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Something to be Used by Others by ChaosWednesday
Chapter 1 : Something to Be Used by Others
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She appears to be dreaming.

No, this one is stronger. She is deep in thought.

Silky, auburn curls wind around her neck, disguise her face, trickle down her back. She has laid her head to rest. A solemn creature, like I am.

She is safe with me. Safe in me.



I don’t like the way her arm is swaying in the water, limp as a fish. I’m disgusted.

But I feel it, she is alive, flowing and streaming. Fleeing.

The water is denser now. It’s silly, girlish pink of before has matured into a deep bourbon red. I can hardly see my legs.



The next one is coming. I hear the rings of her shackles rattle and clank outside my door. A dull, hopeless sound. She sniffles and gulps, and tries to cover herself.

My faithful servant, he leads her to me. Like a docile lion. He is strong, large, a king amongst men. I have subdued him. I have crippled his mind with lust and now he is mine.

There she is, I have been waiting. The tub is filled with pure water, clean and fresh, just for her. She can merge with it and escape forever, frolic in the streams, race with the wind. Become invisible and safe.The meat that confines her, just an object, a thing, something to be used by others. She doesn’t need it.

My servant looks at her. His eyes are oily. He wants, like a dirty animal. But it's my turn.

I send him away.



I close my eyes and I feel her life engulf me in thick waves of red. Every pore of my body is open for her to enter, her innocence, her passion

and hope, fury, joy,

fear, but she will understand soon.

The meat will stop fighting, soon. It will cease the incessant oozing of tears and the pointless whimpers and the words.


And, towards the end


Mechanic gurgles of a flawed creation.

Yes, very soon. The meat is becoming whiter, heavier. It slides off the side and slaps onto the floor. Now she knows that I am not like them, that I would never use her. I do not want her body.



I am shaking.

I rub her essence all over my legs and shoulders, I scoop it up in cupped hands and slurp it like a hungry child, lap it up like a dog, the salty, warm life that has escaped from her narrow, fat disgusting fleshy vein.

I will keep us safe in this fortress. My skin is cold and hard as stone, my teeth and nails are sharp as razors. These animals will never hurt us.



I know they will find me soon.

They always find me.

Soft, clumsy, stinking beasts. They are weak. Their civilization is a mild joke that repeats over and over again. They grovel and cry, tearing and possessing each other’s flesh.
They rot from the moment they are born. 

But I, I was always here and I will always be here. And you will be with me, part of me, forever.

We will watch them perish.



This time, they will not lock me up.

They will not restrain me with chains, they will not strip me naked like a beast. Their oily eyes will not possess me and their fat, grimy hands will not touch my perfect skin. Their curses will have no power over me. Their words will not coerce my thoughts.

They will cling to thin twigs and rusty amulets, but nothing will save them from the force of nature this time.

I, Countess Elizabeth Bathory, will destroy the flesh that suffocates and binds us. Join me, my darlings, let us swim together, let us drown together, let us dibble away into the darkest pits of hell and merge with nature, our goddess, the Queen. Our mother Lilith.



Hello dearest readers! This is the first time I have ever tried my hand at something experimental... Please let me know what you think, I am so nervous :3

How weird and silly is the text? Is it too over the top? Or maybe, just maybe, it works?

For those of you who did not recognize the name Elisabeth Bathory:

She was a Hungarian countess in the early 17th century who is most known for having tortured and killed dozens of young girls. Later (more imaginative) accounts have her bathing in the blood of virgins in the hopes of retaining her youth. From this comes both her nick name "the Blood Countess" and also many vampire story inspirations, including this one ;)

And Lilith:

She appears briefly in Jewish mythology as a pre-runner of Eve who was cast from Eden for not wanting to submit to Adam. Since then, she has popped up in many works of pop-culture as well as in ancient folklore, almost always as a seductive but ultimately man-hating beast. She has also been embraced by some feminists as a counter-figure to the obedient, dominated Eve. Needless to say, vampire stories love Lilith as well. But either way, she is always something old and dangerous ;)


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Something to be Used by Others: Something to Be Used by Others


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