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She Think's My Tractor's Sexy by BornBlondeFarCreativ
Chapter 3 : The One with the CHOO CHOO!
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A/N: So we’re on chapter three of STMTS, sorry for creating a title that’s such a mouthful! But yes, we really, really want to thank everyone viewing this story! Next step, some reviews please? :) We’re finally getting to the parts that we really enjoyed writing, so we hope you enjoy reading just as much!

Disclaimer: Is “J.K Rowling” actually code for two 18 year-old high school students from Finland? Nope.. Didn’t think so...

Glancing at the watch on his wrist Remus realized he had been in the library for over three hours, their first week back had been gruesome. The teachers had shown the N.E.W.T students no mercy, giving them homework like never before, beginning on the first day of classes. He had gotten so caught up in the newest essay he was doing for Slughorn, that he had not noticed time fly. Sirius was right, I am turning into a bookworm, Remus thought grimacing at the fact that his first official Saturday back had turned into a study-fest. Somehow he was just drawn to books and work, finding solace in solving problems that he knew he had answers to.

Figuring it was time to find his friends and let loose a little, Remus stretched his stiff limbs, hearing his joints pop with the motion. He stuffed his books unceremoniously into his bag, which he swung onto his shoulder as he strolled out of the library. Heading towards the Gryffindor tower, he wondered whether the rest of the Marauders would be there or whether they were still stuffing their faces with lunch in the Great Hall. He had apparently skipped lunch, a fact his grumbling stomach was now reminding him of.

Remus found his friends lounging on the couches of the Gryffindor Common Room, by the fire. Prongs was staring across the room at Lily, Wormtail was browsing through a copy of Quidditch Weekly and Padfoot was inspecting the Marauders Map on his lap.

“Hey guys.”

“Oy Moony! Where have you been? Pleaaaase tell me you were snogging some hot Ravenclaw.” Padfoot greeted him with his signature smirk plastered on his face.

“Yeah, that’s what the library is really for.” Remus shrugged.

“Prongs! I believe it’s time for us to visit the library!” Sirius shouted, jumping up from his seat, the map now lying forgotten on the ground.

Not having listened to the ongoing conversation James lifted his head. “Huh?”

“Library. Girls. Snogging. Comprendeís?”

“How come that has never been the case when I’ve been in the library?” Asked Peter looking confused.

Remus awkwardly patted him on the head, “Don’t worry Wormtail, you’re not the only one... Plus I suspect that the librarian won’t appreciate Prongs’ and Padfoot’s efforts as much as they think...”

“Well there’s an easy way to take care of that, Moony my boy. I’m just going to snog dear old Pince first.” Sirius said in all seriousness.

“Did we actually have something to do today, or are we going to spend the night listening to Padfoot dream of older women again?” James asked clearly disgusted by Sirius’ excitement.

“I’m feeling hungry, kitchens?”

“For once, I agree with Padfoot’s insatiable hunger. The kitchens it is!” Remus conceded, listening to the painful noises his abdomen was making.

After the long and tortuous journey of walking from the Gryffindor Tower to the kitchens, Remus was more than happy to see the house elves hyper, as usual. Soon they sat around a small table, which was struggling to hold the overflowing amounts of food piled on top of it. It was laden with everything from kidney pies to treacle tart, butterbeer and pork chops. For the first half hour, the group sat in silence, each cramming as much of the delicious food into their mouths as possible. James was the first one to be done, letting out a grunt, he pushed his now empty plates away from himself. Remus shortly followed, wondering if it was possible to burst from too much food. Sirius and Peter just kept at it, Pete hogging the entire plate of cheeses in his lap.

“We should definitely do this more often.” Sirius said after letting out an enormous belch and rubbing his flat stomach.

“Oh yeah, because otherwise we might starve to death... There’s never enough food in the Great Hall.” James replied sarcastically.

“You know what I’ve been taught? Never say never. Someday, the day may come when there’s no more food. I don’t want to be the one to starve of a food apocalypse... wouldn’t do good for my looks.”

“Right, well have you thought about what too much food will do to you Padfoot? I’ve heard that girls don’t particularly enjoy someone who has to roll themselves around the castle, if you catch my drift.” Remus mocked.

“What? Me? Fat? I’d rather try to kill Peter than become undesirable to the ladies!”

“I think I should stop hanging out with you... I’d really like to stay alive and we all know that the girls will at some point realize Padfoot really has nothing to offer.” Peter remarked, and ducked under the table as Sirius sent a piece of pork flying towards him.

