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Life Studies a.k.a. Matchmaking by aisha123
Chapter 2 : Happy Families
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Disclaimer : All credits go to JKR



Professor Longbottom POV

I stood there, waiting by the Hogsmeade station as all the sixth and seventh year students of Hogwarts filed out of the train. Later on came my house students, THE GRYFFIES as the other students call them. They are like the unapproachable, the awesome, the cool ones. But in reality, they are like any other normal teenagers except that they are either the children of the heroes of the Great Wizarding War II or their best friends. They tend to avoid the other students because either they are crazy fanatics( though the boys seem to make good use of that), they are creepy stalkers or they are death eater’s children who wants revenge. I am just glad that my daughter has got wonderful friends who help her through this. Although, not all the students are like that. Some are actually alright but there are very few of them.

Aah, there she is. My daughter, Alice. I smile back at my angel as she grins and waves at me. I am always washed by a warm feeling whenever I see her. My only child. I am very lucky to have her for a daughter. Hell, she is growing up too fast for my liking. Soon, she will no longer be mine but someone else’s. I know one thing for sure. There is not a single guy on Earth who could ever deserve her.

Anyway, since they are all already here, I ought to lead the way back to Hogwarts. I made sure that everyone got into the carts pulled by the thestrals. Ugghh, of course THE GRYFFIES just had to make James extend the cart so that they can all fit into one. I mean it is simply too complicated to break up into groups of four and get into four different carts. Goodness, they are literally inseperable but most of all, unbelievable. I love them a lot, really, but they seriously piss me off sometimes. Especially what with James ‘I am always serious. After all, my middle name is Sirius’ jokes. I feel sorry for Molly since they are hanging at the Burrow 24/7 during the holidays. Guess they make it up to her by eating so much of the food that she cooks specially for them. No one can help but eat Molly’s mouth-watering cooking non-stop.

I got into the last cart which was fairly empty. It was a short ride back to Hogwarts. We entered Hogwarts and into the Great Hall. The Great Hall was changed so that there weren’t four long tables with the teacher’s table at the front but a medium-sized round table to seat five people in the middle of four big round tables that represents each house. I took my place in between of Mc Gonagall (the Headmistress) and Chang (known as Professor Cho Chang to the students, Head of Ravenclaw House).

As soon as the students had settled down at their respective tables, McGonagall stood up to give her speech. “Good evening to all my beloved students. It might have came to you as a surprise as to why we would call you here on such short notice. Likewise of what we had informed you through the letters, we are holding a new programme called Life Studies and you, my dear students are the first batch to go through it. Once dinner is over, the Head of your House will lead you to your common room where your professor will proceed to explain to you in a more detailed manner and sort a few things out. As for now, lets endeavour the delicacy that is made by the house elves specially for us.

I can never get over the tastiness of the Hogwarts’ food no matter how often I eat it. I was sighing as the roasted lamb chop melted into my mouth when McGonogall informed me, “I, for once, certainly have my finger crossed so that the charm will pair up the Gryffindor students according to my favourite matches. They are all single now, aren’t they? ”

“Uhuh, and exactly who are your favourite matches?” I asked, smiling at her.

“Oh, you’ll find that out soon enough. The charm pairs up the sixteen teenagers according to their suitability for one another. Surprisingly, when I went over to the Ministry of Magic to find out about their record of soul mates through the new charm they have created as to make sure that this programme doesn’t interrupt their actual love life, I managed to know that although some students will fall in love and marry those from other houses and schools, the Gryffies will actually marry and live a happy life within them. That includes you daughter, as well. I suppose that they are so close that it is inevitable. Looks like it is time for you and your friends to get to know your future daughter-or-son-in-laws,” she chuckled. “By the way, please don’t beat up Louis for me dear,” she winked.

Well, this was an interesting conversation. Wait, I am going to meet my son-in-law tonight! Technically, I’ve already met all of them since they were still in their napkins until now but I am going to know today who is that rascal who is going to take away my daughter from me. I could never be ready to give away my daughter. I suppose I should prepare for it anyway. It had to happen sooner or later, right? Besides, I know all the boys from the Gryffies and none of them would ever hurt Alice and would always care and love her. He better does. But why on Earth would I beat up Louis? *gasp* I hope he is not the one to marry my daughter. Although he is alright with us, I know he is not the best with other. And I am being extremely nice by saying that, believe me. Hell, I guess I am about to find out in a short while.

