basis .
DISCLAMAIR : me no j k rowling or awesome or rich
Me = idiotic cyco fan who luvs h p a lot! :) please please please please please please please please Just r&r please* smiles angelicly*
You know what's the worst thing in the world.
I'll tell you .
Sleeping .
It's a cursed buisness I tell you! Completely absurdly ridiculasly TERRIFYING . Beleve me kid I do NOT kid you . Seriously I should have run stark naked in the Great Hall screaming I'm ROSE PHYSYCO WEASLEY before dozing off .

I am sincierly hating sleeping as you (aka dimwits who can't figure it out ) might see .
Why am I hating sleeping so much , you may ask .

Two words answer

Albus & Malfoy
Also called gitface1 & 2

Elaboration -
I am serving detention with git face 1 and 2 BECAUSE of sleeping in the class(it was proffesor binns! Who can survive that?!)
More elaboration -
I HATE git face no. 2
More , more elaboration-
Git faced no . 2 is my cousin ( Albus's ) bestie .
Oh , and he pretty much hates me as much as I hate him .

Not one of my favourite sitiations , is it ?

" So , Al , what do we do now ?"
" How the hell do I know Rose !?" Al snapped .
OI , mr grumpy no one did ask you did they?
Okay I sortta did .
" You could start by cleaning the Trophy room," came the clip voice of
Mcgonnagal's potrait .
See , this is what happens when you come to the Headmistress's Office.
Mcgonnagal unfortunately talks ( more like yells)to you in her usual bitchy manner , and if she's gone then even MORE unfortunately her POTRAIT talks to you .
" Am I clear Miss Weasley?"
Yes bitch in a potrait .
" Yes mam "
" Then go and run off .To the trophy room you go ,not you potter , only weasley and malfoy . Merlin knows what will happen if you and
Malfoy go together"
Oh , so Al won't be there . Why do feel like something's wrong? I mean Yes I am serving ditention with Malfoy so-
Wait a minute .
I'm-I'm WHAT?!
It's a sick joke !
Played by Mcgonnagal!
No, Mcgonnagal aint mad , It must be Merlin's ghost taken over her !
I KNEW merlin was mad! I KNEW it !
God please let this be my stupid imagination.
" .......what" Malfoy said
" Mam you can't do this I-"
"On the contarary , I can "
"mam I -"
" I said what I said . Now off."
And she promptly went off to Dumbledore's potrait . Yeah , shag, all you like woman . Just remeber I hate you.

I looked at Malfoy
He looked at me .

Our expressions were mirriored .
With disgust
" Looks like you're stuck with scorp , rosie"
Yes I am .
Cant be that bad right?
I'll take that as a no
I can do this .
" so ...."
"shut up Weasel"
"and get your whoring arse out please"
Definately failed.
Dearest motherfucker
Please do not call these names to me for no reason whatsoever . If you do not I fear you will we going out of this planet forever
Rose Weasley

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Trust: Detention


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