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Magical Encounters by beautifulweasley
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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                 Hermione jumped up and down. Her Hogwarts letter just came in the mail and she was made the head girl. She ran down the stairs taking them two at a time. She almost fell, face first, on the floor but her dad caught her just in time.

“Hermione what is all the commotion? Jean is trying to take a nap!”

“Sorry daddy. I just got my Hogwarts letter”, Hermione said as fast as she could.

“Oh? Did you get it?”

“YESSS”, Hermione squealed

“Sweetheart I am so proud of you congratulations!! Do you know who got head boy”, Thomas asked.

Hermione’s smile slipped a little. “No I won’t find out until the first. I hope it’s someone kind.”

“I’m sure he will be. Now go and quietly owl Harry, Ron and Ginny to tell them the news.”

“I will. See you later dad.”

                Hermione was just so happy about this. It was like nothing could, or would go wrong. She didn’t know Draco was opening a letter much like hers to see the head boy badge.

                Draco stood at his window as a little barn owl flew closer carrying his Hogwarts letter. He was apprehensive. He wanted to go back to Hogwarts but he wasn’t sure how he’d be received by all of them. The owl flew through the window and onto Draco’s desk. As he expected it carried his Hogwarts letter. As soon as the letter was untied the owl flew off again. Draco opened it and out fell none other than the head boy badge.

                Draco couldn’t believe it. He was head boy. Not Potter or Weasel. He, Draco Malfoy, ex-Death Eater, was head boy.

                His insides suddenly twisted into knots. If Potter or Weasel hadn’t gotten head boy then Granger most certainly got head girl. He groaned and fell on his bed. He would have to share a dorm with Granger. The girl he’d tortured for 6 years. The girl he had somehow developed a crush on during their 3rd year.

                He didn’t know how it happened. It just did. Well he kind of knew how it happened. It was right after she punched him in the face. The punch had broken his nose meaning he had to go to Madam Pomfrey. When he told her what happened she chuckled a little. It was then he started crushing on Granger.

                His crush had only magnified as the years went on. Finally it hit its peak at his trial when she had testified in his favour. He felt he didn’t deserve it. He had been so horrible to her. But she sat there and said that even though he could’ve told Bellatrix that it was Harry he didn’t. She left out the part where he stood there and watched her get tortured of course. What surprised him more, though, was that Harry also testified in his and his mother’s favour. He did it because she saved his life. She had saved him because he proved that her son was still alive. So Draco was, indirectly, the reason Harry was alive.

                Draco didn’t know why he didn’t try to stop himself from feeling anything for Granger. He just didn’t. He wanted her to know but yet was afraid of rejection.

                He started packing and then took the floo to Diagon Alley to shop for his books. When he was packed he took out his head boy badge again and looked at it until he fell asleep. 

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