Okay, I admit. I am extremely curious about the other kids’ soul mates if not my daughter. I would definitely have to tell about this to the others in the Burrow later. They are waiting there expectantly to find out about the pairs for this programme. I am sure that if they find out that this programme will soon become real for the Gryffies, they are all going to go into shock. Wow, Harry and Ginny will know their TWO daughter-in-laws tonight. So will Bill and Fleur plus Oliver and Fiona Wood except for the two daughter-in-laws part. Instead, they will know their one daughter-in-law and one son-in-law. Alright, I seriously have got to stop rambling to myself. Now, time to go to the common room and get things sorted out. This is pretty exciting really, if you forget the part about my daughter that is.

I stood up, the other head of houses mirroring my action. “Let’s get going, Gryffindors.” I clapped my hand and swept out of the Great Hall to the Gryffindor common room. I entered the scarlet and gold room through the portrait hole where the Fat Lady was, followed by the sixteen teenagers. Cue my extremely long explanation.

“Quiet down all of you. Okay, you are all probably wondering about this new programme. Life Studies is a new programme that will be essential in your Hogwarts career that you’ll have to take once for your NEWTS. It will be held once two years for all sixth and seventh year students. It is a course where the sixteen of you will be paired up into eight matches for forty days. Each pair will be given a role where you’ll have to act like it. You’ll either have to pretend to be a recently engaged couple who lives together, a newly wed couple or a married couple with children. The child of course will be a charmed doll that will be alive and looks like its parents so to avoid suspicions among muggles. You have really got to live your role. This charm I am about to place on you is to monitor actual real couples. That means no ‘cheating’ on one another. No fighting, and if you do fight work it out or it will be stated in my record book if it gets out of hand. You must share a room and bed too because if you aren’t then it means that you guys aren’t clicking which is a big no-no for couples. All of these mistakes and others will appear in my book if committed and this book will grade your marks on its own so your results will be final.”

I took a deep breathe before continuing, “Students from different houses will live in different situations. You will live in muggle London where there’ll be four three-room en-suite apartments and four four-room en-suite apartments in the same classy building for you. You’ll all live very near to one another as I mentioned earlier, in the same building. You’ll have to work to live with the muggles without breaking the statute of secrecy. And seeing as you’ll be living in a posh building, you’ll have to work on your manners, as well. I am sure none of you will have a problem with that. Now, lets sort you up.”              

“This is a goblet filled with your names, task and the necessary basic items that the school will provide you with. Since I know that all of you can drive as Grampa Weasley had taken it his job to teach you, all eight of you pairs will be given a car especially because you are the only ones living in a muggle area. Here goes nothing.”

I muttered the super-long incantation and tapped the goblet eight times. A blue flame erupted from the goblet then went out a few seconds later. The first parchment flew out which I read aloud “Lorcan Scamander”. Lorcan stepped out, looking nervous. The second parchment flew out of the goblet “Dominique Weasley”. She walked over to him, giving him an easy smile. Lorcan visibly relaxed and returned the gesture. The third parchment flew out “Recently engaged and living together”. An envelope shot out containing the house key, muggle credit card, some muggle money and the car key that I hand over to Lorcan. This seems to be an interesting pair. The two Hogwarts residential players settling down together. And it goes on...

Blue fire...First parchment “Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy”...Second parchment “Rose Weasley”... Third parchment “Married couple with a child”...The envelope. I wonder why are they shooting daggers at one other. I thought that they were good friends. Too bad, Ron and Draco could not be bothered anymore if their children end up together. They’re so close now. Hah, I would give anything to see their faces when we were still in Hogwarts if they find out about this then.

Blue fire...First parchment “Albus Severus Potter”...Second parchment “Samantha Jones”...Third parchment “Newly wed couple”...The envelope. Two best mates falling in love. A typical fairytale story. They would make a wonderful pair, really. See, they are already planning out all that they can do together for the next forty days. I’m sure that these two will get an ‘Outstanding’ for this course.

Blue fire...First parchment “Vanessa Bell”...Second parchment “Connor Jordan”...Third parchment “Newly wed couple”...The envelope. Van shot Connor a shy smile as she walked up next to him. That girl is incredibly shy and quiet. For Merlin’s sake, that boy has been her neighbour since she was eight but yet, she is shy.

Blue fire...First parchment “Fred Weasley”...Second parchment “Eva Simpsons”...Third parchment “Married couple with a child”...The envelope. Fred grins goofily at Eva while she gives him a strained smile. I guess no matter how good of a friend you’re with Fred, you can still never help but inwardly groan at the thought of living together with him-the messiest guy I’ve ever met in my life entire life. To top things up, Eva is such a neat and responsible person. Nothing about her is messy except her relationships.

