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The Life of a Young Black by DracoGal
Chapter 14 : Completely and Utterly Alone
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 I met Harry after morning classes and walked down to the Great Hall with him. “I had a dream last night. My mom came to me and told me to give Dad another chance.” I said. 

“What are you going to do?” he asked. 

“I have no idea. What do I do?” He shrugged. 

“Stop dwelling on it for now. If you forget about it for a while, the answer will come to you.”

And that’s exactly what I did. I hung out with Draco and Blaise like I normally did and never brought up my dad. Harry and I began to hang out more as well, and I had gotten to know Ron and Hermione more as well. Hermione was still an insufferable know-it-all, but she was a really good friend. Even though Ron and her bickered to no end, she stood by him and Harry through thick and thin. Those three reminded me of my friendship with Dray and Blaise. We were like foils to each other; the Gryffindor Golden Trio and the Slytherin Devils. Haha, I like that.

It wasn’t until I got another letter that I thought about my dad again. Although it wasn’t from him, it was from Remus. I was surprised it was from him because he usually left me alone when it came to daddy issues.


Darling, your father’s a wreck. I haven’t seen him like this since he discovered Harry had to be taken from the house in Godric’s Hollow to the Dursleys’. He misses you, sweetheart. He’s been drinking himself into unconsciousness, and talking about he regrets everything that he’s done in the past four years. He hasn’t stopped crying how sorry he is for killing your mother. And we both know it wasn’t his fault. I know you don’t really want to talk to him right now, but write to him. Don’t do this just for me though, do this for your mom.

She came to me in a dream last night telling me that she talked to you in a dream, but she knows you won’t do anything. She told me to give you that extra push you needed, and this is that push.

Think about it. I love you.


After reading, I broke into tears. Mama went to Remus as well? Daddy’s drinking and blaming himself for Mama’s death?  I ran from my dormitory and into the common room to try and find Blaise. He wasn’t there, so I ran to the Great Hall where dinner had just started. I saw him talking animatedly with Draco and Pansy. Why Ginny wasn’t over there, I didn’t know.

I quickly walked over, but not too quick to draw attention to myself. My eyes were red and I was still fighting tears when I sat down. Blaise put an arm around my waist, kissed my forehead, and went back to talking. Draco smiled at me and I gave a weak smile back. I stared at my plate, trying so hard to keep my tears at bay. 

“What’s wrong with her?” Pansy asked. 

“Nothing.” Draco answered. 

“I don’t know Dray. I’ve never seen Alexa with an empty plate.” 

“Maybe she’s just not hungry. Rex, is everything okay?” I didn’t answer him. “See Pansy, she’s fine.” 

I glared at my plate then whipped my gaze up to look at Draco. “It’s great to know I have friends that actually care about me! I am on the freaking brink of tears and you deduce that I’m not hungry! And you!!” I exclaimed as I looked at Blaise. “I don’t even get a freaking hello! You just put your arm around me and show that I’m yours but you don’t even freaking talk to me! What the heck?! I’m especially glad to know that my boyfriend cares about and loves me!” 

I got up from the bench and ran out of the Great Hall, not caring about the attention I was being given for my little scene.

Blaise’s POV

“What the heck was that all about?” I asked. 

Draco shrugged, but something caught his eye. He reached across me and picked up a piece of parchment. As he read, his eyes widened. 

“This would explain it.” I took the parchment from him and my heart went out to Rex. I honestly felt like crying. 

“We have to find her.” And not even an instant later, Draco and I were heading out of the Great Hall.

Rex’s POV

I couldn’t believe it! The two people I thought would notice something was wrong didn’t even acknowledge me. Oh well, at least I am safe in a place where they’d never find me…

Blaise’s POV

I ran around the whole damn castle and still couldn’t find Rex. That girl really knows how to hide. She wasn’t even in the Room of Requirement! 

“Where in the hell is she?” I exclaimed as I was pacing in the Slytherin common room. 

“I don’t know, B.” Draco replied. 

“We need to find her!” I sank down on the couch and put my head in my hands. “We need to find her.” I said again. 

“We will Blaise. And you know, Rex will end up coming to us.” 

“Not this time! She’s super mad at us and probably herself for ignoring her dad. And that dream? Did she tell you she had it?” Draco shook his head. I slammed my fist on the couch.

Rex’s POV

I couldn’t take it anymore sitting on the cold ground alone. I wanted to believe that Dray and Blaise were still looking for me, but I knew they probably gave up after searching the castle. They probably didn’t even think to look outside. I stood up and brushed the dirt off my pants. I started walking back to the common room when I heard a noise of a branch cracking under someone’s foot. 

“Well hello there, Alexa. You’re alone I see.” I froze. The person came up to me and it was then I could see their face.  


A/N: I’m back!!! I am so sorry I haven’t updated! I’ve been uber uber busy and have had major writer’s block. But I know that isn’t an excuse, but please forgive me! I’m also sorry if the POV change was confusing, but I wanted to capture what Blaise was feeling. And why do you think Harry’s outside? What do you think he wants? Please review! 

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The Life of a Young Black: Completely and Utterly Alone


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