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Muggle Studies by Lillith Saphire
Chapter 13 : Chapter 13
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 If you've kept up with me all this time I love you.


"Rory? Rory, you awake?" whispered a gentle voice


I blearily opened my eyes, Malfoy was kneeling over me, his silver eyes filled with worry


"Wha? what happened?" I stuttered blinking and trying to remember what had happened


Malfoy was holding a damp cloth in his hand and a bottle of water on the floor next to him, his white shirt stained red with blood


"You fainted" he replied offering me the water


I lifted my left hand to take the bottle only to notice a thick white bandage wrapped around my hand, then it all came back to me.


"Oh I cut my hand" I sighed feeling like such an idiot, Malfoy nodded


"I can't handle the sight of blood, it makes me feel so ill" I muttered feeling my cheeks flush.


I took the water with my good hand and downed it, I didn't realise how parched I was


"I'm such an idiot, I can't believe I fainted over a little blood" I said sitting up, my head began to spin and I fell back down


"You ok?" asked Malfoy looking deep into my eyes


"Yeah, just feel a bit dizzy still" I replied


"You know, it wasn't a little blood, it looked like someone was murdered in the kitchen" said malfoy with a small grin


"Really? I thought it was just a little cut?" I questioned eyeing my white bandage and in fact there were specks of red seeping through


"I think you may need to be seen by someone? I thought about the muggle hospital but surely they won't be much help" sighed Malfoy turning away from me and resting his back against the sofa


"We could go to the hospital wing? Surely Professor Barnes will understand the emergency?" I questioned


"Hhmmm good idea" replied Malfoy and we fell into silence.


He looked so tired and worn out, my head was pounding and my hand kept getting stabbing pains


"what time is it?" I asked still examining my slowly blood stained bandage


"5 in the morning, you've been out cold all night" yawned Malfoy.


I felt gob smacked, I'd been out all night and he has been here the whole time watching over me, staying up with me all night to make sure I was ok.


"Come on, let’s go to the hospital wing then" I said slowly sitting up again,


Malfoy nodded in agreement and he stood up putting his hand out to me, I took his hand with my non bloody one and stood up, my legs felt like jelly and I staggered


"Oh come here" he chuckled wrapping his arm around my waist


He led me out of the living room and towards the cupboard under the stairs


"by the way don't worry about the kitchen, I finished what you started when you were out cold" he said with a small grin, I smiled back at him


"Thanks" I murmured


Malfoy opened the cupboard door and we squashed ourselves inside the tiny dark room. He unlocked the door to the slytherin common room and pushed it open.


We stepped out of the cupboard and into the cold Slytherin common room, I leant against the stone wall as Malfoy locked our door.


I stared around the empty room and even though we'd been gone in a magic-less world for a week, I genuinely missed this place, I missed how grand and beautiful the common room was, I missed Hogwarts, I missed magic, I missed Lee.


"Come here" sighed Malfoy looking at me leaning against the wall, he took my waist again tightly and I held onto his.


If you didn't know about my inability to walk properly at the moment you could think we were together, and more than likely a very odd couple, a beautiful blonde boy and the weird little red head girl holding each other.


We headed across the common room and out the entrance and into the dark corridors of Hogwarts.


We stumbled along slowly towards the Hospital wing, I'd never been there before I'd always been careful not to wind up there, luckily Malfoy knew the way and we finally managed to arrive.


The large oak doors to the wing were shut tight which was not a good sign, considering it was the holidays and all the students had gone home, well there were always a few exceptions.


"What now?" I frowned looking from the closed doors to Malfoy


"There must be someone in there?" he huffed not taking no for an answer, he let go of me and I leant up against the cold wall next to the door.


Malfoy stepped in front of the door and knocked very loudly, we waited and he knocked again, this continued for several minutes with no luck.


"Just give up already, theres no one there" I huffed sliding down the wall to sit on the cold ground


"There has to be someone" hissed Malfoy glaring at the door


"Lets just go back and go to a muggle hospital, they'll just give me stitches and it will heal in a few weeks" I sighed


"If we can find someone here it will be healed in a few minutes" replied Malfoy still staring at the door and then returning to knocking


I smiled to myself as I turned away, he was very determined to get me some help, I had to admit I'd never had a boy other than Lee try to help me before, this was a nice change.


Several more minutes passed with malfoy hammering on the door, finally he collasped down next to me, sitting pretty close so our bodies touched.


We sat in silence for a while and I leant my head on his shoulder without even thinking, we remained silent just staring at the wall opposite.


"I could do it myself if I had my wand" he sighed


I looked down to my hand the bandage was turning a deeper red as more blood seeped through.


"I have no idea where Barnes put our wands during the muggle time" I replied still examining my hand


"maybe she knows we've left the house and are back? surely she's still in Hogwarts" exclaimed Malfoy


I lifted my head from his shoulder and looked from my hand up to his pale face, he had a good point, maybe she would be here.


"Shall we go to her office?" I asked


"May be our best bet" he nodded and stood up

"Do you still need my help?" he asked, his deep silver eyes looking at me, not with any hate or any sort of anger but almost like a friend.