Blue fire...First parchment “Charlie Wood”...Second parchment “Aria Finnegan”...Third parchment “Married couple with a child”...The envelope. Aria was biting her lips nervously. That is odd, I thought that she would be grinning victoriously. She made it no secret about her love for Charls. Charls, on the other hand, looked like he desperately wanted to bang his head on the wall. I sighed. When on Earth is he going to learn that Aria is a very sweet and nice girl? That boy is throwing away his chance. One day, she’s going to move on and he’s going to regret for losing a girl that loved him so much. Oh wait! Since they’re paired up in this programme that means they’re going to end up together in the end. Looks like he’s not going to lose her after all. However, he doesn’t know that.

Blue fire...First parchment “James Sirius Potter”...Second parchment “Sophea Wood”...Third parchment “Married couple with two children”...The envelope. They’re both groaning and death glaring at one another. Why am I not surprised? Everyone else are laughing at their expense. Their spats always have been very amusing. It is about time they chalk up to all that sexual tension and do something already.

I looked up and saw that there is only one pair left. Now I know why McGonogall told me not to murder Louis. As a professor, I shall not do such thing. As a father, I’ve got to say that does sound very tempting. Take a deep breath.

Blue fire...First parchment “Louis Weasley”...Second parchment “Alice Longbottom”...Third parchment “Recently engaged and living together”...The envelope. I know that Louis is the school’s bad boy but he would never hurt Alice. They’re all very close that none of them would do anything that would hurt the others. Who knows? Perhaps Alice might even rub on Louis. Though I hope that he wouldn’t rub on her. My daughter is such an angel and I definitely don’t want him to corrupt her.

“Now, we’re going to start on the second step. I’ll put in these parchments into the goblet according to the recently engaged, followed by the newly wed and lastly those with children in order to hand over the significance for your relationship. The rings will be based on both your preferences and the children which are actually dolls that ere charmed to belike an actual baby will look like its parents as to not rise any suspicion.” I put in the three parchments that belong to Dom and Lorcan into the goblet.                                                                                                         

Dom gasped, “Oh my goodness! It looks stunning.” All the girls in the room gasped as they saw Dom’s ring. It was a blue diamond that had very light traces of blue as it glistens under the light-it was the same colour as her eyes. It was a giant rock, carved so beautifully, it looked like a miniature iceberg on a platinum band. That is truly impressive.

I put in my daughter’s and Louis’ parchment next. Everyone, including me, was watching her left hand ring finger intently. Then, there was another round of gasp. It was an oval, long faced white diamond encircled with small blue sapphires on a gold band that was implanted with three tiny diamonds on either side. Alice started crying because it was so beautiful while Louis comforted her. Okay, I approve of him. Dom was watching them with teary eyes, trying to hold back her tears. But then she burst out crying as well because she loved it so much. There goes Lorcan, comforting her too. Girls, I can never understand them. This is not even real.

I put in Albus’ and Sam’s parchment into the goblet. And another round of gasp collected. This time it was a simple platinum ring with a floral design implanted with extremely tiny white diamonds and emeralds. It was one of those rings that seem simple but the moment you look at it your breath hitches in your throat at its beauty and you just know that it costs a fortune. As soon as Sam recovered from her shock, she attacked Albus with a huge hug and squealed “thank you” repeatedly to him.

Next was Van and Connor. This time it was a gold band that completes three slanted circles around her finger implanted with white diamonds. The girls screamed. Yes, screamed not squealed. “Merlin, it is so beautiful and unique. Exactly like Van,” eyed Soph. “Can’t you get me something like theirs? No, of course not. That would be too much of a crime, wouldn’t it?” she snapped at James.

“I haven’t even got you anything yet.” Wrong thing  to say, my boy.

“Exactly! You’re a shitty husband and the ring that you choose is bound to be just as shitty.”

“Well, I’ll have to live for the next forty days with a ring that you chose for me, two children – although I don’t mind that much – and YOU. So if I’m going down then you’re coming down with me.”

“I wonder who said that chivalry is dead. Because whoever it was, he was so true.”

“Ha ha, very funny. Not.”

Alright, time for me to interfere. “Children! Your children are going to be here soon. So please, if not for your results at least for them, do try to get along. They think that you’re their real parents and I don’t want them to go into depression because their parents are fighting all the time.” At least, they have the decency to look abashed.

I put in Rose and Scor’s parchments. It was a giant black stone with tiny white diamonds at the sides on a platinum band. Rose gasped. Scor looked confused then his eyes widened in realisation. I stared at him, trying to warn him telepathically not to say anything about this to Rose. Huh, it worked. Who knew that I could communicate telepathically with my students? Out of nowhere, a baby girl around the age of one appeared in Rose’s arm. She had pale skin, wavy strawberry blonde hair and greyish-bluish eyes. A typical mixture of her parents. Rose and Scor were discussing baby names animatedly. At last, they had finally decided on the name Lyra Perseus Malfoy.