Remus and James guffawed at their friends’ antics, earning both a solid smack in the face with some leftover pie.

“Moony, Wormy, how would you like to teach this dog some manners?” James said with a wicked grin on his face.

“I really, really, really don’t like where this is going. Really.”

“Lesson one: always be a gentleman. For example, Mr. Padfoot, how would you like some more pumpkin juice?” James continued.

“Well now that you ask, I am still rather thirsty.” Sirius replied, not sure where his friend’s sudden kindness was coming from.

“It will be my pleasure to help with that.” Peter said catching on quickly, pouring a now full goblet of juice on Sirius’ head. Padfoot shrieked and jumped up to his feet, quickly making his way towards the door.

“My hair! My beautiful, luscious hair!” The screams almost burst their eardrums as Sirius retreated, suddenly he shut up and turned around with a devious smile on his face, forgetting all about the juice in his hair. “You know, this gives me an idea... We should make the ceiling in the Great Hall rain pumpkin juice on the Slytherins. I’m thinking Monday morning? What do you say? Yes, no, to be confirmed?”

“To be confirmed.” Remus said in a somewhat tired voice. He lazily flicked his wand to clean the juice out of Sirius’ hair, put the dirty plates in a reasonable pile and vanished all the leftover food. He always felt guilty leaving so much for the house elves to do.

They sat in relative silence, each daydreaming about different things. James was obviously thinking about Lily, Peter probably thinking about the cheese he had just consumed and Remus could not read the expression on Sirius’ face. Whatever it was, Padfoot would tell them soon enough.

As Remus expected, Sirius broke the silence.

“I have a proposition for you blokes.”

“What is it this time Padfoot? A midnight rendezvous with Minnie? Or Snivellus perhaps?” James asked in a voice that was both curious and detached at the same time.

Remus could tell that while he was there in body, James was still mentally in Lily-land. He gently nudged the boy, hoping to bring him out of the apparently depressing revere. James had been depressed enough over the summer, with Lily still dating the smooth-talking charmer that Scott was. He couldn’t see how she could ever be happy with the guy. James himself was just so much more interesting and actually cared about Lily, seeing so many things to love about her that did not revolve around her external beauty. He sighed, knowing it did no good to brood, so he took Remus’ hint and turned his attention back to his friends.

“Well, I was thinking -” Sirius started.

“That’s never good.” murmured Peter.

“We are having a party tonight!”

“But Padfoot, we just celebrated your birthday with a party...” Remus reminded him.

“Oh I know, but since when is hosting a party a bad idea? And anyway, whatever you guys say now it’s kind of late. I already got all the stuff from Hogsmeade yesterday evening when you thought I was snogging that hot fifth year Ravenclaw. And everyone who’s anyone already knows, Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws alike, so just get on board or the train’s leaving the station without you!”

“I guess there’s no harm in having a party...” James allowed, thinking this might be exactly what he needed to get over his constant obsession with a certain red-haired girl.

“Choo choo!”

Earlier that day while sitting in the Great Hall listening to Olive talk about some stupid Death Eater attack that had happened a few days earlier, Rose decided that she was getting bored of her latest conquest, a seventh year Hufflepuff. The chase had been the most exciting part, catching him staring at her long legs or making his eyes widen when she smiled and surreptitiously winked at him. But after her charms had taken effect and he was hooked on her, she just could not be bothered. There was nothing interesting about the boy, he loved to please her, bringing her books from the library when she needed them or carrying her bags for her from lesson to lesson. Like the others, he held no part of her captivated and after about a week, more precisely six days, Rose was ready to move on. He was too much like a puppy, trained to obey, and frankly, if she had wanted one, she would have just paid a visit to the Magical Menagerie.

What better moment to take care of her problem than the present, just when she had promised to meet with the boy toy. What a coincidence! Getting up from her bed and putting away her Witch Weekly, Rose checked herself in the mirror. Her hair was way too frizzy for public exposure she mused. Taking out her bottle of Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion, she smoothed down the ends of her hair, teased the roots and pulled her hair into a high ponytail. Lightly powdering her nose to remove any appearance of fatigue and wiping her running mascara, she deemed herself ready for a breakup. Rose really could not be bothered to change out of her comfy mini shorts and hoodie, so she just left them on.

Rapidly taking the stairs, she walked through the Gryffindor Common Room, in too much of a hurry to notice the looks she received from the younger boys sitting around and playing chess.

