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Not Just Another Love Story by kira lovegood
Chapter 5 : Dumbledore's Army is back
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Hey guys! Huge thanks to all the reviewers!

This is my next chapter! Hope you guys like it. Well, Druna story will progress from now on... So yeah! I tried my best 2 make this chappie error free. Enjoy :)


I don't own Harry Potter, alas! I just play around with the characters.

Not Just Another Lovestory

Chapter - 5

It was a pleasant saturday morning, the students of Hogwards were looking forward to the first Hogsmede trip of the year. Most of them didn't have any classes, thankfully except for a few final year students who had to make it to the special weekend classes.

Harry woke up late, he knew he didn't want to miss his ADADA class, that's specially meant for the prefects but still he was a bit lazy. After a quick shower, he slowly made his way towards the Griffindor table where his friends sat with anxious faces.

"Morning guys.. Hey 'Mione, I know I'm a bit late. Did I miss out on something? Hey Ron- Ron?"

He then noticed that they were all extremely quiet. He glanced at the tensed students around him. Even the slytherin trio seemed to be tensed. And why was Draco looking at the Daily Prophet as if he wanted to rip it into pieces?

"What's wrong guys?" Harry asked in an exasperated tone.

Hermione handed over a copy of Daily Prophet and silently started drinking her juice.

"An Attack On Gringotts - The followers Keen For A Revenge "

Harry choked at the headline. The death-eaters attacked Gringotts? He hurriedly read the article that went on this way -

In an attack that is evidently a blow to the Order, the followers of He who was Vanquished broke into the Gringotts taking away the gold that once belonged to them -

"You've gotto be kidding me!" Harry cried in astonishment.

Ron just nodded, "its true mate. They broke into Gringotts.. "

"For what exactly?"

Hermione answered him this time, "for gold.. they needed money.. For their activities.. "

He looked around to look at the grim faces of Seamus, Dean, Luna, Ginny. Everyone was.. scared? Sure, nobody wanted another war!

The staff table was surprisingly empty.

"I think we ought to discuss this with head mistress. She may even arrange a prefects meeting today.. just guessing. "

Hermione was right. Harry quickly finished his breakfast. He needed to talk to Mc.Gonagall.


"Now what do we do about this? Draco.. "  Pansy asked her blonde mate.

"I don't know Pans.. I just need to alert mom about this. Hope she will be careful from now on. "

Blaise nodded, "and we need to keep an eye on that Nott, he might have some valuable information. "

Draco just remained silent, lost in thoughts and then it occured to him that he had his Runes class to attend.

"I'll see you guys after class.. meet me in the library at eleven. "

With that Draco threw the prophet he was holding and rushed towards the staircase.

~ Inside the classroom

Draco knew he was late. The Lovegood girl was already there, scribbling something on her parchment. The professor was kind enough to let him in with out any punishment. He silently thanked her and went to sit beside the Lovegood girl.

"Hey!" she beamed at him, when he reluctantly joined her on their desk.

He glanced at her, slightly amused by her overjoyous smile. It was then he noticed the deep scar over her arm. His face lost all its color and the slight smirk dropped. The death eaters, the mansion, images flashed in his head.

"Oh its not your fault, Draco!"

His eyes snapped.  Did he hear her properly? Wierd girl, he thought. How could it all not be his fault? It was his indeed. He should have prevented the thing happening, but he didn't. He couldn't. He had always been a looser.

"You're not thinking the same.. are you?"

He turned swiftly look at her pale face, amazed how she manages to get him into talking everytime.

"Thinking about what?" he asked her, out of curiosity.

She shrugged, her large eyes were boring into him as she spoke, "the usual thinking.. About how evil you are?"

He chuckled at her bluntness. Some ravenclaw she was, always paying attention to his details.

"You better concentrate on that rune. Now you don't want a slip in your grades, do you?"

It was her turn to chuckle, "no Draco.. a little bit of friendly chat wouldn't ruin my studies. Thank you. "

A friendly chat? He was hardly an acquaintance. And here she was talking to him, with that sweet tone even after being tortured by his father and the dark lord.