In goes Eva and Fred’s parchments. On her finger was a heart shaped white diamond surrounded by tiny pink diamonds on a platinum band. Eva seemed to brighten up immediately as she spotted the ring but dropped her smile as soon as she saw a two-years-old boy sprint across the room and jumped on top of his dad. Fred crashed down onto the floor with his son on top of him and Eva cringed at the situation. That seems to be a junior Fred alright. He has his mother’s naturally tanned skin but his father’s straight black hair and black eyes. His name was decided to be Jayden Weasley.

Next is Aria and Charls’. And again with the squealing. It was a pyramid-shaped colourless diamond with an alternate design of grey and champagne coloured diamonds surrounding it on a gold band. Hmm, impressive. A few minutes later, a girl around the age of three appeared. She had her mother’s curls but her father’s hair colour of medium brown, her mother’s huge dark brown eyes and her father’s light creamy skin. Aria immediately started cooing her daughter. Looks like this little girl, whose parents have decided her name shall be Isabella Wood, is going to be extremely pampered. It is so obvious by her parents’ adoring eyes on her. She is so cute.

Lastly, it is Soph and James. This is going to be interesting. What no squeals or gasps this time? I looked up to see that everyone in the room including the boys – except the babies, of course – literally had their jaws on the floor. I squinted my eyes at Soph’s left hand ring finger. Now it all makes sense. My jaw is probably sagging by the floor too. For those who haven’t seen the ring before, it is probably a to-die-for beauty. For those who have - in this case me, Albus and James – it is the same ring that James Potter the First used to propose to Lily Evans who left it in Harry’s Gringott vault as one of his prized possession which is now currently sitting in a certain Ginny Potter’s drawer. Though, no matter how many times you see it you just can’t help but be stunned by its beauty. Lucky for Soph that the rings are charmed so that it cannot be removed for the next forty days until it vanishes into thin air once the time is up. Now her pride can’t be hurt because she would never take off the ring that James got her. I can’t say that I blame her. I mean, have you even looked at it? It is a platinum band with a large landscape rectangle base on top, bordered with very small champagne coloured diamonds and in the middle is an alternate design of around a hundred extremely tiny white and violet diamonds to fill up the rectangle platinum base. It suits Soph very well what with the comparison of the platinum white and the champagne coloured diamonds with her soft creamy skin that is distinct from either colours. Not to mention, the white diamonds that brings out both the violet diamonds and her violet eyes extremely well.

This is taking a long time for people to recover their vocal chord. James seemed to be the first to recover. He opened his mouth triumphantly to shove it into Soph’s face about the ring that he sort of chose. Albus glared at him to shut his mouth. Smart boy. I communicated telepathically with them as to make sure that the origin of this ring remains a surprise to Soph for the future. They both understood but were confused as to why. Huh, I’m really good at this telepathic thingy. Finally, Soph whispered, looking at the ring with such fascination, “It is so beautiful. Thank you, James.” She turned towards him, wrapped her arms around his waist, buried her head in his chest and squeezed him lightly. The way she looked up at him with such adorable eyes, it was just so sweet. There was a chorus of ‘aawws’ at the back. Soph blushed a bright shade of tomato red while James’ muttered something along the lines of “shut the hell up”.

Louis asked, “Hey Charls, how is it that you haven’t punched James in the face yet?”

“Up to one point, I do feel like doing so. But having lived with all these sexual tension between them, I just feel like locking them up in a broom closet to get rid of it. So I guess although I’m not really liking this, at least there will be no more sexual tension between them. After all, if Soph has to go out with a guy someday, I would rather it with James who is my best mate rather than some other guy.”

Soph snorted, “Wait up. Just because I love the ring very much, it doesn’t mean that we’re going to go anywhere near there. And, we do not have any sexual tension.” James nodded along with her. It is truly a rare moment when you see the both of them peacefully agreeing with one another.

“Pappa!!!” someone screeched followed by some giggling. We turned to the direction of the sound and there they were. A four-years-old girl with wavy dirty blonde hair and jade eyes holding the hand of a one-year-old baby boy with curly-tousled-red-tinted-black hair and violet eyes. God, they’re freaking beautiful just like the ring. Everyone gasped at the sight of those two children. Such beauties, I tell you. Looks like the veelas are finally going to have competitions that aren’t themselves. James picked up his daughter whom they have decided to name Josephine Potter while Soph carried her son, Raymond Potter.

I feel like the odd one out here while they were all playing with the children and admiring their rings. Better get this done and over with. Then I can floo to the Burrow to meet my friends where I belong to tell them about this. We certainly do gossip like old woman. Come to think of it, some of them are nearing that stage.