The Hufflepuff boy toy, Mark, was standing awkwardly just by the portrait of the Fat Lady as she appeared. Rose smiled to the boy as he greeted her with a small peck on the cheek. He really was not bad to look at, slightly tanned, with light blue eyes and ruffled mousy brown hair. His build was that of a Beater, though she did not think he was on the Quidditch team.

“Wanna go for a walk?” He asked wrapping his arm around her waist. Rose felt like she might change her mind if she did not get rid of the guy immediately. He was nice after all, in his own way. He admired everything about Rose and always made her feel liked. They just had nothing in common. She was outgoing and the life of any party, whereas in all honesty, Mark was sort of boring, or too boring for her at least.

“Yeah, about that...” Rose was interrupted by a couple of fourth year Gryffindors coming from the Common Room, talking excitedly about their latest Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson. “Come on, let’s go somewhere where it’s a bit quieter.”

They ended up walking around in the quiet hallways until they found an empty classroom with just a few tables scattered around the space and boxes piled by the wall. Rose leaned against the nearest table as Mark sat beside her.

“So you had something you wanted to talk about?” Mark asked her kindly, with a warm smile on his face.

“Yeah, I just... I just don’t want to lead you on. I feel like I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you and we’ve had fun, but I feel like you might be looking for something more serious than what I am. I’m really not ready for a committed relationship, I just wanted to make it clear that I most likely am not the girl for you.” Rose knew she already sounded like she was defending herself and like she was making up excuses, but she could not help it. To her surprise Mark smiled.

“I’m shocked that this even lasted for this long. I mean, look at you: one of the most beautiful and fun to be around girls of this school and me: a shyish boy, average at my best, nothing special.” Mark looked at Rose straight in the eyes with sincerity shining through his blue eyes.

“Aww, don’t say that. You’re amazing person. You’re nice, considerate and friendly. I’m sure that one day you’ll meet a girl who's just what you’re looking for; committed, stable and as amazing as you are. I’m just not that girl.”

“But we can be friends right? Miss-too-popular-to-notice-us-mortals, huh?” Mark joked nudging her ribs with his elbow.

Rose laughed out loud, feeling relieved about how easy it was to be honest with Mark and happy that she could be around a guy who wanted nothing more than friendship from her. “Of course we can be friends!”

Since Lily was spending more and more time with Nathan, she just could not say no when he asked her to do something with him, and Rose seemed to disappear every night on her own excursions, Olive found herself spending her evenings in the library. The Common Room was too loud for her to be able to get anything done, plus she somewhat liked the peaceful atmosphere of the library. There she could spend hours not noticing the passing of time, focusing on whatever problem was at hand: Arithmancy, Herbology and Potions.

Like many nights in the past week, Olive sat at her favorite table in the far corner, behind the tallest shelves. Books, parchment and homework assignments piled in front of her, she was prepared to write the latest essay for her least favorite subject: Potions. Unlike Lily, Olive was not talented in Potions, although she knew that if she wanted to reach her dream job as a Healer, she would have to work hard on her potions’ skills. Her muggle mum worked as a nurse in their local hospital and Olive had always admired her for taking care of the sick and wounded with pay that just covered the expenses of being a single-mum of two, Olive and her 5-year-old sister Abbie Grace.

Cursing their Potions teacher, Slughorn, Olive opened her books and pulled her favorite quill out of the bag that was lying on the floor by the table. She understood the basics for the Polyjuice Potion, but couldn’t wrap her head around the brewing process.

“Need help with that?”

Surprised, Olive snapped her head up to see a dark haired Slytherin boy leaning against the nearest shelf, his hands crossed over his wide chest with an unreadable expression on his strong face. Her dark eyes met his mysterious ones and she saw traces of a friendly smile playing on his lips.

The boy, Blaze Thomas, shifted hesitantly and Olive blushed as she realized that she had not answered. Flustered she quickly replied in a rather harsh tone: “What do you want?” Immediately regretting her hostility, after all the, boy had never done anything bad to her.

Olive wondered why the infamous Blaze Thomas was suddenly offering his help to her. What kind of a joke was this? All she knew about him was what she had seen in their shared classes: Thomas was the only muggle-born accepted by the Slytherin crowd, he was friendly with many of the future Death Eaters, or so she thought. Apart from his blood status, no one seemed to know anything about his past or about his family.

“I’ve seen you struggle in class. I thought you could use help, you want to become a Healer after graduation, right?”