"Uh, I think I'm alright now" I replied pushing myself up the wall to stand up my head wasn't spinning anymore and as long as I didn't think about the state of the kitchen last night I'd be fine.


"well lets go" he said returning to his usual cool charming tone


We headed off down the corridors, taking the twists and turns of Hogwarts, it was completely empty and cold, it was so strange wandering around so early in the morning, eventually we made it to Barnes class room.


We stood in front of the class room door for a few seconds before Malfoy decided to just enter the room, nothing had changed and it was still full of muggle junk.


We strode across the class to the door on the far side, Malfoy knocked on the door and we stepped back, I sat on the desk in front of the blackboard and we waited.


"I don't think she's here" I said finally as Malfoy knocked again


"This is useless, what if we set the muggle house on fire or something and one of us died?" he snapped his anger very clear


"Calm down, maybe she has left the wands in here somewhere" I suggested looking around the room


"Maybe" sulked Malfoy crossing his arms and leaning on the door


I slowly slid off the desk and wandered around the class looking for a good hiding place trying to keep myself steady feeling a tad dizzy still


"Now, if I was a muggle obsessed middle age woman where would I hide my students wands" I said mockingly, Malfoy chuckled. I may have felt a bit faint but I hadn't lost my sense of humour.


"Try her desk, Harris" he suggested as if it was the obvious idea, I turned my eyes on him with a glare at the use of my last name, he hadn't said it in a while.


"Uh ok" I muttered in reply heading to the desk.


I opened a few drawers of the desk when there in the bottom drawer was full of wands, each one with a little name tag on


"Got them" I exclaimed my face beaming


"Good" he replied coolly walking towards the desk


I bent over to begin rummaging in the desk trying to find ours, my head began to spin as I bent down to the drawer.


"Don’t do that" ordered Malfoys voice


I looked up to see Malfoy next to me, he placed his cool hand on my shoulders and pulled me up to face him


"Don't be an idiot and sit down" he sighed moving me away from the drawer and helping me back onto the desk


"Thanks" I mumbled feeling embarrassed and blushing.


Malfoy turned away from me I could have sworn his cheeks turn pink.

He turned back to the drawer and bent over to look through the wands, I watched as he sorted through the wands for several minutes until he raised his hand with two wands into the air.


"Got them" he grinned,


I smiled back and looked away, I loved it when he smiled properly, not his smirk or grin but his true happy smile, he looked so beautiful.


Malfoy sat down next to me on the desk, my eyes still not looking at him I could feel my face burning.

I finally turned my gaze to him, he put his hand out to me I looked at it quizzically, did he want to hold my hand?


"Give me your hand Harris" he said in his cool drawl and rolling his eyes


"huh?" I muttered, does he really want to hold my hand?


I put my hand out to him slowly feeling really stupid


"The bandaged one" he said with a chuckle


My face turned scarlet and I swiftly took my hand back and put out the bandaged one, how could I be so stupid?


Malfoy put down the wands and took my hand, he gently removed the began to remove the bandages


"You may want to turn away in case you feel faint again" he said gently, I nodded and turned to focus my eyes on the door to Barnes' room.


All I could feel was Malfoys cold hands move on my wrist and on my hand, his touch so soft and gentle, he slowly removed the bandage, the air hitting the cut stung and I tried to pull away.


"Stay still" he whispered keeping my hand in place


"Sorry" I winced


Malfoy finished taking the bandages off and took one of his hands away my hand resting on his, I heard him mutter some incantations and tapped my hand lightly.


My hand felt funny and tickled a bit then suddenly all the pain was gone.


"All done" he said calmly his hand still holding mine


I turned to look at my hand, the cut was completely gone except for a tiny scar, my hand still remained on his hand and rested on his leg, I gently wiggled my fingers and all feeling was back.


I took my eyes away from my hand and up to his face, he smiled lightly at me, his fingers intertwined with mine and he gently stroked my hand, I became fully aware that now my hand was resting just on his leg.


Our bodies facing towards each other Malfoy placed his wand down on the desk and moved his hand to my face, his gentle touch stroking my cheek, I was unable to tear my gaze away from his perfection.


My heart was pounding so hard and loud, my eyes moving from his plump pink lips to his chiseled chin and flawless nose and structure then back to his breath taking silver eyes, it was like they sparkled through the darkened class room and all my mind could think about was how much I wanted to feel his lips on mine.


Malfoys touch sent shivers down my back as he moved his fingers from my face down through my red hair playing with each strand; he moved his fingers to the back of my neck and pulled my face closer to his.


We were only a mere inch apart, I could count his eye lashes if I'd have wanted, his minty ice breath breathing raggedly on me and his eyes unblinking, I instinctively licked my lips as his got closer to mine.


His face was even closer now his touch stroking my neck and holding my hand tightly, I moved my other hand up to his face stroking his cheek and then running my fingers through his tousled unflawed blonde hair.


Our lips were so close, I just wanted to pull him closer, his lips began to part as he moved even closer to me his eyes shut as did mine and now was the moment when he would kiss me, his lips barely just touched mine.


"MALFOY! HARRIS" boomed a voice



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