“Remember, the girls who’re engaged will remain using their normal surname while the rest of you girls will be using your husband’s surname. I’ll lead you all to the Hogsmeade Station after this. Each family or couple will have to find the compartment with their respective names on it. You’ll be travelling overnight and will reach the King Cross Station in the morning. Your cars will be parked at the parking lot nearby and in each of those cars, there’ll be a programmed GPS that will direct you to your new home. Just press the button of your car key and you’ll know which one is yours. And no car racing, got it?”

There were nods and mutters of “yes”, “fines” and scowls. I marched them all up to the Hogsmeade Station.


Twenty minutes later...

Finally, we’ve reached the damn station. This is so tiring. Once, I’m okay with it but walking back and fro from the Hogsmeade Station to Hogwarts twice is just plain exhausting. Fred’s son Jayden, or Jay as Eva calls him, ran so fast holding his father’s hand and dragging Fred along. The other kids were alright as they carried them. Albus and Sam were carrying and playing with their nephew Raymond the whole time while James carried his daughter Josephine, or Jos as they call her, on his shoulders. Those two children are going to be extremely pampered I can tell for sure. They all filed in one-by-one into the train. Alice walked over to me with Louis in tow to bid me goodnight and that she’ll see me this Friday night at the Burrow. They hopped onto the train last. Then, the train slowly started moving out of my sight. Guess it’s time for me to apparate to the Burrow. Pop.


Dom’s POV

I could feel everyone’s eyes on us as we trailed down the train into the Gryffindor section. It was so silent that you could hear a pin-drop. It is very infuriating how they love to gossip about us. Every single of our moves are always being watched. Can’t we get some bloody freedom when we’re in public. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to the right and saw that it was Lorcan, making sure that I was alright. That boy is just so sweet and caring. I shot him a smile to inform him that I was alright. Here is the first compartment. It is written on the door ‘Mr Scamander and Ms Weasley’. This must be our room.

Lorcan opened the door for me to enter and as he closed the door, I could see the thirst for gossip in every student’s eye outside. It looked like a bedroom with a bed in the middle and a bed-side table on either side of the bed. I flopped down onto the right side of the bed. Lorcan laid down next to me, on my left. He looked at me with concern. “Dom, you shouldn’t let them affect you like this. Simply ignore them, like we always do.”

“Yeah, I know. But sometimes it is just so hard that we can’t have our own privacy. They are always watching us like vultures. Don’t they have their own freaking life?”

“I know, love, I know. I understand how you feel.” He hugged me to cheer me up. We both remained silent, waiting for sleep to weigh down on us.

Rose’s POV

I felt Scor tensing up beside me as everyone watched Dom and Lorcan enter their compartment silently. They’ll be quiet for now but later once every one of us have entered our compartment that they know our pairings, it definitely won’t be quiet anymore. The next compartment was for “Mr, Mrs and Ms Malfoy”. He twisted the knob and pushed open the door, indicating for me to enter with Lyra first. He followed in after me then softly closed the door. It was a bedroom with a large comfy-looking bed in the middle. Guess that is where the three of us are going to be sleeping. It’s a good thing. My back is aching after carrying Lyra for so long. She wouldn’t go to anyone else.

I gently laid her down on the middle of the bed and kissed her forehead. She tangled her fingers in my chain. It was a silver chain with a diamond and ruby heart-shaped pendant from my parents. They got it for me as a present when I received my letter from Hogwarts. I smiled despite myself. I looked up and saw Scor leaning against the door with his arms and legs crossed. The picture perfect of coolness. Though, his expression was absolutely something else. It was so full of unidentifiable emotions. He watched us with such soft eyes and a soft smile that was left lingering upon his lips.

I guess he is not so bad after all. I could have gotten worse, like Fred. Pity Eva. But that girl has got to learn that there is a lot to loosening up other than partying and shagging. And who is better to teach her that than Fred?

I laid down on my back, facing Lyra.

Scor walked over and laid down on Lyra’s others side, facing her too. He pecked her on the cheek and murmured, “Sleep well, love.

“Well, someone seems to be warming up to his father figure.”

“You are pretty much the same. Except for the father part, of course. You’re obviously the mother figure and you do a splendid job at it. Besides, who wouldn’t warm up to her and love her. She is one the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.”

“One of the most? Who are the others then?” There was a playful grin etched on my face.

“My mom.” Awww, that is so sweet.

"But the way you say it makes it like there is more than two. Come on, please tell me.”

He shrugged, his eyes mocking and said, “That is only for me to know.”