“Yeah, that would be my dream job” Olive smiled up at the handsome Slytherin. Not sure about what it was about him, but she felt as if he could be trusted. Nodding towards the chair beside her, she finally answered his first question: “You can’t be worse than me, so, yes. Help would be amazing.”

Olive knew, of course, that Thomas was one of the most talented students among the seventh graders when it came to Potions. The only one who seemed to do better than him was Lily... and maybe her boyfriend, the overachieving tosser, Nathan Scott.

Thomas tossed his bag into the chair next to Olive’s and sat down. Pulling her book closer to him, he started to teach her the intricate nuances between the differing ingredients and the time that they took to brew.

After what seemed like hours, Olive could finally say that she understood what Thomas had taught her. He had been patient with her, not showing any signs of frustration when she had asked him to explain the simplest of things again and again. Olive was surprised by how comfortable she felt herself with him around, usually the Slytherins made her nervous and jumpy. But Blaze Thomas had an air of calm confidence, he was sure in his manners and made her feel stable. His voice suddenly brought Olive out of her revere.

“So... Do you have trouble with fifth year Potions often?” he teased her.

Olive smiled, and shook her head: “This is not fifth year material! Sixth year is more accurate.”

“Not helping your case, you know?” Blaze reminded her with a smile.

“Oh so I have a case now, do I?” She said, giving him a teasing smile.

“Yes, you most definitely do,” he said with a gentle smile replacing the smirk on his face as he continued. “And I now take it upon myself to make sure that you do not make a fool out of yourself during the N.E.W.T.s” An edge of seriousness masking his eyes, even though the smile stayed on his lips.

“Can I ask you a question? In all seriousness.” Olive timidly asked him, filling the random silence that had ensued.

“Sure, why not...”

Olive continued despite the hesitance she could read on his face, “Why are you helping me?”

“In all honesty? You seem like the type of person who would make an amazing Healer, and frankly I don’t want to deny the poor patients the care that they’ll need.” Thomas said with mocking smile appearing on his face. I guess it wasn’t the time yet for the serious questions.

Walking back from her meeting with Mark, Rose felt so relieved. If only all break-ups were this easy, she thought to herself. She was not heartless enough to enjoy these frequent ‘meetings’, no matter what Lily or Olive thought. Every time the boys started begging or got angry, Rose felt extremely guilty. It was not fair that she could inflict such emotions in people and actually sympathized with them greatly. But even that guilt was never enough to keep her grounded in the unhappy relationships, her feelings and happiness had to come first. Otherwise where would she be? This thinking had kept her heart safely tucked away, Rose had never really gotten close enough to anyone to warrant a heart-break. She was always the first one to end it, because one thing or another was not quite right and she just lost that feeling. When she voiced her qualms to her friends, they said she was afraid of commitment, but Rose had merely scoffed at the idea. Surely she would be ready to commit, once she found someone who made her feel like the commitment was worth it. In short, someone who enthralled her for longer than a week.

Sighing to herself, Rose started thinking about the letter she had gotten from her brother Ed this morning. She knew that it would not help her to continue with the thoughts about commitment or boys and much rather focused on problems she could actually solve. He had written to her, not because something had happened at home, but because he was bored and wanted to tell her about his most recent adventures with his fiancée Caroline. Rose loved her brothers to death, but she had been gone a week and had not started to miss them too much. It was a nice break actually, though Rose knew that come the end of the month she would miss them too much for words. She had just figured out what to reply to him, when she accidentally bumped into someone rounding the corner.

A pile of books fell to the ground, while Rose desperately tried to keep her balance. Slowly teetering backwards and waving her arms back and forth, she felt two hands come to her waist. Tristan Cole, the boy she had bumped into and whose books she had dropped, was now steadying her.

“You alright miss?” He asked chuckling, his dark features alight with humor. With eyes the color of melted dark chocolate, strong facial features, the whitest teeth Rose had ever seen and a short buzz cut, Rose suddenly found herself hoping that she had not looked like a complete idiot flailing around trying to stay upright.

“Quite all right, thanks to you kind sir.” She replied giggling, keeping up the posh accent he had used and throwing in a small curtsey for the fun of it.

“I’m glad.” Tristan said, still smiling. “You’re Lily’s friend, right?”

“That I am, and you would be Nathan’s right-hand man?”

“Sure, let’s call me that. The name is Tristan Cole.” The bright smile was still on his face as he extended his hand for her to shake.

“Oh trust me Mr. Cole, I know exactly who you are.” Rose said, with a sly grin and took his hand to shake.