Professor Twinings walked over to them with a sneer, "Mr. Malfoy! I assumed you to be a bright student. That is why I have let you in. Now if you keep off your lovely chat with Ms. Lovegood for a while, we can do some useful work. "

Draco was suddenly aware of the eyes of all his classmates on him. He glanced at Luna, who seemed to be least bothered of all this.

"I'm sorry professor. I won't be repeating this again, " he told her and she smiled.

Luna broke into a fit of giggles. He couldn't help but smile a little.

"Seen something funny Lovegood?" he asked her.

"Ms. Twinings was acting like Snape for a while.. " She told him amid fits of laughter.

His smile faded at the mention of his deceased God father. She apologised quickly.

"I'm sorry Draco, I didn't mean to upset you.. "

"No, you didn't do anything Lovegood, " He was moved by her tone of concern, "its just.. I feel I could have avoided it all."

She nodded, "even Harry feels the same way, I know you won't like it. But you and Harry are alike. Impulsive, emotional and brave.. "

"I'm not brave, Lovegood, " he corrected her, "I was a coward. But I'm trying.. "

Another glare from Professor Twinings brought him back to reality and he chided himself for opening up to the loony girl.

Before Luna could speak he added quickly, "we must finish our work, professor Twinings looks like she wants to give us a detention. "

Luna nodded, her lips forming a small 'o' . And they began decoding the ancient runes they were given.

The class ended. Draco packed his things, ready to leave the classroom when he found a slip in his text book. It was a tiny piece of parchment, a neat handwriting across it said-

"I don't think you were a coward Draco..  "


He quickly shoved the note into his pocket and exited the classroom, a slight smile forming on his lips.
Outside, he was caught by Pansy, who raised an eyebrow at his antics.

"What was it Drake?"

"What?" he asked innocently.

"The thing that is right now secure in your pocket, what was that? A love letter?"

"Don't be silly Pans. Which girl would be sane enough to love me?"

Pansy's smile dropped, "I was just teasing you Drake! And of course any girl would love you. You're such a gentleman.."

"Is that so?"  he asked. He din't know what difference that short note meant, but he was suddenly feeling like he wasn't coward anymore.

He felt... better. Who knew Little Miss Lovegood can use this kind of magic.

Pansy nodded, "of course you are.. "

Draco smiled, "may I be the gentleman to escort you to the library? Its almost time. "
She smiled back and took his arm. Together they left for the library.


On the otherside, Harry and his friends too headed to the library for a lively discussion on the rise of the followers.
The library was full of buzzing whispers, much to Madam Pince 's despair.

"Are you sure you wanna discuss this here Harry?" Luna asked as she sat next to him.

"Library is the safest place in the castle, its immune to eavesdroppers remember?" He assured her and beamed when Neville, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Seamus, Dean and others joined them.

"What do you think we should do Harry?" Dean was the first one to ask.

Harry hesitated a bit, "Why do you want me to do something? Its not like I'm the chosen one now. I don't want to force my opinion on to you... "

He glanced around at the faces of his friends, who remained calm for a moment.

Ron spoke, "We trust you Harry. If you have successfully defeated you-know-who, then we can definitely win over those followers under your leadership. We'll respect your decision mate.. "

Harry was touched, "thanks Ron. This will be a collective fight. Everyone of us is a leader. We need to work together to prevent another war. "

Ginny nodded, "yes. But how do we do that? The teachers are busily planning some strategy. We, being the students here ought to do something and quickly. "

"Ginny's right. So what do we do now? Should we start training? Learning new spells like in our fifth year? " Neville asked.

"That would be brilliant I guess, " Luna clapped her hands, "lets restart the DA. "

Harry smiled in approval, "sounds a great idea. We can learn more spells and a bit of practise could do wonders. "

Hermione agreed, "and this time, we will include more students in the army. We need to stand up for ourselves. "

"That's decided then, " Harry beamed, "DA will be back. "

He extended his hand, and others joined their hands with him. The game just started. And this time too, they would win.


Sunday came sooner for the students who were all very disappointed with the recent developments and most of them were confined to their common rooms. The DA members however were out, read to face any danger that comes their way.

"Now certainly we aren't afraid of death eaters, are we?" Ron chuckled.