I rolled my eyes. “Alright, I get it. You’re not going to relent anytime soon.” I turned around on my other side. “Goodnight, Scor.”

"Goodnight Rose.” I closed my eyes and realised that I just had a decent conversation with Scor for the first time in my life. This Life Studies programme is doing funny things to me. Once again, my tiredness swept over me, lulling me into a deep sleep.

                Sam’s POV

                Funny how I’ve never realized what a cute couple Scor and Rose make. Not to mention the moment James and Soph had in the common room. It was so adorable. This is going to be so much fun. I get to spend more time with Al. We’ve even already made loads of plans together.

                Al opened the next door, grinning at me and waiting for me to enter. He’s just as excited as I am. He’s my best mate. I’m even closer to him than Rose and Soph. Though, don’t tell them that. They’ll murder me, if they ever found.

                As Al closed the door, I saw the board that was fixed on it. It said “Mr and Mrs Potter”. Wow, I guess that I didn’t realise I’m going to be a Mrs Potter for the next forty days. And Soph is my sister-in-law. Hah. I wonder how is she taking it.

                A deep voice came from next to me on the bed – looks like I’ve reached the bed without even intending to – catching me off guard. It turned out to be Al. I guess I’m just not used to the new voice he has developed over the first few weeks of summer while I was in Greece, yet.

                “What are you smiling about?” He asked.

                “I was just thinking about how Soph is taking it, being a Mrs Potter and all. Who would have thought the cliché of it all?”

                “I know right. It was a shocker. Looks like my brother will finally have to, he say and I quote, ‘fraternise with the enemy’.”

                I downright laughed. “James is seriously a lunatic. Bonkers, really.” I paused to catch my breath. I tried to calm down myself as a thought struck me. “This is really weird.” I continued as I spotted Al’s confused gaze. “I mean, I’ve thought of James as my brother my whole life but only metaphorically and now that he is my brother in a literal sense, it is just...I don’t know, weird, to be frank.”

                “Merlin, you’re my wife,” Al breathed. His eyes doubled in size. Though, I’m sure I’m pretty much the same too, right now. Wow, I guess it has just finally hit me. And him too, I suppose.

                We glanced one look at the other and we had burst out laughing. Why? I do not know. We’re just crazily awesome like that.

                “Now, we can act like sickly sweet couples and they can’t complain. That is how newly weds act, right? I love to piss them off. But only for fun of course,” I giggled.

                “It is funny how easily pissed they get when we do that. You’re right. We’ve got to do it more often while we’ve got the chance to. But I won’t push their buttons this time.” He sent an apologetic smile my way, remembering of the last time.

                He became so annoyingly sappy that even I became annoyed. But he is forgiven. I never can stay mad at him for too long. So I might as well just forgive him and remain whatever dignity I have.

                I cuddled into him. My head in the crook of his neck with my hands on his chest while he had both his arms wrapped around my waist. It was our signature position. You can very often find us like this on his bed in the mornings. It may seem wrong but it is very obvious to everyone who knows us that it is completely platonic.

                I sighed and slowly fell asleep. His familiar, welcoming smell and the warm heat radiating off his body sending me into a land full of beautiful dreams.

                Soph’s POV

                Ugh. I hate my life starting from this instant. Firstly, I was paired with this idiot but he did make up to that with this breathtaking ring, my two gorgeous babies – Josephine, or for short Josy, and Raymond, for short Ray – and he did help me a lot by taking care of these two kids.

                Alright, my life is officially over. I can’t believe I just supported that psychopath. But anyway, that is so not the issue here. Sam and Al just entered their room and right across from it is ours – written there Mr, Mrs, Ms and Mr Potter – I am so not his wife. Marrying him is the last thing in this world that I shall ever do. Back to the room matter here that I will be sharing with a certain Potter. Which means that I have to be in a closed limited space area with that buffoon. Oh, isn’t this just dandy.

                Thank Merlin, my two babies are here with me. But not for long because although I can get away with it tonight, I’ll still have to face it tomorrow night. Oh, the horror of not only being in a closed limited space area with James freaking Potter but also alone with him. I swear that that boy is going to piss me off so much that I will naturally combust!

                Huh, I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes that his new goal or aim or whatever. And not to mention those idiot gossipers watching us attentively. I’m sure they’ve never in their life paid this much attention even in Professor McGonagall’s class.

                Ray fell asleep on James’ shoulder who cautiously opened the door then proceeded to enter. When I followed in after him, holding Josy’s hand tightly, I could see many people gaping and spluttering out of the corner of my eyes.