“Well then Ms. Selwyn, I guess my next offer just became obsolete.” His smile became slightly damped, but his tone still teasing.

“First of all, how do you know I am Ms. Selwyn?” She asked a little out of curiosity and a little in vanity, and continued in a slightly suggestive manner, “and second, I’d still love to know what you were going to offer. Maybe we could... Come up with a way to make it un-obsolete.”

“Your first question is easy, everyone knows who you are. Such beauty is difficult to ignore.” He barely even colored, though it was difficult to tell with the shade of his skin, “And well, I was wondering if you wanted to get to know each other, because we are after all complete strangers.”

Rose laughed lightly, that was one she had heard before. But examining the mischievous glint in his eyes and his impressive physique, she decided she should give him a chance.

“Why, thank you. Flattery will get you everywhere.” This time she openly winked at him, “How bout a counter proposition, you take me to the back-to-school party that’s happening in the Gryffindor Common Room later tonight?”

“Actually, that sounds like a great idea. I guess you’re more than just a pretty face, huh?” It was now his turn to wink and meaningfully look her up and down. “This way, I don’t have to spend my whole night studying for Arithmancy. I’ll see you outside the Fat Lady at eight?”

The Gryffindor Tower was nicely filled with students; first years standing timidly by the walls, barely talking with the few friends that they had already made; second years hanging out casually with their friends, though boys and girls stood on opposite ends of the room. The only people actually taking part in the festivities were fifth years and older, feeling more confident about their place in the castle, some even taking brave sips of the Firewhiskey that the boys had brought.

Rose and Olive had had to drag Lily to the party, literally picking her up and bringing her downstairs from their room. They had promised to let her get to her date with Nate if she danced at least three dances with them with a smile on her face. The deal was agreed to grudgingly on Lily’s part, though she had made it a point to wear her regular clothes instead of dressing up like her friends. Olive had straightened her thick, dark hair, added some definition to bring out her cheekbones and generously applied mascara covering her dark lashes and put on one of her few party outfits.

She walked by the dance floor that had been transfigured into the middle of the Common Room, towards the place where Sirius had placed the alcohol. Olive poured herself another drink before scanning her surroundings for familiar faces. She spotted Sirius dancing wildly with a few girls and Lily talking with Remus and Peter by the windows. She didn’t have time to look for Rose before she was spotted by James, who came over to talk to her.

“Hey stranger.” He greeted her as he hugged her shortly. “Why didn’t you come to visit us during the summer?”

“Because of my mum, you know. She wanted to make the most of the time that I was home. She barely let me out of the house.”

“I’m glad she did though. My guess is that Dumbledore wouldn’t have wanted to have to go all the way to Manchester just to get you to school.”

She laughed and looked over to where Sirius was now dancing with Rose. “Those two would make an interesting couple, huh?” James said watching the same scene.

“True... if they combined their forces, I think we would have cause to be really scared... Kind of like another couple I know. You and a certain red-head perhaps?” Olive had wanted to talk about Lily with James for a while now, and this seemed like the perfect chance.

“I’m sorry O, but I really don’t feel like talking about Lily right now.” His hazel eyes were sad, the traces of the smile that had shined on his face were now gone completely. “It just... It just hurts too much, you know? Seeing her smile and be all happy with Scott during the Prefect meetings, it nearly kills me every time. Watching her dance out there with you and Rose, gives me pain. I just... Don’t know how I can keep doing this anymore.” Olive had never seen the confident Head Boy this defeated and she really did not like it.

“James, I know this is going to sound awful of me, but please don’t give up on Lily. She may seem happy with Nathan, but -” Olive was then interrupted by the arrival of the person they were talking about, quickly changing the subject and taking her leave. “Oh hey Lil. I’m thirsty... Yup, thirsty. I’ll ummm... see you both later.”

She was gone before either of them could blink. An awkward silence ensued, both Lily and James avoiding each other’s eyes. Lily floundered around for words, knowing what she wanted to say, but not sure how she was going to say it.

“So... Oh sod it. I’m going to just come out with what I wanted to say, okay Potter?” she looked at him expectantly, her green eyes boring into his bespeckled ones.

“Sure Evans, but just make it quick, yeah? One of the Ravenclaws over there is looking sort of lonely and I just wanted to go... play the host. If you know what I mean.” He gave her a friendly smile, but Lily could hear the anxiousness in his voice.

