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I Have My Own Rules by melis1907
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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 I am Elizabeth ‘Effy’ Potter. I’m a witch and a vampire. I’m a Slytherin in 6th grade. One of the most popular Slytherin. Actually they don’t love me because I hang out with blood traitors(Marauders) and muggleborn(Lily) but they are afraid of me and they know I would do anything to protect the Slytherin pride.

Our family is really powerful. We are purebloods. My dad is a really powerful wizard. He doesn’t like muggleborns but he respect them, that’s why I love him so much. My mom is a pureblood too but she doesn’t care about peoples blood statue.

I’m a vampire but no one except Lily and my family knows it. It’s a family secret.

This curse began when one my arrogant grand grand grand mother pissed a vampire. So, that vampire found a way to turn whole Potter ladies to a vampire. It didn’t end well. Vampire blood and magic couldn’t get along. Their bodies reacted really bad. They tried every potion to make them better. It didn’t work. A lot of relatives started to die. For their last chance they went to Merlin –yes this is a really old story- and beg him for a cure. My grandma was a great healer who helped lot of wizards and witches. Her sister was a famous auror. And their cousin was one of the most popular quidditch players. So Merlin thought he should help this family. But vampires were strong and brutal creatures. Even Merlin couldn’t remove the curse from their blood. He just did some magic to ease it.

A vampire witch, isn’t powerful as a vampire. And we don’t need blood all the time, we just need some to keep our bodies fit. We can’t kill a wizard or witch with a vampire power. So if I drink all of the blood in a wizard he would die for 2 hours and then he will come back to life. But waking up again is a really painful experience for the body and soul.

I did once to Evan Rosier. He couldn’t talk for a month. It was really funny. I made him forget after it but he still remembered the pain so he shits himself whenever I shout at him.

Beside me being the one of the scariest person in the school, I’m the captain of the quidditch team and we are the best team in the school. Last year we lost the cup because our seeker cursed the muggleborn beater of Gryffindor at the final game so we eliminated for doing dark magic on the pitch. I can still remember the face of my dear cousin James and his arrogant friend Sirius. I think it was a harsh punishment.

That seeker was Evan Rosier so if you asking why I killed him that was the reason. It’s not a big deal, I mean he came back.

I confess I’m a little bit obsessed with quidditch but I really love this sport and I’m really good at it. Our team is one of the best teams in Hogwarts history. Whole Slytherin team is in 6th grade so we have the exact team for two years. We will make them respect us. I know how other houses hate Slytherins, maybe because we are little bit harsh but it’s on our blood. But they will see how good we are. Not just in quidditch we will win the house cup too.

 I know I don’t have the right to talk about the house cup because I’m one of the students why Slytherin lost it every year. I’ve lost so many house points last year Sluggy aka Professor Slughorn started to beg Professors to give me only detention. He really hates me because of this. But I’m one of the cleverest students in my year. I’ve got 5 Os. Though I still don’t know what to do after I graduate.

When Sluggy asked me what I want to be at my O.W.L meeting, I said: “I’m going to stand against these pureblood fans and stop this fucking war.”

He gave me 3 weeks detention and sent home a letter asking to teach me some manners.   

I stopped making these jokes when I heard something during my summer holiday.



Charles Rosier came to our house. I hate him. He tried everything to marry, me and Evan but when Evan cried in front of whole school and begged him to not marry me, he decided to not try anymore. I couldn’t date anyone for 2 months not like I need someone. Anyway of course I hid behind the door and started to watch them from the key hole.

Mr Rosier took the whiskey my dad gave and started to talk.

“Colin, I need to talk to you.” He tried to smile but he failed. My dad smiled. He loved to see when people looked afraid of him.

“Charles if this is about Elizabeth and Evan again –“ My father was sick about this subject like me, he was going to say it but Mr Rosier rudely interrupted him.

“No it’s not about them. This is really important. I wanted to discuss with you for a long time. I’ve talk to him.” I understood it was a really serious issue.

My father smiled for a second. It was like he understood what he was talking about but then he frowned.

“Who did you talk with?” Mr Rosier started to shake more. He opened his mouth but he didn’t say anything. It was like he was really afraid of something or someone.

“You are brave enough to cut my word but you can’t tell me a name.” My father yelled. It was really scary. Mr Rosier sat down and breathed heavily.

“I’ve talk to Lord Voldemort.” I held my breath. I knew this name. He was the reason why purebloods started to hate muggleborns.

I looked to my dad. I know he was tensed. But he looked calm. He waited Mr Rosier to talk.

Mr Rosier drank all of his whiskey. I knew this wasn’t going well.

“He wants you to join him. He wants you as a Death Eater.” I watched Mr Rosier. He was really serious he wasn’t joking. I felt something in my heart. I really didn’t want my dad to involve in this.

I checked my father. He was playing the whiskey in his hand. He was thinking. How could he think a stupid idea like that?

Finally my dad spoke.

“He can be a powerful wizard but I don’t agree his thoughts about muggleborns. And I know what he does to them. I can’t join a person who murders people for their blood statue.” He looked determined.

“So you think we should live together with those mudbloods. My son goes at the same school with them.” He made a stupid disgust face.

“Those mudbloods are thousand time better than your stupid son. You can’t judge a person because of their parents.” I knew my dad wasn’t a huge fan of purebloods. But I didn’t know he would protect muggleborns.

“How can you talk about my son after your cocky girl did to him?” Mr Rosier raised his voice. He was getting angry.

But my dad was angrier. He took out his wand and he waved at him. Suddenly a rope started to suffocate his throat. Rosier was trying to get rid of the rope. It was hard to watch but he deserved it.

When Rosier’s face was turning purple, dad waved his wand again. And the rope gone away.

“He will kill you, both of you. And Emma will be in my bed.” Rosier disappeared. It wasn’t shocking; dad would probably kill him after his disturbing comment about mum.

Dad squeezed the glass in his hand and broke it. With the sound of the broken glass I felt the first teardrop since 3th grade. I cried whole night.

 And that night I noticed something really serious going on outside. That was what Sirius escaping from. 

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