                I led Josy into the room where she pecked my cheek muttering goodnight then walked over to her father. Merlin, that is weird. Saying James is the father of my children. Eww, disgusting scarring mental images. Well, it is not that bad I guess. I mean he does have a superhot body. Not that I stare at his muscle-toned rock hard chest and his eight pack abs all the time during Quidditch practice.

                Alright, moving on. I softly laid down on the gigantic bed next to Jay, making sure not to wake him up. On Ray’s other side was Josy who was already asleep just like her brother and next to her was James with a smile on his face, watching the two children.

                No, not an arrogant smirk or a mischievous grin but an actual genuine smile that he only has when he is spending some precious quality time with his family. Well, I guess we’re his family for the next forty days. I did not just say that I was family to him. Especially not as a - grimace - wife like right now.

                 They really are extremely beautiful. It is no wonder that most of the students’ gasped when they saw Josy and Ray. This one Hufflepuff girl started crying because they were so beautiful. They’re making their mommy so proud already.

                I looked up to see that James was watching me with an odd expression on his face. Upon realising that I was looking at him, he smiled. “What do you say we make a truce for the next forty days?”

                I was shocked. Needless to say, I hadn’t been expecting that. “Truce? What kind of a truce?”

                “We both can be civil, nice and friendly to one another. Not in a forced way, but in an actual warm way for the sake of our children. Merlin, it’s so weird to say that. You know, the our children part.”

                “Exactly. And I guess we can do it for these two. But, seriously, don’t expect me to stop my playful banters with you. I can never live without it.”

                “Glad to know that I’m an essential part in your life in someway,” he chuckled. We lapsed into a comfortable silence. We were both watching Ray and Josy with such adoring eyes, when I realised James’ soft side. I never knew this part of him.

                And I spoke out my mind. “I never knew that James Sirius Potter actually had a soft side. But I definitely do know that this is not going to bode well with your perfect reputation if this particular information somehow managed to leak out.” His eyes went wide as the word came out of my mouth.

                Then, I assured him, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. But only if I think that you deserve it.” I winked at him and snuggled down into my pillow. Knowing that I had the upper hand even with a truce going on.

                Van’s POV

                I could feel the blush creeping up my face. I just don’t like it, you know. To know that I’m popular and famous just because of who my friends are. I feel like I am feeding off their fame, using them when I love them dearly and don’t mean such things at all.

                I have broke down so many times hearing the gossips about me that has spread around Hogwarts. I don’t know how do the rest of them do it. Ignore those gossips and be their own person. I suppose they all do have a distinct character unlike my to stand for.

                The next door has “Mr and Mrs Jordan” written on it. Connor smiled at me and offered me his arm in a playful manner. Whether he was oblivious to the eyes that were watching us or he simply chose to ignore it, I do not know.

                I gave him a soft smile and played along with him. I placed my arm in the crook of his. He opened the door for me and bowed down. He pretended to lift off his non-existent hat and mimicked a very posh accent, “If you would please, my fair lady.”

                I just laughed and swept off into the room. If everyone was going to watch me, I might as well just give them a bit of a dramatic flair. Connor was one of the few people that I didn’t shy away from. I had known him since I was eight, being neighbours and all. Admittedly, we did grow apart once he started Hogwarts. But it still remained that I was quite myself and not so shy when I’m with him.

                We’re no best mates like Sam and Al. We aren’t very open and tell each other everything like Dom and Lorcan. But I know that I can always count on him to be one of the few to have my back, no matter what.

                The other boys are very nice to me too. They are my friends, after all and I know that they would always watch my back too. That is what all of us do. Even James and Soph who are constantly fighting would watch the other’s back. But it is just different with Connor. I am not so self-conscious when I’m with him. It must’ve something to do with knowing him since I was a child.

                “You know,” he said, “this will be the perfect opportunity for us to catch up with some quality time together. It has been ages since we’ve spent some alone time with just the two of us.”

                I laughed. ”Yeah, I guess. Though now I think I would like catch up some quality time with my sleep.” I flopped down onto the bed. Connor followed after me and laid down on my right.

                 We exchanged goodnights and just as I turned around with my back facing him, I thought I saw an odd inscrutable expression on his face. Ignoring the uneasiness in the pit of my stomach, I drifted off into a light sleep.

                Alice’s POV

                It was nerve-wrecking. How eerily quiet it was. I watched as one by one we walked into our respective compartments while the whole sixth and seventh year Hogwarts students were watching us. I could see a scowl on Louis’ face when his sister’s face darkened at the sight of the crowd.

                Despite what many people thinks, Louis does care for his sister. He used to be very sweet, caring and loving. He still is until today. He just doesn’t let those whom he doesn’t trust see it. He really used to like this girl in fourth year and she was just an innocent third year Ravenclaw chick. We thought it won’t go anywhere. That it was just an immature, young love.