“Right, sure. I was thinking, or more like hoping, that since we’ll be working super closely this year... That maybe we could put all that childish nonsense behind us and just finally get along? I can see you’ve really been putting in an effort, and I was wondering if we could be casual acquaintances?” For the first time in years, James saw Lily looking slightly nervous, like she was not exactly sure about what she was saying.

“Evans, you’re sort of rambling. But yeah acquaintances would be great.” His entire face lit up just saying those words. “Like really great. Now can we continue this conversation some other time?”

James knew it was best not to push his luck, especially with this newfound acquaintanceship.

“Sorry, I’ll talk to you later okay? Now I really want to have a word with Ally, she’s all alone in the corner.” Giving her a crooked grin, James sauntered off towards the other end of the Common Room.

Craning her neck, Lily followed him with her gaze. Ally Chang was indeed standing in the corner, but she was far from alone, though her friends quickly made themselves scarce as they saw James walking towards her.

And that’s my cue to leave, Lily thought to herself, feeling a slight pang in her chest at the sight before her. Nathan’s waiting outside.

Lily made her way to the portrait hole, bumping into Rose on the way. She had seen her dancing with Sirius earlier, but Lily was under the impression that she had invited one of Nathan’s friends.

“So... You and Sirius again, huh?” Lily teased her friend, really wanting to know what was going on.

“Oh yeah, he just wanted a dance. Apparently the Hufflepuff slag he brought has no sense of rhythm. It’s hilarious really. But now that it’s 8 o’clock, Tristan should be waiting outside to entertain me.” The spark in Rose’s eyes was evident when she mentioned Tristan, a look that Lily was extremely familiar with.

“Well, just be careful okay? Tristan’s a nice guy, don’t break his heart.” She reminded her friend, just as they reached their respective dates.

Nathan was the perfect gentleman, like always. He had brought a thick, soft wool blanket up to the Astronomy Tower, on which they were now lying side by side. Their arms brushing lightly against one another. Stargazing had been his idea. Now that Lily thought about it, most of the things they did together were planned by him. Other girls would have most likely found the atmosphere extremely romantic, but Lily felt like she was suffocating.

Nathan was everything she, or anyone else, could ask for in a boyfriend. He was considerate, polite and good-looking, with deep blue eyes that reminded Lily of the sea. His dark blonde hair was parted on the side in the usual way, each strand gelled to stand in a perfect balance of volume and tidiness. Being a Ravenclaw Nathan was also extremely smart and excelled in most subjects. Lily recalled the way they had originally met. For once, Nathan had not gotten a straight O out of their Potions exam and knowing that Lily was the best in their grade, he had asked her for help. Nathan had swooped Lily off her feet with his charming manners and elegant ways. At the time Lily had been furious about just another one of Potter’s pranks and Nathan was everything James was not.

Shaking her head to cast the old memories aside, Lily turned to smile at her boyfriend. Nathan wrapped his arms around Lily’s shoulders pulling her against his own body.

“You see these bright stars just above us? Those ones just to the left? It’s the constellation of Andromeda.” Nathan explained pointing at stars above them.

“They’re really nice.” Lily replied. To her all of the stars were equally beautiful and she had never really bothered learning about their placements and about constellations, Astronomy was not something that really interested her. She settled into admiring the gorgeous dome of sparkling stars and the black sky in between, black as the ink they used in class.

“It is named after Andromeda, the daughter of Cassiopeia, who according to the Greek mythology, was sacrificed to a sea monster as a divine punishment for her mother’s actions. Isn’t it just amazing?” Nathan continued excitedly, clearly unaware of Lily’s lack of interest.

Zoning out Nathan’s excited chatter about the other stars and constellations around them, Lily started focusing on counting the stones in the walls around them. How all of the natural stones were the same shape and color was a mystery to her, then again magic could do pretty much anything.

Reaching five hundred and seventy two, she was brought out of her reverie by a slight nudge from Nathan.

“Hmmm..?” she asked him, slightly dismayed at being interrupted. Could it be classified as sad, if she’d rather count the stones in the wall than listen to her amazing boyfriend talk about something he was passionate about? Lily sighed, there really was no use in thinking about such things. She cared for Nathan, she did. Did she not?

“Lily, there’s something I’ve wanted to tell you for a very long time. You’re such an amazing person, and as you probably know, tomorrow is our one year anniversary.” Nathan paused, using his index finger to lift up Lily’s face, so she looked him straight in the eyes. The next three words were something he had contemplated for a long time and he wanted the moment to be perfect for her. He always wanted everything to be perfect, for her.

“Lily. Darling Lily, I love you.”

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