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Secret Malfoy by GabriellaGMW
Chapter 3 : Meeting Mrs Malfoy
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 5th DECEMBER 2017


Ginny stepped out of her brand new, black Nissan Micra and made her way over the packed car park and into the building that was MalfoyIndustries. As she entered the building all she could say was wow. The inside was decorated with white paint and glass. A huge, shining desk sat in the middle of the lobby and at it sat a plump lady with a smiling face and dark brown hair. Her black suit looked rather odd in the white room, but never the less, Ginny walked up to the desk and smiled at the woman who beamed back.

“Can I help you honey?” she asked kindly as Ginny stood facing the woman with a worried look on her face.

“Yes, I’m Ginny Potter. I’m here for an interview with Mr Malfoy at half eleven”. The woman nodded and checked her computer which Ginny thought was oddly queer, that fact that Malfoy’s business held computers was extremely strange, mind you; they probably allowed muggles in here too.

“Ah, here you are pet. Yes, Mr Malfoy’s office is on the third floor, you will be directed from there if you ask anyone” she said politely before pointing Ginny in the direction of a few lifts. Ginny thanked the woman before walking over to the lifts, her stiletto heels clacking on the porcelain floor as she walked. She pressed the button for the third floor as she got into the lift with three other people and then they were off. One of the woman in the lift was young with strawberry blonde hair, Ginny gasped when she recognised her.

“Victoire” she said in surprise and the girl looked up before grinning

“Oh hey Aunt Ginny, what are you doing here?”

“I have an interview with Mr Malfoy, about the job as his new PA. What are you doing here?”
“I work here, that is so weird, if you get the job we will be working together. I’m Mrs Malfoy’s PA”
“Really, how long have you been working here” Ginny asked as her curiosity overcame her.

“Mrs Malfoy gave me a job the minute I left Hogwarts. She told me that I was a good student that needed a secure job so here I am. I’m hoping to go up higher in the company the longer I work here”
“Good for you Victoire” Ginny said as the lift stopped and the doors opened. Victoire smiled at her Aunt before getting out.

“Well, this is my stop. Do you want to meet up later? I have a half an hour lunch break at twelve”

“Of course, I’ll see you then” Ginny reassured her niece as she left the lift, nearly bumping into someone on the way.

“Oh Mrs Malfoy, I’m so sorry”

“Never mind Victoire, it was me and my big arse” the lady joked as she stepped her foot into the lift, stopping the doors from closing. She turned to Victoire. “I left some notes on your desk; do you reckon you could type them up for the meeting later?”

“Of course Mrs Malfoy” Victoire beamed before the lady smiled and got into the lift beside Ginny. Ginny stood as far away from the brunette as possible as she hummed a happy tune. She turned to look at the people around her before doing a double take when she saw the flash of red hair beside her. She scanned her eyes up and down Ginny Potter’s body as she tried to see the similarities and differences that her body held after twenty years. There was barely any.

The lift stopped and the doors open. Hermione went to get out but Ginny stepped in her way, leaving the lift first. Hermione raised her eyes at her rudeness before chuckling and leaving the lift behind her. Ginny heard her giggles and turned to raise an eyebrow at her.

“Do I have something on my back?” she asked, anxious to hear the opinion of the great Mrs Malfoy. The woman shook her head.

“No dear” she coughed abruptly, turning her laughs into a fit “I just have a little tickle, that’s all”

Ginny peered at the woman in curiosity as she spoke, her voice was very familiar. So familiar that it bugged her that she couldn’t quite place it in her mind. The woman went to leave when Ginny realised that she didn’t know where she was going.

“Can you please tell me the way to Mr Malfoy’s office?” Ginny asked quietly and the woman smiled before nodding.

“Oh course dear, I’m heading there myself actually. What’s your name?” Hermione asked, suddenly feeling very odd as she asked her old best friend for her name. She coughed (laughed) some more at herself.

“Ginny Potter, I’m here for an interview for the job as Mr Malfoy’s PA” she added and Mrs Malfoy nodded before beckoning Ginny over.

“Well Ginny, is it okay if I call you that...” Ginny nodded so Hermione continued “...follow me to the office of my dear husband”

The pair walked up a long corridor until they reached a room made entirely of glass. Hermione opened the door for Ginny who stepped in and walked to the desk to her left. Hermione waved at the woman behind the desk before walking through the office to a door at the back. Ginny gathered this was Draco Malfoy’s office.

“How did it go?” Draco asked as his wife flung her arms around his neck and kissed him. She smiled at his handsome face before squealing.




“Hermione Malfoy” the healer called as Hermione fiddled with her fingers on her lap. She looked up suddenly and walked over to the healers ward, smiling to her as she entered.

“Hello Cho” Hermione said kindly as she stepped into her personal healers office. Ever since Hogwarts Cho Chang, now Cho Davies had been Hermione’s healer and she was happy. Cho never asked more questions than were required and she always thanked Hermione for giving her a second chance at Hogwarts. She too, was forbidden to tell anyone who Hermione was married to though.

“Good morning Hermione, please take a seat”

Hermione sat down at the seat next to Cho’s desk and smiled at her. Cho continued.

“So what seems to be the matter Hermione?”

“Well, I’ve been having cramps recently and I didn’t know whether I should be worried”
“Have you been vomiting at all?”

“Yes” Hermione stated and Cho nodded before writing something down.

“How long have these pains been happening?”

“A few days, started on Saturday, at first I thought it was something I had eaten but then it happened yesterday, and this morning. So I came to see you”
“You came to the right place Hermione” Cho said sweetly before waving her wand around in Hermione’s direction. She nodded before grinning at Hermione “Well Hermione, you are not ill, the opposite to be exact. Hermione, you are pregnant, congratulations”

Hermione raised her eyebrows in surprise; she had thought this conclusion through but hadn’t expected it to be the answer. She smiled at Cho before thanking her and leaving the ward.




“That’s great Mi” Draco cooed to his wife and she nodded happily, then she remembered Ginny outside and let go of him immediately.

“Oh yeah, Ginny is outside for her interview and its’...” she checked her watch and grinned “... half eleven so you should probably call her in. I’ll see you at lunch” she finished before kissing him affectionately and leaving the room. Ginny was sat on a white armchair as Hermione left the office.

“Thank you Mrs Malfoy” she said as Hermione walked past her. Hermione grinned at her before opening the door to leave. She paused before leaving “Please Ginny, call me Hermione” and then she left the room; leaving Ginny speechless and surprised.

A/N: So, did you like it?? What am I takling about? If you liked it then review and if you didn't then don't simples!! :)

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Secret Malfoy: Meeting Mrs Malfoy


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