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Obviously. by Lillylunapotter
Chapter 2 : 2. Camp Monique P.O.V
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  Hiya there kids!! Sorry for the slow entry :s busy with school work and sports day and others such things... Here is chapter two!! I am just getting used to this so please review!!


(Em is Monique's nickname: Monique= M= em)




Monique P.O.V 

"Can you not" I said as I had to step over a bunch of year 7's legs who were playing games on their computers.  These computers were supposed to boost our learning activity but it really actually has just made them more addicted to gaming and watching tv shows.

I swear each year just gets smaller and smaller and more annoying and stupid. when I was in year 7 which was last year, I was their age...No but seriously I was so much more mature and had a better understanding of the world and such things and was basically more "not computer-addicted". Loving my grammar right now! 

Anyway camp was on the horizon and I needed to get a cool camping backpack cause freaking Daisy just bought the one I already had which I must say is pretty ugly, AND I've had for like 122343284 years, so Mum said I could go down to the shops and buy a new one as long as I use my own money.  

As I walked down the hill to Brown Street, I saw Frances standing in a lunge stance with her hands in the air.

"Excuse what are you doing" I asked as I probed her bum.

 "UGH! There you are, I've been standing here like a loser for the past, what, half-an-hour and don't look now but that really hot guy in the year above is there and I think he is watching me OH MY GOD he is Em what do I do o m g stahp I'm nervous Wha-" I interrupted Frances' fangirling over Robert,  the really good looking boy year above us at muggle school.

"Can you stop. Lets go buy my bag. Who cares about him, we actually see him everyday at school!" Annoyed I just walked off into the direction of the Mall.

"JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T THINK HES SUPER MEGA HO-" I interrupted her yet again

"SHUT UP. He's right there he can stilllllll hear us!" And I secretly go my wand out and Silencio'd her. Since we had special circumstances we could use spells in public/ at home as long as no one saw as soon as we turned thirteen, but Frances wasn't thirteen yet so she couldn't do anything about it.

Furious she got out her pen and notebook and wrote out a string over very colourful words notifying me on her current thoughts.



Eventually after lots of writing down, and lots of hitting, we decided on a turquoise backpack which so happened to be on sale and turquoise  is  is my favourite colour! #score. It was turning out to be a great day after we bumped into Luke, one of my almost best friends but still just friends. 

"So, you two packed and ready for camp?" He asked as I bought a caramel frapacino from the Coffee shop down the road from my house.

"Yepp pretty much, just bought my beautiful amazing gorgeous turquoise backpack." I said pulling it out from the shopping bag.

"OHMYGOD stop em stop em stop em stop." Frances said taking very deep breaths, pointing in front of her. It was Daisy, standing right in front of us making out with no other than my Brother. The three of us just stared with our mouths open.




" What the HELL do you DAISY think you are doing SNOGGING my 17 YEAR OLD BROTHER?" 

"He likes me! Can't blame him really, I am just that likable." She said twirling a few strands of hair on her short and stubby index finger. Her nails were disgusting. She had bitten off most of it and picked off the rest of fusia nail-polish. Daisy Sharpe was a twelve turning thirteen in three weeks canadian who wore two pushup bras to school and complained about it "Pushing into her skin". She is short and flabby with white white skin and sadly pretty blue eyes, but her teeth ugh disgusting.... are bright yellow.  And she always hangs out with that effing Sofia Cook and the poor girl Amanda Brown who used to be a good friend of mine until Daisy turned her into a pushup barbie. After school she would go down to the local grocers and "hang out" with Ian and I but really what ended up happening was us two running away and hiding in the park until she gives up and finally goes to gymnastics.

"Hugo Robert Guan Hon Lee What in the name of Mer- the Lord is this." I demanded poking his chest roughly with every word. He knows what happened between us, he knows I hate her.

"Don't speak to him like that." Daisy purred rolling her fingers up and down his chest. "He doesn't deserve it don't you Hugi darling?"

"Eww don't smile like that, it makes you have a triple chin" Luke said with a matter of fact look which made you just want to hug him. Luke was a tall tanned and like Frances, and I was Eurasian (meaning that one asian and one western parent). He had dark brown eyes and curly brown blond hair. He was currently the boy "eveyonewantedtomarry" at school but Luke being Luke didn't even notice.

"Em, I just- I don't- It was- It doesn't. I'll Tell you later" Hugo stammerd nervously as he walked hand in hand with Daisy towards the supermarket. I have a short temper and Hugo seems to always be in my bad books.

From there my day just got worse and worse. Bumping into Sofia who snickered wildly. Getting caught in the rain, and I couldn't find a taxi so now my bag is all wet. Great!


It's Monday morning and everyone is lining up getting ready to get on the buses to go to camp. The year group consists of 125 kids half girls half boys. The year will be split into thirds. Each Third going to a different location. And in each third they will be split into thirds again. Monique's group was going to the Beach location and fortunatly all her best friends were in her small group and Daisy and Sofia weren't in the Beach group.

Everything was going according to plan. Blue skies, no rain. Beautiful beaches and clear blue water. Everyday the groups went Kayaking and hiking. Everyone was exhausted by the end of the day. Monique, Frances, Sabs, Kaila, Milly, Luke, Sean, Lauren, Jason Matt, Harry, Jeremy, William, Fenton, Katherine and George hung out every night and Monique, Frances, Sabs, Kaila, Milly, Luke, Sean, Jason, and Fenton played truth or Dare every bus ride. Day after Day they had loads of fun until Thursday, their last night the group instructors decided to have a bbq party in the nearby park.


Monique P.O.V

As we walked around the corner someone popped out of the trees and screamed "COCKROACH" so loud I screamed even louder. Those nasty little pests were my fear. In year five camp, one had crawlen onto my face and all over my bum until Katherine Maple had killed it with her shoe. 

"JASON WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU" I screamed. And sneakily grabbed his wand and hid it in my bag so the muggles woudn't see.

"Mooooooneeeeeeeeeeeeeeque! Give it baaaaaaaaacckkk!" Jason yawned jumping up and down to try and grabb it. Even thought they were all older than me, Sean, Luke and Harry were the only ones to have already had growth spurts. The other boys were still small things with high pitched voices.

"Shut up you maggot." I said slapping his arm lightly.

After hours of fun and food. The instructor decided to go off to the side and drink a few beers. Time for truth or dare! Everyone knows that Frances and I make the meanest and nastiest dares ever. We always choose truth so no-one can get back at us but this time I though yolo and chose dare.


"I dare you to........ummmm...........lap danc-...........lick.........ohhh!!! KISS LUKE" Frances and Sabrina simultaneously screamed. Luke went bright red and so did I.  But as soon as I leaned in to kiss him, I saw a black whispy thing shoot past the trees. Then another one then five more. Oh. My.God.Help.Me

"EVERYONE GET DOWN THE GROUND!" I yelled and used a simple charm to turn myself and everyone else invisible. Frances, Sabs, Kaila, Milly, Luke, Sean, Lauren, Jason Matt, Harry whipped out their wands and started for the deatheaters. Even though they mostly died off, a few hundred still remained. Jeremy, William, Fenton, Katherine and George ran towards the now drunk instructors and turned them invisible and ran back to the campus with the other muggles. I quickly casted a Expecto Patronum and sent it off to James and Freddy. 



Sorrrryyy for the long waittt :S like the new banner?? Made by Moriarty @TDA :D



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