"Yeah.. " Harry agreed.

"and no one can stop us from celebrating this pretty little party at Three broom sticks marking the start of DA!" Ginny clapped.

"I dont think death eaters would be lurking around here.. " Luna commented.

"But we need to keep our wands handy, just in case..  " was Hermione's suggestion.

Seamus, Neville and most of the DA  members were there, walking along the ricket bridge leading out of the forest into Hogsemede.

After relishing a bottle of butter beer, Luna secured the cork in her cloak pocket and dashed off towards the clearing.

"Wait up Lune!"

She turned around to see Harry running towards her.

"You wanna go alone Lune? It could be dangerous.. "

She smiled at his concern, "thanks Harry. You know, daddy is doing his research work in swizerland. He's coming over in a week and I wanna gift him something. I'll go take a look around, may be I'll find something. "

He nodded.

"I could take you around, Luna. Its just.. "

"I know what you mean Harry. You go plan the next DA meeting, I promise , I'll be back soon. Besides you want to take Ginny around, don't you?"

Harry turned slightly pink but nodded. He handed her a coin.

"Use this, if you are in need. We'll be right there. Don't go too far Lune... "

Luna smiled, putting the coin into her pocket, she skipped away.


Draco was walking, deep in thoughts. His mind concentrating on possible ways to keep his mother safe. Blaise wanted to come along but he refused. Pansy and Blaise understood him well and that is the reason he was trudging along all alone. He glanced sideway casually and a flickering light caught his eye. Who on earth would campain by the shrieking shack? He decided to check himself.

He ran with jet speed, his wand ready in his hand.


Luna was smiling to herself happily examining the shrubbery. How could he have not thought about this crazy girl? Here he was expecting it to be some creepy death eater but it was Loony, Luna. He slowed down, standing a few feet away from the girl, shaking his head.

Something hit Luna and her wand flew in mid air. Draco was panicked, so was Luna. Draco saw some cloaked person, just his shadow may be. He was right behind Luna now, who was studying her surroundings for her attacker.

"Kin of Potter will be killed, one by one... "

A beam of green light was aimed at her. Luna screamed, closed her eyes, bracing for her death. Draco dashed the few feet distance separating the duo, knocking Luna out of the way before the green light sruck her.
Luna was baffled as she wacthed the slytherin in action.

The clocked death eater aimed another curse now at Draco, he dodged it and yelled, "petrificus totalus!"

His reflexes were quick enough that he managed to save the lovegood girl and also knock down the death eater. He smiled at his smart work.

Soon a large crowd gathered around the duo. Professor flitwick who happened to be taking care of security concerns in Hogsmede summoned Mc. Gonagall and Kingsley.
The golden trio was first to reach. Ron nearly cursed Malfoy for teaming up with the death eater and trying to kill Luna.
It took inordinate amount of shouting from Luna to convince him that Draco saved her.

"How could  this happen? A death eater in Hogsmede ?"  Hermione exclaimed.

Blaise, Pansy were apparantly panicked. So was everyone.

"He's not a death eater... "  Mc. Gonagall announced pulling off the mask, "a supporter may be... Kingsley will be here. I want all my students inside the castle now! Go, hurry everyone. "

"But professor.. " Harry protested.

"We wanna know who this guy is, " Draco joined him, "he's not one of them but still.. "

"Enough! Ministry will be looking into the matter.. now you better concentrate on your studies, all you final years. I can assure you that there is no threat to wizarding world in London, as far as I know. "

Harry nodded. Draco walked off with Blaise and Pansy.  Ginny hugged Luna.
Harry  too gave a quick hug to Luna and together they joined other DA members who were waiting for them.


review please. I apologise for my delayed update. Merry xmas in advance :))
next chapter : when foes become friends

Harry extended his hand, "wanna be friends Draco?"
Draco looked at him in surprise, the library was full.

"And why would I forgo the pleasure of tormenting the boy who won over voldy? "
Harry laughed, "nope I bet you won't.. "

"Remember it was you who approached me with this truce plan, Potter!"

Luna wants to thank Draco. DA meetings begin! oh its gonna be so much fun!


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