                But at the end of that year, when the boys had decided to play a prank on the Slytherins, to convince the house elves to put in some verita serum in their drinks during breakfast, that was the day when Melanie had decided to join her Slytherin friends for breakfast.

                She ended up making a very embarrassing public announcement due to the influence of the verita serum. I recall that she stood on top of the table, successfully getting everyone’s attention and declared that she had been dating Louis for the past eight months only for his fame.

                She boasted on about how she became an instant star, thanks to him, without even having to care about anything, especially not Louis as he was stupid enough to think that she was committed into their relationship. It would be the understatement of the year to say that he was bummed. He was telling me right before she made that declaration that he was going to confess his love for her that night after dinner. Apparently, he needed a girl’s advice and I was the first person he could think of.

                Then magically, the next year, he transformed into this badass who has no feelings and couldn’t be bothered about anyone. He hid his emotions very well and only showed his concern when there is no one but ourselves around. I hardly ever hate anyone but I definitely hate Melanie.

                I think everyone deserves a second chance. But she hardly seems to need it as she has never shown a single sign of regret for hurting Louis like this. You know what? Since I’m going to be spending a lot of time with Louis, I might as well try to help him as much as I can. If he keeps this demeanour up, he is never going to find the right girl.

                I glided into the compartment after Louis. He was lying down on the bed, wearing a concerned expression. I sat down next to him and assured him with a soft gentle voice, “Dom is going to be alright. I’m sure that Lorcan’ll take care of her very well and help her through this.”

                He snorted, “What made you think that I was worried about Dom?”

                I gave him an incredulous look.

                He kept up his pretence a little longer then sighed in defeat, “I guess there is no point in lying to you. Besides, Lorcan is the only reason why I’m not freaking out yet.”

                “Why do you do this, Louis? There is no need for you to hide yourself.”

                “You don’t understand Alice. Ever since that incident, I couldn’t trust anybody. I feel like they’re all using me. You guys are different. I know that I can always trust you all. But I don’t feel that way for the rest of them.”

                “What happened with Melanie was seriously tragic and you deserve better than that. But that was two years ago. You must learn to move on from that. You can’t hide behind your false facade forever, Louis. One day, this mask of yours is going to crack and everyone is going to see the real you. So why not now?”

                He gave me a sad look and said, “I’m feeling very tired. I’m going to sleep now, okay?”

                He turned around and shut his eyes and that was when I had decided. I’m going to fix him. No matter what it takes. He is a close friend of mine. I’ve basically known him since I was a child. Hence, making this rightfully my duty.

                 I laid my head on the soft fluffy pillow and welcomed the darkness that weighed upon me.

                Eva’s POV

                I swear that Merlin is out to get me. I mean like seriously? Fred? Anyone is better then Fred. Living with Fred is like living with a child and of course, curse my luck, Jay turned out to be just like his father.

                It isn’t fair! I’ve to take care of two extremely naughty children – one of whom is technically an adult – all by myself.

                Fred opened the door with a sign that says “Mr, Mrs and Mr Weasley” on it. Jay dashed into the room and jumped onto the bed which creaked because of the sudden blow. Fred ran and jumped onto the bed, next to his son. Oh Merlin!

                I closed the door swiftly and looked up to see Fred tickling Jay who had tears strewn down his cheeks. I couldn’t help but smile warmly at the sight of them.

                Once they were done with the tickling war, Jay turned to me.

                “Mom, can you please tell me the story of when the Golden Trio broke into Gringotts with a dragon?” He widened his eyes and pouted his lips into a puppy dog look like how Fred always does it. I guess it runs in the family. I laughed at his cuteness and told him the story with Fred listening too.

                They both fell asleep as soon as the story was over. I rolled my eyes and thought to myself. Maybe, just maybe, the next forty days won’t be bad as I thought it would be.

                Aria’s POV

                We were the last remaining ones standing in the hallway. I could feel the gazes of the many people on us. Thinking that the crazy fan girl has finally gotten her dose of luck and will probably harass him. Well, they’re wrong.

                I opened the door with the sign “Mr, Mrs and Ms Wood” on it. Charls entered the room with a sleeping Isabella in his arms. He gently laid her down in the middle of the bed and we both laid down on either side of her. I was softly stroking her hair while he was lightly tugging on his curls. I didn’t say a word to him. Hopefully, I wouldn’t have to any time sooner.

                But, of course, just my luck, I have to spend the next forty days alone with him and my precious baby right when I’m determined to get over him. Soon, we found both ourselves asleep, still in our position of caressing our beautiful sleeping Bella lovingly.


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